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Requested by @anitaww-blog: For the new drabble challenge: # 61 (Yeah, okay, when pigs fly) and/or #66 (She was hot, admit it.) Thank you so much! 

“Yeah, okay, when pigs fly”/ “She was hot, admit it.”    

Sherlock tried not to look down Molly’s very low-cut vest; she was practically on his lap since they were crammed in the back seat of John’s car and he hadn’t taken Rosie’s carseat out. She had crumbs in her décolletage from the brownie she was eating.

“Oh for—just have a bite already, you’re staring at it like you haven’t eaten in weeks,” she said, holding the brownie up to his mouth with one hand, the kitchen roll ‘napkin’ under it to catch crumbs (for all the good that did).

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Hoe tips #2 💗🌟

Hi beautiful ladies, I’m here with more tips from my experiences and to help u with day to day hoeing and health n beauty tips 💜 enjoy ur day

✨- every hoe who drives should have a car ‘kit’ in the glove compartment or somewhere to store:
-backup contraception and condoms (sexual health is 🔑)
-baby wipes
-water bottle
-both spare sexy panties and chill panties
-chill clothes than can double as pj’s (tracksuits, leggings, vest etcetera)

✨- use shimmer body lotion to make ur skin n limbs look radiant n a lil sexier than they already do (beautiful hoes come in all shapes n sizes💜) even a cheap one like dove or VS does the trick n ur skin feels soft to touch too

✨- don’t forget to castor oil ur eyebrows every night

✨- be a confident hoe.. Smile more n sit with good posture n u will appear more confident n approachable

✨- warm n wet camomile tea bags help get rid of eye infections n eye bags really well and it works amazingly for tired puffy eyes too lay down for a while and place them on ur closed eyes

✨- WATER n green tea, drink them both (skip the tea if ur caffeine sensitive)

✨- if u self tan like me, get you some exfoliating gloves. Actually everyone get them, they revolutionised my skincare routine n now I don’t need to buy or make body scrubs unless I wanna treat myself on the odd occasion

✨- always wear spf on ur face and under ur makeup even when it’s cloudy

✨- always wash ur face in cool or lukewarm water n avoid doing it in the hot shower as the heat n pressure can upset the skin

✨- as tempting as it is to make it smell like ur shower product for when ur getting head, don’t clean ur coochie with ur shower gel it can upset the pH n cause infections such as thrush and BV as well as parched skin

✨- spray ur pressure points (behind ears, insides of elbows n knees, inner thighs, décolletage, wrists) n ur perfume will linger all day

✨- exfoliate ur lips too! Make ur own white sugar scrub (or buy from LUSH) or use a wet flannel or an old toothbrush n rub very gently


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Note:  This stemmed from my four sentence posts that grew into something else entirely.  Just a lot of filth and smut tbh.  This is unedited and rushed, so warning for the bad smut.  

Summary:  You are honor-bound to do your duty as a princess and marry for the good of the kingdom.  Marriage, like many things in your life, is meant to serve a purpose.  But you know you should be grateful because there are far worse fates than being engaged to marry Prince Taehyung.  ~Royalty AU~




Taehyung is the picture of etiquette and genteel charm during your maternal aunt’s harvest ball.  He dances with the appropriate family members and ladies of the court, but remembers to pay special attention to you, his wife-to-be. He maintains the proper distance during customary dances, hands finding their exact position on non-scandalous places on your body as he was taught to do from an early age.  

Ideal, the members of your court believe.  He is ideal.  You and Taehyung are the perfect match, a beautiful couple to join two kingdoms together through marital bliss.  And you don’t disagree with them for a second.  Despite only just having met the prince (whom you were contracted to marry since birth) for the first time last year, he had not faltered with sending you correspondence – a fact that sends your ladies-in-waiting into swooning fits and gossip.  

You can’t count the number of times they beg to read the letters, and each time you tell them on no uncertain terms that the letters are yours and yours alone.  They remain locked in a secret cabinet back at the castle.  So your ladies-in-waiting are left to imagine what Taehyung writes, their guesses sounding inane to your ears when they titter about romance and love at first sight.  

They don’t need to know that in every letter Taehyung writes, in perfect penmanship no less, he describes how he imagines deflowering you on your wedding night.  

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Last week I shot with photographer, Martin Higgs on a new set of beauty images. We used to shoot together a lot, creating OTT beauty looks using mediums such as paint, treacle, prosthetics and Fullers Earth, to name but a few.

We thought it was time we got together again and produced some stunning work to update our portfolios.

I’ve seen this blown-out lip look trending recently, so I knew I wanted to recreate it within one of the 4 makeup looks.
I combined metallic pigments with Pearl pigments and used them in a variety of ways to achieve different levels of glow to the skin, eyes and lips.

On the décolletage I mixed the pearl pigment with water and painted it onto the chest, shoulders and neck. I knew once the water dried it would leave behind the pigment in an even finish.

For the eyes I mixed the metallic pigment with a mixing medium and layered it over a cream coloured eyeshadow. Then, I gently feathered a touch of pearl pigment mixed with a clear body gloss to the very centre of the lids so it would catch the light. 

I also added this same mix to the Cupid’s bow of the lip and to the centre of the bottom lip.

The rest of the bright colours were cream eyeshadows blended over the foundation which hadn’t been set. This means the product had some slip and made blending the products a dream!

The team:
Makeup - Shonagh Scott (Me)
Photographer - Martin Higgs
Model - Caitlin Burles
Retoucher - Stefka Pavlova

I Don’t Disappoint

Pairing: Mark Tuan x Reader

Genre: Smut af

Warnings: alcohol use, mild degradation

A/N: Idk what happened, but I got a wild hair and decided to write today. Is this the end of hiatus? The world may never know. Enjoy! Masterlist is here in case you wanna read the rest of my stuff!

             Mark took another swig of his drink, a fruity Long Island iced tea that you’d recommended, and giggled loudly at something Jackson had said. “By the way, babe,” he said, wrapping his arm around you and pulling you in. “I am so proud of you for getting this promotion.” He kissed your cheek, raising his glass to make a toast. “Excuse me, everyone!” He grinned, tapping his glass with a fork, his arm still around you. You chuckled at the look of concern on Jackson’s face.

           “Christ, hyung. You’re gonna put an eye out!” Jackson pulled you out from under Mark’s arm, grinning while Mark tapped away.

           “I’d like everyone’s attention, please,” he said, louder this time. “My girlfriend has just been promoted to manager for our band, and if that’s not reason for a toast, I don’t know what is.” He raised his glass higher. “To Y/N, my talented, beautiful—and now, manager—girlfriend.”

           Jackson, who was next to you with his arm still around you, raised his glass and took a long swig from the beer in his hand. Jinyoung clapped you on the shoulder, raising his martini. “To the talented Y/N,” he beamed, and took a light sip, wincing at the bitterness. “I thought it’d make me look classy, but it’s actually really gross. Zero out of ten, would not recommend.” He scoffed, handing his drink off to Jaebum.

           JB took a sip and made a face, “What the fuck is in that?”

           Jinyoung grinned. “Dunno, probably bitters and I’m pretty sure it’s vermouth.”

           “Shit’s nasty,” JB said, his face still twisted like he’d just licked a lemon.

           You giggled and headed back to your seat between Mark and Bambam.

           “Congrats, beautiful,” Bambam said. He was the only other sober one, apparently the DD for the other five members.

           “Did someone say beautiful?” Mark leaned over in his seat, bracing himself on your back as he kissed your neck. “Because you’re so fucking beautiful,” he whispered in your ear, his tongue trailing back down to the base of your neck and causing a sheet of goosebumps to cover your arms.

           “Get a room! Jesus,” Bambam scoffed, getting up from the table to stand with Yugyeom, who happened to be playing darts with Youngjae.

           “We could, ya know,” Mark said, continuing to plant kisses over the back of your neck.

           “Baby, we have a room,” you said, a blush creeping over your features.

           “But where’s the fun in having sex in the same place all the time?” You could feel the smile spill across his face, his mouth still scattering kisses over your décolletage.

           “What if I told you we could… uh…” you cringed delicately, taking in all the people now staring at you and Mark, his lips still skimming your neck. You lifted his head from the crook of your neck, and whispered into his ear.


           It took roughly fifteen seconds before your suggestion went into action, and Mark was practically dragging you to the ladies’ room, leaving knowing glances in your wake. You had just pulled the door closed and his mouth was glued to yours. He kissed you, long and rough, before moving to shove your back against the door. Mark’s hands ran from the small of your back to your ass, squeezing so hard that you knew you’d have bruises.

           He grinned as you bit his lower lip, hands never leaving your ass. “Fuck, I can’t wait to feel myself inside of you,” he breathed.

           Mark’s words issued a low growl from you, and his hands slipped under your skirt, immediately finding your thong and pulling it off you completely, helping you step out of it before he went straight to work. He pulled both your legs over his shoulders, hoisting you into the air as you hiked your skirt up so he could reach your soaked core. He grinned at your surprise and went right to pleasing you, his lips and tongue moving so fast over your clit that you didn’t have time to laugh when he nearly dropped you. Mark giggled loudly, likely drawing the attention of everyone outside, and moved to the floor, his eyes still burning into you as his mouth connected again with your pussy.

           Mark was using the alphabet pattern, you could feel it, and the piercing he’d gotten was helping it along nicely as he pressed his tongue into your folds. You were almost at your peak when he sucked hard on your clit, and the intensity of it was all it took to send you teetering over the edge. Your hand tangled in his honey blonde hair as you came, his tongue still slipping to lap up your juices as you collapsed in front of him.

