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The GOP thinks their health care bill is so great, they’re shielding themselves from it

  • Republicans appear close to reintroducing an Affordable Care Act replacement bill — legislation they apparently think is so good that they are protecting themselves from being impacted by it.
  • The new GOP-crafted bill would allow states to waive popular protections currently guaranteed in the ACA. 
  • Those protections include mandating that insurance plans cover so-called “Essential Health Benefits,” such as prescription drugs and hospitalization, as well as preventing insurance companies from charging Americans with pre-existing conditions more for coverage.
  • If passed, that means insurance companies could charge Americans with pre-existing conditions more for insurance plans that might not even cover the services they need.
  • However, the GOP’s new bill would not allow insurance companies to waive those protections for members of Congress and their staff
  • Members of Congress and their staff are currently required to purchase their health care coverage through the ACA exchanges under section 1312(d)(3)(D) of the ACA. Read more (4/26/17 8 AM)

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any advice for someone trying to write Cranscott for the first time?

Sure?? PFt, I’m slightly awful at writing advice and honestly my method for fanfic is write and pray all the characters are accurate. Movies and TV shows make it difficulte for me to pick up on personality sometimes. :P


Okay so some traits for Billy and Jason that are really essential to their character and could help you trying to write them:

  • Jason says Billy’s name a lot. It’s usually every other sentence and it’s very frequent/repetitive. I try to mix it up by putting his name at the beginning, middle and end of strings of dialogue so it feels more natural.
  • Billy is hyperverbal (ie: he rambles)
  • Billy also has a very linear mindset. He can easily multitask but he’s often very focused on one specific thing (see: him tricking Jason’s ankle monitor, him locating the crystal). When he rambles, you can tell he’s very focused on a certain topic so even it seems like he’s going on another tangent, he’s generally not.
  • Because Billy gets hyperfocused, it’s probably really easy (if you’re doing things from his POV) to ignore the going-ons outside of his focus. You can make small mentions to that kinda stuff though!
  • Jason is very protective of Billy! That’s kinda key.
  • Jason also seems to be the type to obsess on his failures. He failed to maintain his status on the football team, he failed to please his dad, he failed to keep Billy alive. He’s half-way pessimistic and likely has some anxiety issues.
  • Billy also has a shit sense of danger. He blew up his lunchbox, blew up a mountain, (unintentionally) drove into a train, danced on the edge of a cliff (Billy, no!!!!) and WALKED INTO THE MIDDLE OF TRAFFIC BC HE WAS FOLLOWING A MAP EXACTLY. Also he died. Noting that would and pairing it against Jason’s overprotective nature is pretty good because that’s where they clash.
  • Oh, Billy’s natural response in the group is to turn to Jason. I’ve only seen the movie once but if you’re focused, you notice that in most situations he turns to Jason, says his name or speaks to him. I think this is responsive of the fact that Billy is more comfortable with Jason than any of the rest of them.
  • Jason does cut Billy off when he rambles sometimes. This is really helpful to know when you’re writing Billy going on about something and you can’t quite figure out where to make it stop.
  • Jason is very empathetic. He cares a lot about his friends and other people.
  • Jason is also extremely risky and impulsive. Whereas Billy’s lack of danger tends to place him into situations by accident, Jason’s are usually self-inflicted (the opening scene, his slapping the bully w/o hesitation, running away from his house w/o thinking that MAYBE his parents might check on him, talking everyone into fighting Rita even though they hadn’t morphed yet).
  • Due to his autism, Billy struggles with social settings and social situations.
  • Billy is pretty easy-going. Jason is generally uptight.
  • BILLY CLAPS WHEN HE’S HAPPY. They tend to be very rapid and in sets of three. I’m not sure about other stims but you can always ask around or research if you’re not autistic yourself.

