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Consider a fantasy story where, as often seems to happen in this genre, a young human is pulled from their world into a world of magic and elves and wizards and prophecies.

But this happens just about every other Tuesday in this world because the resident soothsayer is a little trigger-happy and is spouting off prophecies left and right. So there’s been an influx of teenaged humans without adult supervision and the reigning queen had to set up an investigative bureau and a complaints department just to deal with this problem.

So our human protagonist finds themselves in a dark spooky forest, stuck in some kind of ewok-style trap. Along comes a bearded elf (don’t tease him about the beard, he’s trying to make a good impression on the dwarf lady in charge of his department) who looks up at the net, sighs, and out comes the paperwork.

“If you wouldn’t mind, please state your name, age, and how you came to this realm.”

“How what now?”

“What was it? Wardrobe? Magic portal? Dragged under the bed by trolls?”

“Um…I just woke up here?” They mumble, confused.

“Alrighty,” the elf flips a few pages. “We’ll just skip to section D then. Any inherent magic? Any strange inheritances received lately?”

“No?” The protagonist leans on the net. “I mean, my former roommate gave me their old David Bowie CD collection, but I don’t think that counts.”

The elf nods once or twice, hard to tell if he’s listening or not, and pencils a few things in. “Alright, we’re almost done with the preliminary stuff, then we can get you out of there and down to the Bureau so we can get you home. Current status of parents or parental figures?”

The protagonist cringes. “Um…not applicable, I guess.”

“Oh dear. And your age again is-?”


At this the elf sighs. “Oh no, not another one. Some days I’d like to shake some sense into that soothsayer, really, I would. I swear I am this close to setting myself up as the next evil wizard around here just so I can keep some of these would-be heroes out of trouble.”

He then flings his pencil, sharp as a knife, and down comes the net with Protagonist inside. The elf helps them to their feet and brushes the leaves off their shoulders.

“Alright then, you,” he grumbles, “Lets get you down to the Bureau with the other three prophecy-kids who turned up this week.”

He has so much paperwork to do now.

Tumblr RPG community recommendations

So my previous recommendations post was getting a little dated, listing some blogs that have sadly been shuttered while leaving out some really good folks I’ve more recently discovered.  Here’s an updated version.

Official Blogs:

  • @dndwizards - Wizard’s of the Coast’s official blog for D&D
  • @catalystgamelabs - Official blog of CGL, the publisher of Shadowrun
  • @officialpaizo - Official blog of Paizo, the publisher of Pathfinder
  • @wesschneider - Official blog of Wes Schneider, game designer & editor-in-chief for Paizo
  • @jessicalprice - Official blog of Jessica Price, Gaming Project manager for Pathfinder
  • @prokopetz​ - Official blog of David J. Prokopetz, game designer & author at Penguin King Games (@penguinkinggames)

Content Blogs:

  • @char-portraits - lots of fantasy art & character portraits, mostly of women, reasonably depicted & regularly sourced (there’s lots of other similar art blogs out there, but char-portraits does the best job of a) avoiding unnecessary cheesecake & b) sourcing)
  • @dndmusings - General RPG content
  • @fuckyeahdnd - More general RPG content
  • @outofcontextdnd​ - there’s lots of similar blogs out there, but OOCDND is my favorite
  • @rpgliving - Reaction gifs for RPGamers
  • @tabletopresources - Sourced art, articles, & various asks regarding RPGs

So you like Critical Role

Here are some RPG-related podcasts, youtubers, and/or twitch campaigns on Tumblr.  I haven’t checked them all out, but they each have their fan bases and I’ve seen lots of requests for more of this sort of thing, so here you go!

Quality People with Quality Blogs

  • @aztechnology​ - Throwing in some much-needed cyberpunk into the Tumblr RPG mix.
  • @gamergeek322​ - Regularly shows up as one of the blogs I reblog from the most, so definitely deserves a shout-out.
  • @geekgirlsmash - Basically me, only as a Chaotic Good introvert.  So like… the opposite of me?  Or perhaps just the inverse of me?  Not sure, but follow for good content as well as reblog fact-checking
  • @ladytabletop - Runs the annual Tumblr Tabletop RPG community gift exchange, among many other awesome things
  • @wearepaladin - This somewhat in-character blog of the Paladin Tarek spawned the “We Are Adventurers” (WAA) collective and is great for inspiration, as well as ethics, philosophy, and encouragement.
    • @weareadventurers - The central blog for the WAA Collective, a group of blogs each dedicated to a different RPG class.  WAA helps the various blogs coordinate efforts, plus gives writing prompts & asks to the other members in the group.  Blogs for each class may contain artwork, RP stories, memes, general aesthetic, or other content focused on each particular class.
    • @we-are-rogue​ - Probably the most popular member of the WAA Collective (also runs @char-portraits​ mentioned above).  If lock-picks and sleight-of-hand are your thing, you should definitely be following Rogue.
    • @wearecleric - My shoddy Cleric-focused blog as part of the WAA Collective.

anonymous asked:

any advice for someone trying to write Cranscott for the first time?

