I am a good Zenyatta. As Zen, I have more carry potential than a lot of healers, I can save my team in a teamfight, I can take care of myself, and I can strike fear into the hearts of lesser foes.

But I can only carry so much with my tiny robot arms. And when I break the Reinhardt shield, someone else needs to be hitting the called out discorded Mercy with me, or shit will hit the fan when y’all noodles waste your ults on a target only to have it come back to life again.

literally all of these screenshots came from losses ffs

i wish you’d talked to me more.
i heard you cry at night, felt
my own tears sliding down my cheeks like acid
but by morning you were drunk again.
the usual six am “get me another beer,”
beckoned me from my bed
before i left for school and came back
six hours later,
five pm “get me another beer.”
but the cocaine made you soft, you see,
quiet voice, you would’ve given me
anything i asked,
quiet voice, suffocating smell,
disgustingly sweet.
quiet voice, ten pm, strangers drifting,
“lock your door when you sleep.”
i still lock my door at night, terrified you’ll find me.
i still wake up at six am,
waiting for your call,
“get me another beer.”

I’ve seen some people say that while they are glad Sir and Charles are canonically shown in the Netflix series as being a couple, they are disappointed that it’s such a poor representation of a gay relationship, but like are there really any good relationships shown in ASOUE?  The Baudelaires idolize their parents, but we never meet them because, well, they’re dead.  Beatrice sent Lemony a 200-page book entailing why they could not get married and he has been miserable ever since.  Olaf and Esme/Kit/whomever is always twisted and unhealthy and tragic and weird.  And those relationships aren’t even ongoing at the time of the story (well, unless you count Olaf (hehe) and Esme and Jerome and Esme, which really shouldn’t count).  Honestly, even if it’s not the healthiest of relationships, Sir and Charles are the only two that stay a couple through the books (they are in a relationship in the 4th book and still together in the 12th).  That’s pretty impressive.


So anyway this video makes my day better every time I watch it lol


For @stanuary Week 3: Memories

“Why doesn’t he know who I am?”

Ford looks away form the woman. “There… there was an incident and he has memory problems… you have to remind him of who you are.”

“Where are we going?” Stan demands as he climbs into the cab after his brother.

“Patience,” Ford replies with an excited grin.

“You know I only have a limited amount and I’m saving it for the kids,” Stan grumbles.

Ford rolls hie eyes with amusement and looks away from his brother out the window. His brother’s been asking what they’re doing in Jersey all day and his insistent questions have yet to cease. Ford can’t help but feel amusement in the entire situation.

Just you wait. We’ll get there soon and you’ll be happy over the surprise.

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“Today, something else happened. The surrealist poet Paul Celan, whom I had just met two nights earlier with Weigel, and who is very fascinating, has, splendidly enough, fallen in love with me, which adds a little spice to my dreary work. Unfortunately he has to go to Paris in a month. My room is a poppy field at the moment, he inundates me with this flower.”

- 21 year old Ingeborg Bachmann in a letter to her parents, May 1948, from Correspondence: Paul Celan and Ingeborg Bachmann