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If Ben & Sophie did a car commercial together

“Listen… I know you’re new to this whole Padawan thing. But I’m pretty sure going against our Masters’ direct orders is a stupid thing to do.”

“So you’re saying I shouldn’t go after them?”

“No,” she replied tersely. “I’m saying I’m coming with you. Someone’s gotta tag along to save your butt.”

PREVIEW of Clone Wars AU.

AKA I’ve kind of given up on my Star Wars AU (I mean, not completely but) and I’ve started watching The Clone Wars (tv show) again…So… new au? New au. Astrid and Hiccup, Padawan learners, fightin’ for the survival of the galaxy. Stay tuned.

WHY are we taking the villain at his word?

“Hey, person with the power to defeat me, you should maybe NOT do that. Because uhhh you’ll die if you do. See? Here’s a vision, which I’m sending you, which is definitely true because after all I have no reason to make it up haha why would I lie, right? Anyway you should totally give up your powers aka the thing that can defeat me because otherwise this prophecy will come to pass.”

“But then I won’t be able to defeat you!”

“Well yes that’s the whole poi—I mean uhhh that’s the price you pay. For your life. Yes. Sorry, I don’t make the rules.”

I mean come ON.


fikiweek day 2: cliché or original

wish that you could be
only mine
be only mine
I can’t let it go, I don’t know
what you’re doing to me
you’re so fine
oh, you’re so fine (x)

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Imagine Luffy losing his voice (temporarily) from a marine attack/a sickness??

Luffy woke up to quiet chatter. His body thrummed with aches and pains, and he could feel soft blankets covering his body as he lay in what Luffy knew was the infirmary cot. He could tell that his body was wrapped in bandages, and there was something sticky on his throat. His throat hurt a lot, actually.

Unknowingly, Luffy furrowed his brow in annoyance, still halfway asleep. What happened? The last thing he remembered was fighting against a group of bounty hunters that were after his head, and then facing off with their leader, but… his memory blanked.

Luffy wanted to know what happened, if everyone was alright. Besides, he had no idea how much time had passed since he lost consciousness, and he was really hungry. What if he’d missed a meal?

Sleep felt tempting and his eyelids heavy, but Luffy forcefully dragged himself from the dregs of unconsciousness and tore his eyes open with sheer willpower. The infirmary was lit dimly with only a few lanterns, and Luffy realised that it must have been the middle of the night. He blinked slowly, fighting the urge just to give in to sleep, but he could feel someone’s eyes on him.

Luffy pushed himself up to lean on his elbows, a grin on his face. Zoro was sitting beside his bed, letting Chopper wrap up some cut on his shoulder, and the swordsman’s sole eye met with Luffy’s.

“Morning, Captain,” he said, nodding to Luffy. “Good to see you awake.”

Chopper had already spun on his heels and jumped on Luffy’s bed. Luffy grinned and opened his mouth to greet his friend, but Chopper slapped one of his hooves on his mouth before as much as a peep came out. “Don’t talk, Luffy,” Chopper ordered, “Your throat was injured in the attack, there’s a lot of bruising.”

Bruising? But rubber men didn’t bruise, not unless it was -

“Sea stone,” Zoro confirmed. “One of those bastards had a whip laced with the stuff. Do you remember?”

Luffy shook his head. No. Chopper gave him a stern look, and then let go of his mouth, and Luffy kept quiet. He lifted one hand to his throat, feeling the sticky slime that coated his irritated skin. He raised his hand, now covered with the goo, and stared at it - it was green and had a weird texture to it, and it didn’t taste good at all. He cast his eyes up from his hand to look at Chopper inquisitively. What is this stuff?

Chopper seemed to understand. “It’s a salve to get the swelling down,” he explained, handing Luffy a tissue so he could wipe the salve off his fingers. “It’s going to take a day at most to take effect, though, and until that I need you to keep quiet. Can you do that for me?”

Luffy opened his mouth with a grin - yes! - before he remembered what it was he was promising in the first place. He closed his mouth slowly, his face twisting in a puzzled frown. How was he supposed to talk without talking?

Zoro had left by then with the excuse of letting the rest of the crew know their captain was awake and okay. Chopper put some more salve on Luffy’s skin to cover the area Luffy had swiped clean with his fingers before, and Luffy let him work in silence. He kept thinking of something to say and opening his mouth to speak, but Chopper seemed to be able to read his mind all of a sudden because he kept sending looks Luffy’s way every time he as much as thought of speaking!

Chopper finished making sure Luffy was as healthy as he could be, and he reminded Luffy to stay silent once more before he turned to his desk to mix some more of the green goo.

Luffy frowned. He hadn’t been awake for even a full ten minutes, and this whole silence thing was already getting really boring. His throat didn’t even feel that bad, and he was allowed to ask for food, wasn’t he? He was starving.

