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Drabble Prompt: Isak and Even Sitting in a tree...

This work of crack fluff mess can only be blamed on @softestisak who has been hounding me about it for like 2 weeks. Here you go, dearest :P

(now i really wish I could draw because I want the two of them up in a tree more than life)


If there was ever one thing Isak could say about Even Bech Naesheim, it was that he was never boring.

“What’s the weather like down there?”

And Isak is dumbstruck with his hand over his eyes to block the sun but even the bright rays aren’t doing anything to cloud the sight in front of him.

Isak chokes out something of a laugh. “What the fuck are you doing?”

Even leans back, feet dangling unassumingly as his back hits the trunk of a giant oak tree. Only Even is not a normal person who would just oh-so-casually be sitting in front of the tree.


He has to be the idiot who climbs the sucker. Who climbed the tree and is now sitting contentedly on a branch a good 10 feet up from the grass, looking like he hadn’t a care in the world.

That was Even Bech Naesheim.

“When I got your text, I was assuming a picnic or maybe that you were going to sketch something out here.”

“Ah Isak,” Even tilts his head back and closes his eyes for a few gentle moments. When he opens them again- well he has never looked so free, “You should know by now to expect the unexpected.”

“Are you stuck?”

Even laughs, but doesn’t reply.

What he does do, however, is kick his shoe at Isak; nearly nailing him the chest (thank god for quick reflexes,) Isak holds up the offending shoe in victory.

Even pats the spot next to him, “Let’s go.”

“What?” Isak looks around, “Me? Up there? No?”

“Why not?”

“’Why not,’ he asks,” Isak says, pitching his voice lowly, “Um- because I don’t want to die?”

“Come on, baby. If I can get up here so can you.” Even pauses and the corners of his mouth tilt up, “Unless you’re too scared?”

Isak rolls his eyes, “No- I know what you’re doing. You’re trying to psych me out; make me feel like I want to go up there to prove something.” 

“Oh,” Even leans his head back and shuts his eyes again, pulling down a pair of Isak’s sunglasses down from the crown of his head, “Suit yourself down there.”

Well then.

Isak stands there for approximately a minute and a half.

“Fuck.” And he throws his backpack down, making for the trunk of the tree. The climb isn’t too bad; really it only takes like five moves maximum before he’s slinging himself onto the same branch. 

Even grins and slides the sunglasses back up, “Look at you.”

“I’m going to die,” Isak looks down and shuts his eyes, “Can this branch hold us?”

“I guess we’ll find out.”

“That’s comforting.” Isak takes a breath and leans back against the trunk, turning his head ever so slightly to look at his boyfriend, “Halla. Why are we in a tree?”

Even shrugs, “I planned a picnic- the food is down there on the other side- 

“I knew it.”

“-but then I just wanted to feel like I was above the ground for a little while. It’s weird to explain.”

Isak lets out a small puff of air through his nose, “Not it’s not. Makes sense.”

“It does, doesn’t it?”

Isak scooted over the tiniest bit, barely holding in undignified squeaks when the branch shakes a bit with effort, but finally stops when his thing is pressed firmly up against Even’s.

Even glances at Isak’s face. “Hi.”

And then something passes over his face and he’s laughing hard enough to shake the surrounding branches. Isak clamps down on the trunk, “What the fuck?”

“Sorry, sorry,” Even inhales, “I just though- you know that children’s song? The one about kissing in a tree?”

Isak looks at him like he’s crazy, “What?”

“You know,” Even hums, “Isak and Even sitting in a tree…”

He trails off and waits for Isak to fill in the blanks…

“Oh that one,” Isak laughs a bit too, stopping when the branch moves again, “K- I- S-S-I-N-G.”

Even’s eyes are bright as he reaches out a hand to smooth down Isak’s cheek, before cupping the back of his neck and pulling him in a bit. Just enough to brush his lips across Isak’s.

When he pulls back, Isak is soft and smiley. “Wasn’t that just adorable? Eskild would be melting. We should Instagram this.”

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Raphael’s. Heart. Has been. ACHING ALL HIS L I F E

if you wanna go to heaven (you should fuck me tonight)

i finally fuckin posted chapter two and a shoutout to @certifiedsinbin for being awesome and making the posts/art that got me working on this again

8416 words // explicit


“Do you just miss me,” Bucky drawls, and Steve realises this is his opening, his chance to show off for Bucky just a little. “Or do you miss something else too?”

