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Poetry recs? Like your absolute absolute favourites

Okay these are the ones that made me die a little

PSA Gaster Speed Paint
A speed paint of Gaster from the Undertale PSA AU To purchase Undertale go here - http://store.steampowered.com/app/391540/ To check out the song played in t...

I had a lot of fun drawing Gaster :> Also its supposed to say PTA in the link. Dunno why it didn’t change…

A story I wanted to share

Back way yonder when FFXV just came out (I don’t remember tbh I played for 30 hours straight) there’s a point in the game where you trail the trash in your car. I did what most people who tried to enjoy the game did, and tried to ram him. 

So no, I didn’t have anything super special like.. a turbocharger or anything fun. Noticed he’d speed up and I’d slow down anytime I got close. Well, hello guess what, game developer here. Did some nifty swerving and a little bit of hitbox grinding to try and coax the engine into letting me off-road or ram his bitch ass after all the bullshit that jerk put me through

So at the turn at the end of the road before you get to the Disc, he was going way too fast and had to pull some serious shit to get on the road. I was lined up. He was in my sights. I was ready to T-Bone him into chapter 14 without his knowledge. 

Turns out, his car has a specific kind of hitbox attached to it. Something like an anti-gravity field made of seething hatred and bullshit. I bounced off his car as he took off at light speed and I went over the railing into a ditch. 

So moral of the story, no, you can’t ram Ardyn’s fucking car. 

He did have some CHOICE SASS for my off-roading adventure though before the game over screen hit tho. 

(ノ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ノ︵┻┻ freakin game.