“SAANJ-“ Luffy attempted to call out. It was a bad idea. Barely any noise came out and there was a sharp pain in the back of his mouth that made him slap both his hands on his throat. “Ow,” Luffy whined, unhappy.

Chopper turned back with a look of resigned disappointment. “I told you to keep quiet, Luffy! Good thing I prepared a lot of that salve beforehand.”

Luffy grinned sheepishly, rubbing the back of his head and getting the green paste all over himself in the process. It was then that he noticed that something was missing. Urgency flashed in his features and Luffy waved his hand in attempt to get Chopper’s attention, but the doctor was busied with crushing some leaves in a mortar.

Luffy searched the infirmary with his eyes, and soon got up when he came up empty. Chopper voiced his protests only to be promptly ignored. Luffy gestured to his head and then to the room. Hat! Is it safe?

Chopper didn’t understand him, and his furry brows furrowed in confusion. “What do you mean, Luffy? Does your head hurt?!”

Luffy kept pointing to his head, refusing to sit down and let Chopper examine his head. He tried to say what he meant, but all he gained was a weak croak and another pang of pain in his throat. This whole silence thing was really getting difficult.

The door to the infirmary opened, and a disembodied arm pressed something on Luffy’s head. Luffy pulled his hat on his head, his earlier worry dispersing just from the comforting feel of woven straw against his head. He grinned his thanks to Robin and flashed Chopper a thumbs up - I’m okay!

The rest of his nakama filed inside the small infirmary, all of them beaten up to some extent. It must have been way past midnight, and yet none of them were asleep, worried for their friend as they were. Luffy cracked another smile at the thought, a delighted snicker rumbling in his chest.

Chopper grinned back with relief plastered on his face. “Oh, you just wanted your hat. I thought I missed an injury or something!”

“I’m impressed,” Nami said from where she was sitting on one of the cots. “You’re actually quiet. What did you say to shut him up, Chopper?”

“Just that he needs to stay silent for now,” Chopper replied. “His voice box needs to heal for a bit before he can talk.”

“That must be hard for you,” Robin said compassionately. Luffy sat back on his bed, crossed his arms and nodded, the beginnings of a grade A pout on his face.

“I guess we’ll just need to do the talking for you!” Usopp declared, eager to light the mood, “I know a bunch of cool stories to cheer you up!”

“Yeah, Luffy-bro, I can tell you about my new invention!” They heard Franky yell outside. He couldn’t quite fit in the infirmary when it was already so full, so he’d agreed to steer the Sunny in the meantime. The soothing lilt of Brook’s violin carried from the deck as well, and Luffy felt himself relax just from hearing the familiar melody of Bink’s sake.

Sanji handed him a cup of hot tea and Nami gave him a blanket to wrap around his shoulders. Zoro sat at the foot of his bed, cleaning Wadou, and Chopper and Usopp crawled into Luffy’s bed until Luffy was sandwiched in between them. Sanji left with the promise to return with more tea and some snacks, and Usopp began regaling his ailing captain and their friends with a tale of how the Great Captain Usopp had once taken down an island full of mutated turtles.

Luffy took a sip of his tea, enjoying the way its warmth dulled the ache in his throat, and held Chopper when the little reindeer got too caught up with Usopp’s stories.

He only forgot about not speaking a couple of times, caught up in the moment. Each time, Nami would chide him, Sanji would remind him he couldn’t eat something as hard as meat until his throat was healed, so he’d better stay quiet, and Chopper would patiently check the coating of salve on his neck.

After Nami got fed up with Usopp’s lies, the others started talking. They told Luffy about the bounty hunters and how they’d fought them off after Luffy had been attacked, and how Robin had heard about a large nest of Sea Kings near the next island. They told scary stories, happy stories, sad stories - telling each other about things that were usually left unsaid.

Luffy kept listening and drinking his way through two pots of tea, the grin on his face ever-present like it was glued to his lips. Being unable to speak didn’t feel like such a big deal anymore now that he wasn’t alone in his silence.

This continued until the sun was about to set and Luffy’s head lolled on Usopp’s shoulder, fast asleep. His loud snores were nearly in sync with Usopp’s, and Chopper was curled in a ball in both their laps. There were trays of tea cups and empty plates scattered here and there, and the lanterns’ light was about to die, replaced with the budding sun’s rays.

Nami and Robin were resting in the other bed and Sanji was sitting in the chair beside Luffy’s bed, an unlit cigarette held loosely between his lips as he slept lightly. Zoro had left at some point of the night to take the later watch, and Brook was now keeping a vigilant eye - not that he had eyes - on his slumbering crew while Franky slept right outside the infirmary.

Luffy jerked awake as the ship lurched slightly after hitting some strong waves, and before he fell back asleep, he noticed Brook in the corner. He waved a sleepy hello to his musician before his eyes fell on the rest of his snoring crew.

