NCT Reaction to You Being a Good Singer

They’d immediately begin whispering to those around them, bragging about your beautiful voice. They’d be so proud of you and would want to show you off, smiling throughout the rest of the performance. : TAEYONG, JENO, TAEIL, & HAECHAN

They’d send you a telegram or shoot you a text during intermission, freaking out in all caps about how they were blown away by your performance. They’d enjoy the rest of the performance but once it was over, they’d be the first person standing in the crowd, giving you a standing ovation. : TEN, MARK, JAEMIN, & RENJUN

They would wait to freak out until after your performance before giving you the biggest hug you’ve ever received and a bouquet of flowers, congratulating you on your amazing job, overflowing with endless compliments and kisses. : DOYOUNG, JAEHYUN, WINWIN, & JISUNG

They would show their love/support/surprise in a sarcastic, yet still super caring way. Jokingly scolding you for never telling them about your talent. They’d engulf you in a hug before taking you out to a celebratory dinner or dessert at your favorite restaurant. : YUTA, JOHNNY, & CHENLE

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SHINee Reaction || Getting Caught Doing Something Cute With Their Idol Crush And Fans Start Shipping Them


*Extremely taken aback, decides to call you*
“Y/N! Did you hear the news!?”


“Oh my God. This ship name sounds dope too”




*He’d joke about it with you once you hear the news*
“Hey Y/N~ How is my second half doing?”


*This would actually make it harder for him to flirt with you*


BTS reaction to you leaving hickeys before their photoshoot

I’M BACK as my work here after I’m back I guess this might end up pretty lame, my apologizes I received a lot of requests so I plan to do another one tomorrow and post at least one a week, thank you for support! My one post reached 600 notes!!!

Staff: Is it a bug bite?
Seokjin: *stares at the mirror. Sees the mark. Can’t even say a word*

Jungkook: Why do you look like this? Don’t you need your jacket off?
Yoongi: It’s a long story, child, you’re too young for answers

Hoseok: *doesn’t say a word why he’s acting like this*

Jin: What’s that?
Namjoon: *giggles*

Jhope: Why you keep staring at mirror?
Jimin: It’s nothing~ *walks away like this*

Taehyung: *shows off his hickey* This is where the most beautiful bug has stung

*Jin pulls his sleeve down by accident*
Jungkook: *startles is over conscious of everything*


ok u guys been doing this kind of things i just thought id do some and like ive been obsessed with vampire these days idk but here’s vampire!mingyu bye:

  • ok but can u imagine mingyu being a vampire that’d be total hot
  • having a giant stock of blood in the refrigerator bc duh
  • him trying to control himself from biting you bc he said you smell really good i quit
  • “its ok man u can bite me”
  • “no no nonoonononono ILL NEVER IM GONNA HRUT U NONONO”
  • but ended up biting u one time when he runs out of blood to drink
  • regretting it later and said ur blood tastes like heaven
  • offering him ur blood but he refused even tho inside he is like YES GIVE IT TO ME
  • lets be real here mingyu will be the type to tease u with his sharp teeths sending shiver thru ur body and smirk against ur skin IM ODNE WIHT THIS KID
  • dressing u as a vampire too on halloween
  • having him draw you as a vampire
  • “youd be super hot as a vampire”
  • HE WOULD SCARE U A LOT WITH HIS RED EYES AND FANGS im not even joking this is so real
  • having to bear with him sleep talking about blood ofc
  • sharing his drink with vampire!wonwoo isnt that obvious
  • making breakfast for urself only bc dUH
  • he’d be jealous one time and accidentally bite u again and itd be so hot OH YM GOHDSUDO
  • but lets not forget that mingyu is a giant dork thats 185cm tall who likes to be a small spoon (a lot) and kiss ur nose and hold ur hands and kiss it after. he would smile at u with loving eyes and OMFG NO MAN ILL KICK THAT STUPID SMILE FROM UR FACE
  • “im so lucky to have u”
  • and he’d be all cheesy making u all blushy and no dude why
  • oh and did i mention that u have to take care of him and wonwoo

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All-Round Reaction: When fans ship his girlfriend with another member because of their close friendship.

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2AM - JoKwon: *Meets up with member* I don’t like this, people are starting to misunderstand your relationship with her. I have nothing against you but it’s clear this is getting out of hand! 

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2PM - Jun.K: *Sits on edge of concert stage* So is there anyone who actually ships us together?….*Silence* Not even one person?

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100% - Rokhyun: *Holds her hand* Maybe if we walk outside together holding hands they’ll realize we’re best together…

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AA -  Aoora: Is it just me or has everyone lost their minds to believe this is real???

