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Finally down another ~10lbs, and ~5-10lbs away from ultimate GW! I actually just hit the top my GW range. :D There’s not much of a physical difference in 10 pounds, but my clothes fit better, arms/legs are slimmer in outfits, etc. I’m working on a lot of toning and posture correction now mostly while I very slowly lose the last few. Being overweight is a doozy on your posture. :/

I did the first before and during in about 8 months of concerted effort with reliable CICO, and the last 10 has been very slowly with CICO and a bit more intuitive portion control over another 6 months or so.

How to love a fat person.
“Can I get your number?”
By Your Fat Friend

“I had learned that I was undesirable to nearly anyone. Desire for a body like mine meant my partners were irrational, stupid, or resigned to settling for less than they wanted. In the years since college, I’d dated a wide range of people with few physical commonalities. Whatever their looks, I couldn’t trust their attraction. I shrank away from their touch, recoiling from their hands like hot iron. I turned down dates, believing their interest to be impossible or pathological. Any intimacy required vulnerability, and vulnerability led back to humiliation.”

Uggghhh, this is painfully good. I didn’t quote the line that made my heart stop and eyes fill with tears. Please, read it.

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Thank you! I know that chara uses they/them pronouns, as I made sure to read FAQ in order to get all the info I need on the character. I am biologically female, so the voice will sound a bit strange, but I'll try my best. Unfortunately, due to technical issues, we may not be able to dub it for the contest: but as soon as our computer works again we will dub the first episode of the story nnd be sure to send it tour way. I hope you'll enjoy it.

Yes of course, I’m sure your voice will be fab! I’m sorry to hear you are having technical issues, but regardless, we’re super excited to hear your dub when it’s ready. Thanks so much and good luck! <3

Boyfriend Mark

A/N - The first in a little series of Got7 as your boyfriend! I’ll be doing this in age order and uploading a new one each week~ This was actually my first time writing like this so let me know if it was any good! Keep sending in your requests and remember, ships will be closing tonight!

JB | Jackson | Jinyoung | Youngjae | Bambam | Yugyeom

  • just imagine the ethereal Mark Tuan as your boyfriend
  • like that would just be perfect
  • who would want anything more than this little ray of sunshine
  • he’d be so freaking cuddly
  • omg Mark cuddles would be the best
  • and he’d do them at such random times as well
  • you’re just pouring yourself a bowl of cereal *hug*
  • you’re getting dressed *hug*
  • doing you’re makeup *hug*
  • and don’t even get me started on his kisses
  • they’d range from cute little pecks on the cheek to just full on making out
  • and whenever he started making out with you randomly, he’d just stop and walk away
  • bc he’s such a little tease especially in the bedroom
  • Mark would always want to surprise you with little gifts from all the places he visits on tour
  • which leads to you having a massive collection of keyrings, teddy bears and postcards
  • but you love every single one of them because he looked at them all and thought of you and your pretty face
  • he’d send so many tour snapchats as well 
  • and they’d be of the weirdest things
  • normal people would take photos of the scenery or something
  • but nope Mark goes for taking photos of every bathroom in all the hotel rooms he stays in
  • and whenever you asked why he’d just try and distract you with a shirtless selfie and let’s be real, it works
  • Mark would miss you so much on tour though omg
  • he’d call you every night just so he could hear your voice
  • and he’d make sure to text you when you woke up with a cute message
  • he’d count down the days until he saw you again
  • but he would always make sure the countdown is wrong so that he can surprise you when he comes home
  • and somehow you’d never realise even though he does it every single time he goes away
  • jealous!Mark wouldn’t happen very often because he trusts you with his life and knows you’d never do anything with someone else
  • but every now and then someone would stand a little too close and compliment you a little too much
  • and he’d just switch into a jealous boyfriend
  • it was a rare sight but whenever you noticed him tense up and have a blank expression on his face, you’d know he’s jealous
  • and you’d then make sure to show the person flirting with you that you’re already taken 
  • now let’s talk about the bit everyone was waiting for…the smut
  • Mark Tuan in the bedroom…yes please
  • he’d be so loving and would some nights be really passionate and slow, wanting to make it last
  • but other nights would be the complete opposite, especially if someone had been flirting with you a lot
  • and those other nights were amazing
  • he’d be more rough and he’d leave so many love bites over your neck and collarbones
  • basically Mark Tuan would be an angel of a boyfriend until you got him into the bedroom where he was anything but
  • I just want soft and cuddly Mark in my life though he’s too cute and sexy
Too Easy To Tease. Bucky Barnes.