           “Fuck, Mark,” you breathed, your ears ringing as he got to his knees, unzipping his slacks and hovering over your entrance. He beamed.

           “You ready?”

           You grinned at him, nodding as he slipped his cock into you. He pressed his mouth to your neck as he let you adjust, starting off with slow movements as he sucked your skin into a deep purple mark. “You’re so fucking beautiful,” he said, one hand gripping your thigh as you met him thrust for thrust. The other hand pressed to your throat. Mark knew how much choking turned you on, and you moaned with all the air in your lungs. The restriction of his hand caused your air to come in delicious gasps. He pumped in and out of you faster, growing in speed as his hand tightened on your throat.

           “Fuck, baby,” you choked out, “choke me harder.” He did as he was told, squeezing even harder. You grinned.

           “You look so fucking pretty with my hand wrapped around your throat like a good little slut,” he said as he slammed into you over and over again. The smile on your face stayed while he drilled you harder than ever, his cock hitting your G-spot. “Oh god, Mark, right there!” you were screaming now, the people at the party long forgotten. His hand tightened further on your neck, and you fell into your second orgasm, your walls collapsing around his cock deliciously as he pounded into you faster. He lost control as you rode out your high, his cock pulsating inside you as he spilled his own orgasm into you. You didn’t dare move for a second, save for peppering kisses over his ear and down his neck. “I love you,” you whispered. Mark grinned, kissing you gently. He got up after a solid five minutes, and helped you back into your thong.

           “I love you, too, baby,” he said. “Congratulations on your promotion. Now let’s go back to the party before anyone notices we’re missing.” He helped you smooth out your skirt, straightened his tie. Mark took your hand in his and stepped out of the door.

           You stepped out to find the rest of the members, JYP himself, and a few other guests surrounding the door.

           Jinyoung was the first to speak. “I take it, he doesn’t disappoint?”

           “Shut up!” Mark said, punching him playfully in the shoulder and turning beet red. “I had an emergency.”

           “Yeah, in your pants!” Bambam’s voice sounded from behind Yugyeom, and as soon as his words were out, Mark took off after him, barely giving you a second’s notice. You rolled your eyes and sighed, turning to Jackson.

           “It’s gonna be a long night.”

This is Us- Chapter 7

As they handed off their menus to the waitress, Murtagh waited a little impatiently for her to get out of earshot then turned his gaze to Jamie and leaned in. 

Jamie said nothing as he reached across the table and handed Murtagh his phone. Claire texted the pictures from yesterday over to him before he’d even gotten in his own door last night. He knew each one by heart, having looked his fill already.

Jamie watched with anticipation as his godfather patted his pocket to retrieve his glasses, putting them on in preparation to scroll. 

With a start he realized he’d never see either parents need to reach for reading glasses. They’d both died before living enough years to have aged into gray hair.

With his daughter lacking grandparents on either side of her family, he found himself doubly grateful for the irascible old bugger.

Theirs had always been an unusual relationship. Jamie was just a lad when his Mam was killed but he remembered enough. 

He remembered the way both is Da and Murtagh had looked at Ellen when, for her 30th Birthday Party– a big event held the year before her death, with two hundred guests and fancy tables with flowers from the gardens pouring from urns and a live band set up under a tent on Lallybroch grounds– she’d come down the stairs wearing a formal red dress, silky with a deep décolletage and red high heels. It was like seeing sun coming out after a long, cold winter.

He knew his Da and godfather felt the same way for as he glanced over at them, they wore identical expressions of awe. No one greeted her as she turned the second floor landing and caught sight of the three of them standing there, both men stunned into silence.

That didn’t feel right to Jamie who called up enthusiastically, “Ye look beautiful, Mam!”

His mother blinked, then noticed Jamie decked out in full kilt standing to the side of his Da and smiled in delight.

“Why, thank ye kindly, good sir. Its nice to know ye have such gentlemanly manners, lad. They’ll work wonders for ye when you get out in the world.”

He could feel his face get a little hot. When Jamie was pleased his ears turned a bright pink and a flush rose up across his chest. Same thing happened to his Mam so she gave him an extra smile of recognition.

Jamie saw though that directly after, her eyes strayed back to Brian’s and stayed locked on his as he ascended the last steps to greet her. Their conversation was muffled, but Jamie didn’t want to hear it anyway, it would likely end in the two of them snogging, which was nothing he needed to see, again .

So he turned to Murtgah only to find the man still watching Ellen, his eyes had an expression in them that made his wame feel a bit funny. As an adult Jamie had understood the longing that he’d seen there that day, the futile hunger never quenched.  

He also remembered that it was Murtagh in the weeks and months after Ellen’s passing that had kept the remaining Fraser bodies and souls together. Brian had good days and bad ones after but Murtagh always seemed to be there when needed, getting the kids supper, to school and back, the little things here and there that kept the house a home when the grief overwhelmed Da.

In the ensuing years Jamie had wanted to ask his father about the odd relationship he and Murtagh shared, both loving the same woman and yet best friends, but he didn’t dare to do so. 

Nor could Jamie speak of such matters to Murtagh, either.  One of the solid pillars of the relationship between his father and godfather was that neither man discussed Murtagh’s feelings for Ellen.

How much did Ellen know of Murtagh’s feelings? Clearly Brian not only knew, he’d counted on Murtagh to stand as stalwart guardian over his children to see them safe as he came to terms with the loss.

To surface that thorny topic would cause reverberations that might lead to even more losses for the family. But Jamie had eyes, a heart and sensitive soul that knew what lay beneath the surface nevertheless.

For all the complexities and complications of their family, Murtagh had loved both his parents and in that loving helped he and Jenny keep their memories alive. Having him here to share the surprise of Faith was a deeply satisfying feeling and Jamie eagerly awaited his reaction.

Glasses firmly perched on his nose, Murtagh looked down as Jamie watched his face; he didn’t disappoint. Jamie knew he was looking at:

Jamie straightening Jane’s bonnet as Faith beamed her approval elicited a puzzled expression of inquiry from Murtagh.

The two of them playing side by side, Faith with an animated look of determination and Jamie trying to be subtle about staring at her from the corner of his eye. Both had the same habit of squeezing the right side of their mouths down in identical lines of concentration. Jamie watched as Murtagh registered the fact the picture had captured that unexpected moment of symmetry and his bushy eyebrows rose all the way up into his forehead.

Murtagh scrolled forward and chuckled seeing Faith’s gleeful joy as the tower toppled over, colorful blocks frozen in mid-tumble, Jamie scowling in faux-horror.

He grunted when he saw Faith reaching for a piece of carrot from Jamie’s fork staring hard at the close up image of the girl’s face and lingered over the obvious shape of her eyes.

Jamie couldn’t suppress his grin when he heard a quiet, “Ah!” from his godfather.

Knowing that he had arrived at the picture of Jamie holding Faith in his lap reading her favorite story. Any lingering doubts Murtagh had were dispatched. In that image, looking at them head on, her face directly in front and close to his allowed for easy comparison; the shared Fraser features were unmistakeable.

Murtagh sighed as he looked at the last one, Jamie caught completely unaware tucking his daughter into bed. Not much of her was visible, just her curls exploding on her purple pillow as he kissed her cheek, with her wee hand patting the scruff of his face.  

Whatever Murtagh had been expecting, this wasn’t it. Surprise was not quite the word. As he handed Jamie back his phone, Jamie saw Murtagh’s cheeks were damp. But his smile was huge and the delighted twinkle in his eye warmed Jamie’s heart.

Jamie had always been the child of his heart, the one most like Ellen in looks and temperament. Murtagh found himself increasingly grateful as the years passed for the connection. 

If Ellen couldn’t give him the one thing he’d wanted from her (the moment her eyes met Brian’s, she longer had it to give), in the end, she’d given him something perhaps even more precious. Murtagh found he didn’t begrudge the trade, for all that he’d had no choice in the matter anyway.

Murtagh looked Jamie over, it was impossible to look into his face and not see Ellen’s eyes staring out at him. But for all that Jamie was his mother’s son, a fair bit of Fraser was in him, too. The reservoir of strength that lay in him, the sense of duty and loyalty that had been shaped by his father.

The sharp jolt of their loss had worn away but Murtagh found it was still with him, perhaps more rather than less as the years passed. He and Brian had managed to bridge the divide that threatened when, as a giddy young man fresh from from his first semester at university, he’d brought Miss Ellen MacKenzie home to Fraser lands to meet his folks during a break at the Edinburgh College of Fine Arts.

They’d been in the same Into to Form class. The first day they’d walked in to discover a nude model standing in the middle of the studio without so much as a by-your-leave. Instructed to find an open canvass and begin, Murtagh had been gobsmacked, trying hard to look at anything other than the model’s puckered nipples, big as shillings, staring straight at him.

He heard a snicker, a little mix of naughty and genuine amusement and raised his head. That’s all it took, one glance at her fiery mane and deep blue eyes, crinkling with embarrassed laughter over the top of a easel. He’d fallen instantly in love.

They’d been seeing one another, but not wanting to appear foolishly impulsive, he’d never told her how he felt. He’d played it cool, casual. The fall break was only a couple of days, too short for her to make the long journey back to the home she shared with her two brothers, so he’d invited her to come home with him. He was excited to show her the glens and hills of Broch Mordha, the color palette that had inspired his artistic roots in the first place.

