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Heartening surprise from the Southwest

Many provinces from the southwest of China are relatively weak in gymnastics development. It is therefore a happy surprise for worldwide gym fans when many junior girls showcased their upgrades during the recent Li Ning Cup (Southwest region). 

From top to bottom we have:

Qin Ziyi (2002) from Guangxi province showcasing a 3 ½ twists and triple twists into punch front.

Yin SiSi (2003) from Hubei province rocking beam with 2 beautiful acro series and an awesome switch ring into Korbut. 

Zhou Ruiyu (2003) from Sichuan province with a Van Leeuwen. Her bars D-score rocketed to 5.5 in the newest code from a 4.9 in old code in just one year!


These were on the official Voltron Instagram! Please excuse the quality of the images (I had to zoom in) but I found these very interesting. Interpret these as you may, but I would love to hear your opinions/thoughts on this. I can imagine how many arguments (all which were provoked by Lance) something like this would cause if the paladins saw!

Lance: “Yeah, well if there was a beauty-meter, I’D score the highest!”
Keith: “You’d also score the highest on the idiot-”
Shiro: “KEITH”

Dallas Stars players to be sentenced to death

After a Supreme Court ruling the other day that found Lone Star State to be constitutional, all dallas stars players-but one-will be put to death. 

“it’s simple” said Bettman “It’s called the Lone Star State, we overstepped by letting them have up to 23 stars, this is our fault and the problem has to be dealt with properly. this is the only way.”

No word yet on which player will be saved. But if they want to keep winning analysts suggest a d-man, who can score and defend. As they will probably lose both goalies.

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Okay but like now I kinda want to see how Beka and Yuri would react to JJ when they first see his tramp stamp in the loverboy AU in crying laughing thinking about it

Yuri DEFINITELY noticed it the first night he went home with JJ - but he was kind of too busy drooling over the rest of him to give him hell for it (and at that point he was still too wary of doing anything that’d potentially end up in him getting kicked out of where he’d managed to score a bed for the night). However, once he got comfortable enough with JJ and realized he wasn’t a dick, Yuri sure let him have it for his terrible taste in tattoos (the maple leaf with the anthem beneath it bothers Yuri the most, I think. Especially because JJ already has a Canadian flag over his bed that Yuri has to look at sometimes while getting fucked.)

Beka just burst out laughing the first time JJ stripped down in front of him. Definitely made JJ parade around a bit and slapped his ass, too, because “What the hell, Leroy, did you get that on spring break?”

(Turns out, he did)


What he wanted was quick…luck;
He thought he’d score some with me.
I wasn’t giving it out,
And he wouldn’t let me be.

So I told him I don’t do luck;
For me, love is where it’s at.
He shook his head; rolled his eyes; sighed,
And cried, “Ha! Good luck with that!”

I replied, “Don’t want your dumb luck,
You can keep it to yourself.”
He wasted no time in trying
To wrest some luck from someone else.

Yuri on Ice spoilers part 3…

  • Victuuri flashback moment before Yuuri heads out to his free skate
  • Yuuri free skate - looks like the conversation that happened between Victor and Yuuri before he took the ice was loving and positive :D They’re both still wearing their rings.
  • Yuuri free skate continued - Yuuri having flashbacks to the opening scene of the show with Victor skating in the dark on the ice; he is nailing all his jumps so far; QUAD FLIP LANDED - Victor got tears in his eyes - VICTUURI IS OURS MY FRIENDS :D :D :D
  • Yuuri’s score was 221.something OMG
  • He JUST BEAT VICTOR’S WORLD RECORD (I THINK?????? Not 100% sure on this???????) 
  • Victor is happy for him :D 

To be continued…

YES! Beat Yami Bakura for the first time at Level 40! Go me! :D My overall score was 3000. Times 18 made it 54,000 points and over 200,000 points total was enough to unlock Bakura as playable!

Yami Bakura: Memories……Virtual reality…… Hahaha……I see, Kaiba. This is a well-made game. I’d like to use it as an example for my own Shadow Game! Hahahaha! It’s a battle to decide the World Duel king…… I see. That’s something worth fighting for. For a Duelist, something worth fighting for brings considerable euphoria. However……I’m simply a killer. After I defeat everyone, i will be showered in euphoria! Dark Necrofear! ! I’ll show you a terrifying strategy that no one in the world knows…… Mwahahahahahahaha!!

I think NPC!Bakura may have become self-aware. What horrors have I unleashed!? XD

One big reason I 100% believe “President” Trump was an accomplice in Russia’s interference in our election (whatever extent that might reach) is because I cannot imagine someone running a campaign so poorly and carelessly unless they knew their victory was guaranteed regardless of how they performed. It’s the same reason why, if I discovered that the SATs got hacked and gave one kid a perfect score, I’d know that kid was involved if he just marked every answer at random and got them all wrong, and wrote “screw you” 400 times for the essay but still got marked in the top percentile. No one is lucky enough to have someone save their ass from a lack of effort that profound without their knowledge. If he hadn’t been assured his victory was decided ahead of time, he would’ve run a more careful campaign. If he’d lost, I’d say he just really sucks at this, but since he won and since there was interference in our electoral process, I cannot believe he had no knowledge of it and I cannot believe he was ever under the impression his opponent would be allowed to win. 

“If I were a stop light...” ; Liam Dunbar

TW Pick Up Lines Series


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i’m thinking about making this a cute lil series for all the main characters idk

Liam watches in awe as she walks towards his direction. She had this pretty (y/h/c) tied in a braid, cascading down her shoulder and a face that he knew he would remember for the rest of his life. In conclusion, he finds her beautiful.

She’s the new girl this year, transferred from another town outside of Beacon Hills. Everyone’s been waiting for her arrival. Mostly because the boys had found her social media and realized that she’d be a total score if they got into her pants.

His heartbeat picks up its pace when she starts to dis the direction she was going for. She’s walking towards Liam, now. He was just about to ask her whether if she needed help finding her locker, but shut it immediately when she looked up at the number plastered at the center top of the metal door.

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so heres a little something that happened in our d&d game.

we still don’t know what’s wrong with her but I am Concerned for TitanFist (we know what’s wrong with Bette she has an eyeball on her chest and can spiderclimb up walls [and Ms. Gear wants to be a lich])