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(( So. I know nothing of drama, because I only follow two daily blogs, and zero ask blogs. I prefer to commit blogs I enjoy to memory so I can visit them when I wish (and also because I know from experience that I simply can’t handle my dash being f l o o d e d by posts; I get antsy and wonder why I’m not updating). I have just so happened to see a post made by one of those two people, and have felt the need to add my own two cents.

For those of you who are upset at Daily blogs for not following their schedules, or prioritising person A’s ask over yours, or not quite getting to your RP thread but getting to someone else’s:

Our worlds do not revolve around you.

I have a full time job. I volunteer at the hospital for elderly suffering from dementia / Alzheimer’s. I have religious commitments on Tuesday / Sunday. Sometimes I want to play World of Warcraft because everything else is too stressful. Sometimes I just don’t have the strength to update - sometimes my dad needs to use the computer that I use to draw for his own work. I have commissions that I need to do. Sometimes I want to go out with friends.

This is the fact of the matter for every single person who runs an ask blog and/or a daily blog, not to mention the possibility that they are running multiple blogs.

We have lives outside of Tumblr. We have lives outside of our blogs. You have no right and will never have the right to demand content from anyone, nor to demand answers, nor to demand responses from RPs. This will likely only encourage the person you are whining at to deliberately put off your ask or your RP thread, because I know I definitely would.

Furthermore, we are far more aware of our update schedules than you will ever be. My personal goal was to at LEAST update on Wednesday and Saturday (says so on my blog’s sidebar) and oh– would you look at that! Wednesday has passed and there hasn’t been an actual update. Life happened. I was busy, and by the time I even got on the computer I had no strength to draw. I was very disappointed in myself, and I’m sure that anyone else who can’t make their schedule also feels SOME small measure of disappointment in themselves as well, and we do NOT need you to heckle us and bitch and moan and make us feel worse over something that we are completely aware of. There is nothing worse than not meeting a goal you have set. We do not need you to remind us.

On top of that, if there is a particular blog you don’t like seeing, Unfollow them. It is not that hard. Don’t just stay following their blog and getting yourself all worked up every time they post something, because you literally only have yourself to blame for not taking the steps to avoid seeing that person’s art / writing / blog.

See this for more advice on how to enjoy Ask blogging if any of the drama that has popped up has been bothering you.

For those of you that ARE being affected by this, please close your Ask box. You are doing your best, and that is enough, no one has the right to make you feel horrible nor do they have the right to pester you. Do not let them. Close your Ask box, and close your Submit if you have to. ))

Alphabet Tag Game!

~I was tagged by @slutlingar (thanks bae)

A - AGE: 21

B - BIGGEST FEAR: clowns, spiders, not being good enough

C - CURRENT TIME:11:34 pm

D - DRINK YOU LAST HAD: peppermint herbal tea

E - EVERY DAY STARTS WITH: A loud alarm and Hobi’s face


G - GHOSTS, ARE THEY REAL?: Are any of us real?

H - HOMETOWN: Dallas

I - IN LOVE WITH: Kim Namjoon, the loml and Jung Hoseok, the second loml

J - JEALOUS OF: “bts bc they get to hang out with bts” (IM STEALING YOUR ANSWER BECAUSE IT’S SPOT ON)

K - KILLED SOMEONE: In my dreams? a few. Irl? I like to think I’ve killed quite of few of you with my tags

L - LAST TIME YOU’VE CRIED: I can’t remember, but I was either watching HSM or The Lizzie McGuire Movie (if you wanna know why, just ask lol)

M - MIDDLE NAME: Marissa~

N - NUMBER OF SIBLINGS: 3 (2 cause I don’t consider my oldest sister as a sister)

O - ONE WISH: To be happy and be with the people I love. NAMJOON WYA

P - PERSON YOU’VE LAST CALLED / TEXTED: my best friends (we tend to call each other often nowadays)

Q - QUESTIONS YOU’RE ALWAYS ASKED: “What should I eat for dinner”- My sister literally everyday because she never knows and refuses to cook

R - REASONS TO SMILE: My family, friends, and Kpop




V - VACATION DESTINATION: Canada, Paris, South Korea, Japan, Greece, Hawaii, and a lot of other places