And just some personal thoughts/headcanons:

  • Billy strikes me as the kind of person who is both hyper-empathetic but heavily lacks it. I like to consider him in the basis lacking empathy towards individuals he doesn’t really know (he didn’t seem too bothered (except for mild shock) about the bully getting slapped or Rita getting slapped into space) and being overly empathetic to the world as a whole, to people he gives a shit about and inanimate objects (he seemed heavily pained when that bully snapped his pencils).
  • If Billy had told me that he was “on the spectrum”, I would’ve had no idea what he was talking about, even though I’ve been researching the crap out of autism for the last two or so years. This makes me think that Jason knows or has known someone with ASD beforehand because he understood and tried to make a joke of it. It could be likely that his parents tried to get him a diagnosis at some point but I level that Jason has some understanding or familiarity with autism for whatever reason.
  • I also think that Jason is fairly observant about other people’s behaviours and picks up on Billy’s quirks really quickly. He translates situations for Billy that he realizes Billy won’t or will struggle getting (things that seem too literal, certain jokes, sarcasm).
  • Billy is most likely to be nonplussed about a lot of “charged” situations that hold heavy meaning to people (like dates, sex, kissing) but assumes things from what knowledge he’s picked up.
  • To explain that, my general headcanon (if I write them as being established) is that Jason asks him to the movies once to see how Billy might react. Billy assumes it’s a date because it’s just him and Jason and the movies are “romantic” if it’s only two people. He then proceeds to assume that Jason is just slow-going and/or shy when he doesn’t get kissed after being dropped off home and continues to assume that they’re dating. His behaviour doesn’t change and neither does Jason’s but Billy doesn’t think that either one of them have to change, they’re just boyfriends and its that simple.
  • (Fun NSFW fact: I think Billy would be the first one to instigate sex between the two)

Okay, so that’s my ramblings? I hoped it helps in some way. 

It’s perfectly okay to look towards the fandom and ask people about their thoughts on your work or to read meta or other people’s posts and generate the characters from that if you’re stuck.

Just remember that your interpretations of the characters are completely valid, write what you’d want to read and have fun!!

So we were in band one time and the flutes were tuning, but they couldn’t quite get the D note to play correctly. My band director, in all seriousness, just says “Oh, you’re choking on the D”

The entire clarinet section erupts into laughter, me (an oboe) and the flutes were cringing so hard. He’s like “What? What’s so funny?”

Nobody told him


I was bored so I did a shining babies edition for the cam roll thingi…because aesthetic. 

Tongue-Tied And Oh So Squeamish

Pairing: Gerard Way x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary: Request fic for @geeksandfreaks6713.  “Can you do either a frank or gerard imagine where the reader has a stutter?”

A/N: I’m so sorry it took me so long to finish this. T_T

The shopkeeper eyed you as you entered the comic book store, making you nervous. Normally, you shopped at the store on the other side of town. But, they didn’t have the specific issue you were looking for, so your search had brought you here.

You scanned the shelves, walking past the Marvel and D.C. sections. There were some great comic books, but not the one you were looking for.

Maybe they don’t have it,  you thought with a frown. I might have to order it online.

“Can I help you find something?” asked a voice behind you, and you jumped. It was the shopkeeper. He was a burly, intimidating man.

“Y-y-y–yes,” you stammered. “I’m l-l-l-looking f-for….”

“Geez,” the shopkeeper interrupted, rolling his eyes. “Can’t you talk normal?”

“S-s-s-sorry,” you mumbled as you stared down at the ground, cheeks burning. Your speech impediment was so embarrassing, and people could be so rude about it.

“Spit it out, kid,” the shopkeeper barked. “I ain’t got all day. What comic book do you want?”

“I w-w-w-want issue o-o-one of….”

“Of fucking what?” the shopkeeper snapped, and you flinched.

A man in a beanie, who had been browsing the horror comics, set down the volume he’d been thumbing through and walked over to you.

“Hey,” he said, glaring at the shopkeeper, “why are you yelling at this girl?”

“This fake geek girl can’t even talk,” the shopkeeper explained. “I’m trying to figure out what the hell she wants, but if it’s going to take her ten minutes to get a sentence out, I got better things to do.”

“Great customer service you got there, buddy,” the man said sarcastically. His tone became gentle as he turned to you.

