Smackdown vs. RAW Women’s matches at Wrestlemania.

Man, just found out the Smackdown Women’s title match is on the WM Kickoff and the RAW’s Women title match is on the main show. That’s just ridiculous to me.

RAW has done a pretty bad job with their women. Everyone is tired of Charlotte (she’s good but it’s been too much of the same, too often). Nia Jax just slows down matches, has a who cares move set, terribly ill-fitting theme, and not much reason to take her seriously. Bayley has been a “false” champion, has she won a singles match as champ clean yet, I suppose that’s part of the story with her and Sasha but it sort of invalidates her reign. Sasha’s been interesting with flirting with a heel turn. They will still put on a great match cause ¾ of them have proven to put on great matches with one another.

Smackdown’s women’s match is genuinely interesting because that’s one of the few matches that is still surprising.
1) We don’t know who will still be in the match till the match.
2) We don’t know what kind of match it is. It could be a ladder’s match that’d be fun but the RAW men’s tag team has that. It could be an over the top match, kinda tired of that but still would be interesting. I’d like it to be a tables elimination match, that way you could have legit people still lose.
3) We don’t know who might walk out as champion. The people I’d be okay with is Alexa Bliss, Becky Lynch, Mickie James, Naomi, or a surprise big entrant like a debuting Asuka.

I personally would rather have both women’s match on the main card and leave the tag team matches on the kickoff. Both tag divisions haven’t been given much love and they will probably bring back some more momentum after some brand drafts/trades but at the time being I don’t care about either’s tag division.

Calum leaving panic! At the disco on 3/29/17
Mitchy, Ashton, Michael, Crystal, Casey, Miranda, Nia, And Rena were all there as well. Calum and Nia are not in a relationship and they went as FRIENDS, as you can clearly see in the videos this beautiful fan posted on her page. I believe her @ is maritzabanana. CONGRATS!
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“don’t look down, just keep your eyes ahead of you”

victuri howl’s moving castle au gives me life….man…..