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Public Enemy #87 by Beddo (Classic Comic book cover remix of New Mutants #87, 1990).

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“Got to give us what we want, got to give us what we need, Our freedom of speech is freedom or death… We got to Fight the Powers that be”.  - Chuck D, Public Enemy.

Nick Valentine: “Anything you’d like to know about me?”

Me *grabs notebook*: “do you see the world like I do or do you see 0′s and 1′d like a terminator? You mention having heat sensors and a geiger counter - do you see them like a power armour display or do you have dials somewhere? How do you smell things? Can you taste? You mention being programmed to feel pain, how does that work when you miss parts? What do you run on? Are you solar powered or do you burn fuel? when you “run stuff through the processor” what are you actually doing? how did you find out you had a built in dog whistle? How do you and irma know each other? How did you and Ellie meet? You don’t sleep but you have been knocked unconscious in the past, how does that work? What happened at the quarry with Lily June on the rocks? Why did you hire Marty? What did Vladim’s moonshine do to you? what IS the difference between a robot and a synth? 

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Unexpected- chapter 6

While living in England you had a brief affair with a criminal. Not just any criminal but one wanted by governments and secret agency’s. In those brief moments you were together you helped heal each other. Now amost a year later you meet him again in the most unlikly place. Living in your Godfather tower.


Warning- swearing.


You spend a lot of time with Tony. After him and the team came upon you and Bucky in the living room, he’s been strangely quieter then usual. You had spent a long night and most of the next day discussing with him, about the fight between you and the terminator. You’d told him that you and Bucky were both adults and able to talk without inflicting war on each other.
Tony didn’t like it. Didn’t like that you and Barnes were clearly more then distant acquaintances. He didn’t like that he was starting to notice that on the few times all three of you were in a room together, the ex-assassin seemed to follow you like a flower facing the sun.


You groan as you tried to stretch out on the bed. Feeling the now familiar pull in your arm you wince and hiss through your teeth. You stifle a yawn, still tired after going to bed early. Healing definitely takes it out of you.
It had been nearly two months since you where shot and you were sure the drugs they kept giving you, to fight infection and to lessen the pain were making you ill. You figured you might have caught a bug of something, and your body was to busy fixing your arm to fight against it aswell. You made a mental note to ask Bruce about it later when you went you a check up.
Your stomach rolled dramatically as you sprang towards the bathroom. You were mentally glad that Bucky wasn’t in the room with you. You couldn’t deal with his concerned hovering right now. How Steve ever managed him in that mode, you will never know.
You don’t throw up but you don’t make any plans to stray far from the bathroom. Maybe you’ve eaten something the meds didn’t like? You drink a glass of water slowly hoping it will settle the party in your stomach.


You watched as Bruce made up a needle ready to take your blood. A requirement to see if it is the new meds that are making you ill. You squirm nervously.
The first time he had taken blood you stared giggling uncontrollably. Tony had been with you and had freaked out.
“How can she be laughing with you sticking that great thing in her arm?! ” he had squawked eye the large needle like it was something terrifying. It was.
This time Bruce had shooed him away, you had found he can be quite manipulative when he wanted to be. Bruce had this ability to look at everything he was dealing with like it was something under a microscope, whether it was new technology or a human.
He took your arm and you wonder if the other guy, the Hulk, skin would be as warm? You don’t voice this random question. Bruce gets flighty when question about his alter ego, only Tony gets away with it, mainly because he has no filter most of the time.
When he is finished he hands you some ginger tea.
You sign.
You miss English tea. You miss your tiny flat and your kettle and your bed and your fluffy blankets. You miss home. To your horror you feel your eyes start to tear. You brush them away before Bruce notices.
Bruce confirms that it will be a few hours before he gets results and you shuffle off for a nap before Tony is let back into the lab.