“Hi,” he introduced, smiling softly. “My name’s Gerard. I’m a huge nerd, so I hang out here a lot. I pretty much know where everything is. So, if you want to tell me what you need, I promise I’ll help you better than this jerk could.”

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Fall From Grace - Ch.1

Drama / Angst / Romance /

Five years ago, you were on top of the world. But, the people at the top could only stay at the top so for long. 

But the moment he looked up, you felt your stomach turn. Your fingers began to feel slick against the metal tray, and if it wasn’t for the tight grip you had on it, it would’ve clattered onto the floor.

“How’s the final project going?” Baekhyun asked.

He was in front of the mirror, fixing his tie. It had to be perfect, with a manager like great ol’ Pauline, every intricate detail visible to the human eye had to be immaculate. That woman and her rules were certainly infuriating but, hey, you needed the job.  

“It’s a mess,” You said, as you slotted your stocking covered feet into the heels. “I’ve made the rough draft but the thing looks hideous so I might have to start again.”

“Good luck.”

“I need it.”  you peered into your own mirror and tucked any straying strands of hair around your ears. “How does the hair look?” You asked him.

“Good enough,”  he’d glanced at your hair for less than a second.

You groaned, “I spent an hour going over the fucking swoop. It should be perfect.”

“Why’d you need a swoop anyways?” He asked as he closed the door on his locker.

“Pauline. What’d ya think? She rounded up the female servers and told us from now on we wear a fucking swoop, says it looks classier, more refined” You recited, mimicking her nasally voice.

“Gotta love Pauline,” He looked down at this watch. “Are you done? We need to be down now.”

You slipped the blazer on and fastened the buttons then closed your locker. “Ok I’m done, let’s go before she has us hung.”

You followed Baekhyun’s hurried steps into the ‘employee only’ hallways and through to doors that separated the servers from the diners. A clear separation of the classes, you thought. The goers of Guardian were all rich and poised people, you could see it in the way they sat and ordered whatever their hearts desired. You’d been there once, well for most of your life really.

“I’m taking section D,” Baekhyun said.

His voice snapped you out of reverie and you were suddenly drowned into the business of the restaurant floor. The other serves were whizzing around the floor, ordering drinks and holding metal trays.

You noticed that section D was, in fact, the slowest, especially when compared to section B. Section D, housed the odd couple here and there but Section B, the section reserved for large groups was flooded with businessmen, the ones who’d come to the Guardian for company dinners. After a couple of drinks, you could just imagine the comments that would be flying from their mouths. Of course you’d have to grin and bear it.

You stared at him with wide eyes, “No way. You do section B and then we’ll swap. Please.”

He grinned as he waltzed past you and towards Section D. Traitor, you thought.

You dragged your feet towards section D, You’d been close to wandering off to table 12 and asking them how they were finding their meal, but by satan’s grace, a man on table 14 shot their hand up. You could’ve pretended not to see his hand, but your eyes did meet.

Stretching a customer service perfect smile on your face, you swivelled towards Table 14. “Hello Gentlemen, How may I be off assistance?”

The man, who seemed to be quite young considering how fitted is suit was looked towards the table, “We’re ready to order.” He said.

You took out your notepad and paper from your blazer pocket, “What will it be gentlemen?”

“No, we should wait for Mr Park,” One of them piped up, his face was slightly older but it was probably the glasses that aged him.

“He’s stuck in traffic,” Another one said, clearly annoyed by the prospect of dinner being pushed back further.

“Still, we should wait,” Glasses said, giving the other an icy glare. “It won’t look well if we begin ordering without him.”

“Would you perhaps like to order drinks instead?” You piped up before an uproar could start. “I’ll be back to take your order when the gentleman you’re waiting for arrives.”

The three men looked at each other, subtly agreeing and disagreeing through sharp glares and furrowed eyebrows.

“We’d like that,” Glasses finally said breaking the silence.

“Alright then,” you breathed a sigh of relief, a confrontation was avoided. “Here at Guardian, we have an extensive selection of wines and other alcohols as well as still drinks. Our elite selection can be seen in our beverages section of our menus.”

