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“When I was at Oxford University I used to break into balls. Like fancy balls. It was great! So there’d be a ball coming, where the college would be shut off and everyone would buy their over expensive tickets and regalia. We’d find out what the wristbands were and essentially would forge. One ball they had a yellow laminated wristband so we then went shopping for folders- you know with the laminated bits? We’d strip off that section and cut it into the thickness of the bands and would flash them at the bouncers.” – Alfred Enoch


Continued from the possible game ending where Josh gets possessed 

while considering these points below:
- There are no clean cut rules to the lore of Wendigo other than the fact that it is often believed to be some sort of curse or spirit possession.
- I found some vague writings on both successful and failed exorcism of Wendio.   

So I think there is a great room for survival scenarios like this while
keeping it relevant to the official cannon.

I imagine that Josh’s parents would do everything in their power to salvage the last child they have left. They probably won’t tell Josh the whole truth
but I think he is smart enough to put things together and have a vague
idea about Wendigos and his cannibalism.

As for whether Josh is completely free of Wendigo or not and occurrence of occasional violent fits is yet to be imagined.

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so yes.. this is my head-cannon and the longer comic post I promised.. 
Because he deserves better.

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i enjoy the idea that the heatsink can conjure ice and snow straight from the ether, but they can’t make it go away once it’s been materialized, it would have to melt in real time. so the stinger after they’ve gotten their butt kicked is them being told the first step of improving their reputation now is to help clean up the mess they made, and they’re like “what the hell do you expect me to do”
and then it just cuts to them standing in the middle of a glacier’d section of the city slowly waving a hairdryer around with a deadpan expression and there’s no music or sound effects except for the gentle hum of the hairdryer.

Moriel Bookstore AU Part 1

Okay friends so this is my *first* time writing fan fiction. I write a lot of fiction thats 100% my own but I’ve never been into writing fanfic until I had this idea! Basically Az works at a bookshop and Mor is obsessed with him and doesn’t know how to ask him out. Amren plays the part of the match maker. Let me know what you think! 


Mor tucked her hair behind her ears and peered out around the tall oak bookcase hesitantly.


He wasn’t there. Not even lurking behind the counter.

She sighed heavily and returned to her seat in the corner of the fiction section. She’d been haunting the store for weeks since she’d met him. It’s not like she was a stalker or anything. She just had his entire work schedule memorized and had become friends with all the other employees. But she always bought something when she came in. Her best friend Feyre devoured books like they were chocolate and Mor had given her more than a few presents in the last weeks.

“He’s not here yet you know,” Amren, the shop owner said. “He starts at four instead of two today.”

Mor blushed a deep pink and Amren quirked a black brow at her.

“I don’t know who you mean by he,” Mor said primly.

“Oh please. You’re like a little girl with her first crush. It’s written all over your face,” Amren said, not smiling. Most people were utterly unnerved by Amren, who had the personality of a fire breathing dragon, but she and Mor got along quite well.

“Azriel is my first crush,” Mor grumbled. “Or least the first real one.”

Amren’s features softened, just for a moment.

“You know you could have any guy you wanted. Cassian would jump at the chance.”

“Oh Cass and I are just friends. And he gives the best book recommendations,” Mor said waving her hands.

“And he’s devastatingly handsome,” Cassian said as he breezed by with a pile of book boxes. He was tall and strong–built like a linebacker but with a dancer’s grace. He made a perfect stockboy and also drew an adoring, loyal crowd of customers with his devilish good looks.

The bell to the back door of the shop dinged as it opened. Mor sat straight up in her seat and began to worry the edge of her silk top.

Then she felt the air change. The shadows in the room became darker. She shuddered.

“Ah Az, so nice of you to join us,” Amren said, snapping her fingers. Mor caught her eyes and saw a wicked gleam in them.

“It’s 3:59,” Az said. “I’m not late.”

“No you aren’t. But I have a special job for you today,” Amren said gesturing at Mor.

