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People You Should Be Following Instead Of Me #9 (EARLY BONUS)

This is one of THE FIRST blogs I started following when I got into this fandom. This sideblog was nothing more than a mere thought then. I love this blog and I can’t believe they follow both of my blogs?

@princeyandanxiety I’m calling you out next buckaroo. 

They are also one of the many great writers in this fandom and actually wrote me a fic for my birthday which I was LIVING FOR. (Still am)

You can read it here.

Another fic of theirs is this beauty. It’s a cute little drabble that I found absolutely charming. They’re also just an all around amazing and funny person.

If you’re not following them already, please go follow them as well as their main blog, @doubledeathisforlosers

The entire fandom: [insert character name] is Keith’s mom!!!!!! U can see the resemblance!!!

Me: *squinting at anime style* ….if u say so

psiioniichearts  asked:

Platonic Klavier and Simon with 2 (*coughs*Definitelynotapromptforangstyklavandsupportivebestfriendsimon( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°))

2. “Have you lost your damn mind!?”


“Don’t you think you should take it easy for one night, Klavier?” 

Simon asked this question after Klavier beckoned him to go out with him to a new bar that evening after work.  They were both off the next day, so normally this sort of suggestion would not have been one that Simon would worry over.  While he wasn’t a huge bar or party person himself, going out and just getting wasted would not have been such a terrible idea. 

Unfortunately though, this was not the first (nor second, nor third) time this week that Klavier insisted Simon go out drinking with him at night. 

More than a few times, Klavier had come into work wearing sunglasses with a large cup of coffee in his hand.  His hair didn’t have its usual sheen and he would not really be able to function all too much until around noon.  Luckily, Edgeworth hadn’t caught on…mostly because Simon was covering Klavier’s ass pretty well. 

And this hadn’t started just this week. 

Since Apollo’s departure and Ema’s reassignment to Khura’in, Klavier had been having a rough time.  Originally, he was spending more time with Simon and Athena, but now he was apparently going to bars and clubs every single night.  Self-medicating his depression with alcohol and sex, most likely.

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I don’t usualy do this, but I kind of want to see what you might all think of this, so here is what I consider the intro of my D Gray Man canon au. Which is also likely to be the Prologue of the fanfic (or part of it at least).

The sun warmed his hands as he turned the page of his book, aware of the soft breathing coming from the two frames resting against each side. One would think it would make reading harder, but not for him, he had grown used to moments like this.

A soft couch, twins napping with their head on his shoulders, and the small but well place ray of sunshine to let him read with minimal movement.

Fingers brushed through strands of red hairs, twirling one thin strand around the index gently, bringing his silver eyes to the side. Dark eyes, half open and more than half asleep, blinked slowly at the hairs before gazing up with a small frown.

They’re not right.” The young man muttered.

“… Go back to sleep, N–” He huffed, not without the corner of his lips twitching up from the fondness he felt.

But the young man frowned deeper, and surprised him by bringing the strand closer, kissing it. He watched the fluffy brown haired head rest back on his shoulder, the other going back to sleep, but not without a last mutter that froze his body and mind both.

I’ll find your light.”

He stayed unmoving with his gaze lost into the wall on the other side, mind blank. Soft breathing returned to his left, and then, a small smile formed.

And I’ll free you.”

Allen Walker jolted awake, eyes wide open and heart beating wild, seconds passings before he even registered the sight of the alley he had dozed into. His body felt warm, but not in the uncomfortable way that he had learned to associated with the Noah inside him fighting for control. His left arm throbbed, one feather protuding out of it, a small warning that he would be in danger if he did not move soon.

But he couldn’t. Not so soon. His dream had not left his mind, different from nightmares, different from the shadow lurking in his mind. In this precise moment, Allen felt all too aware, his thoughts process blank and yet screaming at him to keep this dream close to his heart.

Then more feathers formed, and he jolted back to the present, gazing down with a wince. Apocryphos was getting near, he really needed to move. Allen stood up, his legs too shaky at first, forcing him to lean against the wall.

