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These were on the official Voltron Instagram! Please excuse the quality of the images (I had to zoom in) but I found these very interesting. Interpret these as you may, but I would love to hear your opinions/thoughts on this. I can imagine how many arguments (all which were provoked by Lance) something like this would cause if the paladins saw!

Lance: “Yeah, well if there was a beauty-meter, I’D score the highest!”
Keith: “You’d also score the highest on the idiot-”
Shiro: “KEITH”

Dallas Stars players to be sentenced to death

After a Supreme Court ruling the other day that found Lone Star State to be constitutional, all dallas stars players-but one-will be put to death. 

“it’s simple” said Bettman “It’s called the Lone Star State, we overstepped by letting them have up to 23 stars, this is our fault and the problem has to be dealt with properly. this is the only way.”

No word yet on which player will be saved. But if they want to keep winning analysts suggest a d-man, who can score and defend. As they will probably lose both goalies.

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Okay but like now I kinda want to see how Beka and Yuri would react to JJ when they first see his tramp stamp in the loverboy AU in crying laughing thinking about it

Yuri DEFINITELY noticed it the first night he went home with JJ - but he was kind of too busy drooling over the rest of him to give him hell for it (and at that point he was still too wary of doing anything that’d potentially end up in him getting kicked out of where he’d managed to score a bed for the night). However, once he got comfortable enough with JJ and realized he wasn’t a dick, Yuri sure let him have it for his terrible taste in tattoos (the maple leaf with the anthem beneath it bothers Yuri the most, I think. Especially because JJ already has a Canadian flag over his bed that Yuri has to look at sometimes while getting fucked.)

Beka just burst out laughing the first time JJ stripped down in front of him. Definitely made JJ parade around a bit and slapped his ass, too, because “What the hell, Leroy, did you get that on spring break?”

(Turns out, he did)


What he wanted was quick…luck;
He thought he’d score some with me.
I wasn’t giving it out,
And he wouldn’t let me be.

So I told him I don’t do luck;
For me, love is where it’s at.
He shook his head; rolled his eyes; sighed,
And cried, “Ha! Good luck with that!”

I replied, “Don’t want your dumb luck,
You can keep it to yourself.”
He wasted no time in trying
To wrest some luck from someone else.

Yuri on Ice spoilers part 3…

  • Victuuri flashback moment before Yuuri heads out to his free skate
  • Yuuri free skate - looks like the conversation that happened between Victor and Yuuri before he took the ice was loving and positive :D They’re both still wearing their rings.
  • Yuuri free skate continued - Yuuri having flashbacks to the opening scene of the show with Victor skating in the dark on the ice; he is nailing all his jumps so far; QUAD FLIP LANDED - Victor got tears in his eyes - VICTUURI IS OURS MY FRIENDS :D :D :D
  • Yuuri’s score was 221.something OMG
  • He JUST BEAT VICTOR’S WORLD RECORD (I THINK?????? Not 100% sure on this???????) 
  • Victor is happy for him :D 

To be continued…

One big reason I 100% believe “President” Trump was an accomplice in Russia’s interference in our election (whatever extent that might reach) is because I cannot imagine someone running a campaign so poorly and carelessly unless they knew their victory was guaranteed regardless of how they performed. It’s the same reason why, if I discovered that the SATs got hacked and gave one kid a perfect score, I’d know that kid was involved if he just marked every answer at random and got them all wrong, and wrote “screw you” 400 times for the essay but still got marked in the top percentile. No one is lucky enough to have someone save their ass from a lack of effort that profound without their knowledge. If he hadn’t been assured his victory was decided ahead of time, he would’ve run a more careful campaign. If he’d lost, I’d say he just really sucks at this, but since he won and since there was interference in our electoral process, I cannot believe he had no knowledge of it and I cannot believe he was ever under the impression his opponent would be allowed to win. 


so heres a little something that happened in our d&d game.

we still don’t know what’s wrong with her but I am Concerned for TitanFist (we know what’s wrong with Bette she has an eyeball on her chest and can spiderclimb up walls [and Ms. Gear wants to be a lich])

How Dare You

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Min Yoongi 


Anon requested : Can you make a imagine where the members dare Yoongi to get you, the quiet girl who is the top student and doesn’t seem to ever develop feelings, to like him and agree to go on a date with him in the time period of a week? Thanks a ton! :D

“You’re exam scores are hung outside the class. Feel free to look at them when class is over.“ 

 There was no point in looking, since you were 99.9% sure you had the highest score, once again. It was all to easy. School, tests, exams. Everything, it was all a breeze to you. You were pretty positive the reason as to why you were always first was due to the fact that you don’t waste time on these hollow headed specimens at school. Their stupidity is very contagious. 

 As soon as the bell rang everyone rushed out to the score board. There were a lot of depressed sighs, and a few yelps of excitement. 

 "Damn, Y/N came first again.” One of the students said, surprised. 