Azriel looked at Mor. She was just as blonde and beautiful as the first time she’d walked into the store. He thought it was a little weird that she came in every day but Amren seemed to like her and she always bought things. And his friend Rhysand only had kind things to say about her. Azriel broke the world down into two categories of people: those with whom he actively avoided contact and those who he didn’t mind. He supposed she fell into the latter category. Along with Rhys, and Cassian, and Feyre. Amren was okay most of the time too.

“Elaborate,” he said blandly.

“Morrigan is one of our most loyal customers. She needs gift recommendations. Christmas is around the corner, Az, and everyone on her list needs a book. Help her,” Amren said, hissing the last two words.

“Christmas is a month–

“Some people like to plan,” Mor piped up. “I like to be prepared.” She was secretly mortified that Amren was forcing them together but she wasn’t going to let a golden opportunity slip through her fingers.

Azriel gave her a small smile. She beamed back at him.

“Az. You will help her,” Amren said, her voice like a whip.

Azriel nodded.

“Good. No one gives out better book recs than you do. And Mor is such a lovely girl. You’ll make a fine couple,” Amren said, flashing them both a smile and then walking away.

Mor turned an even brighter shades of pink. Az crept into the shadow of the bookcase in an attempt to hide.

“I, uh, I don’t know what she meant by couple really,” Mor said. “I’m sure she just meant we’d work well together. Not that we’re really working together or anything just that I really do need your help picking books and I think–

“It’s okay. Amren does as she pleases,” Azriel said, hoping he was putting her at ease. He wasn’t good at that. He wasn’t good at people and talking to them and he certainly wasn’t good at girls.

She smiled back at him as brightly as if he’d asked her to marry him. What? Where had that thought come from? Az shook his head.

“So I really just need books for  Feyre and Rhys because well, I don’t know what Rhys has told you but I don’t really get on with most of my family. But I guess I also need a present for Cassian and Amren and you know, my tennis coach and that barista at Starbucks,” Mor said awkwardly.

“Why do you need a gift for Cassian?” Az asked before he could stop himself.

“I don’t! I totally don’t. Just Rhys and Feyre!”

“Well I mean if you want to give Cass a gift go ahead but I just think you should know that sometimes he can be an unmitigated ass,” Azriel said.

“Hey! I heard that!” Cass said from the other room.

Mor grimaced.

“I…honestly…don’t have that many people to shop for. I don’t have a lot of, you know, close friends,” she said, thinking of all the people who she liked but never let herself get close to.

“Neither do I,” Az said, hoping to make her feel better. “But why would Amren ask me to help you if you don’t need it?

“I don’t–”

She sighed. She was so so tired of this. Tired of hanging around the bookstore. Tired of waiting for him to notice her. Tired of being turned into a person she didn’t even recognize because she liked some stupid guy.

“I do know, actually. She was trying to help me out. See, I’ve had this huge– embarrassingly huge–crush on you for weeks. Since I met you at Rhysand’s birthday. And I’ve been too afraid to talk to you because well, you’re sort of intimidating and I’m well…I’m me. So I know it’s crazy, I know you’d never like me like that but I just–”

What?” Azriel all but yelled. “You don’t think I’d like you?”

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“Brom held Morzan in such high esteem, he allowed Morzan to belittle him, order him about, and otherwise treat him shamefully. Brom loved Morzan as a brother, despite his behavior. It was only once Morzan betrayed the Riders to Galbatorix and the Forsworn killed Saphira, Brom’s dragon, that Brom realized the true nature of Morzan’s character. As strong as Brom’s affection for Morzan had been, it was like a candle before an inferno compared with the hatred that replaced it.

BTS Jin AU ‘Wake Me Up Inside’

A/N: Here I go experimenting again. I’m thinking of doing a series of each member being in a different supernatural/mythological setting. It will probably be more sporadic than the Bodyguards but I hope you guys like it. <3


Museums had always been a sanctuary for you. They were quiet and filled with beautiful things. A perfect environment in your opinion. You’d never been much of a fan the contemporary movement so most of your time was spent in the classical wing. Some days you’d wander the whole section. Others a certain painting or sculpture would draw you in with its siren call. It wasn’t unheard of for you to spend hours immersed in a single painting, lost in each brushstroke and what it portrayed.