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A-JAX - Hyojun: Well it’s no surprise, they’ve been friends since before we started dating. So why should I worry?

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B.A.P - Daehyun: And now back let’s go back to this guy. Jongup, what’s good??!

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B1A4 - Jinyoung: -At ASC set- *Looks at twitter feed* This…This is actually a thing?!–Since when?!–And with CNU?!

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BTS - Jungkook: *Smiles back at V* Consider yourself lucky that you’re my hyung.

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BEAST - Junhyung: *Awkward car drive* So the fans are just loving you two huh? Haha..ha. *Silence* 

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BIGBANG - G-Dragon: *Stares at article and shrugs* Well at least I don’t have to worry about competition.

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BIGFLO - Ron: *Chaces Z-UK* Get over here you little shit!–I have some questions for you!

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BIGSTAR - Raehwan: I trust Jude, and I’m happy his friendship with my girlfriend isn’t getting hate…But if he does anything to her hurt I promise to get rid of him protect her.

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Block B - Zico: *Kyung confirms it* Dude what the fuck?!– Don’t listen to him, he doesn’t know what he’s talking about! 

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Boyfriend - Minwoo: I’m not crying, and definitely not over that, the wind is just making my eyes tear up! 

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Boys Republic - Onejunn: *Pats his back* Look at you getting popular with the girls! *Pats even harder*  Don’t go getting too popular on us okay? 

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BTOB - Peniel: Baby tell me this isn’t true!!! What about our ship?!

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CNBLUE - Jungshin: *Calls member* Should I be concerned that you’re apparently stealing my girlfriend?

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Cross Gene - Casper: *Listens to fans gushing/asking questions about it* This is just wrong, so, so wrong.

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EXO - Sehun: *Sighs out of jealously* You know we could be shipped like that if you you just paid attention to me…..Pffft! Sorry I can’t take this seriously even if I tried!!

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FT Island - Jaejin: *Internally freaking out* WE’RE THE REAL COUPLE THOUGH!!!!

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GOT7 - Jr: *Monitoring the fandom of the ship* I never would have thought IGOT7′s would betray me like this.

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HIGH4 - Alex: *Watching sports* Woohoo score!!! High five–*Ignored* … Am I seriously the third wheel? Shouldn’t the third wheel be the friend, not the boyfriend?!

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History - Sihyoung: *Slumps onto the couch* Everyone’s forgotten about me!!!

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INFINITE - Hoya: *Member rambles about it* And you think I care whhhy?

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JJCC - SanCheong: *Arches brow* Are you kidding me? I mean sure their friends and all… but really?

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JYJ - Yoochun: *On twitter* Their ship name is trending worldwide? Oh well now I have to check this out.

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LC9 - J-Hyo: Haha that’s actually pretty cute! At least it’s not like you’re trying to take her away from me right?

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LU:KUS - Seokhoon: *Averts teary eyes* You don’t think I’m the reason why they don’t pair us together do you?

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M.I.B - Kangmin: *Irritated/Pouty* Sure their friends and all… but isn’t this too much?

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MBLAQ - Seungho: *MC teases him about it* Haha…Yeah. 

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MYNAME - Chaejin: If the fans aren’t even able to see how much I love her… what if she can’t see it either?

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NU’EST - Baekho: *Links hands with her* I’m happy that the fans are supporting your friendship so much, but please promise that it won’t make us grow distant okay?

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Royal Pirates - Sooyoon: My thoughts on everyone shipping my girlfriend with my bandmate? Um–Happy–No…Um…Er… I’ll have to get back to you on that.

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SHINee - Key: *Fed up* Taemin, what is this shit?!

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Shinhwa - Minwoo: I know neither of us are getting younger but can’t you let me have this one for once?!

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SPEED - Jungwoo: Enjoy it while it last, my ship will sink yours before you know it!

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Super Junior - Ryeowook: You see this girl right here? She’s mine, not his!!

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Teen Top - Ricky: But… But I thought we were the cutest couple ever…*Pouts*

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Topp Dogg - P-Goon: *Looks at Xero* Do you even see yourself?! And you wonder why so many people are coupling you two together!!

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TVXQ - Yunho: *Gets asked about it* How about we asked the shipmate himself? *Hands over mic* Explain yourself.

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U-Kiss - Jun: Soooo, you two are good friends? Really? Well that would have been nice to know, not that I mind! Which I do.

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UNIQ - Sungjoo: *Looks back at her* Why does it feel like you hang out with him more then you do me?

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VIXX - Hongbin: *Finds fanfiction* What is this?  *Realizes it’s smut* Eheh... Looks like I’m going to be calling a therapist tonight.

