a redraw of this year old thing!! had a lot of fun w this one despite having to kick my own ass for a whole month in order to actually finish it

Influences ~
  • Talkativeness: Gemini, Mercury, Mercury-Venus aspects, Mercury-Uranus aspects, Mercury-Mars aspects
  • Fears of Abandonment: Moon, Cancer, Saturn in the 4th, Saturn-Moon, Moon in the 4th, Neptune in the 4th, Sun-Saturn, Sun in the 4th, Leo Moon
  • Clever: Uranus in the 3rd, Mercury in Gemini, Mercury in Virgo, Mercury in the 3rd, Mercury-Saturn aspects, Sun in the 9th, Saturn in the 9th, Saturn in the 3rd, Jupiter in the 9th, Uranus in the 9th
  • Addiction: Virgo, Mercury-Neptune aspects, Pisces, Venus in the 12th house, Neptune in the 8th house, Neptune in the 2nd house, Jupiter, Mercury-Jupiter, Jupiter in the 12th, Neptune conjunct Ascendant
  • Disorganization: Pluto in the 6th, Neptune in the 6th, Uranus in the 2nd, Mercury in the 1st, Uranus in the 1st, Neptune in the 3rd
  • Procrastination/Lethargy: Pisces, Neptune in the 1st, Taurus, Venus in the 2nd, Jupiter in the 2nd, Neptune in the 3rd, Libra, Mercury in Libra
  • Binge Eating: Cancer, Cancer rising, Moon in Cancer, Moon in the 2nd, Saturn in the 2nd, Jupiter in the 12th, Jupiter in the 5th, Taurus, Venus in the 5th, Jupiter in Leo, Moon in the 4th, Taurus Ascendant
  • -C.

Based off on this because of Dazai tucking his hair back adhsjakfhle. 

Thank you @looking-for-stray-dogs for allowing me to flail at her about this~ (and part of this probably came from her too – I don’t remember because we were just wailing)

Typical Traits of Mars in the Signs

What makes us tick? What gets us all fired up? What makes us angry, and how do we express that anger? What do we really desire, and how do we go about getting it? The sign position of Mars reveals much about our basic animal nature—our aggressive instincts, our sexuality, and our drive.


  • aggressive, impulsive, but  don’t live in the past, and are not given to holding grudges or feeling resentful
  • listen to their instincts, make fast decisions
  • irritated by indirectness


  • generally calm and easygoing people, but powerful tempers when they’re overly provoked 
  • value strength and stability, they are driven by security and an especial fondness for personal possessions
  • slow to arousal, but theirs is an earthy and powerful sensuality


  • scattered and unfocused, easily bored
  • angry words—some of the most incisive and sarcastic ones— can fly around with the more energetic natives,  draw on their sharp wit to win arguments
  • often express energy through musical instruments and the like—even video games


  • the most passive-aggressive position, seem to resist change and to shy away from direct confrontations
  • at their best, they turn others on with a protective, almost therapeutic way about them
  • have defensive reactions and bursts of emotional agitation when feeling offended


  • vital position, passions run high, and so does desire 
  • enjoy the pleasures of risk-taking
  • act with authority and power, and their personal magnetism generally endows them with the ability to get what they want


  • have a knack for handling a wide variety of tasks at once, and a tendency to take on perhaps too much at the same time, which makes them doubt their abilities. it’s hard for them to deal with it and they might turn into complaining, over-critical nags
  • earthy and sometimes nervous sexuality, shy but open to experimentation 
  • perfectionists at the heart, though they will be the first to deny it


  • overly indecisive, they feel the need to weigh all of the alternatives before taking action
  • they always play innocent when they are challenged, and can generally charm the birds out of the trees to win your favour
  • never mean but aggression has to go somewhere, so this often results sneaky behaviour and subterfuge


  • challenge themselves to do the impossible keeping their cool and their equilibrium on the surface
  • attracted to taboos and feel a certain kind of pleasure resisting their fantasies. also a black-or-white philosophy of life
  • their sexual appeal is strong enough that they generally do get what they want


  • when they get angry, they feel like running not knowing how to deal with their aggression, this is where their restless and adventurous nature comes in
  • playful and fun-loving, they love friendly debates, although they can go to extremes, very passionate about what they believe in
  • need to feel like they have space, they’re the ones who will run away when things get too serious or dull


  • a little hard on themselves, and sometimes others, though their self-control is strong when it comes to expressing anger, drive, energy, and sexuality
  • detests waste of any kind, which makes them hard to let go of things 
  • self-indulgent by nature, disciplined, realistic, possesses the ability to plan for the future —something that many other signs have difficulties doing


  • a rather original view of the world, the tried-and-true methods of getting things done are far too boring
  • proud of their willpower and independence they are quite difficult to settle down
  • their madness isn’t easy to discover. Creative about getting what they want, you won’t always know you’re being dominated


  • an unusually passive placement, they don’t appear like they are capable of harming a fly
  • need a creative outlet that allowing them to express their desires of the moment, their compassion —and even their anger —freely and imaginatively
  • prone to feelings of guilt about their anger, and difficulties with asserting themselves

film meme: (1/10) favourite movies 

The Talented Mr. Ripley (1999) – Good things about Tom Ripley? That could take me some time. Tom is talented. Tom is tender. Tom is beautiful. Tom is- Tom is a mystery. Tom is not a nobody. Tom has secrets he doesn’t want to tell me and I wish he would. Tom has nightmares. That’s not a good thing. Tom has someone to love him. That is a good thing. Tom is crushing me. Tom is crushing me. Tom. Tom, you’re crush….

Honestly I’m not so thrilled with the big picture right now, but God is consistently and extravagantly providing in the details. He’s so kind. I can’t deny it or ignore it. Even when I’m being a brat it’s as if He’s shouting, “I love you. I know it’s hard. Let me make it easier. I have not forsaken you. There is a purpose to all of this. I love you.” And I know He does.