And while the allure of the art pulled at you it also made you feel like you were a step out of time. Anachronistic in your own life. What else were you to feel when the things that spoke to you most were relics, proof of lives that had long since scattered to the wind.

It was sort of like your own life. You did what you were supposed to do as a responsible member of society, whatever that meant. But there was an undeniable absence of passion. Like you were living half a life and waiting for everything to turn to dust along with all the rest. At least being at the museum you felt less lonely, surrounded by echoes of the past. Their only means of surviving the years had been the emotions they invoked in others and something about that resonated with you.

Lately your favorite had been a marble statue. It wasn’t depicting a moment caught in the heat of battle or a lovers’ tryst, merely a man standing in a flowing tunic and sandals. Nonetheless it was glorious. A true masterpiece of craftsmanship with intricate detail and flawless in its execution. From its masculine yet cherubic face to the lines of musculature in the arms. It seemed so real. In the past if you were entranced by a certain piece of art it would fade after a day. But not so with the sculpture. It seemed to have its own gravity that relentlessly tugged at the center of your being.

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Roman Gold ‘Fortune Favors The Brave’ Brooch, - 4th Century AD

A gold crossbow brooch with hollow hexagonal-section crossbar, three onion-shaped bulbs, openwork scrolled plaques flanking the deep triangular-section bow, rectangular footplate with openwork scooped edges; hinged pin and D-section catchplate to the reverse; with possibly a later inscription to the bow in seriffed capitals 'FORTIBVS / FORTVNA FAV’ (for Fortuna favet fortibus 'Fortune favors the brave’).

For the Greeks and Romans fortune was more than just a concept and she was imagined as a goddess that you needed to keep on your side in case she turned against you. In Greece she was called Tyche and was believed to be the protector of cities across the Mediterranean, most famously depicted in the statue of the Tyche of Antioch which became the model for all other Greek cities. As well as affecting the fortune of entire cities the goddess also watched over individuals and images of her were popular in the shrines each household usually had.

The Roman Fortuna was originally a fertility deity and due to contact with the Greeks she eventually took on the roles of the Greek goddess. At her sanctuary in Praeneste, a short distance from Rome, she was worshipped in a temple built on the model of the great Hellenistic royal palaces, where her primary role was the protector of newborn children. She is commonly depicted standing and holding a cornucopia, representing the abundance of good luck she could bring, and a rudder with which she could steer the course of an individuals life. She was commonly associated with the Imperial family and she was prayed to for the continued prosperity of the Emperor, and thus of the Empire as a whole.

Animal of the Week: Alexandria

Name: Alexandria

Species: Guanlong wucaii

Description: Guanlong is an early relative of Tyrannosaurus. It is a proceratosaurid, the earliest major tyrannosauroid lineage, and Guanlong is among the first known. Like other early tyrannosauroids, it’s a fairly small and lithe animal. It has fairly large arms relative to larger tyrannosauroids, but bears other hallmarks of the group, such as teeth that are D-shaped in cross-section. Guanlong has a large crest on the top of its head - fragile and narrow, it is used for display. At three meters (9-10 feet) long Guanlong is a small opportunistic predator - a known victim of predator traps, into which it was probably drawn by herbivorous elaphrosaurines.

Location: Alexandria is one of our Ambassador Animals. She can be found in the Aspiring Paleontological Prodigies Program wing of the Anning Paleontological Museum, though she sometimes makes appearances in special events.

Fun Fact: Alexandria will eat almost anything you give her - if it’s served to her on a turquoise plate. Part of her ambassador training involved training her to eat off a turquoise plate (by putting delicious, smellier food on it) to make it less likely that she’ll try anything else, such as fingers. We suggest people who interact with her try to cover any turquoise, just in case.

Personality: Alexandria is our only Guanlong. After hatching she imprinted on keeper Jeremy Cruz, and so he raised her off-exhibit. It was during this time that Alexandria’s highly docile and people-friendly nature compared to our other coelurosaurs showed itself. Once she reached an appropriate age, we began training her as an ambassador. Alexandria’s willingness to engage in training sessions made this easy.