Request: Can I request a smut one-shot with Bucky and reader? Like a Christmas dinner and she keeps teasing him and when they go home she starts riding his thigh and he is so turned on, then she asks him to finger her with his metal arm. And if you can, the reader dominating Bucky, and him being very loud. Pretty please ❤I need that in my life. And I am sorry for any spelling or grammar mistakes, but english is not my first language. Greetings from Romania. Merry Christmas! You are amazing!             

Triggers: Smut. Sub!Bucky. Semi-Public. Lots of teasing.

Word Count: 1348

Enjoy ;D

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obama probably never would have won the election if he always wore a bathrobe instead of a suit, even though he’d have a wider range of motion because a suit is rather restricting. just something to think about

I know I shouldn’t, but sometimes I still miss when you used to call me at 4am, when you were drunk and walking home, alone. You’d tell me about the night you had, and you’d chuckle to yourself at the sounds of me pretending to be mad that you woke me, even though I was grinning more than you were. I’d turn the volume on my phone up extra loud on Saturday nights, just so I wouldn’t sleep through it if you rang. You’d ask if I was busy tomorrow and I’d say “of course not.” I always thought there was something beautiful about drunk calls. The fact your mind was intoxicated and flooded with alcohol and yet I was still the number you dialled. Now, it’s a year later and the roles are reversed. Now I’m the one trying to call you, but when I drunkenly type your name into my phone, it’s not there. I don’t even have your number anymore and stopped turning up the volume of my phone during the night, because I know you won’t call. You found someone else and my phone calls were replaced. Now some other girl gets to be awoken in the middle of the night to the sound of your heart warming laughter and story telling. I hope she realises how unimaginably lucky she is.
—  Drunk calls mean a lot
Sunshine and Gunpowder

So, this happened. I’m not sure how exactly I got to that ending because it wasn’t where I was originally going. But I think I like it. Finally, a Densi fic I’ve written recently that I’m semi happy with! You can also read (& review ;) ) on ff.net here.

It was almost midnight when Kensi finally got home that night. After her conversation with Hetty she’d needed some time. Given the late hour and the events of the day, a run out on the streets to clear her head hadn’t been an option. Instead she’d moved from the range to the gym and had done some of her physical therapy exercises before pushing herself perhaps a little too hard on the treadmill. She’d showered and walked the few blocks, to the spot where Sullivan had dropped her off, to catch an Uber home.

The house was dark when she opened the front door, Monty asleep on his bed in the living room and Deeks presumably asleep in their bed. There was no denying she was tired and she made her way to the bedroom quickly, stripping off her hoodie and pulling the bra from underneath her tank like an expert. In only her underwear and shirt she crawled into bed beside her almost-fiancé. He immediately rolled toward her, curling his arm around her waist and burying his face in her neck.

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obligatory ‘looking to follow new blogs’ post! fairly new to witchcraft but especially interested in blogs posting/reblogging….

  • candle magic
  • sachet magic
  • herb magic
  • bath magic
  • crystal magic
  • grimoire ideas and inspiration
  • tarot
  • lore and history - especially if it’s celtic!!! 
  • secular witchcraft
  • magic involving cats! especially cool ideas for how i could involve my wee furry love in my spells.
  • general reference regarding herb/incense/oil/colour/candles/crystals correspondence/meanings
  • magic that doesn’t take a whole lot of money/energy/spoons

happy to check out anyone who likes likes but will appreciate the exposure from reblogs if you’re that way inclined, cos this sideblog is very new and i’d love a good range of blogs to check out <3