X - X-RAYS YOU’VE HAD: lolol this is a long list: Stomach& Colon (multiple times throughout my childhood, I was constantly sick), teeth(for braces), ankle( when I sprained it after falling down a flight of stairs freshman year of HS), and I should’ve gotten one on my wrist when my flyer landed incorrectly and popped it out of place but my mother refused and told me to “put ice on it” so my wrist is permanently dislocated and if I want it fixed they have to break it into place :))))))

Y - YOUR FAVOURITE FOOD: chicken!!!! (I rarely eat beef and the only pork I can tolerate is bacon), potatoes, rice, broccoli, and cabbage

Z - ZODIAC SIGN: Virgo (just like Queen Bey)

I’m tagging: @mochikotae @bangbangbangtanx @13pjms @1lsan @sugaswagdaddy @qweentae


@f-i-d-e-l-i-o arkadaşım bak ne buldum bunu seslendirmelisin :))

Alphabetical Tag Game

I was tagged by my dear precious friend @withnosuchgrace

A - AGE: 18

B - BIGGEST FEAR: deep sea, failure

C - CURRENT TIME: 8:15 pm



F - FAVOURITE SONG: A Supplementary Story: You Never Walk Alone


H - HOMETOWN: San Francisco, CA

I - IN LOVE WITH: Park Jimin aka the loml

J - JEALOUS OF: “bts bc they get to hang out with bts”

K - KILLED SOMEONE: Well if you count killing @qweentae @mochikotae @sugaswagdaddy @overthemoonjoon with all those posts I’ve tagged them in, then yes LMAO (ily guys)


M - MIDDLE NAME: okay so when I was born, it was Camilon, but when I moved to the US, some mistake happened where they took away Camilon and made my second name, Marie, my middle name instead. So it’s Camilon, but in all those forms and docs, it’s Marie 


O - ONE WISH: world is at peace that’s filled with good people and everyone is happy 


Q - QUESTIONS YOU’RE ALWAYS ASKED: “what are you” i hear it every single day omg

R - REASONS TO SMILE: family, friends, music, Jung Hoseok

S - SONGS LAST SANG: Spring Day lol

T - TIME YOU WOKE UP: 5:50am rip


V - VACATION DESTINATION: Italy, Iceland, Greece, Japan, South Korea, Singapore

W - WORST HABIT: replying back to texts on time, putting everything last minute like my hw right now


Y - YOUR FAVOURITE FOOD: fish (especially salmon), potatoes, pasta, binagoongan

Z - ZODIAC SIGN: Scorpio

And I’m tagging: @qweentae @mochikotae @overthemoonjoon @sevenkookiejars @qtaes @svnshineyeol @sugaswagdaddy @ahjiminie @taetaescutiepie @99th @butterflykth +anyone else who wants to do it


tired has been the theme of my life, lately. physically tired, emotionally tired, spiritually tired, mentally tired. just tired. it’s weird place to be as i’ve never experienced this place before…just all around tired.

to be surrounded by people but simultaneously feel alone. to smile and laugh on the outside, but to simultaneously feel myself expend energy to do so. to be next to someone that knows me well, but to simultaneously feel unknown. to see desired change up ahead and to simultaneously desire to just sit down…tired. 

if y’all could pray for me in all of this, i’d really appreciate it. simply that i would continue to seek out the moments of l i f e in each day and not dwell in how much it takes to just do life right now. 

i know He is with me, and that is enough. 

Rules: copy/paste, replace answers and tag people.

a - age:

b - biggest fear:

N/A - jk it’s probably Trump going to war and dragging me back into the military to fight it. Or Climate change.

c - current time:

4:20 pm (holla)
d - drink you last had:
Iced coffee (it’s like 65 degrees F here right now)
e - every day starts with:

f - favorite song:
This changes constantly but right now probably psh idk Uncertain Smile by The The

g - ghosts, are they real?

h- hometown:
Originally from Millis, MA

i - in love with:
My girlfriend, music, books, space, food coffee and… booze? I’m allowed a vice

j - jealous of:
Rich people?

