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Oh Sunshine - Beautiful (cover prototype)
Oh Sunshine - Beautiful (cover prototype)

Hey everyone///// so…I have worked on a piano arrangement of Beautiful by Oh Sunshine lately, and since it’s not anime related, I was wondering if people would maybe be interested for a score….? (like a “guitar chords” version or a full score?). If yes, I would post a full cover with a download link for it ^/////^

This audio is only a quick extract of how it would sound, so you can have an idea sorry for the little mistakes I still have to work on the synchro piano/voice/////


Okay I’m devastated, of course. But also, season 13 of resurrected human!Cas and Dean openly embracing being in love with this entity despite his lack of supernatural powers is pretty much my endgame.

Because even this episode had Dean fawning over Cas’ ability to heal that knee (the elongated injury … much meta). But I want Dean’s “I love you” to Cas to have nothing to do with power.

But rather, how he adores the being who’d read two scores of parenting books. Who values bulk diaper shopping and IKEA crib assembling.

Because I love Cas and how that episode ended convinced me Dean is finally coming to terms with the fact that, without planning it, he sorta fell in love with the baby in the trench coat.

Musician's Score - The 14th Melody (Nea's pitch)
Sanae Kobayashi/ Nea D. Campbell
Musician's Score - The 14th Melody (Nea's pitch)

So a while back I posted an “Allen’s pitch” version of the Musician’s Score, as his voice actor in the original DGM series did the vocals for the song. Well, in Hallow, Nea is voiced by the same person (Sanae Kobayashi), so I thought it would be cool to make a version for him as well. I changed the pitch by -3.3 (as opposed to Allen’s -1.6) semitones, and I think it sounds like he might, if he were to also sing the score. Because let’s be real. He’s the Musician. I at least like the headcanon that Allen and Nea have the voices of angels because they’re both voiced by the same person, who just so happens to be a beautiful singer.

Yuzuru Hanyu WC13 FS Esp Ita

A friend is working on subs, in the meantime, I’ll post it here (and go here, I put them all in that page, just in case) :) all credit for the video, as always, goes to ElenaC (x)

M: Today everything’s against him, but we are talking about an ace, an athlete that was probably born to dominate in the years to come. If I were the ISU, international skating union, I’d recalculate the scoring system based on him. We’ll see what he manages to do today, but everything is against him. Here we go; until now these world championships haven’t been amazing for Brian Orser’s pupils. [mentions Elene Gedevanishvili] There were some problems for Fernandez and problems for Hanyu. The current standing is wrong, Hanyu isn’t in first, he ended up sitting in ninth position after the short program.

A: Yes, a very disappointing ninth position, but we can expect anything…fingers crossed obviously, let’s hope we’ll see a great performance, this is an exceptional athlete, his talent is crystal clear, but at the moment he isn’t at his best.

M: NDP, very popular music this season.

A: By Cocciante.

4T! 4S, not perfect, the rotation might be under review. 3F.

3A3T. 3A2T! 3Lo. 3Lz2T2T. 3Lz!

M: But how can you not applaud for something like this. Last year’s RJ gave us goosebumps, but today I appreciated this program as much as last season’s [program], incredible. Extraordinary, because with his current physical condition…look, he’s hurting as hell - 

A: He’s not well, he’s in pain and I don’t know if you noticed but he simplified some details of his spins - he had planned a flying entry on the sit spin, on his next to last spin, the combination spin, but it was probably pertaining to his injured leg, so he got rid of that. He’ll obviously lose a level there, but he did the right thing. He looked to be suffering in a few moments during the program, but he gritted his teeth and performed like a true champion, with some bad landings, but he managed to stay on his feet…he completed- he attempted two quads, the salchow under review, he completed the toe, two triple axels, two triple lutz in the second half, he truly fought like a champion. And now we’re witnessing his emotions…we could have not asked more from him today.

M: Six triples in the second half, two of them triple axels right?

A: And two 3lz. M: Amazing. A: A toeloop and a rittberger, truly difficult, difficult to do better-

M: [4t on replay] no problem here, the rotation is complete.. A: And look at that landing, look at how he bent [his knee] he’s not new to this kind of landing.

