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anyway remember when louis was living it up on Amsterdam’s Famous Gay Street and remember how he said that he appreciates all fans regardless of sexuality and remember how he has a triangle tattoo and remember how he’s the proud owner of rbb, sbb and an extensive collection of lgbtq+ movies and books and remember how he’d wave at rainbow signs at concerts and sign rainbow items and remember how his team can fucking choke for alienating him from his own community–


Edward Livingston Youmans. The Chemistry of Familiar Objects. 1855.

Happy Birthday, @tarched!

I think I never mentioned how much I adore your current header art. <3 So I decided to flip things and draw your piece in my own style c: (with extra clouds and leaves in the background hehe)

Check out this weird guy’s blog and amazing 3D art! :D You won’t be disappointed c: He puts so much time, patience and effort into his art.

So so glad I got to know you, Buddy <3 You are such a huge gift to the fandom! My fandom experience wouldn’t be the same without you (by far :D <3)


senior groups rant

I feel like we really need to talk about this bcuz i see a lot of new fans disrespecting senior groups.All of the 3rd generation groups look up and admire 1st and 2nd generation groups.You hear a lot of idols say “i wanted to become singer when i saw xx on stage” and those are their senior groups.Senior groups made kpop what it is now thansk to their hardwork and talent,if it wasnt for them we wouldnt probably even discover kpop bcuz there’d be no hallyu wave and a lot of our faves wouldnt even choose idol career if it wasnt for them.Thats why senior groups deserve all the respect.They also went through a lot of hardships since kpop wasnt so big then.Groups like Bigbang,Wonder Girls,TVXQ and SUJU were breadwinners of their company and they made their companys the top 3 they are now.They all achieved so much and made it possible for new idols to debut safely. Senior groups built kpop with their sweat and tears,they are the reason we are all here now stanning our faves and we all should be thankful for them and respect them for all their hardwork and talent.Our faves respect them so we should respect them too,even if you dont like them or their music at least acknowledge them for everything they have done.

my dreams are his voice
and they taste like heavy corn syrup and honey

because if i counted the syllables in the paragraph he sent me about my eyes
i’d be counting waves in a waterfall
the amount of plums i’d pick
so he could see his favorite color

—  candy coated sleep
GOT7: their kid runs onstage

@sugaspiano honestly fuck you and your love of children but no request shall best me so here you fucking go you fucker i hope you have a nice fucking day you piece of shit


Mark would see the kid running to him out of the corner of his eye and stop whatever he was doing to turn towards it with his arms open wide. His smile would dominate his face as he picked up his kid, kissing it’s head and proudly showing him/her off for a minute or two before carrying them back offstage to you, waving goodbye as he walked back onstage. Through the rest of the performance, he’d be glancing offstage at his kid and smiling fondly 


Jaebum would be a little worried about interrupting the concert, but wouldn’t let that show as he knelt down in front of his kid with a big, adoring smile. He’d have the kid wave at the crowd, posing for some pictures with his proud smile before taking the child’s hand and walking him back offstage. That wouldn’t really work, though, because the kid would run back on as soon as he started walking away, so Jaebum would have to pick him/her up and hand them to you. 


Jinyoung would die. He’d think his kid running out to him, grabbing at his leg until he bent down to their height, was the cutest thing that ever happened to anyone ever. Laughing and smiling, he’d show his kid how to make a heart with his fingers and the two of them would shoot their hearts to the audience for a bit before Jinyoung decided he should really take his kid back to you. He’d hold his/her hand and tell them to wave goodbye to the audience before going back offstage 


In Jackson’s mind, this just became the greatest. performance. ever. He’d freak out when his kid ran onstage, running over to them regardless of what he was supposed to be doing and picking them up, making sure the lights weren’t hurting their eyes as he kissed their cheeks. Probably lets them sit on his shoulders for a while. Putting him/her down, he’d start trying to get them to dance with him to the music, jumping around the stage like a grade-schooler with the world’s biggest smile on his face. He’d definitely ignore the staff telling him to take the kid offstage for as long as possible just so he can play with them a little longer. When the concert ended, he’d be backstage in the blink of an eye


As soon as he saw his child sprinting out to him, Youngjae would bust out laughing, holding his arms out for them to run into. He’d be a little worried that they could get hurt, so he’d hold their hand and lead them around the stage to wave to the fans and interact with the other members. He’d probably try and get the kid to sing along to whatever song was being performed at that second, but would eventually pick him/her up and reluctantly hand them off backstage


BamBam would pick his kid up and spin them around, laughing excitedly, before putting them down. He has definitely taught his kid some dance moves, ok, so when he/she runs onstage, it’s a golden opportunity for them to show off how much they’ve learned. He’d kneel down and whisper something to his kid, a big smile on his face, and when the two looked back out at the cheering audience, they would dab, naturally. 


Yugyeom would run over to his kid as soon as he noticed them onstage, excitedly greeting them with a hug and a kiss on the top of their head. He’d be worried about the lights being hurting their eyes, but when he saw they were ok, he’d show the kid how to make a heart with his/her fingers and would do the same pose, leading to some very cute fan-taken pictures. He’s aware that the concert needs to go on, though, so he would reluctantly show them back offstage, waving goodbye as he ran back to his position. 

a/n: I actually don’t hate sarah i swear