If Pauline could hear your speech right now, she’d be proud and folding her arms in her too small blazers.

The youngest of the bunch looked to you, the twinkle and smile of his clearly were saying more than should be. You could already see the string of women he had wrapped by his pinkie. “What would you recommend miss?”

At his words, Glasses sighed. “We’ve just sat down.”

You looked down at your notepad, in an attempt to deflect the heat was constructing an uprising on your face.

The youngest turned to Glasses, face gleaming with a rich boy smirk. “Kyungsoo, I was simply asking the young miss what she’d recommend. It’s called courtesy. You should learn to value a woman’s opinion.”

“You’re insufferable,” Kyungsoo spat and shook his head.

The youngest turned his attention back to you, “So, what would you recommend?”

You cleared your throat, “I’d recommend the Meritage, it’s a fine wine that will be perfect for any meal.”

“Meritage it is then,” He said.

You nodded then noted down his order. Next you turned to the other guy, hopefully, he won’t be flirty like Youngest over there.

“What will you be having Sir?”

“I’ll have a bourbon with ice,” He said.

You thanked the gods his order was simple.

“What about you Sir?”

“A glass of pinot grigio, please,” Kyungsoo said.  

You nodded, “I’ll be right back with your orders.”

You tucked your notepad and pen into your shirt pocket and walked to the bar.  You rung the bell to get Zitao’s attention. The man popped up from under the bar holding an ice bucket in his hand. His usually sharp and stony face was etched with annoyance.

“Can you wait a sec, I need to sort the ice out,” he said.

“Fine, but hurry it. I’ve got some business schumks over there,” you said. “They’re not the waiting type.”

“Yeah, but, lemme just finish this,” he said.

“I know,” you said.

Zitao ducked under the bar and after a few minutes, he came back up. “What’s the order?”

You slipped your notepad out, “Uh, a glass of Meritage, a Bourbon with ice and a Pinot Grigio.”  

He wiped his hands on a towel, “alright, just wait a sec. wait, what table number is it?”

You looked down at your pad, “Section B, table 14.”

You fiddled with your nail polish as Zitao grabbed glasses and filled them up with the beverages. Watching Zitao work over the bar was always a calming moment to the hectic restaurant life. The longer you watched him the more you wanted to bartend as well, heaven knows that you could never shake a drink and not expect it to come flooding across the floor.

“Alright, here’s one Pinot, Meritage and Bourbon,” he said as he placed the drinks onto the metal tray.

You took the tray into your hand, “Thank you!”

He raised his eyebrows in acknowledgement but didn’t say a word. that’s just Zitao was, he wasn’t cold but certainly a man of few words.

You turned away from the bar and towards section B. You noticed that the gentleman who’d been late had arrived, well, he wasn’t there per say but his presence was marked with a dark blue blazer splayed out on top of the chair that had been left for his arrival. As you neared the table, each of the men looked up from their devices and eyed the drinks with relief.

“Here’s your Meritage sir,” you said as you placed the glass by the youngest side.

“Thank you, Darling,” He said.

You covered your shiver with a grin. You turned towards Kyungsoo, who had been shaking his head at Youngest. “Here’s your Pinot Grigio sir.”

“Thank you,” Kyungsoo replied.

You turned to glasses, “Here’s your Bourbon sir.”

“Thank you,” He said.

“Should I wait for your companion to come back,” You gestured towards the blazer.

Kyungsoo nodded. “Please do, he’ll be out in a second.”

“Here he is,” Youngest said whilst looking towards the hallway that led to the bathrooms.

You didn’t see his face at first, due to the fact he was looking down at the sleeves of his shirt. But the moment he looked up, you felt your stomach turn. Your fingers began to feel slick against the metal tray, and if it wasn’t for the tight grip you had on it, it would’ve clattered onto the floor. Although you hadn’t seen him for a good five years, you couldn’t deny it. It was him.

Judging by the way he’d stalled in his tracks, he’d noticed you too and of course, recognised you. You could imagine the shock as he stared at the woman who’d once lived in the lap of luxury wearing a waitress uniform. You wanted to burn in your shoes.