p.s. i’ve been especially invested in learning about herb and colour correspondences + their uses in magic and my spells so far have been very focused on those aspects! additionally, im very into lush bath stuff and have been for a while; sooo, i’m hoping to spend some time after i get a lot of uni obligations out of the way looking at my fave products (bath bombs and bubble bars especially) and compiling some posts detailing all their potential magical uses, based on their listed ingredients and colours. i’d like to eventually compile a masterpost! so give us a follow if that’s your jam

xoxoxoxoxo bri

ditched at the bell

A/N: First Peter imagine haha. Yikes, I hope it ended up in character. I tried to do Spider-Man as more confident than Peter would be, because that’s usually what happens haha. This is dedicated to my best friend, who helped me figure out what to do for a first imagine. Hope you all enjoy! Also, this is written for Tom Holland’s Peter Parker.

summary: Peter ditches you after school, but then you meet New York’s newest hero.

pairing: peter parker x reader

You rushed to slide into your seat beside Peter before the bell rang. You’d just sat down when it went off and you sighed in relief. You heard Peter chuckling and you sent him a smirk.

“Shh, I made it,” you told him. He shrugged and smiled widely at you. Your heart skipped a beat in your chest and you willed it to calm down as you both looked back toward your teacher.

Halfway through class, your teacher started talking about the chemistry project she was assigning. You held in your groan and sent Peter a disgusted look. He held in a laugh and nudged your shoulder.

“Don’t worry,” he whispered, leaning in close. “I’ll be your partner.”

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on the way home from work

She answered the door in a knee-length “Tap Out” shirt, her hair fell around her shoulders.  It was unwashed and light, a few strands floated in front of her forehead—because of static electricity.

Instead of greeting me she turned around and left the door open.  I walked in, followed her to the kitchen.  It was clean, there were no spoons in the sink, she’d even scrubbed the range.

“I probably shouldn’t have come, right?”  I didn’t know where to put my hands so I put them behind me on the counter.  She opened the fridge and bent over to get the beers out of the crisper.  The long shirt hovered around her thighs, earlier in the year I would have slapped her on the ass, but that was earlier in the year.

She opened them and handed one to me.  We clicked necks, which is something we never would have done before, but now, in the ebb, it was ok.


Namesake: (Don’t Fear) The Reaper by Blue Oyster Cult


Appearance: A small, cartoonish Grim Reaper figure the size of a monkey, with a spherical skull with simplified geometric facial features (round eye sockets, a triangle for a nose hole, teeth defined by simple lines) a simple black cloak and a small scythe, attached to an ornate-looking pocket watch with no visible numbers by a small golden chain.

Power: D

Speed: B

Range: A

Precision: B

Staying: C

Learning: A


All Our Times Have Come: The user of this Stand can perceive the amount of “time” remaining before any given event in the form of a hourglass, which runs out of sand when the event in question comes to pass. Unlike similar precognitive Stands, this ability is not tied to Fate, and so the information provided by it can be changed by outside factors. Factors that speed up or delay the event in question will make the hourglass empty either faster or slower, while events that cannot happen are signaled by the sand in the hourglass not falling at all.


Appearance: A humanoid stand about the height of an ordinary human wrapped in a billowing black cloak with intricate white stitch work visible on the inside. The figure’s face is mostly covered with a skull-like mask, with part of the mask broken away to show a peaceful female visage beneath it. The figure carries two sickles, which has the letters “R” and “J” etched on each blade, and wears a slightly larger pocket watch, with lines to denote the hours, over its heart.

Power: C

Speed: B

Range: C

Precision: A

Staying: B

Learning: B


Romeo and Juliet: Don’t Fear The Reaper can now “synchronize” any two things touched by its sickles such that they inevitably share the same “fate.” Anything that affects one object must in turn affect the other, be it beneficial or harmful. For example, if Don’t Fear The Reaper synchronized a clay statue with someone who would be hit by a car and lose their arm, then the arm of the clay statue would be ripped off when the victim also loose their arm and the user can patch up the statue to heal the victim. This ability can synchronize as many targets as the user desires, but only two targets may be synchronized to each other at any given time. The synchronization effect ends when one or both targets are killed or destroyed, or when revoked by the user.