The crisp fall air beckoned and they’d gone out for a walk over bramble and bush where they’d been spotted by Brian Fraser, out riding to check on the coos in the far field. He cut quite a fine figure, did Mr. Fraser, atop that pure white beast.  

Her head came up just as he was about to dismount. Distracted by her arresting looks, he’d been thrown off his horse and dumped unceremoniously into the mud at her feet.

She burst into laughter, but it wasn’t unkind. Brian replayed the last couple of minutes in his own mind knowing full well he’d been showing off, riding Donas to impress and had just made a cake of it. He couldn’t help but join her, his rueful barks of amusement filling the air.

Unfortunately for Murtagh, Ellen had taken one look at Brian’s chagrined smile and fallen instantly in love. The spark between them almost a tangible object spinning through the air.

Murtagh knew it was a wonderfully romantic story, but the pain of it not being about him was an aching wound, even years after her passing.

Brian had proposed to Ellen just before Hogmanay, she was still only 18, marrying him meant leaving University. Yet both Ellen and Brian knew from the second they met nothing else would do. 

So they persisted over the vociferous objections of her older brothers and Brian’s father, who (disgustingly) met Ellen and decided he wanted her for himself. Strange man, Simon Lovat.

Brian and Ellen were thus left on their own, no family on either side to smooth the way for the couple. Brian must have had a sense that there would be trouble for them. Perhaps that was why he’d come to see Murtagh before he’d even proposed. 

A sign of respect, Murtagh knew, and the only time Brian had ever acknowledged what lay between them.

“I ken I’m asking something of ye that I’m no’ so sure I’d be prepared to give ye had it gone the other way, but would you stand wi’ me, be my best man?”

Torn between wanting to tell him to go fuck himself and fear of what his life might become without Ellen MacKenzie in it, Murtagh took a deep breath and reconciled himself to the inevitable. 

It gave him some comfort knowing how deeply Brian had loved her, that and standing godfather to their bairns. A different kind of creation maybe but there was a true artistry in it for all that.

Murtagh was startled out of his reverie by a sharp noise from Jamie, clearly intended as an invitation to be nosy. He waited until their food had been laid before them and started in.

“I take it ye didna know about the wee lassie?” Jamie shook his head. “Did ye date the mother for awhile? Where did the two of you meet?”

Jamie filled him in on the details of his afternoon and evening. He mentioned Claire’s name as often as Faith’s, and Murtagh consciously made an effort to keep a knowing grin off his face.

“What’s to be done then?” He asked and Jamie understood what he meant.

“For now Claire suggested that we no’ make a formal schedule but bid me to come when I can. I’ve offered to walk them over to the daycare at the hospital in the morning so I can meet the staff and have my contact information added to Faith’s file. She, that is Claire, is working late so I can pick Faith up in the afternoon and drop her off at Claire’s and meet her sitter, Mrs. Crooke. This weekend Claire asked if I’d accompany them on  a picnic in the park, simple stuff, really. Did I tell ye she can count to twenty?” That set him off again on a litany of Faith-related accomplishments.  

Murtagh smiled to himself. He had known the Fraser siblings all their lives. More importantly though, he knew the man and woman that had raised them.

Murtagh took in the body language, recalled the last snap in the series and the look of desperate longing in Jamie’s face as he kissed his bairn good night, the quiet excitement and pulse of energy that thrummed through his body when, like now, he spoke of Faith and of Claire and he understood what Jamie couldn’t yet articulate.

He knew very well that once a Fraser gave his or her heart, it was irrevocable. Brian and Ellen moved mountains and defied both their families to be together. Jenny had known almost from the moment she met Ian that he was hers– no matter that they were bairns themselves.

Whether because of the moral code with which he was raised or due to genuine desire, Jamie Fraser wasn’t about to give up the family he never knew existed, not now. He had found them, and he was going to keep them.



I recently shot with my friend and photographer, Martin Higgs, and model, Caitlin Burles. I created 4 makeup looks on the day, this being the last of the set. I love how this particular image captures Caitlins’ natural beauty but still has an element of ‘pow’ with the metallic lips and chest. 

I used Mehrons metallic pigment in ‘Rose’ mixed with water to liquify it, and I used a large makeup brush to apply the mixture to the neck and décolletage.
* If you want more of a glossy finish you can mix the pigment with something like a clear body gloss or glycerin.
I wanted more of a muted glow which is why I chose water as my mixing medium, although I did add a touch of MAC’s clear gloss to the centre of the lips so it would catch the light. 

For the skin I kept it relatively simple; I brush on some of the new ‘BECCA Backlight Primer’ all over the face - it gives you that ‘glow from within’ look. Note, I had previously cleansed, toned and moisturised Caitlin’s face prior to this step.
Over the backlight primer I worked in Illamasqua’s Skin Base foundation using a dampened Beauty Blender sponge, and set the centre of the face with MAC’s ‘Mineralise Skin Finish Natural’ in ‘Medium Plus’. 
I filled the brows in following her natural shape, and used a soft brow powder for this as I didn’t want anything too defined. 
Using MAC’s Sculpt powder and an angled brush by ZOEVA, I softly sunk the hollows of the cheeks to add some shape to this area.
On the top of cheekbones I used a ZOEVA fan brush to sweep over this beautiful Purple toned highlighter from the new ZOEVA ‘Winter Strobe Spectrum’ palette. You may also notice I have also added a subtle amount of the same product to the inner corner of the eyes. This highlighter worked so well with the Rose coloured metallic pigment. 

The team: 

Makeup - Shonagh Scott (Me)
Photographer - Martin Higgs
Model - Caitlin Burles
Retoucher - Stefka Pavlova

The Governor’s Ball

I watched the transformation in fascination. 

Red-heeled shoes and silk stockings clocked in black. Gray satin breeches with silver knee buckles. Snowy linen, with Brussels lace six inches deep at cuff and jabot. The coat, a masterpiece in heavy gray with blue satin cuffs and crested silver buttons, hung behind the door, awaiting its turn. 

He finished the careful powdering of his face, and licking the end of one finger, picked up a false beauty mark, dabbed it in gum arabic, and affixed it neatly near the corner of his mouth. 

“There,” he said, swinging about on the dressing stool to face me. “Do I look like a red-heided Scottish smuggler?” 

I inspected him carefully, from full-bottomed wig to morocco-heeled shoes. 

“You look like a gargoyle,” I said. His face flowered in a wide grin. Outlined in white powder, his lips seemed abnormally red, his mouth even wider and more expressive than it usually was. 

Non!” said Fergus indignantly, coming in in time to hear this. “He looks like a Frenchman.” 

“Much the same thing,” Jamie said, and sneezed. Wiping his nose on a handkerchief, he assured the young man, “Begging your pardon, Fergus.” 

He stood up and reached for the coat, shrugging it over his shoulders and settling the edges. In three-inch heels, he towered to a height of six feet seven; his head nearly brushed the plastered ceiling. 

“I don’t know,” I said, looking up at him dubiously. “I’ve never seen a Frenchman that size.” 

Jamie shrugged, his coat rustling like autumn leaves. “Aye, well, there’s no hiding my height. But so long as my hair is hidden, I think it will be all right. Besides,” he added, gazing with approval at me, “folk willna be looking at me. Stand up and let me see, aye?” 

I obliged, rotating slowly to show off the deep flare of the violet silk skirt. Cut low in the front, the décolletage was filled with a froth of lace that rippled down the front of the bodice in a series of V’s. Matching lace cascaded from the elbow-length sleeves in graceful white falls that left my wrists bare. 

“Rather a pity I don’t have your mother’s pearls,” I remarked. I didn’t regret their lack; I had left them for Brianna, in the box with the photographs and family documents. Still, with the deep décolletage and my hair twisted up in a knot, the mirror showed a long expanse of bare neck and bosom, rising whitely out of the violet silk. 

“I thought of that.” With the air of a conjuror, Jamie produced a small box from his inside pocket and presented it to me, making a leg in his best Versailles fashion. 

Inside was a small, gleaming fish, carved in a dense black material, the edges of its scales touched with gold. 

“It’s a pin,” he explained. “Ye could maybe wear it fastened to a white ribbon round your neck?” 

“It’s beautiful!” I said, delighted. “What’s it made of? Ebony?” 

“Black coral,” he said. “I got it yesterday, when Fergus and I were in Montego Bay.” He and Fergus had taken the Artemis round the island, disposing at last of the cargo of bat guano, delivered to its purchaser. 

I found a length of white satin ribbon, and Jamie obligingly tied it about my neck, bending to peer over my shoulder at the reflection in the mirror. 

“No, they won’t be looking at me,” he said. “Half o’ them will be lookin’ at you, Sassenach, and the other half at Mr. Willoughby.”


Olicity Fanfic - The Bargain  (E)

Hey Gang. Normally I tag you for a day post. Hope you won’t mind that I’ve used my tag list to tell you about this story I’ve just finished. I tried to write it for the @olicityhiatusficathon, but I’m really late posting for the prompt - Taste. 

I hope that you will enjoy it. Please do look for some actual day posts this week. I want to share some pretty with you. Also apologies if you are not keen to receive an E rated story. It’s under the cut, if you aren’t into this sort of thing. 

Massive thanks to @tinaday3w for being amazing, encouraging and reading. 

THE BARGAIN by Quiveringbunny

(via AO3)

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SLBP Fics and Headcanon Masterpost

This is Masterpost for all my SLBP Fics and Headcanon, for easier search. Will be updated accordingly :) so check back often!