She’s proven herself well-fit for the job. She’s highly people-tolerant and doesn’t stress easily near large groups. She’ll even (most of the time) allow people to feel her protofeathers! Of course all interactions are still closely monitored, and she’s overall calmer if Jeremy’s nearby, but if you treat her with respect, she’ll treat you with respect. Just, don’t touch the head crest. She hates that.

Alexandria mostly lives in a suite in the museum. Small groups at a time can come in for visits and demonstrations. She also sometimes makes appearances at demonstrations elsewhere, mostly in the Education Hub, and at special events, such as the annual dinner.

So I know I’ve made almost no progress with this, but the new Photoshop in my laptop is weirdly laggy when it comes to commands and switching between tools so it’s hard not to get frustrated. For a while I had the same problem with my old Photoshop but I CANT SEEM TO REMEMBER HOW I FIXED IT?!

anonymous asked:

Okay if there's a wait at the restaurant you're in and you want a certain server, don't say "2 for [server's name]" because I promise even if you're a regular I will forget and just assume that's your name. Just say "2 for [your name], and I'd like [server]'s section please." It's not rocket science.

my guide to easy chainmail!

okay so literally this is super easy and like, basically a three step process but enough people have asked me about it that i’ll just post the pictures i took during the process.

so basically i started off with this silver mesh fabric that i found in the bridal section, i’d link it but i can’t seem to find it. either way, something like it shouldn’t be too hard to find

then i gave it an allover light dusting of black spray paint for weathering, here are the pictures of the samples i did. left is with spray paint, right is without

here’s a picture of it hung up when i was painting the whole thing

then it’s all backed on wool, but it’d probably be fine not backed on anything too. but yeah, here’s something for anyone who doesn’t wanna deal with making real metal chainmail for whatever reason!

Patater Fic

Go Beside You (on Ao3)

Kent/Alexei (background Zimbits)


He paced the hospital corridor for at least twenty minutes, feeling like a fucking tool with a giant pink stuffed bunny shoved under one arm, and some balloons and shit because frankly he has no idea what to even get new parents and this situation is kind of weird. I mean, when his sister had a baby he got a stuffed duck and a bottle of rum, “For when the thing isn’t sucking out your human milk,” because he was trying to be an asshole. He also got her some ice packs because he heard that shoving a baby out hurt for weeks and his sister had put up with a lot of crap over the years so it was the least he could do.

But he was going into the room just for the baby, because the surrogate mother had already left the hospital and the baby—who’d come out c-section, had to stay for a few days. And what the hell did you get a thing that couldn’t do more than shit and cry and eat?

And really, he knew it was a little more than that. Because he loved being an uncle and he knew his sister was going to be really good at the parent thing. But babies were kind of an abstract concept. Kent liked the kids he coached during the pee-wee camps and everything, but they could talk and feed themselves and be reasoned with.

This was an infant.

And holy fucking shit this wasn’t just an infant. This was Zimm’s baby. This was…Jesus this was Zimm’s married and happy and starting a goddamn family.

He knew it was kind of weird the moment he hopped the plane, like he’d do anything other than fly across the country to meet the pinched-faced baby. And okay he did send a few chirps because they’d used Zimm’s dna for the kid and he’d seen Jack’s baby pictures plenty.

But oddly he was excited, and maybe a little sad because once upon a time this was everything he had let himself think about in the quiet of their shared hotel rooms back in the Q on roadies when he thought maybe it would all work out, and maybe Jack would love him back, and maybe it wouldn’t end in flames.

It had, though. And the going had been rough, but Jack was happy and Kent knew he’d stopped being in love with him a long time ago. Maybe it was just the idea that everyone was growing up and Kent was still in his ridiculously gauche apartment in Vegas with his too-big salary and his spoilt cat and literally nothing else to show for himself. Couple of Stanley Cups, yeah okay. Those were great.

But sitting by yourself eating fucking fruit loops out of your trophy sort of lacked some appeal when you could have this.

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