k - killed someone:
Never had to

l - last time you cried:
No idea

m - master plan to rule the world
I can’t even control myself
n - number of siblings:
Four, three younger and one older, though she looks up to me ;););)

o - one wish:
 Get me into a bad ass grad program
p - person you last called/texted:
A classmate
q - questions you’re always asked:
Some combination of “do you believe in aliens” and “are you going to be an astronaut” (Ans: yes and probably no)
r - reasons to smile:
What there are so many. Music, food, beautiful people (in and out), travel, coffee, exploration, skydiving… whatever gets your rocks

s - song last sang:
Haunted as the Minutes Drag, Love and Rockets
t - time you woke up:
8:30 am
u - underwear colour:
Blood red

v - vacation destination:
I’d like to go back to Oregon and California again. Africa would be cool too though and Asia. I just named like half the world
w - worst habit:
Procrastination and not taking authority figures seriously enough (problematic when you’re in the army)
x - x-rays you’ve had:
Recently had an x-ray to check out my cool teeth
y - your favorite food
Indian and pho
z - zodiac sign:
If you can guess based on my personality I would be impressed

Thanks for the tagolicious @renee-emerald! I don’t get these too often. You make me not Tumblr-lonely!

Tag, @littlelacedmama, @bittertwee and @sheeeenabobeeeena, you’re it

ABC Get to Know Me

a - age: 17 (18 on May 26)
b - biggest fear: Having sex because of past abuse
c - current time: 10:00 am
d - drink you last had: Chocolate milk
e - every day starts with: Waking up and scrolling through tumblr
f - favorite song: Our Lady of the Underground from Hadestown
g - ghosts, are they real: Yep
h - hometown: Pittsburgh (Even though I was born in Pembroke Pines, Florida) 
i - in love with: Netflix, Oceanus (my fishy), fictional characters, All dogs 😍
j - jealous of: fit/skinny people because I have issues with my body that I’m working through
k - killed someone: In my mind I have
l - last time you cried: Yesterday sadly 
n - number of siblings: None (I have half siblings but I want nothing to do with them)
o - one wish: To recover from my various mental illnesses
p - person you last called/texted: @wonderfulwicca
q - questions you’re always asked: How I keep my hair so red
r - reasons to smile: So many dogs are out in the world
s - song last sang: I Gotta Feeling by The Black Eyed Peas (it was on the radio)
t - time you woke up: 5:15 for school
u - underwear color: Nude
v - vacation destination: I really want to go to Greece, Japan, France, Spain, and England.
x - x-rays you’ve had: 2 (one for pneumonia and the other for my knees)
y - your favorite food: Pizza and Nutella (not together though)
z - zodiac sign: Gemini

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@f-i-d-e-l-i-o çok beğendim  enstrümanla yapmalısın bence  kadife gibi çıkmışsın işin içinden :)

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A - Age? I’m 21 rn but I turn 22 in two weeks (exactly)
B - Biggest fear? death and my place in the universe afterwards
C - Current time? 3:30 pm on the dot
D - drink you last had? waterrrrr
E - everyday starts with? Me lamenting the fact that I have to move.
F - favorite song? Uh… I guess Closer by Lemaitre rn.
G - ghosts, are they real? [error 404: response not found]
H - hometown? tiny little place in Massachusetts on the cape.
I - in love with? the idea of being able to do things for myself (within reason) without guilt.
J - jealous of? jealousy is tiring, so not much, but it’s usually something about living anywhere but Texas.
K - killed someone? wouldn’t know.
L - last time you cried? I cry like once a year so I couldn’t tell you. #emotionalstuntinonMYSELF
M - middle name? names have power my friend, that one’s mine.
N - number of siblings? 3, all half-siblings
O - one wish? to be able to live in Washington State near Seattle so I can fucking do gay shit in public without being afraid a cowboy is gonna antagonize me. I’m not asking for much! I just wanna be able to approach gays IRL.
P - person you last called/texted? My roommate and best friend Becca @uffster
Q - questions you are always asked? what are you mixed with? are you mexican? why’s your mom white? are you adopted? does your hair feel like white people hair or black people hair? CAN I TOUCH IT? (NO!!!!!!!)
R - reasons to smile? I cleaned the whole house yesterday and vacuumed this morning and I get paid tomorrow hallelujah.
S - song you last sang? either Touch or Freak by Little Mix, can’t remember, I just know I was doing dishes.
T - time you woke up? 9:00 but I stayed face down in my bed until 9:30 because I felt like a human ball of sludge wrapped in a taco bell wrapper.
U - underwear color? turquoise
V - vacation destination? anywhere but here lmao, has to have water, I refuse to be landlocked.
W - worst habit? getting in my own way.
X - x-rays you’ve had? my feet and ankles… SO many times. I’ve “broken” my foot and fractured my ankles more times than I care to acknowledge.
Y - your favorite food? shit. idk but my two go to comfort foods that I enjoy making are meatballs, because I make my own, and fettuccine alfredo.
Z - zodiac sign? I’m a human disaster. Pisces sun, Gemini moon, Aries rising.