His own reflection caught Allen’s gaze, the grinning shadow standing behind him in it. He was ready to ignore it, but when he straightened to move, the shadow… flickered. For a second, Allen saw the one he had truly seen only once. Grey skin, golden eyes, short spiky hairs; the 14th watched him.

Unlike his shadow form, he was not grining. His true appearance only flickered for a second, but his eyes were intense, catching Allen’s own eyes. The silver haired male could not read the expression he saw, or maybe, there had been no expression, a blankness that betrayed he might have seen the dream Allen had.

And then, the 14th had smiled before the shadow form Allen was used to seeing was back into the reflection. But this time, the usual grin did not bother the exorcist on the run.

Not when he was still seeing the gentle smile the 14th had shown. The same that he had given Allen when they had stood face to face for a very short time, back when the 14th  awakened fully.

Why… Why do I want to return that smile so much?

His left arm throbbed again, and Allen finally snapped his gaze away from the reflection, glancing down before sighing. Now was not the time to get lost in thought, he had to run before he was found; at least no Akuma had appeared yet. Knowing his luck, that would not remain true much longer, and he wanted to avoid facing two enemies at the same time for once, thank you very much.

So Allen pushed himself off the wall, clenching his jaws and willing himself to not think of the heat of his body nor the pain in his arm. Then, he walked forward, encouraged by the golden ball that had popped from his pocket, nuzzling his neck and bringing a smile on his face.


“I swear…I won’t stop no matter what. I’ll keep on walking as long as I live!”
 Allen Walker | The Exorcist | Birthday gift for my sweet Pri!! @allenswalkers 

wintergaurdianoffun  asked:

Hey your character analysis thing is really good, could you do one for our sunny boy hunk? please

Sure enough, here is Hunk for you, @my-new-obsessions and everyone else that asked!! :D WHY I LOVE HUNK:

  • The Anxiety™
  • has troubles focusing his eyes when he’s tired
  • talks with his whole body
  • “am I the only one still pretending to be excited?”
  • has no problems with reading other people’s diaries and talking about what’s in there if it fits the situation 
  • openly admitted to wanting to go back to his family
  • saltiest child
  • makes himself smaller when scared (which is often)
  • is the only one to point out how weird certain situations actually are
  • *stares* “are you trying to see if I’m turning purple?” *staring intensifies* “noooooooooooooooooo-
  • makes puns
  • refused to kick Pidge because “what no we’re friends”
  • O_O
  • can be surprisingly determined if he has set his mind on something
  • calls his lion “boy”, implying that it’s male
  • so smart?????????????? he understands how alien machines work within 0.2 seconds????? i’m in awe
  • tried to hide with the Arusians 
  • had no problems with running into a known trap if it meant saving shay
  • grabs people when he panics
  • “does it always have to be about Zarkon?”
  • H E ’ S   A   L E G,, ,
  • voices his feelings constantly but never forces other people to react to them
  • actually has a legit fan that would travel the universe to find him
  • had a lot of problems with nausea when it came to flying, but he seems to have gotten a lot better already
  • is an amazing cook and loves trying out new food
  • absolutely hated how Zarkon treated the Balmerans 
  • cries easily
  • accidentally saved the day through making uneatable cookies
  • seems to be Lance’s (and Pidge’s) impulse control
  • his bayard transformation for Voltron is the coolest shit??? he just hits every single target and can shoot multiple bullets at once???? who needs a sword when they have that
  • shows affection easily and openly 
  • talked to the Balmera as if it was a dog
  • snores loudly
  • when he’s right: “I KNEW IT AND HERE ARE ALL THE REASONS WHY I WAS RIGHT FROM THE VERY BEGINNING-” when he’s wrong: “yeeeeah I guess you have a point” *sheepish smile*
  • fist bumped Coran
  • talks a lot and isn’t always aware of all of the stuff that comes out of his mouth
  • always gets the worst missions assigned

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