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Master Witch List

***Updated 10/23/2017***

Hi everyone. I wanted to create a list showing witch blogs I follow (or who follow me) that are some of my favorites, my friends, or who are active. This is, of course, not an all inclusive list and I’ll be adding to it (especially if I’ve forgotten someone). I have since updated this to be in alphabetical order.





























































































Cosmere Alphabet

Come on guys help me finish this!! XD

A is for Adolin

B is for Breeze

C is for cosmere

D is for Dalinar (or Dilaf)

E is for Elend

F is for

G is for Gaz

H is for Ham (or Hoid)

I is for Ialai

J is for Jasnah

K is for Kaladin (or Kelsier)

L is for Lift (or the Lord Ruler, or Lightsong)

M is for Marsh

N is for Navani

O is for

P is for Pai

Q is for

R is for Renarin

S is for Sazed (or Stormfather, or Sylphrena, or Susebron)

T is for

U is for

V is for Vin

W is for Wayne

X is for

Y is for

Z is for Zahel

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a: age: 16

b: birthplace: são paulo, brazil

c: current time: 6:32pm

d: drink you had last: water

e: easiest person to talk to: my best friends

f: favorite song: clean by taylor swift

g: grossest memory: this time when we were doing a little play for school and i was an owl so i had to stay on top of a tree and while climbing it i fell down in front of everyone and then there was mud and leaves all over my clothes and my hair dhsjjdkd (embarrassing™)

h: hogwarts house: ravenclaw

i: in love? no heart who dis

j: jealous of people: a little bit

k: killed someone: maybe so

l: love at first sight or should i walk by again? walk by again bitch thanks

m: middle name: i don’t know her

n: number of siblings: i don’t have any :(

o: one wish: i just want to keep sane enough to finish the school year, do well at my entrance tests and enroll in college pls

p: person you called last: my mom

q: question you are always asked: stuff about what i wanna do after school - little less worse now that i kinda know but i still hate how random strangers seem to be so concerned about my future - they can chill and leave the worries for me, thanks!

r: reason to smile: flowers!!! the sky!!!! cats!!!!! dogs!!!!!!! my friends!!!!!!!!

s: song you sang last: gorgeous by miss swift

t: time you woke up: 6am

u: underwear color: pink

v: vacation destination: england i guess

w: worst habit: procrastinating

x: x-rays: i had a lot of them this year because of my ankle injury ugh

y: your favorite food: pasta!!

z: zodiac sign: sagittarius

i tag @comicswift @fearsandyourghosts @fifteeen @heardmyownheartbeating @ludgatelatte @selena-taylor @speaknowlive @svifts @thislovesours @wewriteletters @youlostandlonely @yourbadreams if you guys want to/haven’t done this yet!! 💕

linneadenvarg  asked:

Hi! I've been trying to find a list of the pronunciation of the letters of the Swedish alphabet, like if someone is spelling a word or acronym, like English "ay, bee, cee, dee" etc. Do you know of a a site that has it? Thanks!

hey! :)

a - aa

b - bee

c - cee

d - dee

e - ee

f - eff

g - ge

h - hå

i - ii

j - ji

k - kå

l - ell

m - em

n - en

o - o

p - pe 

q - ku

r - err

s - ess

t - te

v - ve

w - dubbel ve

x - eks

y - y

z - zäta

å - å

ä - ä

ö - ö

here’s a video source i found 

All About Me

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Rules: answer the questions in a new post and tag ten blogs you would like to get to know better

a - age: 20

b - birthplace: Missouri

c - current time: 8:05 p.m.

d - drink you last had: Water

e - easiest person to talk to: My dad

f - favorite song: Glory - Dermot Kennedy

g - grossest memory: 

h - horror yes or horror no: nope nope nope nope nope

i - in love?: lmao I’m too busy being married to my major

j - jealous of people?: Sometimes. Aren’t we all?

k - killed someone?: “i swatted a fly once, but I missed!”

l - love at first sight or should I walk by again?: love at first sight is total bullshit, fight me

m - middle name: Alexandra

n - number of siblings: 2; older brother and older sister

o - one wish: pass my exams on wednesday

p - person you called last: my dad

q - question you are always asked: Is Tess your full name? (Yes, yes it is.)

r - reason to smile: dogs exist

s - song you last sang: New Fears - Lights

t - time you woke up: 6:30 a.m.

u - underwear color: navy blue

v - vacation destination: Spain

w - worst habit: biting my nails

x - x-rays: last halloween I broke my foot running from the cops when a party got busted and had to get one the next day

y - your favorite food: pasta. all pasta.

z - zodiac sign: Aries

I challenge: @bellamylovedlincoln @bellamyblakesgun @notplatonicblarke @stargirlclarke @deadshotbellamy @atlasbellamyblake @boob-morley @as-inevitable-as-morning @em-ori @bl-ake

psychic: *reads my mind*

me: stealing kisses from your missus does it make you. freak out got you
sing got you worried scared to let your. guarddown boys           tell the neighbors I’m not sorry if I’m breaking. walls. down building your girls second
story ripping all your. floors. out boys          saw your faaace, heard your
                                                               like           like
naaame gotta get with you,    GIRLS       GIRLS      boOOOooys do (nothin new)

psychic: what the fuck

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a-age: 19

b-birthplace: Jerusalem

c-current time: 11:01 pm

d-drink you last had: either water or a frozen coke??