I tag @unclesteeb @softurl @permashift @sweet-coffee-jelly @lisa-in-the-sky and @redwinged-falcon

Get to know me!

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A - Age: 18 (19 on June 6th)
B - Biggest Fear: Never making it to the big screen or stage.
C - Current Time: 10:40 PM
D - Drink You Last Had: Virgil’s root beer
E - Every Day Starts With: a cup of tea and math 
F - Favourite Song: Wait For It from Hamilton
H - Hometown: Los Angeles, CA (Hawthorne)
I - In Love With: Sam Winchester and Rachel Miner
J - Jealous Of: Jared Padalecki (like…. can I have Gen? Please?)
K - Killed Someone: I don’t know, have I?
L - Last Time You Cried: last week 
N - Number Of Siblings:
O - One Wish: Get on Supernatural and National Theater Live
P - Person You Last Called/Texted: @quiddy-writes
Q - Questions You’re Always Asked: Why do you write so much?
R - Reasons To Smile: Jared friggin’ Padalecki
S - Song Last Sang: Burn
T - Time You woke Up: 6:45am
U - Underwear color: baby blue
V - Vacation Destination: I want to go back to Italy
W - Worst Habit: pulling my hair (not out, just when I get really deep in thought)
X - X-rays You’ve Had: My right shoulder when I dislocated it skiing and then again when I hurt it wrestling with my 6+ feet theater buddies 
Y - Your Favorite Food: Pretzels or bagels (if you get me a plain bagel with cream cheese, I will love you forever)
Z - Zodiac Sign: Gemini

tagging (you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to): @moonlitskinwalker @scorpiongirl1 @spectaculacular-sammy

Discharged (kind of, but I'll take it!!)

Over the course of the night, I dilated to a 1 ½ almost 2. I started having some bleeding as well. I was given steroids for Thorson’s lungs like I said in my previous post, and given a shot of pain medicine (started with a F, but I can’t remember it!) that I was told could help lessen the contractions.

Lo and behold, it did! :) They lessened to the point where both I was comfortable and the midwife on call was comfortable with letting me go home to relax. They discharged me this morning; however I have to return to l&d tonight for a second round of steroids for the baby, and some more monitoring of these contractions. If they worsen throughout the day, they’re more than likely going to re-admit me to monitor, do some more cervical checks to stay updated on what is or isn’t going on there, and yeah. They figured I would be more comfortable resting at home until then though, and uh.. yeah, they completely figured right. 😅

Thankfully, Joey had the day off to let me rest and relax while he chases and takes care of Avia. I still am minimally bleeding currently, and that’s the main reason why they want me relaxing so much today.

Oh baby boy, what a crazy journey this is we are on together.

ABC Get to Know Me

a - age: 20
b - biggest fear: time, aging
c - current time:  11:32am
d - drink you last had: starbucks double shot on ice
e - every day starts with: trying a reason to get out of bed 
f - favorite song: right now I’m liking “Without the Love” by Demi, all time is “I Will Follow You Into the Dark” by Death Cab for Cutie & “Time” by Pink Floyd
g - ghosts, are they real: yes
h - hometown: I kinda move a lot, even as a kid
i - in love with: words. unattainability. attention.
j - jealous of: people who have their life together, people who are happy
k - killed someone: only verbally 
l - last time you cried: 2 minutes ago lmao
n - number of siblings: 1 sister 
o - one wish: to start over
p - person you last called/texted: last text to my dad, last call to my roommate
q - questions you’re always asked: about ethnicity - I’m white but don’t look it. 
r - reasons to smile:  Dogs. Memes. Matt bomer. 
s - song last sang: Hook and Line - The Kills 
t - time you woke up: 6:38pm 2 days ago help me I’ve been up 4 72 hours :)))
u - underwear color: shades pink
v - vacation destination: New Orleans, New Zealand (Southern Island)
x - x-rays you’ve had: 4 for my hand, 2 for feet, 1 for ribs (did gymnastics lol)
y - your favorite food: coffee. coffee. more coffee. 
z - zodiac sign: Gemini