“You two know each other?” Kyungsoo said.


Ok so here is the first chapter. I wrote this chapter ages ago and never really got down to finishing it, because of time and motivation.

I actually used to have another scenario account on here, and I’d begun a series on there but I only posted the first chapter…but then I deleted the account. For that series, I have written 5 chapters for that one so in the future I just might post it. We’ll see…


“Brom held Morzan in such high esteem, he allowed Morzan to belittle him, order him about, and otherwise treat him shamefully. Brom loved Morzan as a brother, despite his behavior. It was only once Morzan betrayed the Riders to Galbatorix and the Forsworn killed Saphira, Brom’s dragon, that Brom realized the true nature of Morzan’s character. As strong as Brom’s affection for Morzan had been, it was like a candle before an inferno compared with the hatred that replaced it.


Officially 22 now.

I can’t even focus on being happy about my birthday.. I’m still shaking from the hype. 😭💜

BTS WINGS Tour in Manila Summary:
1. Namjoon is Perfect
2. Seokjin is Perfect
3. Yoongi is Perfect
4. Hoseok is Perfect
5. Taehyung is Perfect
6. Jungkook is Perfect
7. & Jimin…*sobs* is so damn PERFECT it can’t be put into words. we made eye contact for 0.2 seconds & my heart is still shook.

Beauty and the Beast: Spies AU (BellexAdam)

Belle is a recently hired agent for the agency known as Section D. She accepts the job offer for the sense of adventure, to help others, and to follow her mother’s footsteps, who was once a spy for the agency. At first, it seems great with meeting fellow agents and power couple, Lumière and Plumette, and higher ups, Cogsworth and Mrs. Potts. However, this changes as Belle gets her first mission and meets her partner, Adam. (Codename:Beast). The Beast is known to be the son of two of the best spies in the agency and is a great agent in his own right. However, he also has a reputation of being rough, hard to get along with, and has a bad temper. Their assignment is to find what Gaston, a war veteran who is gaining a following, is up to and put a stop to it. Despite Cogsworth and Mrs. Potts’s concerns, Belle and Adam’s boss, Agathe,  believe this will be a good pairing as Belle, being the newbie, can learn from Adam while combining her brains with his brute force. However, the mission starts with the two hating each other. Adam believes that he doesn’t need a partner and that Belle is beneath him while Belle sees Adam as a heartless brute. It isn’t until Adam saves Belle’s life and Belle white lies to cover for Adam that the two being to see each other as equals, partners, and possible more. Adam also reveals his trouble past with his father and his icy heart begins to melt. However, as they get closer on foiling Gaston’s plans, it becomes dangerous for the two as Gaston begins to have his eyes on Belle and will gladly remove Adam if he has the chance. 

All images are from We Heart It. I own none of them.

Romione 20 Day Challenge - Day 10

10. Favourite Ron/Hermione moment in Deathly Hallows

I was almost going to post a section I’d written up (but haven’t posted) for Things You Said, which is actually Hermione’s POV of this, but then I decided that’s a bit of a cop-out… The fact that Ron is so willing to sacrifice himself for Hermione that he literally does not think before doing so screams so much to me - it’s instinct for him to protect her, and I truly feel that this whole chapter just shows how dependent and connected these two are to each other. I feel like this is the pinnacle of their relationship in the series - it says so much, and it makes my heart ache when I read it.

“Take the prisoners down to the cellar, Greyback,” Bellatrix orders, and as threatening as her whole aura is, and as frightening the concept of being imprisoned is, Ron can’t help but be a little relieved to be out of this room, to have a moment with Harry and Hermione to come up with a strategy - their king’s been cornered, but if they move their pieces in the right way…


Ron feels his heart stop for a split second…

“All except…”

His heart speeds up, pounding in his ears…

“Except for the Mudblood.”

His whole body explodes, and he can’t keep it in - “No!” He isn’t quite sure he’s able to comprehend anything happening right now, but his whole body is on fire and he’s struggling against the ropes more than he’s ever struggled in his entire life, and all he knows, all he can hear in his mind, is no no no “You can have me, keep me!”