Appearance: A humanoid figure noticeably taller than an ordinary human, wearing a stylish checkerboard cloak with a black and white pattern. More of the skull-like mask is gone, revealing more of the peaceful female face underneath. The faint outline of wings can bee seen growing from the Stand’s back. The pocket watch is now embedded in the Stand’s chest, and the numbers are now visible on the watch’s face. The figure carries a scythe, which has the letters “R+J” etched on the blade.

Power: B

Speed: B

Range: C

Precision: A

Staying: A

Learning: C


Romeo and Juliet: This ability works identically to its Act II incarnation, save that both targets much by touched by the scythe instead.

We Can Be Like They Are: Any objects synchronized through Romeo and Juliet can now have their fates “switched” instead, such that anything that affects one object will now only affect the other and vice versa. If one of the targeted objects or entities suffers a lethal injury, then the synchronization ends, but the other target is the one that is killed or destroyed, leaving the first target unharmed. The user can activate or deactivate this ability for any pair of synchronized targets at will.


Appearance: An angelic female figure the color of ivory with exquisite and tranquil features, standing a good eight feet tall, and garbed in a majestic white cloak with black trim. The pocket watch is gone, and instead, the torso of the figure has been covered with a large clock of a similar shape, with the letters D, F, T and R replacing the 12, 3, 6, and 9 on the clock face, and some of the clockwork visible. The scythe has been replaced with a beautiful sword with the words “NO FATE” engraved on the blade. Large white feathered wings spread from its back, and a golden halo floats above its head.

Power: A

Speed: A

Range: D

Precision: A

Staying: A

Learning: D


We’ll Be Able to Fly: The ultimate power of Don’t Fear The Reaper is the ability to “supersede” any and all powers that are dependent on fate or luck, rendering them useless before the power of this Stand. Any powers that influence other people’s Fate will not be able to affect Don’t Fear The Reaper or the user in the slightest, while any powers that safeguard someone or something by means of “plot armor” or other such manipulations of Fate provide no defense against Don’t Fear The Reaper. Even abilities that rewrite history can no longer touch the user of Don’t Fear The Reaper or undo their actions; their existence and every action that they have made are “destined to be,” and will persist as long as Fate still exists in some form.

Notes: The user of this Stand (the JoJo of their arc) is an office worker who was afraid that they would die before doing anything memorable,and constantly felt pressured to live up to the unreasonable expectations of society. One day, due to an oversight by the villains, they stumble upon a small part of a vast conspiracy by their company’s Upper Management to rewrite Fate and enslave the entire world Instrumentality-style, and are attacked by an assassin sent to silence them. This results in Jojo awakening to their Stand in the struggle.

Eventually, after making some new friends from several different walks of life and while piecing together the villains’ true plot, they slowly came to terms with their mortality, and eventually resolved to live life on their own terms, and to spend their remaining years making the best lives possible for their friends and loved ones. This resolve unlocked the final ACT of their Stand, allowing JoJo to overcome the new Fate decreed by the villains and emerge triumphant.

Let’s talk about Soldier 76

The thing about Soldier 76 is that I love all the dad jokes surrounding him and how he’s “old fashioned” and such but the truth is due to the story’s timeline, which sets the beginnings of Overwatch to be about 30 years in our future (AKA the 2040s), John “Jack” Morrison was born at least post 2000s. In fact, depending on your headcanon for his age (I personally put him between 45-55), he was actually possibly born between 2020-2030.

The present year in the Overwatch game itself is 60 years in the future, in 2076. Other dad, Reinhardt, is 61 years old, which means he himself was born in our present decade, 2015 probably. This places John Morrison Being born, I’d say, a narrower range between 2025-2030.

Since it’s impossible to think about what may have been popular in the 2020s for him to grow old with and emulate in later years, it’s definitely fine to think of him in our time period’s perception of dads, with their barbeques, lunchboxes, and difficulties handling technology… but, what’s also possible is headcanoning him being an old dad of our generation, liking the things we like now.