You wake to the sound of your phone dinging. You check the time and find that four hours have flown by.
Wow, I didn’t know I was that exhausted.
You think to yourself as you check the message. Bruce wants you back in the lab, somethings has come up with the results and he’s distracted Tony away from the lab. You yawn and stretch before shuffling out of the door. You feel a bit better, maybe the tea worked.
When you arrive at the lab, it quiet and Bruce hustles you into a chair looking equal parts adorably flustered and a tad embarrassed. He leans heavily against the glass worktop in front of you, he holds his glasses in one hand and absently chews on one of the ends while he thinks about what he has to ask you.
“Y/n. I’ve for some abnormalities in your blood work. One I think I can identify, but erm,  while you’ve been here, after you were injured, have you-did you,” his face flushes more, and he moves his hands around like he is trying to grasp the words he needs from thin air. It’s a very Tony move and you start to wonder just how many hours a day the two spend together. 
“Say it scientifically if it’s easier. I’m sure I’ll get it.” He shoots you a small smile. You figure being shot and being in the meds have made the abnormalities in the test and try not to worry about it.
“Have you had sex in the last five weeks?” He says in a rush
“See that wasn’t so-” you stop when you realise what he had said. You already feel heat racing to your face. He didn’t say that, did he? “Excuse me?”
“Have you had sex, lately?” He says slower.
If the ground could open up and swallow you, now would be a good time.
“What does that have to do with anything?” Even to yourself you sound a bit hysterical. You look around the room. Searching for Tony or Bucky or someone to jump out at you.
“Everything” Bruce gives you a patient look, you’ve seen him give it to Tony many times. You blink at him in hopes he would carry on. “It looks like you could be, pregnant.” He watches you for a reaction but you only blink at him. It’s like he’s saying words at you and you don’t understand any of it.
Bruce shifts uncomfortably under your gaze. “I’m not this kind of doctor. I can send for a proper medical doctor if you want. This kind of thing isn’t my field.” You continue blinking at him. “Y/n.” He gets no response, as your own brain highlights the word pregnant. “Y/n?!”
“Can’t be.” You blurt out, half in thought. “I can’t be.” You start again, “ I got the, the thing,” you gestures wildly to your arm. Your bandaged arm. You stop and stare at it like it had personally betrayed you.
“Implant. Must have been a million to one chance.” Bruce mutters softly, watching you process.


You had sneaked out and brought a few home test, while Bruce was contacting the proper doctors. He was adamant that you needed one and while he was ok at patching people up (normally under protest) it wasn’t his field. He wasn’t a medical doctor.
You sat on your bed, knees to your chest, one arm around them the other holding the last test you did. The first had been positive, the second negative.
Why in the hell was this test not staying still long enough for you to read? Was that a + or a - ? What kind of crappy test is this?!
You couldn’t make out what the last one said.
Have I given it long enough?
What if it was negative? What if it was positive?
Can I be responsible for a defenceless life? I’ve got by on your own up to now but it wasn’t easy.
What if this kid hated you? What if I’m a rubbish parent and they grow up to hate us both?
I’d have to tell James. What would he say? What would James say?! This will  be his child too. How am I going to tell him? What am I going to say? What if he doesn’t want this?
I could look after this child anyway. If he didn’t want it.
You took a deep breath. Glancing at the test again.
Looks like I will would be looking after my child anyway. You felt hot and cold and joy and fear. Oh god, oh god, oh god. What am I going to do?!
You pull the blanket tighter around your shoulders.
What if I’m a bad parent? I’ve never held a baby before, how can I look after my own? Oh god, oh god.
What am I going to tell Bucky?
What about Tony?! He’s going to hate me forever. Oh god, oh g-
I don’t remember putting a blanket on.

You cautiously look around to find a fluffy blanket around your shoulder. The last time you saw it, it was in your chair by the bed. You glance at it and find it occupied.
You freeze.
Your brain makes a squawk in surprise and the only words it forms is fuck.
His beautiful blank face stares at you. You blink slowly. Maybe he hasn’t noticed what you’re holding? Yeah try to carefully lower your arm without him noticing. How long has he been here? How did I not see him come in? Stupid sneaky assassins.
“Is there something you want to share with me.” He never takes his eyes off of you.
Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.
“Maybe?” You say slowly. You had wanted to confirm it with Bruce’s doctor friends, wanted to come to terms with it yourself before telling anyone. In truth you’re absolutely terrified right now. A child.
“I thought you couldn’t-” he inclined his head to where you tried to hide the test away.
“Lucky shot.” You try to laugh.
Bucky stands and moves to sit beside you on the bed, curving his arms around you and tucking his chin into your shoulder. He reaches around and pulls out your hand and its death grip on the test.
The small plus sign is bold.
His arms tighten around you and you rest your head against his.
“Bruce is looking for a doctor, to confirm it, he says this isn’t his field. ” You’re not sure how he will react.
You’re still not completely ok after your fight, what if this sparks it up again?
You wait for him to leave. To yell at you. To freak out. Part of you still wants to freak out.
Bucky sign heavily and buries his face in your neck. His human arm pulls you securely against him.
“Then we wait.” He says and you think you feel a small twitch of a grin on his face from where it presses against you.