A slap, and a stinging sensation on his cheek, but he feels nothing, it only adds to the fire, the echo of its blow ringing in his ears as Bellatrix snarls, “If she dies under questioning, I’ll take you next…”

He doesn’t hear the rest of it though, as his whole body freezes up, and he feels like he’s going to be sick. He’s shivering, trying to remember how to breathe as he’s pushed towards the cellar, being pulled away from Hermione. He tries feebly to reach his hand out to her, but it’s too late. He manages to turn his head around to see her being flung to the floor and his heart leaps up into his throat as, through her hair, she manages to make eye contact with him.

She’s terrified, and he’s sure he looks the same.

But she’s gone, or he’s gone, and he can’t do this, because he promised, he swore he’d never leave her or hurt her again, and he can’t let this happen to her, not as long as there’s a breath in his body, because if anything happens to her - Merlin, please don’t let anything happen to her - he’s sure he there won’t be any reason to breathe again…

The door slams, and he almost, almost, in his mental state, thinks - tries to believe - the scream just after is only the echo of the slam.

But it’s not.

And at this moment, he feels connected to Hermione on a level he’s never felt before - their hearts, their lives, their souls are so inextricably intertwined that her fate is his. He now knows - if she dies, he’ll go with her.

So when she screams, he does too.


Animal of the Week: Alexandria

Name: Alexandria

Species: Guanlong wucaii

Description: Guanlong is an early relative of Tyrannosaurus. It is a proceratosaurid, the earliest major tyrannosauroid lineage, and Guanlong is among the first known. Like other early tyrannosauroids, it’s a fairly small and lithe animal. It has fairly large arms relative to larger tyrannosauroids, but bears other hallmarks of the group, such as teeth that are D-shaped in cross-section. Guanlong has a large crest on the top of its head - fragile and narrow, it is used for display. At three meters (9-10 feet) long Guanlong is a small opportunistic predator - a known victim of predator traps, into which it was probably drawn by herbivorous elaphrosaurines.

Location: Alexandria is one of our Ambassador Animals. She can be found in the Aspiring Paleontological Prodigies Program wing of the Anning Paleontological Museum, though she sometimes makes appearances in special events.

Fun Fact: Alexandria will eat almost anything you give her - if it’s served to her on a turquoise plate. Part of her ambassador training involved training her to eat off a turquoise plate (by putting delicious, smellier food on it) to make it less likely that she’ll try anything else, such as fingers. We suggest people who interact with her try to cover any turquoise, just in case.

Personality: Alexandria is our only Guanlong. After hatching she imprinted on keeper Jeremy Cruz, and so he raised her off-exhibit. It was during this time that Alexandria’s highly docile and people-friendly nature compared to our other coelurosaurs showed itself. Once she reached an appropriate age, we began training her as an ambassador. Alexandria’s willingness to engage in training sessions made this easy.

She’s proven herself well-fit for the job. She’s highly people-tolerant and doesn’t stress easily near large groups. She’ll even (most of the time) allow people to feel her protofeathers! Of course all interactions are still closely monitored, and she’s overall calmer if Jeremy’s nearby, but if you treat her with respect, she’ll treat you with respect. Just, don’t touch the head crest. She hates that.

Alexandria mostly lives in a suite in the museum. Small groups at a time can come in for visits and demonstrations. She also sometimes makes appearances at demonstrations elsewhere, mostly in the Education Hub, and at special events, such as the annual dinner.

