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This will be my last art convention in Malaysia (till the next couple years?) You guys can find me @ booth C07 this weekend (27th & 28th Aug!) I am back at it again with new prints, limited charms and free stickers by saying a new secret code, “Phil is an angel”. Once again, there is 4 of us in the booth, so make sure to ask for Victoria/Maddox!! To receive the transparent polaroid card, purchase any of my stuff RM30^ and get it for free!! Can’t wait to meet you guys :’D!!! SO EXCITED!!!

So finally I finished my ARC trooper Dogma picture.The text on his kama says: “never again”.

I really like to imagine Dogma as an ARC trooper, let it be after Umbara or pre-Umbara, I don’t care. I have headcanons and AUs for both.

I am starting my Dogma Fest with this drawing :)

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Since Shirazu said bringing out a kagune feels like taking a dump, is it possible for them to make fart noises when emerging? Is kakuhou gas a thing? Gagi and Guge couldn't use their kagune due to blockage, maybe that was the equivalent of constipation. Is kagunerrhea a thing too then? Like in Root A where Kaneki had a stomach ache and then suddenly his Centipede kakuja emerged by accident.

Birthday art for the awesome @nupao ! I’m sorry this is so late!! I wanted to post this on your birthday itself but it seems that I missed it Dx

Anywho, here’s a Wellsobard. I hope you like it!

there’s a guy in my printmaking class that not only has the hair and beard that looks just like mccree’s, but also smokes and wears plaid and u wanna know what his name is?

it’s fuckin jesse

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list 5 facts about your most favourite sim of yours, and send this to 10 simblrs whose sims you adore ♡´・ᴗ・`♡ (I was too nervous to not send this through anon.. I'm sorry ^^;)

Awe it’s okay ❤ that’s why I have anon on :D For followers like you to ask questions and the like! Hmm, I think it’s about time I tried to elaborate some on Naethanyl’s personality because it seems that he’s becoming a favorite xD I really need to work on his background but here we go lol

Naethanyl Pereira

  1. If you don’t know, Naethanyl is Mariah Pereira’s big brother. He very much loves his sister and they’re very close. The only other person he’s as close to is their mother. He technically helped his mother raise his sister and worked hard (even illegally) to get enough money to keep them fed, clothed and sheltered.
  2. (This location’s information is not fictional and based off of the latest version of the Sims 3 world São Paten) Naet and his sister were raised by their mother in a favela called Panapaca in the city of São Paten. They grew up poor because their mother refused to take any support or money from their father (who is very well off) for various reasons. The most prevalent reason being he refused to marry her after 6 years of a relationship and 2 children…but that story is for another time.
  3. He still doesn’t talk to his father as much as his sister does. He refuses to completely forgive him and only grudgingly accepts his help on rare occasions. Usually this is through proxy of his sister since she is the one who wanted to reconnect with their father and get to know him in the first place.
  4. The Panapaca favela has a predominantly Afro-Brazilian population that follows the Candomblé religion. It’s where their mother was born and raised so the district and people mean a lot to them. He and his sister helped lessen crime and violence in Panapaca with the money they earn and inherited. They open youth centers and help keep housing prices low by buying the property themselves which also keeps the neighborhood safe from gentrification.
  5. So bit about his personality….Naet charming and easy-going but he is also a big flirt. He’s as open about his sexuality as his sister. He knows he is good looking and is not shy about it okay lol? And though he may sound (*cough and look *cough*) like a fuckboi, that is something his mother absolutely would not allow to happen. He grew up surrounded mostly by women do his mama and aunties nipped it in the bud at the faintest hint of fuckboi before the traits could take root. He listens to and respects the women in his life and the ones he sees around him.

“Willkommen Zuhause” 

I made a desktop wallpaper sized version of them to bring hope and happiness to my everyday screen and thought of sharing it with you ヾ( 〃ヮ〃)ッ ♡