M: And the jump is worth positive GOE. Here [4s on replay] we are- A: could be underrotated; it might lack just about one quarter of rotation, but it’s not important. It’s honestly difficult to think that he might win, because he’s really far from Chan, but he can gain a few positions, and it’s important to secure three spots for Japan.

M: Yes but those are a lock, this is a program that should score more than 170 points. A: Incredible. M: With two quads, two 3As and two 3Lz - and the last four in the second half, he won’t be far from 90 points of TES.

A: No, right. M: True, today he’ll loose something on his spins…I’d be generous for PCS; we skated this program with him, he truly managed to get us all involved.

A: Yes, he truly poured his heart in it, he gave everything…he lacked some speed if compared to other performances, he slowed down in the second half, but he wasn’t 100%, maybe not even 80, today.

M: He got 85,16 PCS in the GPF A: Which is a lot.

M: His best TES is 92, from worlds last year. [after the score] I expected something more, I expected above 90 of TES and…82-83 PCS. 169 and not the 175 he could have hoped for. Well, 244,99 is a score that I don’t know how many could reach. And he’s limping.

A: And that’s scary. He reached an excellent score in a precarious condition.

anonymous asked:

Hello! I just read all of your stories and I love them!! You write so well! Anyways, I was wondering if you could possibly write a fic where Jack is watching one of the Samwell games (after he graduated) and Bitty gets checked really badly and he freaks out?

Okay so this is a liiiittle different than what you requested, but I couldn’t not write it when I thought of it.  Warning for some unfriendly chirping, but nothing too extreme.

Bitty was having a great game.  He was dodging check left and right, and had even managed to dole out a couple of nudges back.  He’d scored the goal that put Samwell on the board late in the first period off a sweet pass from Ransom and kicked the third off with an assist on Tango’s backhand goal.  Shitty had hardly sat down in his seat the entire game, cheering and waving his new favorite sign “GIMME THE 4-11 TONIGHT” and getting a dusting of glitter all over the hair and fries of the guy in front of them.  Jack, for his part, was bouncing on the balls of his feet, hands twitching at his sides when he wasn’t using them to gesticulate wildly as he cheered on his boyfriend and their friends.  

Meanwhile, down on the ice, Bitty was pissed.  One of the d-men on the other team had been chirping them in an especially unfriendly way all night, and it was getting on his last nerve.  Usually, Bitty had a pretty thick skin when it came to that though.  Years of torment at the hands of bullies in Georgia and being probably the smallest guy in the NCAA made him good at shaking it off.  He’d close his eyes, take a deep breath, and remember the day he’d finally told his MooMaw what had really been giving him such a tough time at school.  She’d set down her cup of tea and leaned over the table to pinch Eric’s chin between her weathered fingers, and told him, “You’ve just gotta turn the other cheek baby,” and then her eyes took on a wicked gleam as she added, “and let ‘em kiss your ass.”

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Here’s the soundtrack for the quicksand scene in the Big Picture Show, apparently (and appropriately) titled, “Concerto in Double D.” 

@muse-multiverse claimed last night that the score for Ed, Edd ‘n’ Eddy is the musical equivalent of a storyboard. This song, even more than the one at the end of the film, illustrates how true that really is. Recall how each of the Eds is represented by an instrument: Ed the trombone, Edd the clarinet, and Eddy the bass. By listening for each boy’s motif in this track, you can literally trace the action of the entire scene and each beat of their dialogue. I’m serious. This shit is in Peter and the Wolf territory. 

Full analysis is below. (Warning: Long)

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Results from today

Positive highlights

  • Luo Huan hit everything and made 3 finals and is first AA.
  • Songsong has a LOSO mount
  • Tingting hit a really pretty floor routine and completed both her double L turn and Memmel on floor.
  • Jingxing hit a good non Chinese bar routine with a piked jaegar, church, pak, shaposh + tkatchev
  • Juniors looking really good: Du Siyu (on bars), Li Qi (on beam and floor. her beam d score is crazy even after breaking connections and she has some intereresting choreo on floor), Chen Yile (on beam and she managed to outscore tingting on bars. She has a triple twist dismount and is doing tingting’s old floor routine.) They are alll born in 2002.
  • Zhu Xiaofang really pretty beam and bars.
  • Fan Yilin did well enough to make beam and bar finals
  • They are using spieth equipment for national games.
  • Ye Zhennan said they are sending Li Qi, Chen yile, Guo fangting and Liu Jieyu to Asian Juniors in Thailand. I think we can expect a A team for seniors too.