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WINNER - Seungyoon: *Headlocks member* You see, I don’t hold grudges against my members, even if it involves my girlfriend… *Chokes him slowly*

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ZE:A - Taeheon: Oh I’m not worried about them, why? Because he knows better for his physical safety not to go any further with her then he should!

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(He debutted as a MMA fighter a while back if that adds anymore to his reaction) 

Reaction: Astro To Seeing Their Idol Crush Be Cute When They Normally Aren’t

I hope you like it! -  Admin O

MJ: He would be surprised but not totally oblivious. He liked you, so he knew that you had a cute side, even if you didn’t show it very often. He would be really happy that he would get to witness it, even if he wasn’t actually there.

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JinJin: He would get excited and fall even more in love with you. He would love that you could be badass and sweet at the same time. He especially liked how you interacted with the fans.

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Eunwoo: He knew the whole time about you hidden cute side, so when he finally got to see it, he was happy. He wanted you to be able to show off that side, even if it was only with the fans.

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Moonbin: He would have been a bit wary to approach you because of your normal persona, but once he saw how cute you could be, he would get up the confidence to actually talk to you. So he would use it as a stepping stone to start your relationship.

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Rocky: He wouldn’t know what to make of it really. He would be confused if you were actually cute pretending to be badass, or if you were actually badass and just happened to have a cute side. He would stare at you a lot, trying to figure it out.

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Sanha: He would simply be entranced by you, no matter if you were being cute or badass. But seeing cute was something that made him giddy. He would probably try and make your cute side come out, just so he could see it again.

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BTS REACTION to getting caught when touching gf’s leg during family dinner PT 2

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 J-Hope edition

Your parents were the kind to want to be very much involved in your life. They wanted to know who you hang out with, where and when and especially if you were out with a boy. It was a miracle you had had the chance to finally gotten the permission to bring Hobi to your home for dinner. You told your parents the boy was just a friend, but in reality you two had been dating for a few months already. You two were planning on telling about it over dinner.

Hobi tried his best to show his sunshine side to your parents who were very curious about him. The last thing you two wanted was your parents to know too much too soon so Hobi was on his best behavior. Everything was fine when you two were watching some videos from your ipad in the living room while waiting for the dinner. Hobi struggled to hold his loud foolish laugh and it was even more difficult for him to stay a safe 20-30cms from touching you.

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Suddenly Hobi got a message. He took his phone out of his pocket. You two were the wallpaper, a cute kissing picture. “Kids, the dinner is ready!” your mum was RIGHT behind you and it scared Hobi. He dropped his phone to cover the picture. You were fast like lightning and saved it from falling to the floor. Meanwhile Hobi just thanked you mum who insisted the boy to follow her right away. You put Hobi’s phone in your pocket and joined them for dinner too.

You felt the phone vibrate multiple times in your pocket when you were eating. You mum was just talking about how well-behaving Hobi was as he didn’t even bring his phone to the table. “The kids these days… they don’t even talk when eating. What a great example you are!” Hobi nodded, smiled and laughed, but he heard the very silent vibrations of his phone and was growing more and more impatient as he wanted to know who was so desperately trying to contact him.

Hobi reached his hand towards your pocket as discreetly as possible. He was so sneaky even you didn’t notice it before his hand slid into the pocket. “What are you doing?!” you gasped and looked at Hobi who gulped. You covered your mouth when you realized the situation. Your parents were confused. “What’s going on?” your dad finally asked. “Nothing” both of you said at the same time. Your mum realized the boy’s hand was oddly reaching towards you under the table and thought of the worst. “YOU!” she shouted and got up. Hobi pulled his hand back in 0.1 seconds and stared at your mum like a puppy. “Yes?” he asked as innocently as he could.

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You quickly took out the phone. “This, MUM, THIS LOOK HERE PLEASE” you plead her and showed the phone. “He just wanted his phone from my pocket because someone kept on calling him” you explained. Your mum sighed and sat down, but then her eyes were fixed on the phone screen. You had accidentally lit up the screen and she saw a pic of you and Hobi brushing your noses together.

Your dad looked confused. “But I thought you’re gay?” he said to Hobi then. The boy smiled wide “No no no no, I’m very straight. I’ve been dating your girl for many months now” he told him. You kicked his leg and his smile froze in place. “What I mean is, I am very very very gay. I live with 6 guys in one house” he said with the exact same tone and laughed, but your mum had already left to get the anti-boyfriend-spray (very much similar to bug killing sprays). Hobi’s face was colored with desperation.

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“Run” you whispered to him.


Jemma Simmons + Reunions in 3x10

AKA Everybody Loves Jemma