I was tagged by @bronzewitchhazel (thank u ur dope ily)

I tag: @my-anarchist-phase @lilbabygoose @paintmepink and im lonely and don’t have friends so if ur reading this this is me tagging you 

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a - age: 20 b - biggest fear: being alone? c - current time:  1:04pm d - drink you last had: water e - every day starts with: an alarm that goes off an hour before i actually get up  f - favourite song: girls like you- the naked and famous g - ghosts, are they real?: i don’t really think so but maybe? h - hometown: omaha elkhorn nebraska i - in love with: nothing. idk j - jealous of: people in happy relationships (cheesy i know but i’m so alone) k - killed someone: no (also why the heck is this a question) l - last time you cried: not sure but maybe yesterday probably m - middle name: rose n - number of siblings: 5 - 2 sisters and 3 brothers o - one wish: to have somewhere to leave next year (it’s not that dramatic but i’m not sure yet) p - person you last texted: amanda q - question you’ve always asked: what the heck r - reason to smile: i just started the adventure zone so right now that s - song last sang: slow it down- the lumineers t - time you woke up: 7am (i had to get my laundry done so i would have something to wear. usually i get up at like 8 or 9:30) u - underwear color: white v - vacation destination: germany! w - worst habit: procrastination x - x-rays had: wrist, foot y - your favourite tv show: right now star vs the forces of evil z - zodiac: libra

so i’m supposed to tag people which i’m terrible at anyways @daintysailor @gravitationaldownpour@authenticparanoidghosts @definitely-tomatoey@thatgirlwhosalwayssinging (you still follow me right) @dr-doc-phd and anyone else who wants to!

I was tagged by @silent-of-spirit​ !! Thank you, honeybunch!!

rules: copy/paste and replace my answers with yours and tag people :^)

a - age: 25 in April. Sighhh.

b - biggest fear: Tbh? Above all else? Cockroaches. Of the 3cm+sized flying variety. 

c - current time: 1:55 am

d - drink you last had: Prosecco?

e - every day starts with: Reading poetry, pretty much.

f - favorite song: Candles by Daughter.

g - ghosts, are they real: Yes, of course…but, I won’t argue with you about it.

h - hometown: Pensacola.

i - in love with: Solas, mostly. Yeah.

j - jealous of: People who can control their emotional display and reactions.

k - killed someone: Shhh. Don’t ask questions you don’t want the answer to.

l - last time you cried: Ah, maybe 13 hours since I teared up from laughter? Two weeks since I actually cried.

n - number of siblings: 1

o - one wish: The strength and ability to fix it on my own.

p - person you last called/texted: Hubs and @1938milestohome​ <3

q - questions you’re always asked: “Oh, sorry, I must have been drunk! Nice to meet you! What’s your name, again?”

r - reasons to smile: The sound of thunder rolling and rain pinging against the metal chimney flue. The way the earth smells in the woods before dawn. The beautiful spirits that have touched my life.

s - song last sang: You Are My Sunshine. I hum it to myself a lot.

t - time you woke up: I didn’t sleep last night.

u - underwear color: Underwear? Where?

v - vacation destination: Somewhere that feels like home.

w - worst habit: Escapism. Smoking. Bottling up my physical/emotional pain and not reaching out (getting better at that one.) FOREVER forgetting to message/text people back. Wow, okay. @silent-of-spirit​ pretty much wrapped it up for me!

x - x-rays you’ve had: 4 or 5?

y - your favorite food: Champagne.

z - zodiac sign: Aries.