Sure?? PFt, I’m slightly awful at writing advice and honestly my method for fanfic is write and pray all the characters are accurate. Movies and TV shows make it difficulte for me to pick up on personality sometimes. :P


Okay so some traits for Billy and Jason that are really essential to their character and could help you trying to write them:

  • Jason says Billy’s name a lot. It’s usually every other sentence and it’s very frequent/repetitive. I try to mix it up by putting his name at the beginning, middle and end of strings of dialogue so it feels more natural.
  • Billy is hyperverbal (ie: he rambles)
  • Billy also has a very linear mindset. He can easily multitask but he’s often very focused on one specific thing (see: him tricking Jason’s ankle monitor, him locating the crystal). When he rambles, you can tell he’s very focused on a certain topic so even it seems like he’s going on another tangent, he’s generally not.
  • Because Billy gets hyperfocused, it’s probably really easy (if you’re doing things from his POV) to ignore the going-ons outside of his focus. You can make small mentions to that kinda stuff though!
  • Jason is very protective of Billy! That’s kinda key.
  • Jason also seems to be the type to obsess on his failures. He failed to maintain his status on the football team, he failed to please his dad, he failed to keep Billy alive. He’s half-way pessimistic and likely has some anxiety issues.
  • Billy also has a shit sense of danger. He blew up his lunchbox, blew up a mountain, (unintentionally) drove into a train, danced on the edge of a cliff (Billy, no!!!!) and WALKED INTO THE MIDDLE OF TRAFFIC BC HE WAS FOLLOWING A MAP EXACTLY. Also he died. Noting that would and pairing it against Jason’s overprotective nature is pretty good because that’s where they clash.
  • Oh, Billy’s natural response in the group is to turn to Jason. I’ve only seen the movie once but if you’re focused, you notice that in most situations he turns to Jason, says his name or speaks to him. I think this is responsive of the fact that Billy is more comfortable with Jason than any of the rest of them.
  • Jason does cut Billy off when he rambles sometimes. This is really helpful to know when you’re writing Billy going on about something and you can’t quite figure out where to make it stop.
  • Jason is very empathetic. He cares a lot about his friends and other people.
  • Jason is also extremely risky and impulsive. Whereas Billy’s lack of danger tends to place him into situations by accident, Jason’s are usually self-inflicted (the opening scene, his slapping the bully w/o hesitation, running away from his house w/o thinking that MAYBE his parents might check on him, talking everyone into fighting Rita even though they hadn’t morphed yet).
  • Due to his autism, Billy struggles with social settings and social situations.
  • Billy is pretty easy-going. Jason is generally uptight.
  • BILLY CLAPS WHEN HE’S HAPPY. They tend to be very rapid and in sets of three. I’m not sure about other stims but you can always ask around or research if you’re not autistic yourself.

And just some personal thoughts/headcanons:

  • Billy strikes me as the kind of person who is both hyper-empathetic but heavily lacks it. I like to consider him in the basis lacking empathy towards individuals he doesn’t really know (he didn’t seem too bothered (except for mild shock) about the bully getting slapped or Rita getting slapped into space) and being overly empathetic to the world as a whole, to people he gives a shit about and inanimate objects (he seemed heavily pained when that bully snapped his pencils).
  • If Billy had told me that he was “on the spectrum”, I would’ve had no idea what he was talking about, even though I’ve been researching the crap out of autism for the last two or so years. This makes me think that Jason knows or has known someone with ASD beforehand because he understood and tried to make a joke of it. It could be likely that his parents tried to get him a diagnosis at some point but I level that Jason has some understanding or familiarity with autism for whatever reason.
  • I also think that Jason is fairly observant about other people’s behaviours and picks up on Billy’s quirks really quickly. He translates situations for Billy that he realizes Billy won’t or will struggle getting (things that seem too literal, certain jokes, sarcasm).
  • Billy is most likely to be nonplussed about a lot of “charged” situations that hold heavy meaning to people (like dates, sex, kissing) but assumes things from what knowledge he’s picked up.
  • To explain that, my general headcanon (if I write them as being established) is that Jason asks him to the movies once to see how Billy might react. Billy assumes it’s a date because it’s just him and Jason and the movies are “romantic” if it’s only two people. He then proceeds to assume that Jason is just slow-going and/or shy when he doesn’t get kissed after being dropped off home and continues to assume that they’re dating. His behaviour doesn’t change and neither does Jason’s but Billy doesn’t think that either one of them have to change, they’re just boyfriends and its that simple.
  • (Fun NSFW fact: I think Billy would be the first one to instigate sex between the two)

Okay, so that’s my ramblings? I hoped it helps in some way. 

It’s perfectly okay to look towards the fandom and ask people about their thoughts on your work or to read meta or other people’s posts and generate the characters from that if you’re stuck.

Just remember that your interpretations of the characters are completely valid, write what you’d want to read and have fun!!


Medieval Italian Gold Ring with Emerald Cabochon, Later 15th Century AD

A D-section gold hoop with baluster to each shoulder, plaque with rosette motif, biconvex square bezel with ropework border, inset emerald cabochon. 27mm overall, 17.53mm internal diameter. Rare.

The emerald is between three and four carats. It is highly probable that this stone originated in the Austrian Habatchtal deposit. The finest stones, such as this one, from this deposit were the earliest mined.