d stabilized

So I was watching Danny Phantom when this happened







D-d-danny?! Where are you? Where even looks like that?!

the Mississippi??
but she’s got the map upside down??

cuz Danny can’t not live in IL… it’s much to head canon for that.
& gotta keep my babu close to me 

You heard nothing!


Any ideas my fellow Phans?

Tail Fin | Back End | Jag D

1955 Jaguar D-Type | XKD | Works Long Nose | Sports Racing Car |
RH Open Two Seater | Stabilizing Fin | Chassis No XKD-506 | Livery No 7 | Plate No 032 RW | 3.5L XK Inline 6 270 hp | Top Speed 280 kph 174 mph | Original Le Mans Racer | DNF

D-Types were the winners of the Le Mans 24-hour race in 1955, 1956 and 1957 | Only 18 factory team cars, 53 customer cars, and 16 XKSS versions were produced during 1954–1957


Valerie doesn’t even know why she’s here. She doesn’t have a date, doesn’t even have a group, and the most interesting thing that’s happened since she got here was Kwan smiling at her, once, from across the gym. Star had dragged him away before Valerie could even think about saying ‘hi’.

She takes another sip of punch. Nobody’s spiked it yet– Mr. Lancer’s been watching it like a hawk, and Valerie is starting to wish she’d brought something of her own, or, better yet, not come at all.

It’s senior prom, and Danny Fenton is dancing with both Tucker and Sam in the middle of the dance floor. His tie and vest are purple, matching both Sam’s dress and Tucker’s suit, and they’re so well coordinated, so well dressed, that Valerie is positive Sam just bought all three outfits together. 

Two years ago, she might have gone over, but she hasn’t spoken to Danny since then, and she doesn’t really want to stand next to them, in her second hand dress and borrowed shoes, even if she’s positive none of them would care.

She checks her phone. 

It’s dumb; the only person she ever texts anymore is either her Dad or Phantom, and she’s been avoiding the latter ever since he turned her down.

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A project I’m working on.
I’ve been starstruck with that quote (just for now also the title of the project) and I thought of this story, these are Gwendolyn and Robin, just a couple of lil gals with a nice color palette (Did I already mention that I LOVE that palette??)

Anyway I can’t give the details because I’m pretty much at the beginning, but I can tell it’s going to be a short film/animatic of some sort

I hope I never experience the pain of being in love with two people at once.
—  “How would you know it’s painful if you’ve never experienced that situation?” you may ask. I’ve experienced it in the way I experience most things - in pieces. One young man had good looks and poetry. The other had tenderness and friendship. I can’t say I was in love with either of them as a whole, but the both of them had things the other did not. When I wanted adventure, I’d go to the left. When I wanted stability, I’d go to the right. Poetry? Left. Council? Right. Kisses? Neither. They both made me feel special. To have two boys is hard enough. To be in love with two, I don’t want to imagine having to make a choice. My Friend’s daughter once had two men who loved her, and she remembers sitting in the sand with one of them on either side of her. She had to choose. She told one of them no. To hurt someone you love is to hurt yourself. Losing them too is to die a little. When someone’s existence becomes a part of your own, you notice when they leave, because a little of you goes too. You look in the mirror at your sad eyes and know what you had is withering away, starved and uncared for. The voices and way of speaking you two had are a dead language, and you want so badly to yell and shout. Instead you cry against the bathroom wall. You go out in the daytime and keep busy. But you will always remember the details of their life, like a book you once read. To love two people at once is to have everything. But eventually a person must make a choice of some kind, because that’s what’s right. One, the other, or neither. It should be enough to have yourself. Normally when you enter a serious relationship, it’s a cause for happiness. But when you already feel like you’re breaking up with one person you care about in favor of another person you love, it creates tension.
- B. E. Barnes

Silverhead - Blutaparon vermiculare by Bob Peterson
Via Flickr:
Tiny blossoms of the silverhead plant. This wonderful species lives happily in pure quartz sand along intracoastal and ocean beaches. It survives close to the high tide line, much like sea purslane, and is sometimes inundated by saltwater. I have been watching this particular plant for several months and it’s pollinators have primarily been a small fly and emerald-green halictid bees.

