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“A Morning Scene in a Hut” by James McHenry

Now through the camp the morning gun resounds:
Now, noisy Gibbs the nightly watch relieves
Up, up my sons! Grave Harrison exclaims,
( a learned clerk and not unknown to fame)
and forth displays large packets unexplored.
Tilghman, accustom’d to the well known voice,
Pulls up his stockings smiling and preludes
His daily labor with some mirthful stroke
But falls, like, down without inflicting pain.
Kidder of gentle soul, and courage true,
And dearly lov’d by all for worth most rare,
Such as in times of yore fill’d Bayard’s breast,
Uprose, to plead for others longer sleep.
But not might smooth the ancients care-worn brow
He restless would pace the hut & still
On Ham, and Henry call; congenial pair
Who in rough blankets wrapped snor’d loud defiance
To packets huge, to morning gun & Gibbs!
Fort oft in gamesome mood these twain combin’d
To tease Sctarius through him they pris’d
Next to the chief who holds the reins of War.

Source: Journal of a March, a Battle, and a Waterfall Elaborated from the Diary of the year 1778 by James McHenry

Robert Hanson Harrison calling them “my sons” when demanding that they wake up and get their asses moving. Tench Tilghman already getting himself ready but tripping and falling (he is unharmed). Richard Kidder Meade sitting up and asking that they be allowed to sleep for a little bit longer because he is the best. Harrison being undeterred and gets referred to as “The ancient” (There it is again! Calling him Ancient!! It was more than just John Laurens!) as he paced and tried to get Alexander Hamilton and McHenry to get up but Hamilton and McHenry are protesting the large packets of new letters Harrison has brought for them, the wake-up guns, Caleb Gibbs being noisy, and just not wanting to get up for work in general by wrapping themselves up tighter in their blankets and snoring louder just to tease Harrison.

This brings me joy. Everything about this is 10/10. Anything that gives us a glimpse of life at headquarters for the aides, in general, is a 10/10. 


Sherlock Holmes Competition

This week sees the launch of the third book in the American Literati series from Dan Victor - Seventeen Minutes to Baker Street - featuring Sam Clemens (Mark Twain).

The first book, Final Page of Baker Street features a young Raymond Chandler. “For Chandler fans, the book relives “The Long Goodbye” and, in lesser ways, “The Big Sleep.” There are also echoes of “Little Sister” and “The High Window,” as well as some of his shorter works. I have read at least three Marlowe pastiches and none captured the essence of Marlowe nearly so well as this book. I have also presented a serious analysis of Doyle’s style in writing the Canon and, again, this book captures the essence of “The Return…” and “The Casebook…” stories better than any other writer I have read.” PK Jones

To celebrate we’ll send a full set of all three books to one fan at random who re-blogs this post before midnight (US Time) on publication day [15th April].