I'm begging you all, please please reblog and tag Taylor in this

It just hit me that Taylor’s been with me for over ten years. I can’t believe how much I’ve grown in those years and how much I owe to her.
I was eight when “Taylor Swift” came out. I had just started school, and I was happy, as most eight year olds would be. I listened to it so much even though I couldn’t relate to many songs at all. I loved Our Song. I would always put on the southern accent whenever I would sing it, I loved that song SO much. I would listen to “Taylor Swift” on repeat for days on end.
I was ten when “Fearless” was released. I bought it the weekend after it came out. I remember loving The Best Day soo much. I think that would have to be the first song I ever really connected to. I was bullied in primary school (elementary for you Americans) and the only person who helped me through it was my mum. She always made me happy, especially after coming home from school everyday. The Best Day and Change were my anthems all through school. No matter what I went through, I felt for the first that Taylor was with me through it all.
“Speak Now” came out when I was twelve. I was in my final year of primary school. I was probably the happiest I had ever been. I was a school leader, I moved up to a higher level in my dance classes and I had more friends than ever. My life was really starting to look up, so I thought. I felt so connected with Taylor that year too. I would have “Speak Now” on repeat what seemed like every day after school. Mine, Sparks Fly and Speak Now were my anthems for a good year. Not because I was dating anyone, but because they were happy, like me.
When I was thirteen, I started high school. I went from knowing everyone by name to knowing no-one. None of my primary school friends went to the same high school as I did. I went from a school with a total of 200 kids to a school with over 1,000. It was hard. It was stressful. It was awful. I was relentlessly bullied that year. I didn’t fit in with many people in my year at all. I went from having over 15 friends at school to only being able to count them all on one hand. I wasn’t popular, I wasn’t cool and I wasn’t missed when I’d miss a day. That year was hard for me. I went from being happy to being so distressed all the time. Taylor would always make me happy. I discovered a new side to me that year. I listened to Dear John every day after school. It worked for me, it was a good song for me to cry too. I also rediscovered “Fearless” that year. Change became my favourite song. It spoke to me on a level I’d never be able to explain. I also loved Long Live. In 2011 I had already loved Taylor for five years, which seems like a long time when you’re thirteen! I promised Taylor I would never leave her, because she’d never left me.
In 2012 the album I needed more than I knew came out. “Red” was the thing I needed to keep going. To push on. I was fourteen and life was awful that year. The bullying got so out of hand that I had to move schools. The only good thing that happened that year was that I rekindled with my old primary school friends at my new school.
I didn’t think at fifteen that life could get any worse. In early 2013 I became really ill. It seemed as though I was sick every week, which as a result made me fall behind in my school work and miss regular classes. The doctor finally did a blood and discovered I had CMV. Basically, it’s the same thing as glandular fever. I was constantly tired, and my muscles ached really bad non-stop for three months. It was so bad that I couldn’t continue my studies for a whole term at school. I had CMV on and off for over eight months.
In August 2013, after most of my symptoms had gone I continued experiencing chronic fatigue and achey muscles. The doctor referred me onto a pain specialist who diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia. It means chronic fatigue plus pain everywhere. I had a slightly different case to most people as my pain is a constant 9.5/10. No matter what I did nothing made the pain worse… or better.
I thought about giving up on more times than not, but Taylor saved me, Red saved me. I’ve never been so low in my life but I got through it all thanks to my best friend Taylor and Red. They both got me through so much.
I had missed so much school that I had to be pulled out and study at home via distance education. That was the start of it all.
On December 14th 2013 I attended my first Taylor Swift concert. After eight years of loving her I couldn’t conprehend how lucky I was to be able to see her live for the first time. My older sister took me (even though she’s told me repeatedly she doesn’t like Taylor. How?!?!) In the bathrooms before the show started I had a breakdown. I’m absolutely terrified of guns and bombs and was petrified of something happening during the show. Once Taylor came out, all my worries/anxieties/problems disappeared. Literally. The next two hours were the best two hours of my life. I didn’t stop dancing or singing or screaming out of happiness until the show ended. Even after the show ended I was soo happy and filled with so much adrenaline. I hardly slept that night because I couldn’t believe I just witnessed the girl I’ve loved since I was eight, live on stage doing what she loves.
From that day forward I promised myself I would never stop loving Taylor, because she’s given me so much happiness of which I wish to give back to her as many times as I can.