[Services Rendered] Oneshot

Angst/Fluff/Shounen Ai

Yukimura drowns his sorrow with sake on the rooftop while Saizo is listening, munching dango. Things escalate from there. 

[Sunshine and Shadow] Chapter 1 | Chapter 2

Romance/Angsty Fluff

An AU where Fem!Yukimura is Saizo’s MC. After became traumatized by his recent mission, Saizo is sent to serve the Sanada clan where he meets the daughter of the clan, Yukimura, who refusesto conform to the limitation posed by her gender. 


[Little Deaths] Oneshot

Romance/Smut PWP

Kojuro has definitely underestimated his precious girl’s appetite as a lover. (Trigger warning for breathplay) 

[Green-Eyed] Chapter 1 I Chapter 2 I Chapter 3 | Chapter 4

Romance/Angst/Smut & Fluff

Masamune requests the future Lady Katakura to assist him in preparing an important banquet. Kojuro feels conflicted about it.

[Of Swordplay and Horse Riding] Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 2.5 

Romance/Smut & Fluff

In which Kojuro teaches his girl-page another kind of swordplay and horse-riding. The Dragon’s Claw is not the only one who can play the game of seduction. But everything has consequences. 


[Personal Injuries] Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4

Romance/Angst/Fluff & (possible) Smut

Ieyasu values people from their use. He doesn’t see much value in having a mistress. And he doesn’t see much value in this cross-dressing kitchen wench either, other than her food doesn't taste horrible and she seems to amuse the Lord of Fools. Until he connects the two things together.  


[Whirlwind] Oneshot

Adventure/Shounen Ai

A day of adventures of The Lord of Fools and his exasperated Monkey. Filled with a festival, onsen and dancing for money. 


SLBP Lords and lingerie (NSFWish)

You, SLBP Lords (+Shigezane) and a bag full of sex toys (NSFW, with fanart by the naughty and talented @niakidanigara )

SLBP Lords in formal wear (GIFs)

SLBP Lords and flower crowns (with GIFs)

SLBP Lords and tattoos

If Kojuro and Shigezane switch bodies. 

If we genderflip everyone in SLBP…

Divergent AU! Which factions the SLBP Lords belong to

Cars or motorbikes? SLBP Lords and their modern-day rides

Saizo finds Yukimura to be attractive and Yukimura finds Saizo to be attractive.

Saizo is too expensive for Yukimura to keep as a retainer. 

Décolletage or derrière? SLBP Lords edition.   

Which military branch in Shingeki no Kyojin the SLBP Lords will fit into.  

How the Lords watch “Married Life” montage from Pixar’s UP.

How the Lords play the pocky game.

The Lords and creampies. (NSFW)

How the Lords express their jealousy in triangle relationships. 

How the Lords react to MC moaning their names in her sleep.

The Lords as your go-to friends. 

The kinkiest of the Lords. 

The Lords change back into kids after eating a strange fruit given by MC. 

Yukimura finding out MC is pregnant. 

Kojuro walking in on MC while she is changing. 

When Kojuro is betrothed to another.

When you bump into Nobunaga and he dirties your kimono. 

Three For One Deal//Stilinski Triplets - Part 4

Characters: Stiles Stilinski, Noah Stilinski, Jimmy Stilinski, Thomas Stilinski, Stuart Stilinski, Malia Tate, Reader.

You spent the day with Thomas, spending the night in his room. When you wake in the morning you heard him outside arguing.

“We had a deal!” You couldn’t tell which of the boys it was, they all sounded alike.

“Yeah, and you broke our deal! It’s not like I sent Lydia over here, or made you make out with her!”

“I’m not going to keep arguing! This is your fault. This just proves I can’t trust you.”

You walk outside, raising an eyebrow at Thomas and Stiles outside the door. Both of their faces soften. “Hey, did we wake you?” Thomas smiles.

You shake your head, the shirt of Thomas’ you wore landed mid-thigh, you remembered that when you caught both boys’ eyes on your legs.

“I’m going to get dressed, I’m supposed to run by Malia’s. She wants help with finding a homecoming dress.”

“I’m coming!” Stuart pokes his head out of his room.

“No, you aren’t. The dress is going to be a surprise.” You slip back into Thomas’ room.

“She told you.” Jimmy smirks at Stuart as he passes the three boys in the hallway.

“Shut up.” His brothers say in unison.

You chuckle as you change your clothes, Malia calling you as you button your jeans.

“What does a sweetheart neckline mean?”

You cradle the phone between your ear and shoulder as you pull your hair up. “You don’t want a sweetheart neckline.”

“Why not?”

You open the door and head to the kitchen. “Malia, a sweetheart neckline hints at cleavage. Either go all the way or don’t go at all.” Stuart’s ears perk up at her name, Jimmy snickering as Thomas an Stiles look confused.

“Well, I want cleavage.” Malia states.

You laugh as you pour yourself cereal and sit with the boys, “You do want cleavage?” Stuart’s cheeks burn red. “Go wth a décolletage neckline, or plunging.”

“What?” She sounds super confused. You hear her typing on a keyboard. “I’m trying to look online.”

“Décolletage is a little bit lower cut than a sweetheart neckline. Plunging would stop right before your belly button…or right below your boobs. Somewhere in that region.”

Stuart chokes on his coffee and Thomas laughs.

“Yeah. I want plunging.”

“A plunging neckline is like what I wore to Lydia’s party.” You explain. You set the phone on speaker and lay it on the table beside you.

“Oh, yeah. You had great side boob in that dress.”

Now came time for Thomas and Stiles to choke on their breakfast.

“Thanks, Lydia said the same thing.”

“Hey, listen, what color should I get?”

You give Stuart a once over. “You and Stuart would both look good in red. I can only assume he’s your date.”

“Yep. Okay, red dress, plunging neckline.”

“Don’t buy anything without me there. I’m going to eat breakfast and I’ll be right there.” You hang up the phone.

“So exactly how good was the side boob?” Jimmy raises an eyebrow. “Should I be disappointed that I missed out?”

Stiles smacks his brother upside the head. “What the hell? You can’t just ask her that.”

You laugh, “You should be disappointed.”

“Thomas told me you two are going to homecoming together.” Stiles states, Thomas giving him a look.

“Yeah, he asked last night. What about…are you and Lydia going together?”

He looks like he’s thinking about his answer, “Yeah, I asked her last night too.”

“All of the girls in your school are so hot. Dad needs to enroll me immediately.” Jimmy sighs. “Y/N, do you have any hot single friends?”

“I have two female friends. One’s with Stu, the other with Stiles.” You shrug as Thomas playfully kicks your leg.

“Great. I missed out on the hot ones.”

You kick Thomas back and he laughs, caught off guard. “Shouldn’t have smoked so much.” You raise an eyebrow.

He laughs, “Yeah, okay.”

“Thomas!” You laugh loudly when he kicks back, making you almost fall out of your chair.

“God, are you two playing footsie?” Stuart looks under the table, you and Thomas laughing uncontrollably at your clumsiness.

Stiles glances at the two of you and gets up, leaving his plate at the table. He storms up the stairs and closes his door behind him.

Sheriff Stilinski takes his place, smiling when he sees you. “Hey, Y/N. How are you?” He asks as he pours coffee into a travel mug.

“I’m good. You?” You look at him over your shoulder.

“Could be better.” He puts the lid on his coffee. “I’m beginning to think I should get you your own room here.” He jokes.

You laugh, “At least I won’t have to sleep in Thomas’ bed anymore.”

“I’m okay with you being here, you keep the boys in check. Even Jimmy.” He smiles at Jimmy and you laugh.

“I’m a Stilinski charmer.” You smile at Thomas.

Noah grabs his keys off of the hook, “Whatever you do to keep them calm, keep doing it.” He starts out the door. “Bye boys, bye Y/N.” He waves and you all say goodbye.

“I better head out too.” You stand up and take both your and Stiles’ plates to the sink, washing them before picking your phone up. “I’m going to call Malia to come get me, I came with Stiles.”

Thomas shakes his head and stands up, “I’ll take you. Let me shower really fast and we’ll go.”

“Okay, thank you.” You smile. You take his plate and wash it, Stuart and Jimmy’s eyes following you. “What?” You sit back down with them.

“You know you basically run this house, right?” Jimmy raises an eyebrow.

“I do not.” You chuckle.

“How many times a week do you clean our house?” Stuart asks.

“I don’t know…like three?” You shrug. “It’s not a big deal.”

“How often do you break up fights, or stay with us when dad’s not here?”

“Guys, I do not run this house. I simply spend most of my time here.” You shrug. “Would you clean your own house?”

“No, because you do it.” Stuart deadpans.

“He’s not wrong.” Stiles returns from his room.

“Whatever.” You laugh.

“Is Lydia going with you and Malia?” Stiles asks.

“Not that I know of. I figured she had her dress picked out freshman year.” You laugh.

“Most likely.” Stiles shrugs.

Thomas comes back downstairs, rubbing his hair with a towel. “Ready?” He grabs his keys and you nod.

“Yeah, let’s go.”

He tosses the towel on the couch and you make a mental note to do laundry next time you’re over. You follow him out to his truck. He opens your door and helps you in.

“Hey, is everything okay with you and Stiles?” You ask as he gets in the truck.

He starts the truck, not quite sure how to answer. “Yeah..I mean…we’re just having a disagreement. We had a deal to share…the new console dad got us. We’d been doing pretty well with it but he just bought one for himself. Therefore, I took our shared console to my room for the night and now he’s mad.”

