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So.... i'm gonna rant....

noah fence but any1 who thinks exo’s auto tuned piece lotto was better than bts’ entire discography in 2k16 can fight me.
monster was good i will give them that but if exo wins the mf daesang for a 4th year in a row I’m calling bullshit. bts has set records that no else in kpop has in 1 year alone. they also performed at every single kcon this year. with that being said if somehow they dont get Artist of the year I AM CALLING BULLSHIT. I have nothing against exo but yall fans gotta get yall heads out they ass and 🗣🗣 give credit where it’s due📢📢

Feuilly and Bahorel competing for Who Can Be The Most Productive And Healthy. For example, who can drink more cups of water, who cleans the house more frequently, who eats the salad first, who exercise more, who laughs more, who is the kindest… the list goes on. They actually have a white board in their fridge that keeps the score. In the end of each month, the winner gets a day off and breakfast-in-bed treatment.