Some people get absolute power, they start to abuse it and get things for themselves… But then you have people like Liara who are like “I see you asked for this… I’ll get it for you.”
Seriously. SIXTEEN TONS.

(I love her.)

Kylux AU prompts/ideas

Oh my god okay I have so many that I’ll never do because time, but I’ve got billions, so if anyone is looking for random ideas, this is the place for you.

  • pro figure skater AU: Hux is a career-driven skater determined to make it onto the Olympic team, no matter what anyone else thinks. Kylo just wants to skate to the Imperial March. They are the least compatible ice-dance team history has ever seen, but they’ve got to make it work.
  • Hunger Games AU:  Kylo is a slightly unstable volunteer for the Games (against his parents’ wishes), who everyone thinks only volunteered so he can kill people. Hux is the ruthless career who’s only here to win. (I think this one’s been mentioned before).
  • Alien AU: Kylo is a down-on-his luck spacer who just wants to get paid. Hux is in command of the ship, but everything keeps going wrong. And that’s before another crewer is brought back from a planetary excursion with a strange creature attached to their face…
  • Alternate Alien AU: Tensions are high on the Finalizer as she heads into the Unknown Regions to deliver Kylo for the finishing of his training. Hux and Kylo both are annoyed that Kylo has to be escorted while they’re at war, but it soon becomes clear that this is part of Snoke’s ruse. And then crewers start dying, one by one.
  • James Bond AU: Kylo Ren is one of MI-6′s best agents, loved and hated in equal measures by M and command branch, and utterly detested by Q branch for never being able to return his gadgets in once piece. Hux is Q, and hates Agent Ren with an unprofessional passion.
  • Alternate James Bond AU: Hux is a card-carrying Bond villain. It’s down to Agent Ren to convince him that there’s perks to being a Bond girl that don’t include world destruction.
  • Zodiac AU: Hux is a prestigious police detective from San Francisco PD in 1969, Kylo is an junior journalist who is a tad obsessive and loves puzzles. Their paths cross during the hunt for the Zodiac killer.
  • Bodyguard AU: Hux is a very famous and beloved politician, venerated as the savior and leader of his country. However, multiple attempts on his life have been made after a political crisis breaks between his country and its neighbors, and he is convinced to hire a personal bodyguard to accompany him at all times until the crisis passes. This bodyguard is Kylo Ren, and in his opinion Hux has the most obnoxious personality on Earth.
  • Kingsman AU: A blond woman in an aggressively impressive suit comes to save Kylo Ren’s delinquent ass when he calls in a mysterious favor owed his dead father. She calls herself Gallahad and offers Kylo a chance at saving the planet and a really nice suit. Kylo can tolerate just about every other kid at the trials except Hux, who comes out on top again and again. Their rivalry is thrown aside, however, when the powerful Snoke Corporation’s plan to kill 99% of the world population is brought to light.
  • Pacific Rim AU: Humanity is on its last legs. In a last-ditch effort, the Jager program is re-instituted. Among its recruits are Hux and Kylo Ren, bitter enemies and veterans from the program’s glory days, both of whose partners were killed. Of the many recruits considered, they alone are drift-compatible. And they’re humanity’s last hope.
  • Firefly AU: Hux, a promising young cadet at the Alliance academy, defects and rescues Kylo Ren, the subject of a brutal Alliance training program that has made him into a living weapon. To Han Solo, captain of the Serenity, all he sees is a rich but clueless young man and a box full of crazy, which happens to contain his long-lost son.
  • Jason Bourne AU: Kylo Ren wakes up with no recall of his past, with nothing to guide him but a name and a bank number. The already difficult task of piecing together his past is complicated significantly by the ginger gunman someone has dogging him all over the world.
  • The 10th Victim AU: Matched “Victims” and “Hunters” play a game of death, tasked to kill 10 opponents without being killed themselves. Kylo Ren is on his 10th hunt, and he’s been assigned the role of Victim. Hux, his Hunter, is also on his tenth hunt. Who will win? (Hint: they elope)