You nod, the analogy going completely over your head. “That’s not very fair.”

“That’s what I’m saying.” Thomas shrugs.

He leaves you at Malia’s and you drive the both of you to the dress shop.

“I want something long. Is that weird for homecoming?” Malia asks as you flip through the racks.

“Not necessarily, no. A plunging neckline on a long dress for homecoming might be a bit too much though.” You shrug.

You both pick out a couple dresses and go to try them on. You decide on a green dress, the top sequined and the bottom an emerald silk. You meet Malia outside of the dressing rooms, her dress the exact thing she wanted. It was red with a plunging neckline, it had a flowing skirt and was narrow on the top. “Oh my God, you look gorgeous.” You smile.

She looks at herself in the mirror, “I do, don’t I?”

You both change and pay, driving you both back to the Stilinski’s.

You walk inside, Thomas lying on the couch shirtless.

“I’m only here to drop Malia off, I’m going to head back home before my family files a missing persons report.”

Thomas sits up at the sound of your voice, a smile on his face.

“Hey Lydia.” Malia makes her way to the kitchen with Lydia and Stiles.

“Did you get a dress?” Thomas asks as you join him on the couch.

“Yes. Green.” You smile.

“I will dress accordingly.” He lays back on the couch.

“Hey.” You nudge him.


“I don’t know what’s going on with this console situation…but tell Stiles it’s only fair that you get it. Tell him I said it too.”

“See, it’s like this super rare thing. I don’t know, it just really means a lot to both of us. We went in on it together but I just wish I’d gotten it myself.”

“Well, let me see it.” You raise an eyebrow.

“No!” He says quickly. “Stiles…has it..if I even look at it he’ll lose his mind.”

“Okay…” You stand up. “I’m going to head home. Call me later.”

“Will do. Hey, Y/N?”

“Yeah, T?”

“Thanks for hanging out last night.”

You smile, “I’d hang out with you every night.”

He giggles, “That’s what I like to hear.”

fandoms-everywhere7-deactivated  asked:

Out of the SLBP men, who is a boob man and who is an ass man and why?

Weeeeeee. THIS IS FUN! Thanks for asking this. And apologies for the slow reply… I suck with deadline but I try to always answer, eventually :D


Sooooo, here we go:


Originally posted by rocknroll-over

YukimuraIt’s canon! Well, darling Yukkin can’t get enough of them. He spent his virgin years surrounded by men in a military setting so they’ve forever been objects of desire/curiosity/taboo and when he gets to play with them finally he is hooked! He loves to fall asleep pillowed on them and waking up, they’re the first thing(s) that he snuggles.

Nobunaga: He appreciates all shapes and sizes, but mostly he is fascinated with how sensitive they are and how nipples change shape and texture under his touch. He loves how you sound and how helpless you are when he starts playing with them.  He would eat sweets off them and forbid you to make a sound.

Mitsuhide: He never considered himself a boob man per se, but when he saw you wearing that western dress on board of Lou and Fran’s ship, the one with the low neckline, there was no going back. They are his, and he loves to leave marks all over them so you cannot wear that dress ever again.

Mitsunari: His butt looks better than yours (seriously), so boob man he is. Man-chest, flat-chest, manju-chest, how often does he mention your chest? Why? Because they haunt him and he can’t deal with that. But oh boy, whatever your size is, believe me he does look for them, discreetly.  


Originally posted by l-o-v-e-bomb

Kojuro: He loves to run his hands on your back, feeling the line of your body dips at your waist and curved tantalisingly into a pair of firm, squeezable buttocks. And he loves them because they give him something to hold on to when he lifts you up and ravishes you against the wall. Also when you misbehave or when he is jealous, guess which part of you he would love to punish? Spank me, Daddy!

Saizo: He couldn’t help but notice how well-toned your legs and butts are – he has, after all, been figuratively saving your ass now and again by spiriting you away from conflict zones by lifting you bridal style. And remember when you told him you got a mole in a secret place? He chose to search “bottom’s up” than “top down”.

Masamune: You work a lot together in the kitchen, and you bend over a lot to keep the fire in the stove burning so they’re always almost literally on his face. One day, he would absentmindedly caress them while you’re both in the kitchen. He would apologise profusely but when you say you like it, the kitchen turned into a no-go zone for everyone else, including Shigezane and Kojuro.

Inuchiyo: You were fighting, rather spectacularly, because you insisted on going somewhere dangerous and he wouldn’t have it. It ended up with him slinging you over his shoulder and carrying you home, kicking and screaming. He patted your butt to keep you still so he didn’t drop you. You are both mortified and oddly excited by this incident. Then things escalate.  


Originally posted by adhemarpo

Ieyasu: He’s very perceptible and he could tell if someone’s playing a charade. He suspected that you were a woman first time he laid eyes on you because you were very nervous. Afterwards he looked for signs on your body, and it stuck. He first noticed your derriere when he’s teaching you archery, and your décolletage when you served him his daifuku. He would purposely tell you to grind his herbs with his marble grinder so he can see the curves of your profile. If this is modern AU he would totally pay for your yoga class.

Shingen: It’s all depends on your reactions, really. The Tiger of Kai gets off when he sees you getting off his touches. So he would carefully suss out your weak spots and mercilessly exploit them whenever he could.

Kenshin: It’s all about proportion with this guy. Don’t make him choose – they should always come together. He loves well-dressed women and loves to dress you, and undress you – both completely and partially, either by slipping the upper part of the kimono to expose your chest, or parting the skirt to uncover your butt. It’s all about the visual feast.  

Hideyoshi: Monkey loves fruits! No, seriously, he appreciates curves both extreme and subtle, and is very open about appreciating them in everyone. (He complimented Saki’s derriere) But none comes close to what he feels when he plays with your curves. He would totally, playfully cop a feel during day time when nobody is watching.

I had so much fun! Thanks for the ask! Mwah!

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The Fairy Dance

Sirius X Reader

So i was watching Peter Pan and my all time favourite scene is when Peter and Wendy dance with the faries and it’ all so dar cute. So… I decided to recreate it i’m so sorry if it’s crap, i tried. Enjoy!


You instruct yourself as you try to maintain composure. Fumbling your fingers with unease, a horrible sensation begins to engulf you; butterflies flutter rapidly in the pit of your stomach.  Your hands rest on top of stomach as you smother down the fabric in an attempt to straighten out the material. You nervously pace up and down the length of your dormitory; your mind imploding with constant worries, your anxiety looming over you. Lily had already scolded you for not getting ready and now they were all headed down to the Entrance Hall for the Yule Ball, but alas, here you stood, a quaking wreck. After much resilience, you finally reassure yourself that it was okay, it would all be over in a few hours… it’ll be fine. Timidly, you make your way to the door but not before you take one final glance in the mirror.

You looked different.

A good different? You pondered to yourself. Usually, you were clad in your favourite black jeans, a baggy top; your hair was always let down in its natural, scruffy waves. But this was completely alien to you. The woman that stood in the mirror was completely unrecognisable from the familiar girl you were used to seeing.

Your body was encased in a delicate, dark navy chiffon fabric which hugged your figure beautifully. Fine lace covered your arms, slightly below your shoulder. And gently placed around your décolletage, was an exquisite jewel-incrusted pendant, which twinkled in bask of the warm light from the naked flame of the burning candle from beside your chestdraw. Your makeup was simple, yet you looked absolutely angelic. Your hair was fashioned in to an elegant low bun, which bought attention to the backless interior of your dress.

You looked different…

… definitely a good different.

Drawing a long breath, you reach for the door, slipping out from the comfort of your room and towards the Great Hall.

“Where is she?” an impatient 18 year old huffs in annoyance.

“Patience Black, I’m sure she’s on her way” responds the fiery red head i.e your best friend.

“she’s right mate, you know girls-” begins James until he meets Lily’s piercing glare,

“- they’re bloody awesome. Am I right sweetheart?” he sheepishly replies, nudging his girlfriend to which she responds with a smack on his arm.

“Smooth, Prongs. Real smooth” grins Remus, making Peter giggle.

“What if she didn’t like the necklace I got her… or worse, what if she doesn’t like me? I mean that actually defies the laws of nature. I mean… I’m pretty darn hot” rambles Sirius whilst everyone groans in agitation. James was about to respond until something caught his eye.

“Wow” James gaps at his centre of vision. Sirius’ expression riddles with confusion,

“Prongs, I’m serious! What if she doesn’t like me and I’m actually fucking everything up?” he continues to yammer.

“Amazing” Remus whispers as Lily squeals in delight. Sirius begins to get annoyed at the lack of empathy he was receiving from his friends,

“Hey, what are you all looki-” he starts but was immediately cut off by Remus,

“PADS! Turn around!” he exclaims to his friend.

Finally, with much effort, he slowly turns his direction to the top of the stairs.

Breathe’, James instructs as he watches his best friend drift into awe. Sirius could not take his eyes off you. You were breath-taking. Every pretty pearl and jewel that exhibits the earth appeared as nothing more than lumps of coal in Sirius’s mind.  Even all the stars that align the heavens bow in defeat of your splendour. He protrudes calmly towards you, his gaze never leaving yours

You suddenly become stoic. A small smile is all you can form as you beam down at your friends awkwardly: you weren’t used to all this attention.

Suddenly it wasn’t just your friends who were staring. Students of all ages and houses stop in their tracks to catch a glimpse of you.  Cautiously, you began to make your way down the stone steps, the train of your dress gliding gently along the way.

