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Ultimate Sales Post!(updated)

So I just got offered my grail doll and I am scrambling to get enough funds together to afford her without breaking my bank xD She’s an Oasisdoll Jessie, so pretty rare, and she’s in great condition. I am trying not to get too excited!

I currently have a bunch of stuff up for sale, but I haven’t posted them here in a while, so here’s a big post with everything in it (with the discount prices!). Feel free to message me questions here or on flickr, but no trades offers please. Short layaways are available! Thanks for looking! <3

***Edited to add a couple more dolls, these were mod projects that I now don’t have time/money to finish so their prices are very negotiable!***

****Edited again to remove what’s been sold. Thank you so much to everyone who has liked/reblogged this, I was able to put my grail on layaway! <3 ****

Soom Galena (fantasy head) on human body, OOAK fullset comes with everything seen here plus CoA and box, asking $800 +shipping (OBO) or $600 for just the doll. 

Soom SuperGem heeled feet and long nail hands (brand new!) in CW, asking $30 +shipping for each (or $50 +shipping for both!).

(ON HOLD) Vertales Tarvi in Mocha skin, comes with wig, outfit, CoA and box, asking $100 +shipping (OBO).

OOAK Silje dress set for Supia girls, asking $125 +shipping.

WhisperingGrassBJD Medieval silk dress (fits SD13/16), asking $75 +shipping.

Little Monica Innocent Sophia head (with CoA) on Limhwa new body, neck and head were modded to fit, asking $500 (OBO) and I’m willing to split!

D-Storic Narae 416, chest mod, asking $250 +shipping (OBO).

More pictures of all items (plus more!) here on my flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/64898471@N03/albums/72157631939616112


by Firo

A Doll-A-Week: Week 3, Shatter

(I missed week 2.)

V is mostly a combination of undesirable traits, a dozen jagged little pieces rattling around a petulant exterior. On any given day, he will tell you that “V” stands for something different, though it usually is either Violin, Violence, or Void.

(Violin is a gray 43cm Narin body with a Narae Heartbreak faceplate.   I bought him from D-Storic with no idea of who he would be or how I would style him; everything he has is hand-me-down from other dolls.)