[ao3] [chapter two]

Remember the Jehanparnasse valentine pic I was talking about? Well I finally found the gumption to finish it.

So the perspective is shit, I cannot anatomy, I WILL NEVER AGAIN DRAW THE FUCKING SACRE-COEUR, but it’s the first actual drawing I’ve finished this year. 

Thanks to @wilwywaylan for touching it up for me, and also for sticking that damn song in my head since Valentine’s Day. <3

It’s so crazy to see how much the interaction between d&p has changed on the gaming channel. After re-watching some of the first videos they uploaded, it’s clear that the way they act is SO different compared to what it is now. They’re so much more comfortable with each other on camera, and it makes me so happy to see how much they’ve grown. 2017 has been a good year for them so far, and I can’t wait to see what happens as the year goes on.


End of Chapter 2

Read from the beginning

skyvar  asked:

How was it for Urahara to experience Aizen with full of emotions when he got defeated, after all we see him usually calm and collected but there he seriously let all out, how was it for him? What did he thought, feel?

Deicide 23: In which Aizen Swaps with Urahara for the Role of Drama Queen

Yes, what is going on here? This arc is the most serious we had seen Kisuke get so far in the Bleach series. And yes, Aizen is completely losing it, while he is the epitome of sangfroid.

I think what we’re witnessing here is Aizen getting well and truly frustrated for the first time. And he’s not just angry at being defeated, although I’m sure that’s part of it. It’s by whom he’s ultimately been defeated that’s making him angry. Why is he so frustrated with Urahara Kisuke?

Philosophical differences. Aizen is a revolutionary, and Kisuke is more of a… subversive incrementalist. He did mention that Urahara’s intelligence surpassed even his own. To him, this is a matter of logic. If something’s broken, you smash it and build something better. Kisuke’s not willing to sustain a lot of collateral damage and sacrifice what’s currently holding the universe together, even if there might be something better. Which means he either does not believe there is a better way, or he simply has more compassion, or both.

I think Kisuke’s going into – in both the literal and metaphorical sense – damage control. We’ve seen how he reacts – or rather, doesn’t react – to extreme outbursts of childish rage before, haven’t we?

I think there are actually two things going on here. First, I believe a lot of the wacky, over-dramatic (and especially the sillier) aspects of Kisuke are an act, actually. Sure, a often the emotion behind them is genuine. But he can really dial it back when he’s dealing with someone else who’s out of control. In fact, control in general is really a huge part of who he is. Consider the way he manipulates situations, the way he plans for a thousand what-if scenarios. He may allow himself the luxury of reacting to situations – oh, I have quite a collection of icons that run the entire gamut of facial expressions – but when he’s dealing with someone else who’s acting out, he is stone-cold sober. I believe it is his method of remaining in control of the situation, and it is on this that his focus rests.

And second, if this confrontation with Hiyori and his subsequent conversation with Shinji is any indication, I think he’s a little introspective. Not to the point of actual self-doubt, but he might be wondering if there was some way all of this could have been avoided. Perhaps he’s reviewing the other 999 scenarios where things might have gone a little differently. Or just previewing the next moment, and the next, trying to choose the best course of action. In both cases, he seems thoughtful, pensive. In any case, what he’s not doing is allowing his adversary’s emotions to get to him – and so we return once again to his preferred stance of being in control.

my half of an art trade with my m99999 @princess-lum !!!

i really enjoyed drawing this since it’s one of my BIGGEST otps and experimenting with the shading and the fleeky shadow thing was fun, PLUS i don’t draw this ship often enough so i think i’ll start drawing this more now hehe

hope you like it !! :DD ♥~

anonymous asked:

i don't know if this is a popular opinion, but i'm starting to think that your bias reflect your personality. don't u think so? coz i think you are as soft, calm, cool & passionate as Jongin!

🌸 oh my.. i actually have no idea if this is right.. but i think this is the cutest thing i have read today ;; dear, thank you so, so much for this precious message. that totally brightened up my day. thank you for making me happy today, and also thank you for taking your time to write these heartwarming words ;;


happy wednesday my dudes <3

(mila says something like “i want to take you to bed but don’t worry you wont’s sleep”, and georgi says “anya” :’) )