Sirius begins to mouth words but unfortunately nothing comes out.

“Y-Y/N, y-you…. i-I-” he stammers,

“What is it Pads? Dog got your tongue?” James retorts jokingly at Sirius’s speechless response to which he earns another hard nudge in the ribs from Lily.

“- what he means is you look amazing Y/N” replies Lily. You turn towards Sirius,

“Is that true Black?” you quip,

“Yeah… that” Sirius finally says, making you giggle,

“Well you’re not too bad yourself” you reply.

Adjusting back to reality, Sirius positions himself straight and gestures his hand out for you to take to which you oblige. He slowly forms into a bow as he places a gentle kiss on your fingers; you flush brightly at his touch.

“Shall we, my love?” he whispers against your skin,

“Hmm… I suppose” you smirk as your arm links his, both of you making your way to the Great Hall; all eyes on the paradisiac couple.

After half an hour of small talk and niceties, the ball came into full swing. Goblets of Butter-beer and Fire-whiskey littered the tables as students and teachers threw their best moves on the dance floor. You and lily sway in the corner whilst the boys went absolutely manic. James and Sirius were full on head banging and air guitaring in the middle of the dance floor whilst Peter hopelessly tries to join along. Your eyes scan the room and to your surprise your gaze met your best friend; Remus was currently attached to a pretty blonde in the corner of the hall and you couldn’t help but smile.

The song slowly came to a draw and suddenly a slow, gentle melodic tune starts to play. Without warning, a gentle grasp withdrew you from your swaying and pulled you to the side.

“I know a better place” whispers an easy tone from beside you. Without hesitation, you took Sirius’s hand and follow him out the doors and into the night.

Sirius takes you out in to the gardens, out of sight from any peering bodies. He comes to a stop when he gets near the opening of a hedge. Leaning in to you, he whispers almost inaudibly,

“There’s something I want you to see, but we have to be quiet”. You nod in response and slowly follow him into the opening. A large, decrepit tree centres within the entire greenery and you look at Sirius with a puzzling expression. He smiles gently before he beckons you to come near the tree.

Carefully, you perch beside him as you peer inside the small fractures that are engraved within the bark. And that’s when you see it.


Hundreds of petite, glowing little creatures glide; the soft tune that resonates from the Great Hall, mixes with the heart-warming voices of the fairies. Golden glimmer emanates from their bodies as they dance in the air, defying gravity. And right there, positioned in the hearth of the tree, dance the King and Queen fairy. They twirl with such grace and splendour that it bring tears to your eyes. Without realising, Sirius perches closer towards you; you can practically feel his breath on your skin. You turn to look into the grey pools that make your faint heart cry with glee. And he’s looking at you in the same way.

He backs away from the tree as he turns to stand opposite you. Confidently, he forms into a low bow, making you giggle as you return a small curtsey.  With ease, he steps closer to your frame and you feel yourself stiffen. He drifts a gentle hand on your waist, the other skims down the lace detail of your arms, slowing down when he reaches your hands; he tangles his long, calloused fingers with you slender, soft ones. He begins to inch his body towards your own, his breath igniting your body with warmth from the chilly night air.

“Sirius…” you sigh quietly,

“What is it my love?” he asks worryingly. You smile at him with sentiment,

“I can’t dance” you admit embarrassingly. A small laugh escapes his lips,

“That’s okay sweetheart, just follow me.” You nod gingerly but seep into his grasp. And slowly but surely you’re dancing to the soft melody and it all becomes natural… like you were meant to be.

Suddenly, a swarm of light surrounds you, illuminating the space where you and Sirius were swaying. However, that was the problem… you weren’t on the ground! You were in fact 8 ft in to the air, still going higher. You let out a small yelp, to which Sirius responds by placing a tighter grip on you,

“Shh, it’s okay I’ve got you Y/N. I won’t let you go” Sirius hushes, trying to calm your quaking body, his arms snakes around your body as he draws you in closer and you happily give in.

You ease after a while and soon you’re twirling in the air; Sirius pushes you away gently into the open air, only to follow you and reposition his hands on your frame, you welcome his loving embrace. Your eyes align again and you immerse into his gaze, his kind eyes resembles molten silver as it ripples against the silvery-white glow of the moonlight.

“Sirius,” you whisper,

“Yes Y/N?” he responds instantaneously,

“Promise you won’t let me go” you utter apprehensively. Sirius looks at you curiously, smiling,

“Of course Y/N, I’m not going to let you fal-” but he suddenly realises what you mean by your expression and his smile begins to fade. Inching towards you, he cusps your face into his hand and closes the small gap between you two.

Sweet, tepid and comfort; your body consumes itself with these emotions as you immerse yourself into the kiss. Slow and calm at first but then it increases in passion and pressure. When he finally releases, he takes your hands and peppers small kisses onto them.

I promise, my love.”

You beam at him with so much adoration and affection that your heart actually hurts; and much to your awareness, he feels exactly the same. Resting your head into the crook of his neck, you both begin to sway again, bodies together and hearts intertwined.

Alone together, in your own little infinity.

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Anger (Henry Cavill Smut)

Henry had a particularly tough day on set. The director kept changing his mind and Henry was just tired, so it all drove him to a very angry state.

He walks in the door, not saying anything. He just slammed the door so hard that one of the pictures on the wall went crooked. He took off his shoes and walked to the bathroom to take a shower. He didn’t say a word. After the shower Henry went to the bedroom and just laid on the bed. Out of concern, I went to check up on him. I sat on the bed next to him, placing my hand on his side. “Leave me alone Y/N. Go away.”

“Babe, that’s kinda rude. What’s wrong?”

“Just shut up and go back to watching your shitty chick-flicks.”

“Wooooow, okay then. Bye.”

I just stood up and left, Henry has never been so rude and cold against me before. I went back to watch tv, since that’s what he wanted me to do. After 10 mins, I got so frustrated, I stormed out the door to go for a walk.

I come back an hour later, as I open the front door, Henry’s sad eyes meet mine as he sits on the stairs. He quickly stood up and walked to me, pinning me against the wall. “Babe, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean what I said.” He says as he puts his forehead against mine. I avoid his eyes as much as I can. “Well you said it, so there had to be some truth to it.” I say bitterly. “You know me better than that! Babe….Y/N you know I’d never mean anything like that.” Henry pleads as he holds my yaw, forcing me to look at him.

His soft lips crash in to mine, in a soft but apologetic kiss, his hands caressing my sides, moving down to my bum.  “Can I at least take my shoes off,” I say breaking the kiss. Henry just chuckled. “Come upstairs then yeah?” He says, making his way there. I nod, as I throw my shoes next to the rest and hang my jacket.

Walking in to the bedroom, I suddenly get backed on to and right away pinned to the bed. Henrys lips caressing my neck, down my Décolletage. I wrap my legs around his waist and pull his head, so that our lips can crash in to a blissful battle of the most passionate. He pulls off my T-shirt, and undoes my jeans, pulling them off in one slick swoop. His eyes glisten as they run over my body, examining and admiring every single detail. Henry masterfully undoes my bra and kisses all the way from my hairline down to the band of my panties.

I thrust my hips up slightly, trying so hard to get him to touch me. His teeth pull on the hem of the only thing separating our bodies and they slowly but surely slide down my legs. He just never makes me feel anything less than a goddess.

Follows the best bj I’ve received in my entire life. It was very passive aggressive, a little bit of this a little bit of that. A little bit of playing with my clit with his tongue, a little bit of nibbling. Soon enough we were so hot and bothered, we couldn’t help ourselves.

His impressive member slides in me, filling me not only with himself, but with extreme pleasure. This man, was the king of pleasure. He went slow when I wanted him to, but hard when I most needed it.

We both reach our high at once, both becoming limp and tired. To tired to even move.

“You know I didn’t mean it y/n”

I hope this is satisfying enough ;) amiright. Let me know what you think! also requests are open, but I’m very slow at doing them at the current moment, so don’t get too mad at me :(


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A Little Stroll through the Galaxy

Originally posted by vulpinemusings

Prompt: Imagine you and Poe gettin’ it on in his X-Wing.
Word Count: 3074 (So many details)
Warning: Smut.

Forgive me I am sinning Poe Dameron trash. It’s kind of long, but I wanted to encompass the whole experience.

“Now here’s the switch that can shift the ship into hyper drive—oh—and here’s the computer that controls the blaster cannons!” exclaimed Poe. His eyebrows were raised and his eyes widened with eagerness to show you more. “Oh! I almost forgot to show you the switch that controls the torpedo launchers!”

It had been your day off and the two of you were currently in Poe’s X-Wing, drifting through a collection of stars not too far away from D’Qar.

Every single time Poe and you tried to be alone together, someone or something would always interrupt. He devised that the two of you just go through a “stroll through the galaxy” in his X-Wing to be alone.

Poe piloted the ship to his favorite spot of the galaxy; a spot that he knew that you would definitely love.

Both of you were in casual clothing: he had on one of his many leather jackets and you wore a big comfy sweater along with some loose-fitting jeans.

Seeing Poe like this brought a warm smile to your lips. He reminded you of a child at how excited he got about different air crafts and their components.

“Wow!” you tried to sound as excited as he was. “I typically just fix the basics on these. I don’t really mess with all of the extra gadgets.”

His large hands rubbed up and down at your arms, creating goosebumps on them. “I can show you more than just the little things,” he seductively whispered into your ear, his hot breath sending shivers down your spine.