e-easiest person to talk to: my sister? My friend maddy? Idk anyone??

f-favorite song: I’m so bad at favourites!!!

g-grossest memory: ugh I don’t even want to think it but it was like a MILLION maggots in our house UGHHHHH

h-horror yes or horror no: no!!!!!

i-in love? Lmao I wish I romanticise everything

j-jealous of people?: oh yes

k- there was nothing here??

l-love at first sight or should I walk by again?: what does that mean

m-middle name: i dont have one

n-number of siblings: one!

o-one wish: for the world to rely on kindness and empathy.

p-person you called last: dad

q-question you are always asked: ummmm maybe things about judaism?? Or like how to pronounce my name?? Or why I want to be a teacher?

r-reason to smile: peraltiago and also people are nice

s-song you last sang: go long by Joanna Newsom? Also gorgeous by Taylor swift? And also some Israeli songs.

t-time you woke up: 9am

u-underwear color: navy

v-vacation destination: israel, New York, London

w-worst habit: procrastinating and biting my nails

x-x-rays: like I think I got one for my teeth? And for my eyes at my eye test I think? And once my chest?

y-your favorite food: P A S T A

z-zodiac sign: lmao who cares??? Pisces

I tag @johnnydora @asongstress @maiden-of-the-tree @neptuneboyfriend @scullysthumbtacks @curiousmug !!

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a - age: 18

b - birthplace: california

c - current time: 4:30pm

d - drink you last had: pomegranate green tea

e - easiest person to talk to: @santiagostyle

f - favorite song: knock on my door by faouzia

g - grossest memory: idk??? probably the time i was shadowing a surgery and… i was about to describe what happened but jk thats rly graphic anyway it was COOL but i mean um sooo gross yup

h - horror yes or horror no: me now says yes but the me in a few hours trying to sleep says no

i - in love? lmao nah

j - jealous of people?: unfortunately

k - why is there no question im crying who lost it

l - love at first sight or should I walk by again?: walk away bruh

m - middle name: isabel

n - number of siblings: four

o - one wish: to travel to mars

p - person you called last: lmao who calls people anymore (probably?? my doctor??)

q - question you are always asked: people always ask me why i wanna study in australia (to which i answer why would u want to study in AMERICA??)

r - reason to smile: did you know detective jacob peralta is engaged to sergeant amy santiago

s - song you last sang: i had all star stuck in my head earlier probably that

t - time you woke up: like 11am dont @ me

u - underwear color: blue stars

v - vacation destination: the entire world tbh?? (tho for a few weeks now peru has rly been calling me)

w - worst habit: fidgeting

x - x-rays: like for my teeth (no cavities whoo!)

y - your favorite food: god god god idk probably anything italian

z - zodiac sign: taurus

tagging: @santiagostyle @roscoesantangelo @the-pontiac-bandit @heart-eyes-santiago (for some reason when i type @ u four are the blogs that come up so?? im going with it)

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Rules: Answer the questions in a new post and tag 10 blogs you would like to get to know better.

A - Age: 18
B - Birthplace: Don’t remember
C - Current time: 2:02 pm
D - Drink you last had: Water
E- Easiest person to talk to: @absolutelyxosmittenxo, @joker-of-gotham, @i-need-medical-attention and @badass1warrior9princess
F - Favorite song: No care by daughter and Selene by imagine dragons
G - Grossest memory: None I can remember.
H - Horror yes or Horror no: Horror stories? Nope. Movies? Friday the 13, anything other than that is a no.
I - In love?: With a few girls and guys ;)

J - Jealous of people?: No. Usually because they inspire me to be like them!

L - Love at first sight or should I walk by again?: I’m a hopeless romantic!

M - Middle name: Henry

N - Number of siblings: Two, I’m a middle child.
O - One wish: For sjws to stop ruining the world with their crap. On a lighter note, to create a show for Roosterteeth!
P - Person you called last: My younger sister
Q - Question you are always asked: I don’t really know…
S - Song you last sang: NO CARE, NO CARE IN THE WORLD.
T - Time you woke up: 6: 36 am
U - Underwear colour: Black
V - Vacation destination: Disney World!
W - Worst habit: Talking to myself.
X - X-rays: No problems that I can think of.
F - Favourite food: Anything that taste good!
Z - Zodiac Sign: Don’t know, don’t care.

Tag: @joker-of-gotham, @badass1warrior9princess, @i-need-medical-attention, @vanessakimballs, @weissrose, @radical-rwby, @the-sun-dragon, @theembertoyourcelica, @sxpaiscia and @rwbyfanservice

A veces me gustaría que cada uno de nosotros dijéramos lo que tanto nos ha dado miedo decir, tal vez "Oye, realmente no me gusta cuando haces eso" o "Hey, yo realmente estoy enamorado de usted" o incluso, "Hola, yo te extraño y pienso en ti todo el tiempo" sin sonar desesperado. ¿Por qué todo el mundo no puede ser dolorosamente honesto?