d ring belt


Cata: Spent a few hours building a custom harness for this armor build and all future armor builds. There’s an upper harness with a cross-strap across the back (and eventually the front). The pauldrons connect to the straps across the shoulder with snap buckles. 

For the tassets, there’s a belt (visible in the second picture) with buckles hanging off. One half is glued to the back of the tassets, the other half hangs off the belt. This means I can lift the tassets out of the way or unbuckle them to sit down. The belt itself fits pretty snug, but there are also straps connecting it to the upper harness. I can also remove the belt from the harness and remove the connecting straps.

The upper harness is made from 1-Inch Polypropylene Webbing, contoured buckles, and D-rings. The bottom belt is 3/4″ webbing and D-rings. 

Lion is really coming together. Going to try to finish the cuirass and bracers this week. I also need to figure out the belt going over the white sash. That’s going to hold the scabbard and pouches for storage so it needs to be weight-bearing.

I also need to figure out how to attach the scabbard to the belt. /SIGH