  • Vauge but Obligatory Ex Machina AU: Ben Solo, alias Kylo Ren, is a famous hacker invited to the private mansion of the CEO of Snoke Corporation, with the promise of something that will “fascinate him.” This is Hux, the first artificial consciousness, with a mind so beautiful Kylo would give all his remaining years of life to study. But Kylo soon realizes that Hux is not the only prisoner in Snoke’s mansion: he himself has been taken captive. And now he and Hux must escape.
  • In Time AU: Humans are quasi-immortal, but time to live is the new currency. Kylo Ren is a man with a mission of revenge after the death of his (mother? sister? father? cousin? dog? you pick)–he wants to level the playing field between the rich–born with hundreds of years already on their clocks, and the poor like himself. Pursued by the Time Keepers, Kylo somewhat accidentally kidnaps Hux, the son of an impossibly wealthy man in New Greenwich, and his unwilling hostage soon becomes his ally as they cross they country robbing the rich of excess time and giving it to the poor. (I suggest you watch the movie, it’ll make more sense).
  • Vague Terminator AU: Hux is leader of humanity in the war against machines. But 20 years prior to that, he’s an ordinary man in an ordinary world, targeted by an impossibly powerful assassin named Kylo Ren, apparently his future nemesis traveled back in the past to kill him before he can rise to power. Coming to his aid is Ben Solo, his future ally and lover, who has traveled from an even more distant future to protect him.
  • Irreverent Matrix AU: Ben Solo, bored office worker extraordinaire and hacker Kylo Ren by night, dreams every night of a mysterious (but attractive) ginger man in a tight-fitting leather suit. He soon realizes that his reality is false and that he’s a lot kinkier (and gayer) than originally bugdeted for. Oh yeah, and he’s also the One meant to bring freedom to humanity. But so far virtual sex with physics turned off has been more fun.
  • Hannibal AU: Kylo is a very socially awkward psychology guest lecturer who has a large collection of dogs and empathy scores off the charts. He’s asked to consult with the FBI on a string of grisly murders as a profiler for his unique ability to see evidence from the killer’s point of view. But when staring into the abyss, there’s always the danger of falling in: and that’s where Hux comes in, a psychologist with a dangerous passion for psychoanalysis and fine dining. He’s meant to keep Kylo from tipping over the edge, but in reality he’s hell bent on pulling him over it–and maybe making him into a fine meal.
  • I Hunt Killers AU: Kylo Ren is a mostly ordinary teenager with foster parents he pretends he hates (but really doesn’t) in a small town he definitely does hate, and his best friend/boyfriend, Hux, is really his only his only friend. The thing that makes Kylo Ren not ordinary is that his biological father was arrested for the murder of over a hundred people when Kylo was eight. His father, a killer who was known to the media as “Snoke,” had wanted Kylo to become an even better killer than himself. And now, eight years after Snoke’s arrest, the body count is going up again–and Kylo is somehow at the heart of it, not to mention the prime suspect.
  • Ender’s Game AU: Hux is a child genius, brilliant military tactician, and will save humanity–if he can survive his rigorous training first. Kylo Ren is an absolute child and a liability, but Hux does have to concede he is very good at protecting him from his enemies. (pls for the love of god make the relationship platonic, a friendship, unless you age up a lot)
  • Iliad/Troy AU: Listen this is completely trash but I NEED it so let me have this. Kylo is the greatest fighter of the Greeks, ferocious and feared over Mediterranean, Hux is his best friend and lover, a deadly warrior in his own right. Together, they are an unstoppable killing machine. When Snoke, the leader of the Greeks, snubs Kylo, he retreats from the Trojan War and refuses to fight. Hux takes Kylo’s armor and fights, out of loyalty to Greece, and turns the tide of the disastrous battle, but is killed, as fated by the gods. Kylo is destroyed, and enraged–he wants revenge at any cost, including his own death.

If you do any of these, please please PLEASE let me know!! I would love more than anything to read it. Honestly, I will probably cry. (I may add more later). (Also consider that in ANY of these Kylo and Hux can be genderswapped because we really need more lesbian fic in this fandom).