Of course the ship only had one seat available, causing you to have to sit in between Poe’s legs while in it. Both of you were strapped up tightly against each other. Your back was pressed to his chest and you could feel it rise and fall against you.

In an attempt to take your mind off the position that you were in, you looked out at the scenery before you: all sorts of shades ranging from blues to pinks and oranges to yellows mixed together. Bright stars almost appeared to be sprinkled about the nebula and its colorful gases.

“This is absolutely stunning, Poe.”

“That’s not the only thing,” he admitted as he looked down at you.

You blushed at his comment. Even though you two had been dating for quite a long time, you cheeks would redden at the smallest of things.

“Right here’s my favorite part of the galaxy. I’m sure that you can see why.” He pointed to a specific part. “Makes me think of you.”

Vivid shades of pastel-colored gases swirled about each other in the nebula before you. Stars twinkled in clusters, some big, some large. It was prominently composed of your favorite color.

Oh, he was smooth.                  

Poe was quite the charmer, and always had been. When he had the chance, he’d take you all sorts of different adventures to far-off planets, treat you to candle light dinners, and have flowers delivered to you daily (courtesy of BB8, of course).

Unexpectedly, you were brought back from your thoughts when Poe took his hands off of the joy stick, switched the ship into auto-pilot, and settled them on your hips.

You turned your head around to look at the pilot and noticed the smug grin on his face.

“And just what do you think you’re doing, Mister Dameron?”

He rested that smug smile it into your shoulder, his thumbs beginning to rub shapes into your hips.

“I’m just glad to finally be alone with you, Y/N,” he muffled into your neck.

You giggled softly and leaned back further into Poe’s chest. “Sure, that’s it,” you sarcastically responded.

“You smell absolutely divine, Y/N.”

You could feel just how toned his core muscles were as you lay against him. His shirt was very thin, allowing you to feel the exact outlines of his abdominal and pectoral muscles. Curiosity got the best of you and your eyes wandered down from the stars to his built thighs that hugged your own legs tightly against his built frame.

Being so closely pressed against him, you began to smell his oaky cologne. His body heat was starting to transfer over to you as well and your heart thumped wildly in your chest.

Poe always had this effect on you.

It was no surprise when you suddenly felt his lips make contact with the side of your neck. At first, his kisses were slow and small but they quickly grew hungry and intense. His hot lips made clicking sounds against your skin as they sucked and pressed at it.

You found his large hands on your thighs. They rubbed up and down and the friction and heat that he was creating was sending tingles throughout your stomach. Before you knew it, his fingers were snaking their way towards to your bottom.

His rough tongue brushed circles against your sensitive neck. It swirled and the tip of it rubbed in that one certain spot that he knew drove you crazy. Your ears grew red as his tongue and hands worked your brain into absolute mush.

“H-Hey lo-look at that one star,” you managed to get out between one of his ravenous kisses and pointed to a brightly shining star not too far away.

Poe paid no attention to the star and continued sucking at your skin. “Mmm-hmm,” he lowly hummed into your nape.

So this was the real reason why he wanted to go out in the X-Wing.

The stubble on his face scratched against your flesh as he sucked and planted a kiss on the crook of your neck. After giving your butt a brief squeeze, his hands moved underneath your sweater and you gasped from the sudden contact. You could feel his rough, calloused hands caress your smooth stomach.

You couldn’t think straight. His musky scent was beginning to cloud your senses. The only thing that your mind could think about was how his warm, rough hands felt upon your skin.

A sharp pain came when Poe bit down at one of your flushed earlobes and you couldn’t help but sigh from the sensation. His thumb dipped into the crevice of your bellybutton and rubbed ever so slightly.

Everything was happening so fast. You gripped at Poe’s pant legs in order to compose yourself.

The pilot grinned mischievously. Only he could do this to you.

Absentmindedly, you titled your neck back, revealing more skin for his mouth to devour. With his teeth, he pulled your sweater down enough to expose your shoulder.

Your head and chest felt heavy, almost as if something was weighing them down.

The man was driving you mad.

“You seem to be enjoying this, right Y/N?” he crooned before his teeth began lightly biting at your shoulder.

A soft moan came from you in approval from his love bites. Already, your entire décolletage area was absolutely covered in red marks. Tingles quickly followed every place that he touched.

You couldn’t deny that you wanted him and you turned your head to face him. You studied him through your thick lashes.

His eyes were dark and clouded with lust as he gazed down upon you.

One hand stealthily advanced its way over from your stomach and started playing with the button of your pants. It unfastened it, then fastened it, and continued teasing you by repeating those actions while the other hand began lifting up your sweater, revealing your supple skin little by little.


You could feel him let out a deep chuckle in his chest before shifting his knee directly underneath your womanhood. It rubbed against you, hard and slow. Quiet moans and gasps left your lips as he mercilessly grinded his knee into your core. Up and down he went, sliding his built thigh against you. An aching feeling came to your abdomen and you were almost certain that he had you soaking down there.

“Do you like it when I touch you like this?” Poe breathily whispered.

All you could do was nod.

Realizing just how close you were getting, he abruptly stopped moving his knee. Poe had your sweater off of you in no time flat.

Trying to regain your composure, you re situated yourself and turned to face him while sitting on his lap.

Your breathing was labored, and your chest moved up and down in anticipation for what was going to come next. You could hear your heart beating loudly in your chest and wondered if Poe could too.

“Be patient, love,” he soothed, rubbing at your bare arms. “We’re only getting started.”

He reassured you with a soft kiss that contrasted with the roughness of his touch.

Feeling bold, you slowly slid his jacket off of him and lifted up his tight t-shirt. His masculine hands held you up by your sides as you took in his tan well-defined chest and abdomen.

Poe’s upper body was very well built. All of the pilot training that he had to do made sure of that.

Almost immediately, his hands cupped your breasts through your lacy bra. He pushed the two of them together as he squeezed them, admiring how lovely they looked while pressed together.

Poe reached a hand back and effortlessly unclasped your bra.

You wrapped your arms around his neck to steady yourself as his tongue tantalizingly rubbed at one of your nipples. With the other hand, he kneaded at your other breast. They were so smooth compared to his calloused fingers.

With your cheeks blazing and heat racing, you delved your fingers into his ebony curls as he sucked and caressed your breasts.

He bit, licked, and practically rubbed them raw. Red marks covered your chest, making it start to match your neck. Every now and then, the stubble on his jawline and chin would make contact with the sensitive flesh and you had to bite your lower lip to hold back from moaning.

He pulled you in closer and traced the curve of your back with the tips of his fingers. Small tingles came and you shuddered from the sensation.

Almost no space was between the two of you. Your bodies pressed right up against each other, heat radiating off in waves.

Unable to take it any longer, you grabbed the sides of his face and pulled him in for a fervent kiss. His hands rested on your hips as his lips moved hungrily against your own.

Wanting to give him a taste of his own medicine, you playfully worked your way down his torso and lightly brushed your fingers against the prevalent bulge in his pants.

You could feel Poe’s breathing hitch as you caressed his manhood.  The grip that his hands had on your hips tightened and his back stiffened at your touch. He bit at your lip, as if to playfully reprimand you for your mischievous hand and then sucked at it to soothe it.

Eagerness set in. You broke the kiss and began pecking the outline of his jaw and then moved down to suck at the skin on his neck. Your breath was hot against him.

Poe released a low moan that resonated in his throat over to your lips as you palmed him. You caresses grew fast and hard. Hearing your name coming off his lips in such a needy voice turned you on immensely.

“Oh, god, Y/N. Shit.”

It was obvious that Poe was growing impatient as well; his hands shakily made their way down to your open pants and slid them and your underwear down to reveal your butt as your thumb rubbed against him relentlessly.

Before you knew it, you were both completely naked in the X-Wing’s pilot seat.  

Poe gazed longingly at you before repeating what you had just done to him and began rubbing a rough thumb against your clit. A jolt of pleasure ran through your abdomen and you sighed from the sensation.

His middle and index fingers suddenly plunged into you. They curled inside of you and rubbed at your tight walls, almost in a teasing sort of way.

They moved in and out of you with great speed, and you dug your finger nails into his shoulders. Soon, he added another and coiled them to prep you for what was to come.

Poe positioned your entrance over his erect manhood and you took in a deep breath as you settled yourself onto him. Due to how wet you were, he glided perfectly into you.

He filled you up completely, and the feeling of him suddenly inside you was a little uncomfortable but stimulating nonetheless. Gradually, he began to move as you became accustomed to him.

You gripped at his chest muscles to steady yourself as Poe moved himself in and out of you.

Poe held himself back, trying his best to not hurt you. He wanted to make you as comfortable as possible.

“F-Faster,” you managed to get out through a whimper. “Please, Poe.”

Immediately, he picked up the pace, replacing the unbearable aching in your lower stomach to a feeling of pure bliss.

The sensation of him moving inside of you felt so good that it was almost indescribable. It was almost as if electricity was running through you with each and every deep thrust. You were tight as could be and the feeling of him rubbing himself against your walls stirred up your insides.

The sounds of skin hitting skin filled the ship and the air was becoming almost unbearably hot.

Desperate to have his cock hit that was certain spot in you, you began to move your hips on your own. Poe stopped his thrusts all together as you took over.

With burning red cheeks and swollen lips, you rotated your hips around him, almost in a teasing sort of way. You giggled softly as he bit his lower lip. With every different movement, a different reaction would come from the pilot.

