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Andromeda (D.R.A.M Special) from Super Deluxe Vinyl which will be released in August! 😍

Video from @gorillazexpresso 👊

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annadesu  asked:

Zuke's twitter is back, too! They still work at Cartoon Network, so I wonder if they asked them to run the Peridot twitter? Maybe we'll get new tweets leading up to the episodes on Memorial Day...

That’s fantastic news!

And I was wondering the same thing myself, with Lauren still working for CN they can continue to run Peridot’s Twitter in an official capacity :D  I do hope that you’re right about getting Tweets leading up to the Memorial Day special, that’d be awesome!  Here’s hoping~

anonymous asked:

Okay but would light be down to fuck?

Seeming Light is an Angel he is full of purity, so he wouldn’t be down to fuck. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t feel the urge, but it’d be a very special person to do it with. 

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if you could stop someone from committing suicide, what would u say

I’d tell them that Jesus loves them and what He wants for them and what He wants to do for them. I’d tell them how special they are and that they were created for a purpose. I’d tell them that I love them. I’d tell them as many good things about them that I could. I’d tell them that there is so much more to life when we live life with Jesus. I’d tell them that Jesus can take away any pain and any sorrow that bothers their heart. I’d tell them that death is not the answer or solution that they are looking for, I’d tell them that Jesus is the answer. I’d give them a big, warm, genuine hug filled with so much love.


Happy Halloween, everyone! Be safe (VERY IMPORTANT) and have fun~ <3

Harry Styles: Singer Opens Up About Famous Flings, Honest New LP
One Direction's Harry Styles goes deep on love, family and his heartfelt new solo debut in our revealing feature.

January 2016. There’s a bench at the top of Primrose Hill, in London, that looks out over the skyline of the city. If you’d passed by it one winter night, you might have seen him sitting there. A lanky guy in a wool hat, overcoat and jogging pants, hands thrust deep into his pockets. Harry Styles had a lot on his mind. He had spent five years as the buoyant fan favorite in One Direction; now, an uncertain future stretched out in front of him. The band had announced an indefinite hiatus. The white noise of adulation was gone, replaced by the hushed sound of the city below.

The fame visited upon Harry Styles in his years with One D was a special kind of mania. With a self-effacing smile, a hint of darkness and the hair invariably described as “tousled,” he became a canvas onto which millions of fans pitched their hopes and dreams. Hell, when he pulled over to the side of the 101 freeway in L.A. and discreetly threw up, the spot became a fan shrine. It’s said the puke was even sold on eBay like pieces of the Berlin Wall. Paul McCartney has interviewed him. Then there was the unauthorized fan-fiction series featuring a punky, sexed-up version of “Harry Styles.” A billion readers followed his virtual exploits. (“Didn’t read it,” comments the nonfiction Styles, “but I hope he gets more than me.”)

But at the height of One D–mania, Styles took a step back. For many, 2016 was a year of lost musical heroes and a toxic new world order. For Styles, it was a search for a new identity that began on that bench overlooking London. What would a solo Harry Styles sound like? A plan came into focus. A song cycle about women and relationships. Ten songs. More of a rock sound. A bold single-color cover to match the working title: Pink. (He quotes the Clash’s Paul Simonon: “Pink is the only true rock & roll colour.”) Many of the details would change over the coming year – including the title, which would end up as Harry Styles – but one word stuck in his head.

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You think you’re hot stuff just because you’re a Yonko’s right hand man...
but Luffy’s the man who’s gonna become pirate king! In other words...
his hunger is absolutely limitless! - Nami The Queen

On May 10th 2016, the Alolan starters Rowlet, Litten,& Popplio were officially revealed!

i’m trying to learn how to be okay with being second. i tell myself at least you text me even if you text him first. i tell myself that i can fit all of my problems on the head of a pin, not having a best friend is hardly big enough to qualify as one of them. i tell myself that it’s easier this way anyway; i tell myself i’m busy with life and work or figuring out my shit. it’s just that sometimes i get lonely and i can’t really put my finger on why. it’s just that when it’s two in the morning i have no one to text about the nightmares. nobody wants to hear about them. it’s just i’d like to be special once. i know that’s selfish. but i feel like if i forgot to scoop myself out of bed and rotted here instead nobody would notice i didn’t show up. i feel like nobody cares if i show up. isn’t that terrible of me. isn’t that fucked up.


Luffy’s outfits through the series 

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