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The Adventure Zone Arcs and Lunar Interludes in a nutshell
  • Here There Be Gerblins: very slow, and a bit like a basic D&D game, but actually contains some important plot stuff
  • Moonlighting: bitch, you thought we was playing basic D&D, nah, welcome to the MOON
  • Murder on the Rockport Limited: take a break, solve a murder mystery and a train going at very fast.mph with your very good friend Angus Mcdonald
  • LI 1; Chaos Carnival: things get freaky but do not fear, Steven the goldfish is here
  • Petals to the Metal: nature and racing is gay now. sorry I don't make the rules
  • LI 2; Internal Affairs: our good boy Angus Mcdonald has returned. oh, also Red Robes are a thing, I guess
  • Crystal Kingdom: an upsetting amount of foreshadowing and vore jokes. Griffin why
  • LI 3; Rest and Relaxation: ~bonding time~
  • 11th Hour: now it's time for groundhogs day-esque time loops and also tragic backstory reveals and also more foreshadowing
  • LI 4; Calm Before the Storm: why won't our boys talk to each other? Also, wtf Taako, chill on the shopping sprees
  • Suffering Game: as the name will imply, it is time to s u f f e r
  • LI 5; Reunion Tour: so I heard you like plot twists and reveals
  • Stolen Century: IPRE stands for "I loPve my childRen, why must they suffEr like this?"
Rolling for "AC"

Our party is playing a homebrew D&D and basically no one is all that serious and the DM allows a lot of stuff to happen. We are tasked with awakening metal dragons to aide in exterminating the overpopulation of chromatic dragons. A series of unfortunate events lead us to discovering a potion allowing for speaking and understanding draconic, thus allowing for us to awaken a gold dragon.
DM (dragon): You wish me to help you, and what do you offer as sacrifice?
Otter-folk Paladin: *rummaging bag* shiny pearl?
dragon: you offer me mere food, you must be joking?
As the party thinks of something valuable to offer…
Me (male weapons master Nephilim)ooc: I roll to seduce the dragon *nat20, cue party dying of laughter*
I’m then dragged and carried to the front and held up like an offering.
DM: …I mean the cave is decorated with fine art, and this is what you decided on… Fine, you draw the dragon’s attention.
dragon: I will take that one in exchange
Me: After you help our cause! Do we have a deal?
dragon: yes, I suppose that will do. The rest of you may wait outside the chamber, and you (me) shall stay here.
-cut to scene-
DM: Upon returning, the dragon transforms into *rolls* wow, ok. It transforms into an male adonis-like elf, but he keeps the dragon D.
Me ooc: wait what?! gawd is this what I think is gonna happen? -_-
DM: Roll for anal circumference, d100 = cm.
(in another campaign, the alternate meaning was used to explain me missing a few sessions as me being kidnapped by a frisky golem… I also ended up rolling high, RIP)

Minimalist D&D in Fours

A while back I started thinking about an extremely simplified version of Basic D&D (which is already extremely simple but whatever) and I was thinking of what classes to keep and which ones to wrap into other classes and it turned out to be a fun exercise. I decided to revisit it now mostly because it was fun but because I started thinking about what other elements of D&D I could condense into just four.

First of all, the four classes: they are Dwarf, Elf, Halfling and Paladin. The Dwarf remains essentially a Fighter with some extra Dwarfy abilities, Elf is still a mix of Magic-User and Fighter, Halfling remains a pint-sized Fighter but also gets to steal some of the Thief’s stuff, while the Paladin is basically a Cleric but more Fighty.

All characters are essentially Fighter types but with some twist on the formula. A part of this desire stems from wanting all characters to have a fighting chance when it comes to combat, but also because all the characters being able to potentially use all weapons and armor opens the field for more interesting choices in terms of equipment.

There are four ability scores: Strength, Intelligence, Wisdom and Dexterity. These are basically the prime requisites of the traditional four core classes, and each corresponds to a certain class (Dwarf is Strength, Elf is Intelligence, Paladin is Wisdom, and Halfling is Dexterity). Constitution and Charisma are simply done away with: your hit points are entirely up to your class, and monster reactions and hireling morale are determined in other ways.

There are four alignments: Lawful, Good, Chaotic and Evil. There’s no Neutral alignment, you gotta choose. Your alignment is basically used as your Charisma to determine monster reactions and hireling morale: for monsters and hirelings that share your alignment you have a +1 bonus to reactions and morale, if they neither share your alignment but are not opposed to it (such as Lawful vs. Good or Evil) you count as having a +0 modifier, and for creatures of opposing alignment (such as Lawful vs. Chaotic) you have a -1.

An important note: while I talked about the Halfling stealing the Thief’s stuff there are no Thief skills. The Halfling might have the best chances at hiding and sneaking, but stuff like picking locks, disarming traps and so on is no longer limited to a single class. At most the Halfling will have a slight edge over other characters in those areas, but Thief skills in general are out.

I’m currently thinking of other game elements that I could reduce to just four: saving throws or defenses; spell levels or number of spells at each level; armor types (cloth, leather, chain and plate) and so on.

This is all dumb but it’s fun thinking about it.

Ink Stain
Teza Belmond

I’m trying to come up with a fake, sort of James Bond-y sounding theme song for my new D&D campaign - which is basically James Bond in a modern art museum - and this is what I have so far? I improvised the lyrics because I needed something while recording the melody so they’re kinda silly and don’t entirely make sense, but hey! Altogether, it’s not bad? And it’s been fun drafting it, so I thought I’d share it with y’all!