 "Of course, she has no friends. She probably locks herself in her room studying all day.“ Fun fact, you actually don’t study much. Only when there’s a big exam, and even then you don’t study more than an hour or two. What’s taught in class really isn’t that complicated. 

 "Shit, I was only ten points behind her this time! Next exam I definitely will steal my first place throne back.” You chuckled to yourself. 

 You stood up and packed your things into your bag before heading down the hall to your next class.


 “Yah, look there’s Y/N. I heard she transferred about a month ago and she’s already killing the exams.” Jungkook said in awe, watching you sit down at a lunch table. 

 “Honestly, she’s really smart. She beat me by ten points this time. I usually was the one who got the highest score…” Namjoon said in distraught.

 “Not only that, she’s hella cute. I would totally hit that, but I heard she’s really quiet and like hates everyone.” Jimin spoke, carefully watching you eat while paying no attention the the fools messing around at the table you sat at.

 “I heard she doesn’t even have a crush. Or develops feelings at all, it’s all school, studying, and good grades for her. I feel bad for her, she probably never has fun or is ever happy. Poor girl.” Taehyung said, feeling sympathetic towards you. 

 “She probably has some kind of soft spot. I’m sure if someone tried hard enough and had the patience, they could totally crack her code.” Jin said, taking a massive bite out of his burger. 

 "Yoongi, you’re always saying you can get any girl you want right? Well I bet you can’t get Y/N.” Hoseok suggested, a smirk forming onto his face. 

 Yoongi scoffed, “Please, of course I can, don’t play yourself.” 

 “Alright then, I dare you to try and take Y/N on a date and make her like you in 2 weeks. If you fail, then you have to announce to the whole school you and creepy Connie dated for a whole year!” 

 “Oh you’re on Hobi!” Yoongi gave him a side smirk, his eyes wandering over to you.


 The next day began like every other day. Nothing was out of the ordinary, until P.E rolled around. The gym teacher announced todays class would be joined with the boys. Some girls were excited, while others, including you, groaned in annoyance. It wasn’t that you felt weird or something it was just the guys got really competitive and acted like dogs. There was never a class with them that you weren’t hit with some kind of ball. 

 Everyone filed into the big gym and stood quietly while the teacher explained what you guys were doing. He quickly went over the rules in basketball before splitting everyone into two teams. 

 The game had begun, it wasn’t that bad in the beginning. But as the game progressed, it became heated and the boys started to get pushy and rough. Thank goodness you enjoyed playing basketball, or this class would have been complete hell to you. 

 You eyed the ball as it swiftly was passed between teammate to teammate. Suddenly the ball was thrown in your direction, you ran towards it, quickly snatching it before dribbling your way to the hoop. Right when you were about to shoot, the ball flew out of your hand. You snapped your head at the male figure, glaring. He replied with a smile, before dribbling away, his silvery hair bouncing away with him. 

 You scoffed, something inside you ignited and you felt very determined to crush this unknown specimen. Wiping the sweat off your forehead with your hand, you began to run in his direction, ready to steal back the ball. In one swift move, you knocked the ball out his hand and then proceeded to run away with it. Before he could even try to get it back, you shot it, making it into the hoop. 

At that moment, the teacher blew his whistle indicating it was time to get changed. As you were making your way to the girls locker room you felt someone tap your shoulder. 

 “Nice job out there. I didn’t expect you to be good.” He held his hand up for a high five. You blankly stared at him, before turning around and walking into the locker room. 

 Yoongi felt someone pat his back, “She won’t be that easy to strike a conversation with.” Hoseok chuckled. Yoongi only rolled his eyes before walking into boys locker room to get changed. 


 “Jimin, you have to help me. At this rate nothing will happen within a week.” Yoongi pleaded. 

 “I know hyung, that’s why I already have an idea.” Jimin shut his locker before walking with Yoongi to the cafeteria. Instead of sitting with the rest, at their usual table, Jimin guided Yoongi to your table. You were to busy swimming your fries in ketchup to notice the two sit down across from you.

 Jimin coughed, “Y/N right?” You looked up with a bored expression. 

“Can I help you?”

 “So she speaks!” Yoongi exclaimed. You furrowed your brows. 

“I am Jimin, and this is my friend, Yoongi. Nice to meet you.” He held out his hand for you to shake. He awkwardly set it down on the table when you didn’t reply. 

 “Can I help you?” You asked again, wanting them to leave as soon as possible.

 “We just wanna talk and be friends, princess.” Yoongi said peering into your eyes. 

 “I don’t want to talk or have friends, so if you could kindly leave me alone, that would be very great.” You looked back down at your food continuing to mess with your fries. But they stayed put, continuing to try and converse you, but you kept swerving them. 

Getting annoyed you got up without a word, and left the cafeteria, heading to the library to take a nap for the remainder of lunch. You heard clicking camera noises, and shot your eyes open. Only to find a phone shoved in your face, Yoongi poked his head to the side, smirking at you. Your eyes widened and you screamed, Yoongi was quick to cover your mouth and try and shush you. He plopped down next to you, taking a deep breath. 