I've come to realize something

What if Valerie figured out Danny’s secret in between the events of D-Stabilized and Phantom Planet? During the events of D-S she found out about both Dani and Vlad’s secrets. We all know she’s not stupid by any means. So, what if because she now knows halfas exist, she put the puzzle pieces together? It would explain her reaction(or lack thereof) in Phantom Planet. We don’t know how much time has passed between the two episodes. She could easily have had time to process the situation. Knowing how she was about her secret identity, she, like Jazz, respected that it was his secret to tell. What does the rest of the fandom think?

What is DP-Rebooted?

This is an upcoming webcomic based on Danny Phantom (if you don’t know what this is, GO WATCH IT). The basic idea is this:

- Phantom Planet isn’t canon, and never will be.

- The comic begins when D-Stabilized ends.

- Art style, humour style, and the general feel of the show is to be preserved as much as possible.

- Chapters are presented as individual episodes. Season 4 begins at the first chapter. While an over-arching plot may work behind the scenes, each “episode” will retain its own self-contained feel.

- There will be extra characters and villains as required, however every effort has been made to make them diverse and fit in well with the DP universe. All canon characters have had their characterisations preserved as much as possible. OOC-ness is not being tolerated.

Why are you doing this?

Basically, I feel the show ended before it’s time. And after 10 years, I’d like some more canon to play with. So I want to make a pseudo-canon, using this comic. I really hope others get on board too, because honestly we all know we’re not getting more of this show unless we make it ourselves.

When will it start releasing?

Soon. Cannot stress this enough. I can’t give you an exact date, but I can say I want to get the ball rolling as quickly as possible. It depends on work and school.

For now there is no external archive, as I haven’t started releasing it yet. But I will let everyone know when this is beginning.

Who’s helping out? Can I help?

Currently, @derpydroodles is doing backdrop sketches for me, and an anonymous but wonderful person is serving as my idea springboard.

YES, you can help out. Pitch me ideas. Anything. If you want to be a backdrop artist please put up your hand, because that is definitely help I need, but you need to make sure you can draw in the show’s style first. You will be getting briefs from me, and this will function almost like a job. I’m happy to give you plenty of leeway and I’m very understanding about circumstances and such, but I also need you to be reasonably responsible.

Why are Danny’s eyes red?

If you ever wanted to see a Danny/Vlad body swap episode, this is Episode #1.

anonymous asked:

What kind of girl do you see Harry with? :)

I’ve had this question before and I’ll say the same kind of thing I said to the anon then. I think they will be quite normal and stable. I know people might think he’d want somebody who understands the industry he’s in but that can be done without being in it, and in all honesty, I think he’d take stability and knowing that his girl is at home when he gets back and knowing she’s not going to be flying off here, there, and everywhere, over having to match his schedule to a city that they’ll both be in and see each other a few times a month. I think that’s why so many celeb relationships where they’re both famous in their own right fail.

He’s seen divorce etc, so I think he’ll wait a few years yet before even considering committing to anyone, and ultimately, I think a lot of men go for women like the women in their family - Anne and Gemma are lovely so I think somebody like them. Intelligent, fun, independent and able to be without him but somebody who loves a good snuggle at the same time, and just somebody who is kind and not a bitch, yanno? x

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Four years had passed since Ben Solo had been seen on Yavin 4, off to train with his Uncle. At the moment however he was little more than a pair of feet sticking out from under Poe's speeder, checking things and installing a new stabilizer he'd purchased, a large bag of candies also sitting up in the passenger seat. At least he'd gotten his hair pulled back into a ponytail first.

A lot can happen in four years…there was never any word of Ben except for the few times he over heard the General speaking of him. But Poe had his s own life to worry about and spent most his time on dangerous missions. He was just returning home from one such mission when he noticed the stranger. He furrowed his brows.“you must have some nerve to rob a man in mid day light.”