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You and Me and a Beast Make Three, Part 1 (Newt/Reader)

Heart in his throat, Newt watched wide eyed as you, in an unusual fit of Gryffindor daring, let go of your broom. The crowd roared as you swung freely in the air, nothing but your legs keeping you from certain doom. The snitch was snug in your palm when you pulled yourself back up and the Ravenclaws’ screams of victory drowned out the Gryffindors’ groans of disappointment.

He sagged in relief when you finally tumbled onto the grass, your chest heaving as the adrenaline left you. With shaky legs, he made his way through the crowd. You’d find him after the celebrations and then he’d be able to give you a proper scolding. Honestly, brightest witch of their age and you were willing to throw it all away for a sport.

He’d have to have some words with your mother later.

“It isn’t fair!” You sobbed; burying your face into his chest and, for once, there was no hesitation when he wrapped his arms around you. “It isn’t fair, it wasn’t your fault! Oh, sweet Merlin, I’m so sorry! You told me, you bloody told me and I’m, I’m, I’m so sorry!” He said nothing; just clung to you and you cried even harder.

“I’ll go with you,” you blubbered. “I’ll leave with you right now, NEWTs be damned! If you give me five minutes to pack, we could be in the Amazon before lunch.” Something warm settled in his chest at that and he managed to let out a watery little laugh and he nearly crushed you to him.

“Don’t be ridiculous,” he whispered, “you’re the ‘Brightest Witch in Britain’, remember? You can’t throw it away for, for some guy.”

You pulled away, eyes bright unshed tears and you cupped his cheek; pulling him down so your foreheads were touching.

“You aren’t just some guy.” You argued and the fierce determination in your voice scared him. “You’re Newton Artemis Fido Scamander. You’re brilliant and clever and loyal and I’d choose you over some dumb test any day.”

He could feel his face burn and he was quick to pull you in again if only to hide his blush.

In the end, he convinced you to stay, but only after you made him promise to come back after graduation.

The two of you kept in close contact, but it was still a shock when he saw your smiling face on the front of the “Prophet”. The headline that followed not so much.

Genius of the Century?

Miss (F/n) (L/n) has seemingly done the impossible; she is one of the few students to receive all Outstandings on her NEWTs, the first since Professor Albus Dumbledore himself.

The young Ravenclaw is quite popular among her peers as well and is known not only for her wit but for her daring when flying for the Ravenclaw quidditch team.

In an exclusive one on one, Miss (L/n) told reporters that she plans on traveling with a friend after graduation. When pressed for details, the teenager promptly blushed and changed the subject…”

His heart did a strange little dance at that and his face felt hot as he drank his tea.

You crash into him in a flurry of black and blue and bronze and your pretty (e/c) eyes sparkled as he wrapped his arms around your waist.

“I’ve missed you.” You said and he laughs nervously; very aware of your chest pressed against him and the way his hands were resting on the curve of your hip. Merlin, when did you get so beautiful?

“I’ve, I’ve missed you too.”

The smile you gave him was breathtaking and he wanted to kiss you. He really, really wanted to kiss you.

To this day, he still kicks himself for not doing so.

You smelled like peaches and he nuzzled your hair as the two of you huddled beneath the small cliffside. He’d be lying if he said he didn’t cherish these moments when nature demanded the two of you huddle together for warmth or protection.

Still, the way you were shivering was concerning and his fingers trembled as he fumbled with his buttons. The look you gave him when he opened up his coat and gestured for you to crawl in close was incredulous and he faltered, cheeks turning red from embarrassment, but before he could backpedal and apologize, you threw yourself forward and buried your face into his chest.

His grin was so wide it hurt.

Pickett did not like you. At all. The little bowtruckle hissed and spat whenever you were near and no matter what Newt did, he couldn’t get him to stop.

Deep down, he knew the real reason why the little creature was so against your presence, but that meant analyzing thoughts and feelings he was too scared to confront.

Instead, he just shrugged and said “attachment issues”.

“Newt,” your voice was soft, but he tensed despite the gentleness.

“Yes, (Y/n)?” He knew what you were going to say and he knew that you were right, but that didn’t mean he had to like it.

“You have to let him go.”

Your hands were on his shoulders, giving him an affectionate squeeze and he turned around in his seat so he could rest his head on your stomach.

“I know.”

Fingers combed through his hair as he cried and Pickett made no noise of complaint as you held him.