“You could have got us caught.” 

 “What are you doing here? Can you please leave me alone, jeez.” 

 “No can do princess. I just wanna be friends.” 

“But I don’t.” 

 “If you don’t have at least a small normal conversation with me, then I’ll post those pictures of you sleeping online.” He threatened, wiggling his phone in your face. 

 Horror struck your face, you may not care about people in real life and you may not have friends, but you do have an online persona, and if those pictures spread to your online friends…well that would be really embarrassing.

 And just like that, talking in the library at lunch and study hall became the norm for you and Yoongi over the course of a week. For some odd reason you liked it, and became used to his warmth and cologne engulfing you as you two sat on the floor, leaning against the bookcase, talking about random shit.

 As a few more days passed you began to feel weird. Your stomach began to hurt when you saw him smile. Your heart began to beat faster when he leaned in, to look at your phone screen. When he would stare into your eyes you held your breath. Everything seemed…happier? Brighter? You don’t know, but it felt good. Everything felt greater then ever. And you liked it.


 More then ever, you wished you had a girlfriend. You were never in this type of situation before and had no idea how to deal with it, so a girlfriend really would be great. You sighed as you slammed the book in your hand shut. 

 "Woah, what’s gotten your panties in a knot, princess?“ Yoongi asked, sitting cross legged, next to you. 

 You sent a glare his way, “Don’t call me princess." 

 "Why not?" 

 "Just don’t.” You mumbled. 

 "You never had a problem with it before, so why all of the sudden?“ He questioned. 

 "It makes me feel weird.” You replied, barely above a whisper. 

 "Weird?“ Yoongi looked at you confused, but you avoided his gaze. 

 "You make me feel weird…and all gushy and crap. I feel like a elementary school girl when her first crush says hi to her. It feels weird.” You peered at him from the side of your eye. 

 His surprised face was soon replaced with a teasing smirk, “Is this a confession, princess?" 

 "I don’t know. I have no clue how these things work.” You awkwardly laughed, the blood rushing to your face. 

 He moved to sit in front of you, making sure to make eye contact with you. He smiled at you sweetly, lightly grabbing your hand. Which caught you off guard. 

“Confession accepted. Lucky for you, I kinda like you too. Meet me at Cafe de Comics tomorrow after school. It’s a date.” He leaned in, his breath hitting your ear as he began to whisper, “Don’t be late princess.” Your breath hitched in your throat as you slowly nodded, not trusting your voice to speak. 

 He moved back, “Alright! I’ll see you there then!” He grinned before pushing himself up and making his way to leave the library. 

 You held your hand at your chest in order to calm your rapid beating heart. “Why do you make me feel this way, Min Yoongi?" 


 Yesterday was your date with Yoongi. Needless to say, it went great. You both talked about a lot of things and learned a shit ton of things about each other in a short period of time. It was a blast, and you couldn’t have wished for anything better.

 You made your way to Yoongi’s locker so you two could go down to the library together. As you were about to turn the corner you overheard Jimin’s excited voice. You probably shouldn’t have, but you stopped, eavesdropping on their conversation. 

 "Nice! So she confessed and you took her on a date! And it was under two weeks, so you totally nailed Hoseok’s dare. I can’t wait to see the look on his face.” Jimin exclaimed. 

 "Yeah but Jimin I think I actually lik-“ Yoongi was cut off when he heard books fall onto the floor. His head snapped to you, standing there, eyes glazed over and trembling with anger. 

 You balled your fists and took in a sharp breath, "Sorry for interrupting.” You said through your teeth, before turning around and trying to walk away. 

 Tears began to spill out your eyes, while you tried to wipe them away quickly. You felt someone grab your wrist and forcefully turn you around to face them. As soon as you saw who it was, your hand flew up to his right cheek. Leaving a red hand mark. 

 "How. Dare. You.“ You spoke, tears rushing down your face faster than Sonic could ever run. Yoongi eye’s showed sympathy and hurt, they even looked like they glazed over a bit. 

"Let me expla-" 

 You shook your head. "No. I’m done. You were the first guy I liked. Shit the first person I actually talked to in this hell hole. Do you know how happy I was when you started talking to me? I truly believed you wanted to be friends. But no, I was wrong." 

 He opened his mouth to say something but closed it. Staring at you in silence.

 You scoffed, "Well, I guess I’m glad this happened. It’ll be something I can look back on to remind myself not to like anyone. Thanks for everything Yoongi, I greatly appreciate you for opening my eyes." 

You stared at him, your eyes searching his face. For some reason you wanted him to say something, you wanted him to call you princess, you wanted him to hug you, tell you he was sorry. But no, all you received was silence. 

You passed your hand through your hair. "Bye, Yoongi.” You spun on your heel, and began to walk the other way. You were hoping he would call out to you, but then again that only happens in movies. And well, this is reality

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Books I’ve Read in 2017: Scoring Wilder by R. S. Grey

“There was no trading up. I’d scored Liam Wilder.”