You threw your head back after you lightly began to hit that one sweet spot with his member. Hot puffs of air escaped your lips as you continued to move him in and out of you.

He lightly slapped his hand across your ass and smirked.

“Look at me, Y/N.”

You did. Your E/C eyes locked with his and it was almost as if you were in some sort of a trance.

A satisfied grin was on his features as he watched you ride him. Your boobs and hair bounced up and down as you moved quickly on top of him. His eyes were dark and gazing at you longingly. It was almost like you were putting on a little show for him, and were definitely enjoying it.

Suddenly, he slowed your movements and began thrusting hard and fast into you. He angled himself more upwards, hitting you directly in that one special area. With one hand on each one of your rosy butt cheeks, he pounded into you.

Your back arched as he pumped himself in and out of you. You bit at the insides of your cheeks and whimpered. He knew just how to satisfy you.

“Right there? You like it when I fuck you right there?” he sharply breathed into your ear. “Moan, baby. Don’t be afraid to use your voice.”

Realizing that there was no one to hear you like at the Resistance Base, you let out a breathy moan just like he had said to. It was quickly followed by many more, several of them containing his name.

“Poe, please don’t stop.”

And he certainly didn’t.

Beads of sweat pooled on Poe’s forehead as he thrusted his hips harder and harder into you. Groans rumbled in his chest. Poe’s grunts and sighs were making you even wetter than you already were.

He continued mercilessly whispering things into your ranging from how ethereal you looked to how sore he was going to make you tomorrow.

His scent began to merge with your own as the two of you began to sweat. It was a musty, oaky, yet flowery scent.

Desperate for more contact, your hands went to his curly locks and captured his lips in a much needed kiss. Your lips were puffy and red as they moved against his. Poe sucked at your lower lip and you moaned into his mouth.

It seemed like it would never end. Time just seemed to stop. You were becoming lightheaded as his thrusts intensified even more and became erratic.  

You needed air so you broke the kiss, breathing in deeply afterwards. The sound of shallow breaths filled the X-Wing. The air was sticky and hot.

Poe’s thumb quickly found your womanhood once more, stroking it rapidly. He curled it ever so slightly, as he touched it. His arm wrapped around you waist to keep you steady. The familiar aching returned once more as he did this. You were close.

It didn’t take long between the combination of his finger and his frantic thrusts for your walls to clench tighter around him. A wave of pure bliss came over you and you sighed loudly from the pleasant feeling. Smaller waves followed as your walls throbbed around him. Your head felt fuzzy.

Poe finally let loose and followed you not too long after with a content groan. You could feel him twitch inside of you. He rode his orgasm out with a series of lazy thrusts as you gripped at his defined shoulder blades to keep yourself balanced.

After Poe finished, you managed to shakily climb off of him and return back to your original position of sitting between his legs.

You leaned back against him, chest heaving up and down. You felt dizzy as he held you in his arms as the last ripples of euphoria ran through your stomach.

His lips pressed against your hair and his fingers lightly traced at the outlines of your stomach. Ever so gingerly, he bent down to retrieve his leather jacket and covered you with it. You snuggled up to him in his arms.

You lifted your head up so you could see him upside down from where you were sitting and gave him a fond gaze through lidded eyes. His hair was an absolute mess.

“We should do this more often,” you whispered.

He gave your nose a peck and began to lightly tickle at your sides.

“Anytime, love.” Poe growled playfully into your nape, before adding, “Ready for round two?” 

Festival de Cannes 2017

The unmatched occasion renowned for red carpet glitz and glamour, that congregates the A-listers in one of the world’s most affluent cities along the French Riviera; the Cannes Film Festival. 

Join me as I revisit some of my most memorable looks from the festival…

1. Bella Hadid in Ralph & Russo

Attending the annual amfAR Gala on the 25 May, Bella most definitely saved the best ‘till last for her red carpet looks. Wearing a barely-there crystal-embellished, asymmetric dress featuring intricate beading, sequins and silver chains, the dress offered a thigh grazing split and sheer bodice to showcase her supermodel physique. Bella’s delicate beauty look complemented the dazzling ensemble, opting for a bold highlight on the eyes with her statement ballerina bun.

Styled by Elizabeth Sulcer, Hair by Jen Atkin, Makeup by Sabrina Bedrani.

2. Elsa Hosk in Alberta Ferretti

Making her first red carpet appearance at the Festival for ‘The Beguiled’ premiere on the 24 May, the Victoria’s Secret Angel channeled Disney’s Cinderella for the occasion. The ice blue ballgown featured a cold-shoulder design, full skirt and front high leg split. Giving a nod to Hollywood glamour, her perfectly held blonde tresses and grand jewellery pieces favoured the enchanting look. The beauty look comprised of a feline flick and touch of rouge on the cheeks to complete the charming appeal.  

Styled by Elizabeth Sulcer, Hair by Jennifer Yepez, Makeup by Vincent Oquendo, Jewellery by De Grisogono.

3. Kendall Jenner in Giambattista Valli Couture

Arriving for the screening of ‘120 Beats Per Minute’ on the 20 May, Kendall debuted the favoured ruffles trend with a pair of avant-garde accessories by pairing pop socks with her stiletto sandals. The voluminous skirt boasted a one shoulder and dipped hem design, which extenuated her svelte physique before revealing a spectacular floating train. Kendall kept her beauty look feminine and summery with a bronze glow and baby pink lip, complete with a twisted topknot.

Styled by MarnixMarni, Hair by Jen Atkin, Makeup by Mary Phillips, Jewellery by Chopard.

4. Bella Hadid in Dior Couture

Headed to the ‘Okia’ premiere on 19 May, the model had a vintage Hollywood moment in a striking quilted ballgown. The jewellery and makeup referenced a Cleopatra theme with serpentine accessories and dramatic bold liner before matching her lips to the ruby red dress. No red carpet appearance for the youngest Hadid sister would be complete without a scraped up-do and this effortlessly elegant composition was no exception.

Hair by Jen Atkin, Makeup by Peter Philips, Jewellery by Bulgari.

5. Emily Ratajkowski in custom Peter Dundas

The actress and model ensured she had an entrance to remember at the ‘Loveless’ premiere on the 18 May where she wore a sheer lace jumpsuit with a sultry cut out detail and sheer overlay above her décolletage. Adding impact and glamour, the jumpsuit boasted a ruffled skirt with a train that clung to her delicate waistline. Requiring only a relaxed hairstyle and subtle glam to conclude the head-turning appeal, she paired a loose plait with a 90s inspired mauve lip.

Styled by Evangelo Bousis, Hair by Jennifer Yepez, Makeup by Joyce Bonelli, Jewellery by De Grisogono.

6. Naomi Campbell in Atelier Versace

Hosting her fashionably charitable event Fashion for Relief on 21 May, Naomi donned a mermaid esque metamorphosis gown. The blush tone dress was embellished with Swarovski crystal entwined in a web like structure across the bodice of the dress which included a thigh-grazing slit. The supermodel opted for a shimmering beauty look to accompany the soft yet sultry gown, which included a dewy base and warm tones on the eyes and lips.

7. Irina Shayk in Atelier Versace

Welcomed back in a lemon delight to the ‘Hikari’ premiere on 23 May, Irina’s first post-pregnancy appearance proved a radiant return. The sheer dress in a sunrise hue featured a drawstring design, which revealed a daring thigh grazing split. The ruching on the bodice glistened courtesy of the crystal beading, which further accented her enviable curves. The model completed her look with bombshell waves and required little more than a fresh-faced glow to accompany her sun-kissed skin.

Makeup by L'Oréal, Jewellery by Lorraine Swartz.

8. Sara Sampaio in Zuhair Murad

Opening the festival with fireworks, Sara attending the opening ceremony and premiere of ‘Ismael’s Ghosts’ on 17 May wearing a red ballgown, which offered a plunging neckline and majestic full skirt. The sheer top of the dress amplified the intricate beading detail, which extended across the whole of the regal creation whilst the exquisite jewellery pieces added further elegance. Introducing a current appeal to the look, the Victoria’s Secret Angel opted for a loose braid and dramatic smokey eye.

Styled by Jennifer Mazur, Hair by Marcus Francis, Makeup by Ismael Blanco, Jewellery by De Grisogono.

9. Irina Shayk in Balmain

On arrival to the premiere of ‘The Beguiled’ on the 24 May, the model stepped out in a sophisticated high neck dress. The corset belt pinched her waist showcasing her hourglass silhouette whilst the safari inspired detail on the sheer panels span across the surface of the dress. Exuding a sultry edge with her sleek tied knot, her make up included smoldering eyes in grey hues and tinted pink lips.

Makeup by L'Oréal.

10. Kendall Jenner in Ralph & Russo

Following the futuristic theme of the Chopard space-themed party on 19 May, Kendall wore a look that was as glamorous as it was modern. The dazzling structured corset molded to her statuesque figure and included intricate silver beading with sheer panels down each side. The strapless neckline stood proudly below her décolletage showcasing her cropped hair, which had been softly tucked behind her ears, presenting the matching jewellery set. Finally, her romantic makeup look was complete with fluttery lashes, peachy cheeks and a creamy pink lip.

Styled by MarnixMarni, Hair by Jen Atkin, Makeup by Mary Phillips, Jewellery by Chopard.

This concludes my charted looks from the Cannes Film Festival 2017. I hope you enjoyed reviewing the gowns as much as I did and thank you for your time reading,

Imogen ✗