“Welcome to New York,” the immigration agent said, “enjoy your honeymoon.”

Newt blushed and you giggled; tightening your grip on his arm.

“We will, thank you.”

Newt made no attempt to take his limb back and you didn’t seem inclined to let go despite passing through security and having no need to keep up the charade.

Monster Factory creations ranked by power

Rank: D

While very weak and lacking any good combat skills, Squirtle has great speed, accuracy, and potential to become stronger which prevents him from being an F

Rank: A

A cyborg cat mimicking the popular orange cartoon cat with extreme acrobatic, fighting capability, control over the internet, and no known weakness (besides Mondays), however he is far more focused on lasagna jpegs than actually fighting

Rank: C

Completely average in any way, the only advantage any of them have is in social situations and hierarchy (Special agent and a business man)

Rank: A

Similar to G.A.R.F.I.E.L.D. D-Bomb sports extreme physical strength, extreme agility, and is unkillable, however unlike G.A.R.F.I.E.L.D. D-Bomb is a remorseless kill far more focused on destruction and chaos than lasagna

Rank: B

An extraordinary wrestler created as a clone of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, while a mutated monster of the original he is far more powerful than the original

Rank: S

Possessed by an eldritch god, Truck has mutated far beyond what he once was, continuing to spread, an unstoppable being

Rank: C

A combination of Angela Lansbury and dinosaur DNA allows Dino-Lansbury to reign at C rank, while the average old person lies within the D rank, other than her hybrid body there is nothing extraordinary about her besides that her body is able to produce jam by eating fruit

Rank: D

Other than his shape shifting powers and sturdy body, the Boy-Mayor is very weak as he lives the mayor life, using his words over his fists, however due to his position as the mayor of Second Life, one should not confront him for various reasons

Rank: C

The strongest C rank on the list, while very acrobatic and powerful, his lack of using guns is what holds him back, however he shows much potential to continue without guns, he does have great influence over others as he was able to fully ban guns securing his spot as the strongest C rank

Rank: A

With extreme physical strength, extreme agility, knowledge of all existing spells, and the ability to clone himself and others, Chiquita Dave is the only creature able to fight with G.A.R.F.I.E.L.D. and D-Bomb with both strength and numbers

Rank: S

An indestructible god capable of altering reality around her to the point of affecting other worlds, the strongest monster of them all, far more powerful than Truck, G.A.R.F.I.E.L.D., D-Bomb, and Chiquita Dave

Rank: F

It’s just Bart Simpson, anyone can beat Bart in a fight

Rank : B

Alone Randy is still a B and PanPan would be a simple D due to his weak body, however together they make and amazing team with Randy Johnson’s throwing capabilities and PanPan’s small body and pointed head, together they make a solid B rank

Rank: D

A small weak creature heavily affected by vaping, severely limiting her abilities

Rank: ?

Due to his limited screen time it is unknown how powerful he truly is, it is estimated he would be within the range of a high C to a mid B

Rank: B

A fairly strong beings, able to wield magic and the Steve Harvey Shield, the #Noid his a mid or even a high B rank, while able to collect Final Pam souls, this does not affect his rank

Rank: B

Almost as powerful as Dwayne “The Pebble” Johson, what Jorstin lacks in head durability he makes up for in rudeness and Honky Tonk mans

Rank: C

A weak C rank, low skill level at everything he tries, the very few fights he can win are against weaker opponents or by the skin of his teeth, good at shouting

Rank: C

Only remarkable things about Totino’s is his connection to the Boy-Mayor of Second Life and the ability to summon pizzas of varying sizes

Rank: B

A somewhat skilled Sly Cooper cosplaying warrior, proficient with a pole and at kicking people

Rank: D

Although he looks powerful, he is terrible at the king’s game: jolf

Rank: B

A very physically strong crime stopper that will stop at nothing to eat crime in the most nonviolent way possible, such as sending criminals to Dairy Queen

Rank: B

The successor to dogs, Jaa’m is superior to them in every way

Rank: B

Having the power of all of the Shrek movies combines, Shreck is a powerful creature on par with Jaa’m

Rank: B

An off shoot of the Shreck species, however they have not evolved to be a strong as the current Shreck line

Rank: B

A second subspecies of the Shreck line, usually found around Shrecks

Rank: A

Being the daughter of the legendary Final Pam and Parappa the Rapper Turbo Vicki is an extraordinary being, master at all sports and an unstoppable creature, even death can not stop her as she will reincarnate as her daughter

Rank: F

Dick Cheney is a weak old man who is terrible at sports

Langst! More Langst!