“You should go back to sleep, Captain,” Brook said softly. “We’ll be docking in by noon, and you need your rest.”

Luffy’s eyes fluttered shut long before Brook had finished his sentence, the corners of his lips still curved upwards in a peaceful smile. Right before his world faded to the warm, comfortable buzz sleep brought with it, Luffy could hear the first notes of a soft song coming from Brook’s violin.

 A/N: Thanks for prompting this, I loved writing it!

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How would Xander, Siegbert, and fCorrin react if Kana got really hurt. (Kind of like the one you did with Siegbert) You're da best fan fic author that I have come across. Thanks for your hard work.

[Are you ready for this? I’m not :”D]

(Want to change the name? Use this!) 

“Stay close to me, Kana.” Xander told his youngest son. The two of them approached a dark mage, one who looked particularly sinister. Kana, being the most obedient princeling he could, happily complied. “He will be dangerous.”

“Okay! I know we can take him, though. We always do!” Kana said cheerfully, grabbing his sword. Xander would have smiled, if it weren’t for the situation. After all, you were all caught on the battlefield.

Also known as, the last place he wanted his sons to be.

Siegbert was with you, so he wasn’t worried. You would do well to protect each other. He only hoped he could do the same for Kana. His little boy was still, well, little. He would do everything in his power to keep Kana safe, especially from the likes of the oncoming mage. He readied his blade; the demon would be defeated, with Kana by his side.

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Can you peeps guess what i’m drawing  (ゝω・)ノ<333???

HAHAHAHA….normally i don’t like showing WIP but i’m so excited and i’m not sure if i will get it done soon…it’s going to be an animation ;w;! 

Wish me luck <333

Shit it’s bed time :’D!…Night ~<3!!!


My drawing for Inktober day 24

I started off drawing a sentry bot, and when I was done I forgot about old Ironsides! So then I drew him too and included him for this post. Man did I really love that quest.

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Would you be up to try and make a couple fantasy verse Ace headcanons? like, dunno, Dragon Age/The witcher/lord of the rings kind of verse?

I sure can!!!! I love fantasy stories! We’ll call this Fantasy AU 1.

Ace Fantasy AU 1 Headcanons:

- Ace is a fire mage! He controls fire (obviously).

- He hates the Magic Authority, who try to limit the powers of magic. So he’s an outlaw and a rogue.

- He joined up with the outlaw group the Whitebeard Rogues, considered by a lot of people to be the world’s most dangerous outlaw organization.

- Ace can talk to dragons! So can his little brother Luffy.

- Ace has this horrible habit of falling off horses so he usually ends up walking everywhere because he’s a nerd.

- Because (in Fantasy AU 1) magic is a gift achieved by melding your mind with your power, if Ace touches water (his anti-power), his abilities are lost and he weakens significantly. He’s helpless.

- Ace’s homeland is in the mountains!

- Ace is the son of the world’s most notorious outlaw, who, at his death, released such a massive amount of power that many young children for years to come were gifted with magic from a young age.

- Ace actually had a different ability at birth; he physically trained himself in fire magic instead because he hated the magic his father’s power gave him.

Thanks for the request!!!

Fallen London: Of Masks and Light Fingers

The Provocative Parisienne sauntered through Veilgarden in a walking dress of deep emerald, a hat crowned with peacock feathers, and a black mask wrought to look like cat to match the inky queen draped across her shoulders. The poets and authors and cyprians and honey-sippers that frequented many of the same salons and cafés as she called out greetings as she passed, to which she laughingly replied; a coy finger wiggle of a wave to a specific patron across the way, a quick caress of a cheek here, a verbal riposte in French there.

Not that Veilgarden ever needed a reason to carouse, but Hallowmas was always an excellent one, and the masks only added to the merriment.

And the distraction.

The Special Constables were out in force, frantically attempting to gather the confessions scattered about London when the Bazaar’s Ivory Door exploded. This one, pockets bulging with confessions too numerous to count, had wandered too far from the safety of his wolfpack, and had been drawn into conversation with the Demure Rhapsode. The Constable’s attention was caught by the coil of auburn hair, falling loose from her bun, that the Rhapsode kept winding and unwinding around the finger of one hand as she spoke, gesturing with another as she discussed her latest piece.

The Rhapsode winked over the Constable’s shoulder at her.

The Parisienne took a half-step closer as she glided by, one black-gloved hand darting out as she did.

A pair of contraltos began a choral duel in the coffee shop across the street. A group of urchins clattered across the roofs overhead, whooping and whistling sparrow-songs to one another.

The Parisienne deftly pocketed the slip of paper in one of the many hidden folds of her skirts, her smile turning briefly smug. And as she passed under a lamplight, the shadows across her face seemed to change her mask from that of a cat’s grinning visage to a panther’s predatory gaze.