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DREW: seriously Pepsi, don’t mess with those guys. what do you think they’ll do when they find a human in their territory? i’ll tell you what they’ll do. SUCK. YOUR. BLOOD!

PEPSI: pfft, right. sounds like you’re just trying to scare me, Drew. maybe i should go check this place out… Ethan and Emily can even take me there!

DREW: fine, whatever. just don’t say i didn’t warn you!

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could we get some info on your canon shepard?

Sure!  Theanna Shepard’s a paragade Colonist/Sole Survivor background.  Having lost everything, her main goal is to not let anyone else die.  She’s usually good natured, but she has a short temper that frequently leaves her regretting her words and actions.

For in game decisions, she saved the rachni twice, saved the council, romanced Kaidan, saved Ashley on Virmire, romanced Thane, saved everyone during the suicide mission, cured the genophage, made peace between the Quarians/Geth, and chose to destroy the Reapers.  After the war she probably tries to retire, but can’t actually sit on the sidelines and goes back to active duty.

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There’s only two of them stuck to the house now, two souls tied to the walls and floor and pipes and appliances. Two souls stuck in a world that’s moved on without them. Well, two souls and a cat.

He holds up the red fabric for Harry to get a good look at.“We’re going to decorate!”

Harry thinks this might be an odd shut-ins version of retail therapy, and he looks to Grimmy for guidance on how to explain to Louis that this will not at all help his cause.

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Meet ‘Poison Idol Plumeria!’