Keith lunged toward Lance once more, pinning him for the third time in two minutes. Their sparring matches usually ended in Keith’s victory, but never this quickly.

“Come on, Lance; you’re not even trying,” he prodded. Lance’s grimace (the one he’d been sporting all day, Keith had noticed) turned into an outright scowl at Keith’s jab.

“Sorry,” he said flippantly, “I’m distracted. And tired. Can I be done with this for the day?” Shiro looked surprised when Lance turned toward him, but before he could answer, Keith was interrupting.

“Seriously? You’re just ‘done with this for the day?’” 

Lance bristled. “I wasn’t asking you.”

“You know why we train, right?” Keith pressed. 

“Keith, knock it off,” Shiro grumbled, but Keith didn’t stop his assault. 

“It’s because what we do is important. So whatever you’ve got that’s distracting you, whatever girl turned you down at the space mall or whatever conditioner you ran out of, you need to forget about it so you can focus on your actual responsibility to the universe for once.”

“Well, I’m sorry; not all of us just have this one big responsibility to the fucking universe,” Lance snapped in a terrifying quiet tone. “Can I not be cut a little bit of slack on the one day that I can’t stop thinking about the responsibility I was pulled away from?”

Keith looked shocked, his mouth falling open for a moment. Lance sighed and rubbed his face tiredly. 

“What are you talking about?”

“Look, I’m sorry. I just–I’m stressed out. Can I just go back to my room?” Lance asked.

“No,” Shiro replied, “Tell us what you meant. What other responsibilities are you talking about?” Lance often felt homesick, Shiro knew, but he had always thought it was missing the comforts of home–not some kind of fear of what he had left behind.

Lance hesitated. “I mean, my mom is back on Earth, raising six children alone, and the next oldest one is my little sister, and she’s only 14.”

Shiro softened. “I’m sorry,” he replied, “I had no idea. But you know they’re fine, right? You mom was on her own with them while you were at Garrison, wasn’t she?”

“Well yeah,” Lance admitted, “but that’s the problem. That school is expensive, and it took almost all of our savings money. I was supposed to start working over the summer as a cargo pilot and eventually get a full time piloting job to cover the expenses, but now I’m here, and they’re on Earth with all my debt and loans on one income. My sister is supposed to start looking at schools this year, but without my loans paid off, she’s not going to have any options. She’s just going to have to get a job, and that’s–I just can’t–today is–” he trailed off, but Pidge knew what he was trying to say.

“The deadline for Garrison applications,” she finished. Lance nodded, not taking his eyes off the floor. 

“Mi hermanita would have made a really great pilot,” he near-whispered, smiling sadly, “way better than me. And she’s not going to get to be one. Because I’m here defending the universe. So, yeah,” he looked back up at Keith with tears shimmering in his eyes, “I know this is my one big duty. And I know it comes with sacrifices, and I’ve made them all willingly. But I just–my sister shouldn’t have to, right? She doesn’t get to go to flight school because of her brother, who she probably thinks is dead anyway? I’m trying, but I just–today I need a little slack.” He set his bayard down on the ground and turned away. “I’m done with this for the day,” he said as he went back to his room. No one stopped him this time.

The signs as sports anime

Aries: The Prince of Tennis

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Taurus: One Outs

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Gemini: Initial D

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Cancer: Free

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Leo: Baby Steps

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Virgo: Air Gear

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Libra: Ace of Diamond

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Scorpio: Prince of Stride

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Sagittarius: Kuroko no Basket

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Capricorn: Yuri!!! on Ice

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Aquarius: Yowamushi Pedal

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Pisces: Haikyuu

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kagehina as b-boys (for hq 69min on twitter) | (dance AU)

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Okay, let's be real. If anyone is going to succeed in getting them together it's going to be Luffy and it's going to be an accident - Cadalie

Little idiot probably either trips into one and sends them crashing into the other, or plays a game of truth or dare and dares Riskua to kiss Ace. (Much to Sanji'a fury despite the fact he has no idea who this Ace is, other than he’s unworthy). It’s weeks and weeks until they meet up with Ace, but Riskua marches right up to him and just lays one on him, no explanation whatsoever.
Any hesitance in him is gone; Riskua made the pitch so Ace is gonna go after that gone run with everything he has now that the ball’s in his court.