The following October, “1989” was released. I don’t think I had ever been that excited for an album ever, apart from Red because that was announced and released at the perfect time. The day “1989” came out I was at a very important dance competition, so despite trying, I couldn’t miss it and stay home and just soak in all of “1989.”
My dad has always loved Taylor. He loves that she makes me happy and loves how much I love her, he also knows how great a role model she is. As I was travelling to the competition the “1989” album release day, despite me already having preordered multiple copies of it, he offered to go down to the local CD store as soon as they opened to buy me another copy of it. He was at the store before they opened, and when they opened he was the first customer in the store. He knew straight away where to find it and bought the very first copy of 1989 that store sold.
When I got home from the competition (we placed second in two items in case you’re interested, one of which I had a featured role in) I went straight to my room where all my brand new 1989 cd’s were and put one on straight away. I spent the rest of the day listening to it non stop for over six hours. Just over a year later I began the greatest weekend of my life to date. I was lucky enough to get tickets to the final two shows of the 1989 World Tour, in Melbourne. Even though I didn’t have tickets to the first Melbourne show, I decided to go in anyway as my friends were there and I really wanted to see them all get so hyped before the show. We had a little picnic and heard Taylor sound check Red. (at this point you should know how much that means to me)
The next day I went in early whilst my sister was at school so I could be closer to my favourite people in the world. My friends and Taylor.
Later that afternoon my aunty and sister arrived for the show.
I’ve never been as happy as I was in that moment. I’ve never been able to describe it but Taylor’s Clean speech that night really resonated with me. She has this magical power that makes you feel like it’s just you and her there. Like it’s just you two talking as friends rather than in a stadium full of 30,000 people. I did not stop screaming and crying and dancing that whole night. Then she played “Fifteen” for her surprise song. I screamed so loud because it took me back to 2013, when I was fifteen. It’s actually magical because when I went to the Red Tour she played it, I was fifteen and then at 1989 when she played it my sister was fifteen.
The second night was even better. (I didn’t know it was possible) My sister and I had seats in section D on the floor directly in front of the catwalk. That night was much like the first in the sense that I didn’t stop crying or dancing the entire night. That Clean speech resonated with me so much as well, just because of the point I was at in my life. Then it was time for the “surprise” song if you will. From the first guitar chord she played I knew it was Long Live. I immediately dropped to the floor and started crying like I’ve never cried before. I screamed every single word of it SO loud, because that’s our anthem. I’ve never ever been that happy, ever. I haven’t been anywhere near that happy since then, and I never will until I meet Taylor one day.
That next January everything went down hill again. I had to stop my dance classes and stop studying via distance even. My pain and fatigue had never been more dominant and I was constantly in a world of pain.
Nothing at all has changed since then. My stamina has severely declined and I can no longer go on shopping trips with friends or even go take a walk with my dog at the local park.
I had my 19th birthday just under a month ago and I spent the day watching Journey to Fearless and the Speak Now World Tour live with one of my closest friends then had a night out with my family for dinner. That birthday means so much to me because I was surrounded by (most of) the people I love the most.
Today I’m barely getting by. I’ve never been lower emotionally and never been in so much pain or so tired. I’m so emotionally and physically drained and I’m struggling to find things that make me smile everyday. I’ve never needed Taylor more than I do today which also makes me more thankful for her each and every day. She’s probably the only reason I’m still here today and I’ll never be able to ever thank her enough for that. She’s my best friend, my life, my love and I hope more than anything that one day I get to meet her in person. I hope so much I get to thank her for absolutely everything. Tied Together With A Smile from her debut album “Taylor Swift” is the only song I’ve had on repeat recently in my head recently. Because that’s my life.
There’s this quote I’ve had as my lock screen the past year, “one day someone is going to hug you so tight that all of your broken pieces will stick back together.”
Everything in me believes that will be the case when I meet Taylor, because I feel like she’s the only person who’s always been there for me, no matter what.
As I had to leave school, I eventually drifted away from all my friends there. I don’t speak to any of them anymore. The only friends I have now are those I’ve met online because of Taylor. If it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t be here today which is yet another thing I have Taylor to thank for. Taylor Swift is the only reason I am still here today, and I really hope I get to thank her and hug her in person someday. @taylorswift