I tag: @shift-shaping , @shiny-theunicorn, @bearlytolerable , @the-emerald-halla , @youriinquisitorialness,  @briarrose-95 , @inquisitorcadash , and anyone else who would like to do this! <3

ABCs about me \ o /

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rules: copy/paste, replace answers and tag people

a - age: 20 (turning 21 next month!!)

b - biggest fear: idk tbh, being forgotten/replaced or smth edgy probs

c - current time: 2:09pm

d - drink you last had: green tea

e - every day starts with: checking my phone for missed IMs, tumblr stuff, and the weather

f - favourite song: legit idk, reaper by Sia right now probably?

g - ghosts, are they real: maybe not in the way we imagine them but i’m p sold on vaguely paranormal stuff in general. ive got my own theories huheuhguh

h - hometown: ottawa, canada

i - in love with: myself

j - jealous of: people who get hugs everyday (im so thirsty for platonic physical affection it’s ridiculous) 

k - killed someone: my ocs :>

l - last time you cried: last summer when i watched zankyou no terror, why’d i do that to myself it was awful (so good), terrible (the best ever)

n - number of siblings: one older brother

o - one wish: to make a diff for the better or w/e

p - person you last called/texted: roomfriend

q - questions you’re always asked: “how do you feel about [creature related to but isn’t specifically a horse here]?”

r - reasons to smile: desserts, video games, talking to friends, piano

s - song last sang: some hamiton song probably

t - time you woke up: 1pm ish lol

u - underwear color: pink/yellow/white/orange/lavender, it’s patterned

v - vacation destination: wherever my online friends are qq

w - worst habit: sleeping and waking up super late, eating at like 3am, etc.

x - x-rays you’ve had: i think i got one for my knee once? and also for my teeth

y - your favourite food: shit idk, chocolate mousse cake? soon tofu stew? idk

z - zodiac sign: aries

tagging: @thriceandonce @phoenixyfriend @tozettewrites @awayandlaughing @putsoneinmind if u wanna ofc

I Would Do Anything For You (Original) - Mark Foster Tagged by @imgayandasinner

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A - Age: 14

B - Biggest fear: swimming at a beach

C - Current time: 12:58pm

D - Drink you last had: strawberry milk

E - Every day starts with: putting on my glasses so i can see where the fuck i am

F - Favourite song: UMM 

G- Ghosts, are they real: 100%

H - Hometown: Hartford,CT

I - In love with: my bf

J - Jealous of: cute girls

K - Killed someone: contrary to popular belief i have not

L - Last time you cried: 12am this morning

M - Middle name: sheree

N - Number of siblings: 2

O - One wish: power of teleportation

P - Person you last called/texted: My sister

Q - Questions you’re always asked: “When are you gonna cook something for me?”

R - Reasons to smile: Tsumugi Kotobuki

S - Song last sang: Doc McStuffins theme

T - Time you woke up: 12am then again at 9:37am

U - Underwear colour: pink and white

V - Vacation destination: Europe, france especially

W - Worst habit: talking back / whining when given orders

X - X-rays you’ve had: none? idk

Y - Your favourite food: Chicken tenders and french fries

Z - Zodiac sign: Scorpio

Tagging @y-alldve @crx-nge @seba-paskets-hunter @drunkkmilkk @lunardia @soutaiseirayerin

I was tagged by the endlessly lovely @votiveviscera, thank you dear!

  • a - age: 25
  • b - biggest fear: that everything I’m working on is useless and I’m ultimately a failure. 
  • c - current time: 2:36 pm
  • d - drink you last had: Lemonade flavoured water, with ice!
  • e - every day starts with: lots of groaning, checking my phone and asking ‘why’ to the sun. 
  • f - favourite song: It changes often, but currently it is He Didn’t Mention His Mother by Eleanor Friedberger
  • g - ghosts, are they real: no
  • h - hometown: Canada’s capital, yo.
  • i - in love with: you
  • j - jealous of: people who know what they’re doing
  • k - killed someone: no, but I’ll help you hide the bodies
  • l - last time you cried: Yesterday
  • n - number of siblings: One, my older sister
  • o - one wish: happiness for my friends
  • p - person you last called/texted: oh jeez, calling a store to arrange a pickup, and one of my gaming buddies
  • q - questions you’re always asked: “So what do you do?” I punch people in the throat, that’s what
  • r - reasons to smile: 
  • s - song last sang: Take a moment to think of just flexibility, love and trust
  • t - time you woke up: 6 am today
  • u - underwear colour: Red
  • v - vacation destination: I’d love to visit the castles in England & Scotland
  • w - worst habit: I procrastinate like a motherfucker
  • x - x-rays you’ve had: foot, leg, pelvic, abdomen and teeth!
  • y - your favourite food: oh god, pasta is a huge weakness
  • z - zodiac sign: scorpio

I will tag anyone who wants to do this, but especially @justbooker @scrubassdeku and @ravenshadows08