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do you have any good side quests for low level players? i have the main quest in the town figured out but i'm not sure what small ones i want for them

1. A polite old farmer has asked you to get him eggs from his house for the farmer’s market. He forgot them, and cannot leave his booth. The eggs aren’t chicken or duck eggs but rather stolen eggs from X low level monster.

2. The local tavern’s bouncer has called in sick with a bottle to the face. Its half off night, and its packed, and the bar owner needs a few new bouncers.

3. You find a drunk sitting in the road. He slurs to you he’ll pay you handsomely if you get him home. He can’t remember where he lives, but through talking to him and asking locals you can figure it out.

4. There are protests going on in the town you’re visiting. You can join and fight the guards, or help the guards round up troublemakers.

If there’s anyone to keep an eye on, it might be Hiddleston, who went slightly Benjamin L. Willard at the start of the shoot, sequestering himself away in his hotel room to transcribe quotes from a DVD of Apocalypse Now. “I wanted all that amazing John Milius dialogue,” he says of his preparation for playing SAS tracker James Conrad. “I now have it on my laptop, so I can stew in the juices of that material.”
—  “Jungle Boogie”, Empire Magazine, March 2017.

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This one took me way too long to draw (and i’m not a huge fan of it. The drawings are really meh XD).

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