Dogs also function as floor dusters. Their proximity to the ground as well as their fur allows them to collect dust as they move, often in a backwards direction. This is a very eco-friendly method seeing as it’s easy to brush or wash the dust off of these little cleaners. 

150419  Nagoya Day 2
Hyuk got choco fanboard. He says to pray for her health.
Hyuk: “I called my mum yesterday, choco is alright now  and can jump around already  “
Hyuk is showing choco banner on the screen and is making dog noise …. He said “i love you” between noises…
For the lottery, hyuk took choco banner and made it stand on the box XD hae took it away kk (c)(c)

150419  Nagoya Day 2 :

After kimi ga naitara hyuk was faking playing piano again, hae asked him why and hyuk said “i am learning”
Then hyuk sang again the high note and they kept singing very high note.
Then they spotted a guy in the audiance and made him sing the high note too.
They were amazed because they came in couple ~ then they asked if they knew sj and bought the album and then asked questions “ Who’s SJ leader, Who just went army ,Who’s coming back from army”.  He got all correct !
Then they asked the guy who he liked the most and he said hyuk kkk
Then they took their mineral bottle and asking him to drink. When he drink, hyuk said we just kissed LOL  XD
They are spotting the guys very well ^^ (c) (c)