Imagine Soldier 76 reminiscing the days when the iPhone 12 came out and he got one for his birthday, and how these “newfangled teleporters and flying cars” are so complicated, since his first one could’ve been something like a used, old 2016 Kia Optima. Visualize him sighing about the good old days of the 3DS, and how he used to just transport his pokemon over Internet. Picture this: he misses the simple times when you could just Google something. Maybe he has an old DDR machine in his garage he likes to boot up. 


I’m not saying you’re dadding him wrong, I’m just saying you’re not dadding him at his full potential.

Hello ~ ʕ灬→ᴥ←灬ʔ

Sorry for not posting any imagines as of lately, I’m finally back to my perfect bill of health and am ready to go again! xD 

Ok but putting that aside, I need some help deciding what to write next. I have a few imagines in mind but I just need a little help with in what order should I start writing and posting them. I thought that the other characters of Fantastic Beasts should have their own imagines from me also I’ve actually been reading The Maze Runner series and am loving the characters :3 so I thought I’d expand my imagines range.

Here are the choices : 

♥ Graves : prisoner scenario 
♥ Jacob : a cutesy snow day scenario 
♥ Credence : “damaged goods” scenario 

♥ Newt : griever attack scenario 
♥ Minho : stuck in the maze scenario 

I know that the ideas are vague but trust me, I’ll try my best to make them worth the wait c: Let me know which ones I should do first, a message or comment would be great!
Please and Thank You ♥

Something’s different [Part 1]

Characters: EXO (if you don’t do it in a Sehun voice you are doing something wrong :D)


Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3 // Part 4

Your phone rang and you quickly grabbed the phone from the counter.

'Heeeeeey you are alive’ you heard your good friend Chen scream into the phone.

'Yeeeees I aaaaaam but yoooouuu neeever answered my text’ you copied his tone and heard laughter from your other friends in the background.

'We are working. Busy being handsome you know. But do you want to come to practice, we will be there all day and …’

'Hell yes I am coming’ you didn’t even let him finish and your friends screamed in joy.

'I’ll be there in an hour.’

'Bring bubble tea’ you heard the youngest of the group shouting and you smiled.

'I will don’t worry. I will see you later.’

'Wear something comfy’ said Chen and ended the call. Chen and you had basically been friends since you were born. Your parents had been friends since they were neighbors and you grew up with Chen. despite being good 2 years younger than him he was your best friend since the beginning. He was like a brother to you and after he joined exo you still didn’t lose contact and became friends with his members as well, you all became close and you missed them every time when they had to work hard. You quickly put on your yoga pants and a oversized jumper. Pulling your hair into a ponytail and applied a little bid of makeup you left your house. You walked to the nearest bubble tea shop and bought bubble tea for the guys then you took the bus to the studio. You arrived at the building and already heard the music and slowly opened the door.

'Heeey y/n is here’ said Xiumin and stopped the music the guys turned around and ran towards you. They all hugged you tight Chen nearly swept you of your feet. 

'Ooh how much I missed you guys’ you said smiling at them. You all sat down and you passed the bag with bubble tea around looking around.

'Where is your choreographer guys?’

'He left early we are all by ourselves now’ said Xiumin smiling sipping his bubble tea.

'So I won’t see you dancing?’ You asked pouting and they laughed.

'No no we still practice but just by ourselves’ you nodded and crawled to the mirror sitting with your back against it looking at the guys.

'So guys show me what you got. I am waiting’ they laughed and got up. They danced a few songs then Chen pulled you up. 

'You are not here to watch us… you need to work too. Come on we show you' 

'You show me how to dance Chensing machine? Well go ahead.’ the all laughed and Kai stood in front of you and to tried to copy his moves. They all showed you the dance moves and you needed to dance a few times with them. After the song finished you just flopped to the floor in exhaustion.

'How do you manage to do this for a whole concert.’ You panted 

'You would do better if you didn’t sit in front of the TV all the time watching your dramas’ said Sehun and you hit him. 

