d wins this round

And… D. and R. just aren’t clickable. You win this round Hussie! Back to Jane’s room.

Earlier this morning you thought you heard the mail truck, even though the mail never comes in the morning. But just to be sure, you rushed downstairs to check. 

That sounds way simpler than what happened to John in Act 1.

Alas, it was not there, and you sort of spaced out at the sky with a goofy grin on your face for no great reason.

Establishing shots are very important.

Then you were caught red handed by your guardian. Then you got in trouble. 

You think you might be grounded now? Whatever, DAD!

The obvious question is who is “DAD”? Is he based on Dad Egbert, or John from the previous universe?

Supernatural Episode Tournament: Season 1, Round 3

Round 3 is up! The three winning episodes from this round will move on to Round 4, and from there, the winning episode for season 1 will be picked. 

Results from Round 2 and the tag list can be found under the cut.

Pilot: 65.8%                   Dead in the Water: 34.2%

Skin: 72.1%                   Hook Man: 27.9%

Home: 37.8%                 Faith: 62.2%

Nightmare: 47.7%          The Benders: 52.3%

Hell House: 70.3%         Dead Man’s Blood: 29.7%

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shinyavarice  asked:

Auntie Asy I gotta know because in 25years (almost 26 years) I've not been able to compare; which makes the best pillow?: Butts, thighs (aka lap), tummy or boobs? Though I'm sure many factors matter ie temperature, body shape and size, clothed or naked.

Thank you for raising this very important question!

Actually, probably thighs - it’s the least likely to make your partner uncomfortable, and you can lie pretty easily with your head on someone’s lap in a lot of places. PLUS, and this is critically important: MORE THAN ONE PERSON can lie on your lap at the same time, and this will revolutionize your snuggling efficiency. 

Butts are kind of meh to sleep on because your snuggle buddy has to be facing away and also lying down. Boobs… well, it’s nice to be nestled in the crook of someone’s arm in bed with your cheek against a boob, I suppose? Personally, although I have big, pillowy boobs, it hurts me if someone lies on them in the wrong way or for too long, though, so…

I think thighs win this round ;D


Dear @dontmesswithabunnyposts, I got a little crazy with your request. It was supposed to be a little set of headcanons that turned into this. I hope you don’t mind OTL

Izuminokami, Mutsunokami, Horikawa, Kashuu, Souza, Nikkari, and others. On a road trip. Modern au(?)

It was the only rule whenever they get together and do this random outing out of nowhere. No questions asked.

It was the most heated battle of rock paper scissors between Izumi and Mutsu on who’d get to drive. Izumi wins after the 21st round and excitedly, he gets behind the wheel. Horikawa follows quickly after at the shotgun seat, then a begrudging Mutsu at the back. A too hard press on the gas pedal later (Mutsu swore his life flashed before his eyes), they were off to gather their little circle.

It became a three-stop drive, despite Souza sleeping over to Nikkari’s house (Kousetsu was at college in Hiroshima and Sayo’s staying over the Awataguchi’s over the weekend). They checked into Kashuu’s apartment first, a small studio flat that smelled heavily of perfume and make-up. Izumi banged the door three times until Yamato comes out of the door, in his pajamas as though he lives here (he’s not), and announcing in his dangerously happy voice (the one that he uses before he takes out his boken and hits you like a madman) that Kashuu is in Nagasone’s place.

“Why is he there?”

“I have no idea.”

“Why are you here?”

“I have no idea,” Yamato repeats, still smiling. “Now please leave before I decide I’m not in the mood to talk.” He promptly slams the door close and locks it before Izumi could reply.

“That bastard–”

“Nagasone-san’s apartment then!” Horikawa pipes and drags his partner before Izumi’s temper would burst. They go back out and in to the car. Mutsu was asleep, curled up and taking all the space at the back. Izumi hits the gas pedal hard (again), and drives all the way to the Aoe residence.

The Aoe house is quiet and depending on the person that stands in front of the gate, the silence could either come off as creepy or peaceful. Fortunately, Juzumaru was by the gate, as though waiting for their arrival. Izumi unconsciously slows his driving and parks the car in a smooth transition. Juzumaru smiles and beckons everyone to come inside.

They found Souza by the kitchen, preparing tea and breakfast. Mutsu runs toward him, hovers over the food, and smiles expectantly to get a scoop of rice before anyone else. Souza glances at Izumi and seeing the latter completely distracted at Juzumaru’s presence, scoops a spoonful and feeds Mutsu.

“Flirty, flirty,” Nikkari teases right on cue. He drapes his whole frame on Souza (not much considering how Souza towers him) and opens his mouth for a share.

“Go change clothes. You reek of sake,” Souza shooes him away promptly, completely unaffected at Nikkari’s little game.

(Nikkari doesn’t smell like sake of course; he doesn’t, not in the slightest, but the scent of heavy incense and a certain priest in Osaka coming to visit their little place in Kyoto)

Souza has, of course, already packed. He goes to the back of the car as soon as they’re done with the meal and scoots close to Mutsu, who’s only too happy to have a cuddle partner. On the other hand, Nikkari lingers, insists on taking a shower (“Souza said I smell”) and packs last minute. They leave an hour later, sun already up and Juzumaru halfway to his daily ritual.

Like Yamato says, Kashuu was in Nagasone’s apartment. His eyes were puffy and he was hiccuping from tears but he refuses to explain. Somehow, his sorry state made Izumi not scold at him. No one asks. This is the point of their little vacation after all.

They go outside main Kyoto, past the buildings, until all that is left is a huge sea of green and blue. Izumi slows his driving, insists they don’t need a map, and “purposely” got their little group lost.