Others news:

  • Tingting fell on beam and had a pause on bars thus losing both EF spot.
  • Shang fell on bars (e pirouette) and her vault was downgraded to 3.5 difficulty
  • Mao Yi did a 3.5 on floor but fell on her 2.5 to front pike half.
  • Lots of downgrade: Beijing did not use their fancy mounts and dty, Guangdong did not use their dtys, Wang Cenyu did not do her layout jaegar

Olga Astafyeva’s UB routine, D score 5.4!


Li Qi’s beam.
She needs to improve those leaps but her d score (6.3) is crazy and it is obvious she broke a few connections. Check out her floor too.

Melbourne 2017 Gymnastics World Cup Day 1 Recap

I was lucky enough to watch training and warm ups today and witnessed lots of amazing gymnastics. Sanne Wevers of the Netherlands showed beautiful skills on beam with an awesome new mount sequence involving a back handspring mount connected to a Wolf Jump with a full turn connected to a full twisting back handspring. This connection gives Sanne 0.5 in CV and is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. I didn’t get to record it because she only did it once or twice today. She also did mostly the same routine as her Rio routine including her great dance element sequence seen below.

The competition began with Women’s Vault and Mens Floor. Both of these events had some really strong gymnasts and some unfortunate falls. Wang Yan of China qualified in first place to the final with a combined vault score of 14.216. She did a great Rudi and a Double Twisting Tsukahara, her landings were a bit low but she managed to not give too much away to the judges. Wang was closely followed by Emily Little of Australia who received great crowd support. She had a beautiful Double Twisting Yurchenko with a small step out of the line followed by a Full Twisting Tsukahara that was super clean with a tiny hop forward. Naomi Lee of Australia was in third followed by Caitlin Todd of New Zealand. Both girls had great amplitude on their vaults and I can see upgrades coming in the future for both. 

On the floor Kenzo Shirai led the way with a huge 15.100 on floor. He had a 7.1 D score but had steps and hops on almost all of his passes which resulted in the lower E score. He opened with an amazing Triple Twisting Double Layout followed by a Triple Twisting Double Tuck (seen below).

Shirai was followed by Mu Jile and Wataru Tanigawa which both had beautiful clean routines but with much lower D scores which kept their Scores in the low 14s. Mu Jile had a beautiful three and half twist connected to a Rudi to open his routine and Tanigawa had an amazing stuck piked double arabian. 

Next was Uneven Bars and Pommel Horse. Uneven Bars qualification turned out to be much closer than I expected. Luo Huan of China had beautiful clean lines and great difficulty to qualify in first place with a 14.400 (6.0). She had the classic Chinese bars skills including Healy, Ling, Healy ½ etc. In second place was Australia’s Rianna Mizzen who had an absolutely incredible routine. She begins with a combination of weiler kips ala Jordyn Wieber connected to a Maloney + Hindorff + Pak (OMG). She then transferred back to the high bar with a Van Leeuwen and finished her routine with a Toe 1/1 connected to a basically stuck full twisting double back. Liu Ting Ting was in third place in qualifications with a 14.066. She had a beautiful pak salto (seen below) but had struggles on some handstands but finished with a stuck double layout.

Pommel Horse was next and featured 2012 Olympic Champion Krisztian Berki who had a gorgeous routine showing off his beautiful long lines. He scored a 14.800 which I though was a little low to be honest. Weng Hao and Zou Jiangyou were the next highest qualifiers with 14.466 and 14.433 respectively. They both had pretty good routines for what I saw but I wasn’t paying as much attention as I should have because pommel horse. 

The final event was rings which was a pretty tight competition as well. China’s Wu Guanhua qualified in first followed by Ibrahim Colak of Turkey and countryman Zou Jingyuan. This final should be pretty close between these three and Koji Yamamuro of Japan.

I was also lucky enough to meet Lieke Wevers and Mary Anne Monckton (who were both amazing). I also got to meet some of my gymternet friends @flippinover and @thehonoraryamerican. I’m looking forward to the amazing competition that should continue for the next three days.


When you can do a layout full and a triple twist dismount but still count 2 C acro for your D score