'You brat’ you laughed and sat up.

'Respect, little one’ he smiled at you pushing you away playfully.

'We are born in the same year, I am just two months younger than you you little shit’ he smiled at patted your shoulder. We ordered food and ate it sitting on the floor catching up with each others lives. 

'OK let’s go home y/n we will drive you home don’t worry’ said Chen and you all got up collecting your stuff.
You got into the back seat with Sehun, your bag between the two of you. Your body felt so heavy and you put your head on your bag closing your eyes. The boy’s voices faded slowly as you drifted to sleep. You felt someone putting something like a jacket over your body and you cuddled a bit into the jacket, it smelled nice and you felt warmer.

You felt someone picking you up bridal style very softly.

'You get her bag OK?’ You heard someone say but you weren’t really awake so you couldn’t put the voice anywhere it all sounded dim to you. You were too tired to do anything so you just went back to sleep your head on his chest. You were carried up the stairs and then you were laid on your bed and tugged in. 

'We totally wore her out today’ you heard your friends chuckle you mumbled a thanks and rolled over.                        

[The next day]

You woke up still in your clothes with the worst sore muscles ever. You got your phone and texted a quick message in the group chat with the guys.

freaks 💕💕

YOU: Heeey guys thanks so much for yesterday 💕💕
Sorry that I got so sleepy but how did I end up in my bed?? Did I wake up?

CHENCHEN 🐊 : no problem we had much fun with you. 😁😁
Little sehunnie carried you… you guys looked really cute on the backseat 👫

BAEKHYUNSTRIPES 🍖: yes really cute 😁😁

BIG CHILD PCY🌞: [PICTURE]                                                                             [PICTURE]

Look how cute our little babies are 😍😂

You looked at the pictures: one of them showed you sleeping next to Sehun on the backseat, his jacket over you, his hand was placed on your shoulder, his body slightly leaning towards you with his eyes closed, dozing off by himself. The other one showed Sehun carrying you, his jacket still over your body. You smiled at those pictures you always knew there was a cute and caring side under his brattiness and you thought it was cute that he even put his jacket as your blanket and that he carried you to bed. You had to admit it you looked cute but Sehun was one of Chen’s members and you all were good friends even if you had feelings for him, which you were sure you hadn’t, more than friendship would be way to risky. How do you know if you love a close friend anyways?

Freaks 💕💕

You: well thank you Sehun. 😁
Guys how do you manage the this my whole body is sore and ever little movement hurts 😓😓

KAI 🐩🐩: your muscles get used to it you need to train. more often and after some time you don’t get so sore. muscles anymore..
So maybe you should come more often and you can see Sehunnie more often 😉😉💑

You: are you trying to put me up with Sehun? Why? What have I done wrong :O

BRATHUN👑👑: you wish 😂😂 my arms are so tired because I needed to carry your lazy ass upstairs 💪💪

You: oh my gosh you poor stick arms. Are you OK? 💩


You: noodle arms I am sorry 😂🍝🍝

BRATHUN👑👑: I hate you 😎

SUHO👪: Sehunnie be nice to your future girlfriend 😂😂

You: where am I in this conversation!? Just because we look nice together …

BRATHUN👑👑: We just look nice together because I am handsome AF, everything looks nice with me because I over-shine everything. 🌞🌞

You: * cough * Broccoli hair 🌵🌵 * cough * Ronald McDonald hair 🍟🍟

BRATHUN👑👑: I still rocked it 😎😎😎

You: mmh your opinion.

CHENCHEN 🐊:oh my gosh guys make out already 💏💏💏

You: and now I am out of this convo… It was nice to talk to you as always  😎

Remember how I promised you a Xiumin smut or a Kai story… haha yes this is neither of them because I had a sleepless night in which I felt hella creative and wrote 4 chapters of this story and a Tao oneshot, so I have some content as a buffer. 

as always send requests as I figured out a schedule to upload and write stuff, yaay being an adult is amazing. 

haha. hope you enjoyed it ♥♥

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