They open the windows and let the breeze go in. Souza sticks his head out and inhales the scent of grass everywhere. Mutsu goes back to sleep, arms entangled all over his pink haired friend. Nikkari chuckles at them both and comments how they might be in love. Horikawa blushes at the word.

Kashuu is silent the whole ride.

They set up camp somewhere. Souza and Horikawa sets their mess place, while Mutsu and Izumi fight over the instructions of putting up the tent. Nikkari flitters to both group, as though he’s helping (he’s not). Kashuu finally comes out of the car, eyes still puffy but his breathing now even. He still didn’t explain himself, most likely would not anytime soon, but everyone lets him be. He goes over to Horikawa, drapes his body to the latter and falls asleep. Horikawa abandons the utensils and makes it his mission to pet Kashuu’s hair.

They forgot a lot of things, mostly because a lot of those things were Izumi’s responsibility. Fortunately there was a nearby river, and Izumi volunteers to get their dinner. Mutsu tags along, wanting to check if there’s any fruits they could pick. Horikawa hesitates, wanting to help, but did not want to abandon his ministrations on Kashuu. Until Kashuu also gets up and wants to fish as well.

It was already sunset by the time they all got back. A little scenic route, Izumi explains. Kashuu scoffs. “We got lost because our oh so great leader forgot which way we went from.”

“You little–!”

Kashuu laughs as he runs away from Izumi’s anger. Horikawa naturally cheers for his partner while Mutsu shouts for Kashuu’s side. Kashuu’s laughter continues to ring clear, as though he wasn’t crying last morning.

Nobody pries about it later. That was the point of the little road trip after all.

At night, the only source of light were the stars and the dimming fire camp. Nobody ended up sleeping inside the tent, with everyone falling asleep over the cool grass and warm earth. Souza stays awake a little longer looking up at the stars.

“Thinking again?” Nikkari asks, sitting beside him.

“Not tonight, curiously,” Souza replies, and a small smiles plays on his lips. It was in these moments, especially when the fire flickers and reflects its light on Souza’s peaceful face, that Nikkari finds himself staring. Too beautiful.

Nikkari leans and presses his lips gently on Souza’s cheek.

“A friendly kiss,” Nikkari whispers. He smiles shyly, so unlike his usual teasing. “Don’t tell Ishikiri of this.”

Souza laughs. “Of course. This is the point of our little escapade after all.”

So I just got my dad to watch an spn episode with Cas (season 8) and let me tell you he was so pissed and went on and on for hours about how he didn’t want to see Cas and Dean together on the show.
Apparently their relationship as it is now is enough to gross out a homophobe.
I guess I win this round! :D

nerdywitchbun  asked:

Still on the Villainous subject, characters like Blackhat are rather refreshing nowadays; like, you have characters with good morals and ethics, whlie Blackhat is the total opposite of that. And to be brutally honest, after seeing the pathetic display of heroism and morality of Steven Universe, I'd rather be on Blackhat's side. The bad guys win this round. In my heart.

Exactly! Usually we always get to see the “hero” side of things but Villanious literally went scrap that and decided to go with the villain side of things and like you said its so refreshing I really do wish it becomes a full show!  I mean if Mighty Magiswords which is really not my cup of tea somehow got a full show why not this! 

Chrom don’t make fun of your tiny amputee wife.


Just like the last time they all appeared together, Ayachan, Emiri, and Shuko played a game of charades. And once again, they were told that if they were able to successfully guess every round of the game, they’d win a cash prize!

Ayachan went first, and her theme was “Kasuga from Audrey.”  Shuko was actually able to correctly guess this after just a few seconds!

I managed to play Transformers Online and MAN OH MAN


I was like MVP 4 times in a row and got kill streaks of like 10 :’D I also got 50% of the kills necessary to win the round on one of them because I placed turrets around me and the enemy team just??????? came towards me??? and my turrets??? and they were dying again and again i was there just. healing my turrets. 
(if they stopped trying to face me head on and went around they would’ve killed me easy peasy tho cause I wasn’t paying attention to what was behind me)

The biggest f/f ships under attack

As this blog has already mentioned, there are m/f fandoms who are actively antivoting against the big f/f ships. In particular Clexa and Shoot. 
For a long time I wasn’t sure if I should post this and attack a particular fandom because I did not wanna play ugly. Because that is not what POI is about. Although we sometimes argue, our fandom is not used to fighting, attacking eachother and playing dirty. (Which is btw why I love you guys, shoutout to my fellow POI fans, I LOVE YOU).

That being sad. ONE of the fandoms that is antivoting against us is the D@mon/B0nnie fandom from Vampires. I got this messages on Wednesday:

You might think why are they doing or did this!!!??
Well it is easy. Here: 

If Shoot would win this round against S’tydia. D@mon and B0nnie fans would be up against us: the Shoot fandom, the great and big fandom that won last year. Yes they knew, if they would be up against us, the WINNERS OF LAST YEAR, they would lose. 

I don’t know what else to say. I dont even wanna call them names. All I want is justice. D@amon/B0nnie MUSTN’T WIN THE ZIMBIO CHALLENGE. SO PLEASE: EVERYONE reading this: When B@mon vs St’ydia happens at the Zimbio Poll. Vote for St’ydia. Even if you don’t know the ship. B@mon shall not win. They are cheaters.

(And let me tell you, they are doing the same to Clexa. Clexa only started drastically dropping after “they” had Shoot at 45%. As Shoot is first up against them, they first had to make sure that Shoot is down. Now that they know Shoot is low, they are going after Clexa. Which is why Clexa is now at 51%. They wanna get rid of the biggest fandoms. Don’t let this happen, VOTE FOR CLEXA, so at least the big clexa fandom can face and destroy the cheaters in the final)