d´aulnoy´s fairy tales

So I was watching Mona Lisa Smile and Ginnifer Goodwin’s character, Connie, said something interesting: 

And that reminded me of another line from another movie Ginnifer was in: 

Which reminded me of another line: 

She was in three completely different movies, and yet all of the characters wanted the same thing: to have a happy ending. 

And then she married Prince Charming. 

Basically, she has played the underdog, and in the end got her fairy tale happy ending. Which makes me believe that it can happen to anyone. 

Sweet is Spring in its lovely showing,
Sweet the violet veiled in blowing,
Sweet it is to love and be loved;
Ah, sweet knowledge beyond my knowing!

Bloody Fairy Tale Fall, by millionanthony

++ Must be seen on black background please ! ++ Sautadet Waterfalls, France I swore to stop sharing any image of this spot as I did already many shots of this location but I am obsessed about this spot! There is so much to do and show from here, so I decided to forget my promise and let’s my inspiration takes over me…. Geeky details : It is one single exposure done just before the sun rises where I did some “gentle” light painting to enhance some area of the rocks. The remaining EXIF are available ;-) Follow me as well on Google+: https://www.google.com/+AnthonyM © Anthony MILLION See My World Through My Lens


B ,Midderigh-Bokhorst Van 3 kaboutertjes,pl 8 by janwillemsen