Oh. And the campaign is literally called ‘Frames Bond’ lmfao

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The Dungeon Clock

So, here it is.

The Dungeon Clock starts at 0. Every two turns you check for random encounters: roll a d12, and if the result is less than or equal to the number on the Dungeon Clock, a random encounter happens and the clock resets to 0. If the result is higher than the number on the Dungeon Clock, there’s no random encounter and the Dungeon Clock ticks forward by 1.

Here’s the thing: you always check for random encounters before ticking the clock forward. This might feel nonsensical, since the clock starts at 0, but there’s a method to this madness. It means that if the group has just had a random encounter there will be at least a short stretch of time between their last random encounter and the last, so your group has at least some respite between encounters.

Ultimately though it means that at some point the characters are guaranteed to have an encounter, no matter what they do.

Some further thoughts:

  • You might want to tie the ticking of the clock to the actions taken by the group in some way. Moving around stealthily and not dallying might stop the clock from ticking forward altogether. Making a lot of noise might trigger a check for a random encounter out of turn: in this case, check for random encounters as normal and if no such encounter happens tick the clock forward as normal.
  • How do preset encounters in the dungeon interact with the Dungeon Clock? You might choose to reset the Dungeon Clock after any encounter, even ones that were not triggered by a random encounter check, or you might not. I’m personally unsure which would be the better approach. Playtesting is needed.
  • Under this system, in comparison to the normal Basic D&D method, there’s a lesser chance of a random encounter during turns 2 and 4. By turn 6 in the dungeon the chance is just the same as in Basic D&D, after which it will begin to increase in increments of 1/12.
  • Going back to the idea of tying the clock into actions taken by the players, the clock might be best used in a situation where you want to give the players a feeling of tension, like when they are trying to sneak around undetected. A random encounter does not immediately mean combat: just because monsters are encountered does not mean they immediately notice the characters, meaning they have a last chance at evasion. Since a random encounter was rolled anyway, the clock will reset to 0 if the characters manage to evade the encounter.
  • You should probably use some physical representation to keep track of the Dungeon Clock. Hey, a d12 has numbers from 1 to 12!


Name: Qara Dazkar

Nicknames: Qara

Age: 23

Nameday: 7th Sun of the 3rd Astral Moon

Species: Au ra, Xaela

Gender: Female

Orientation: Pansexual

Profession: Huntress, thief, bard

P H Y S I C A L   A S P E C  T S

Hair: White and dark purple, currently cut short and choppy (because she did it herself)

Eyes: Purple with silver limbal rings

Skin: Blue-gray

Tattoos/scars: No tattoos, but plenty of scars - nothing overly prominent, however.


Siblings: One younger sister, Toluii Dazkar

Parents: Dazkar parents

Grandparents: None still living

Misc Relatives: N/A

Pets: A certain coeurl. 


Abilities: Bows, song, daggers, acrobatics, stealth, persuasion, athletics.

Hobbies: Sleeping, hunting, singing, playing the lyre, dancing, stealing, eating too much and talking with her mouth full, talking too much and too loudly, cooking, occasionally drinking too much, getting dressed up, conning you out of your gil.


Most Positive Trait: Loyal. If you earn Qara’s trust (which, despite popular belief, isn’t particularly hard if you’re a half decent person), then she’s likely to go to the ends of the earth for you, even though she comes off as (and is, to be fair) quite selfish. If she believes you’re in the right, she’ll stick by you - she’s not the type to leave when things get hard, unless, of course, you expect her to completely betray who she is as a person.

Worst Negative: Selfish. Qara isn’t used to being on her own, to her freedom. She spent a lot of her life trying to be the perfect daughter for her incredibly traditional mother, and she’s only just broken free from that (though she never had any desire to before the marriage was proposed). She’s new to being able to do as she pleases, and she’s thrown herself head first into that. She can come off as incredibly self centered and childish, though she doesn’t really mean to. She’s just trying to put herself first for now.


Colors: Dark colours, but everything, really. She’s not too picky.

Smells: Leather, pine trees, spring rain, tea, freshly baked pastries, the ocean, the forest, most flowers.

Textures: Leather, fur, grass, tree bark, lace, velvet, marble.

Drinks: Tea, coffee.

O T H E R  D E T A I L S

Smokes: Never.

Drinks: On occasion, and usually too much. She’s a lightweight.

Drugs: On occasion, but rarely.

Mount Issuance: Yes.

Been Arrested?: Not yet.

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Last night in my D&D game, we had a few people with prior commitments who couldn’t make it. The four that were playing all played female characters who were good friends with radically different personalities.
You had the often level-headed quirky one with severe one-man/NPC-keeps-coming-back-and-fucking-up-my- life problems
The flighty one that often made poor decisions for herself but loves fashion and glamour and is the sweetheart of the group
The serious one who is always trying to do the right thing, comes off a little too harsh, and gives serious judgy eye to the rest of the party
And the fiesty loud offensive one that has more sex than all of them combined.

or basically

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Been talking with a friend about some old D&D games and I miss being part of a game. The simplest solution would be to run one myself, but I come across two problem:

1. I work at times when a lot of people are free to play.

2. I want to play a character and most people are not cool with a DMPC.

I’m just so tired of plugging my characters into Skyrim. There’s only so many ways you can play it no matter how you mod it.