d speed

Commission for  up-incoming-Superstar Valtoprince! What if Sarah had a Stand like those flashy dudes from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure?

Stand Name: Smile Darn Ya Smile


This stand has the ability to temporarily give Sarah the powers and abilities of any 2-D animated character. It doesn’t work on 3D characters,though… 

Ooooh dear. The fight is on in earnest now.

This won’t end well. Not as well as I’m hoping for.

I’m really wondering why Greedling doesn’t just use the full-body Ultimate Shield, like he did against Edward in another life. His armored hands easily deflect the sword (that cut through a tank’s treads, mind). So if his entire body can be like that, why not?

A key reason OG Greed lost to Wrath in those sewers was because he simply didn’t get the chance to activate the shield. But Greedling had plenty of time to do just that before hopping down and provoking Wrath.

I’m… just going to tell myself that it makes him too heavy and slow. Yeah. (But honestly I’d trade speed for invincibility any day.)

I love this fan fiction so much it hurts. It’s the reason I’m able to go about my day (since I always get updates in the morning) and is the reason I can sleep well at night.

If you haven’t read it, then check it out on FF.net and go check out @tsume-yuki here on tumblr because she posts chapter previews and other pretty fan arts from fans and everything about it is just UGH so good!

I’m not saying this as advertisement, by the way. I genuinely do love everything about this woman author and her writing. It just gives me life and the inspiration to draw. <333