impressive things hunk has done because damn he doesn’t deserve this shit:

  • Is literally one of the smartest members of the team
  • found the fucking blue lion with his “Voltron Geiger counter” they would be lost w/o him bye
  • messed w the wiring of a galra tech elevator to get it work in no time at all
  • was one of the two paladins thus far to use their bayards to create a weapon for voltron (very useful on the balmera AND when they were rescuing allura)
  • Hunk knew Rolo was sketchy from the get-go and realized they were faking the ship problems bc he’s a fantastic engineer.
  • like the whole balmera thing
    • He’s the first of the younger paladins to really understand what its like to be a paladin 
    • what a great maturing arc im so proud of him
  • Used algorithms or something (i didn’t really understand it) to help Pidge create a better system for translating Galra to English (basically did something even pidge couldnt do like wow!!)
  • Saved all their asses in episode 10 by signaling that guard with a drone so he thought nothing was amiss.
  • Charged right into the main Galra ship to save Allura even though in like episode 3 or whatever he wanted to flee with the Arusians like it’s only been a few weeks but he’s grown!!so!!much!!
  • stop reducing him to a fat joke he’s one of the best characters in this show bye

arinrowan  asked:

So your Bruce says that turtles cannot be trusted. What is the rationale behind this anti-turtle rhetoric? Does it involve the teenage mutant ninja turtles? His love of frogs?

Adia inspected an animal enclosure with narrowed eyes. “I’m going to find an animal you like if it kills me,” she declared.

“That seems excessive.” Bruce stood near the register, out of the way of the women exploring the store.

“What about chinchillas?” Yvonne suggested.

“They have people hands.”

“Is that a no?”

“People hands are for people.”

“What about a guinea pig?” suggested Cora.

“What is your pig obsession. No. People hands and people mouths. The objectively worst rodent.”

“Ferrets,” threw out Yvonne, though there were none in the store.

“Ambulatory tube socks.”

“These all seem really high-maintenance,” Adia admitted with a sigh.

“They’re living things and you can barely take care of yourself.” Bruce tilted his head to look at Rex behind the counter. “Don’t sell her anything.”

“You got it, little dude.”

“I’m taller than you.”

Rex shrugged. His ponytail, a smoky gray, was halfway down his back.

“What’s the cactus of animals?” Yvonne asked.

“Adia killed her cactus,” Bruce reminded her.

“I didn’t know you were supposed to water them!” Adia protested. “I thought that was, like. The whole point.”

“You’re not helping your case.”

“What about a turtle?” asked Cora.

“Yeah!” Adia touched the shell of a turtle in an interactive enclosure. “What about this turtle?”

“I hate it.”

“No you don’t,” Adia scoffed.

“You can’t tell me what to hate.”

“Why would you hate him?”

“Its ribcage is on the outside. It’s unnatural.”

“It’s perfectly natural for a turtle!”

“That’s what they want you to think. It’s obscene.”

“It’s a harmless shellbaby.”

“It’s a menace to society.”

Adia huffed, retreating toward Cora and Yvonne to regroup.

“Since when do you hate turtles?” Rex asked.

“Since just now.”

“You still got a real weird stubborn streak, little dude,” Rex said with a shake of his head, coming out from behind the counter. “I know what’ll cheer you up.”

“I’m already extremely cheerful.”

“Uh-huh.” Rex pulled a rosy boa gently out of her tank, 32 inches long and striped orange and white. “Guess who’s here to see you, Alice?”

“Don’t wake her up on my account.”

“You know she’ll never forgive me if I let you leave without a kiss.”

Bruce held out a hand obligingly, and Alice slid around his fingers. He held her up to his face, and she darted her tongue at his nose. “Hello, Alice.” She stretched out toward the collar of his shirt. “I see you’re as forward as ever.”

“Turtles are a menace, but snakes are fine?” Yvonne teased.

“Alice is a fine young lady. Comparisons to turtles are uncalled for.” Alice had wrapped around the back of his neck beneath his shirt. “You know,” he said to Rex, “if you really wanted to cheer me up, you’d let Monty out for a walk.”

“Bring some male models next time and I’ll think about it.”

“What are you drawing?” Cynthia sat next to Zac and turned to him slightly.
The vixen didn’t want to peek something that she wasn’t even supposed to see, that’s why her movement was very cautious; however, judging by the way Zac was smiling, her concern was totally unfounded. “Miss Walker!” the feline claimed, lips curled upward. “Take a look at this!” he added, showing her his sketchbook.
Cynthia did take a look, and hardly contained the surprise. “But, this is…”
“He he!” Zac giggled as his ears seemed to move on their own. “Isn’t Stella even cuter than usual, today? I couldn’t help but do a quick sketch…”
The vixen glanced over the ferret, some meters away from them; in her opinion, Stella was not particularly cute that day – just the same, dear Miss Rogers – but, if Zac had seen her that way… then, he couldn’t possibly be wrong. “I agree” Cynthia said, with a warm smile. “She really is beautiful, Zac.”


So, @rem289 did another thing… and I died again. Enjoy this brief moment with my beautiful children (especially Cynthia when she isn’t mad at Jack) ❤