d r e a m er

i saw a girl so prtety. ii st,arted c,rying??? i im justM,ediately felt,, compelled ;;to,, GIVE her ;;the   nine dol;lars i,, had in m y   u rse   aNd   say u r gt  hebest  looki,,n person i have eve r seen so i tdhinK  u desErve it AND i wa,s goin to buy myl unch with .t his but wyh..aete,v ;;er but dee cided, against it and the;n, iu starteod cr;;yin,,nnggg…… i seri,ou,,ls.y criedfo r an ohu;r… i ran, to the bathroom and   came out later and i wa,s even mor e tire,,d beeo;;fre,…. i.. was overitread and Btw I am  ad g,,ir,l….. idk why  i cried beyc aus  e off that aand,, she ;was be..tter llookin than al,l the moedls id se;;en ever

The cape hoarding is getting out of hand.

            I am outraged that you all would say this to me…

All ;;i,,s orgiivn baby,,! CC;;om,e o,n, gee.. ,t..dr..esesd. Y;;ou’re y,,m, datte] to t,,he pep rAllly ..tonigh
You ;;ch.uc.c,,ek.d mee ot; l.ike ,I was tr,as..h,
Fort.. hat. you shh;ou;ld b ed,,ead—
But! But! But!,,
T,hen it ..hi;t ,me l,i,ke a f..lsah,
W ht,a if hihg school lwent ..awa; in nsead’
,Those laassholes;; a[rE ,,te,,h; key!!T.hey’.r,e keepinng; yoou;;u ,,aw,,aw;;f ro;m m!
,,Teoy mma.de oy;;u b lnd,. messe;;eD uP your,, mind,
B,ut I cAn ,,ste you rf;;ree!

you le,,ft me and I fell ,,apa,,rt,
I pnwche;; tthe wall and crie,d
Bam,! Ba,,m Bam !
Thhen;; I f,ound ,youc hanGdE my ,, heart. and ste lxo.ossE allll,, t,,hat, tr;uthf ul ;;sh i..t,, in,sd!e
Ad o;;s ,i; bbUilt aBombb
Ton.igh,,t. oUg school ,,is V,,ien taam!,
Le;t’s;; guaratn..ee, theyg’lll nevee r, se eht eir sen ior, prom !

I ;;was meaant to be ..y uors!
W;;e weree ;;me..ant ,,to be o;;n!e
;;Don’; txgi,ev vU,p,, on me ,now!,
..F,,in,,i..sh, w,,hat we’\ve b;;b,,eg[un!;
iwass mean, to beyo,, u;;rs!

,So.. wh en tthe ihgg..h ,sc;hool ,,g..ym goes boom.. with; evver,,y.on,,n..e in,si,,dee—
Pch;;w! Pch w! Phcw!
,In .the. r;;ublbe o..f thei, rtoomb
w’,ell pant th.is n..ot,e epla.i,niing wH Hyt hey die,,d!!

We,. ,,t hE s;;tuden.t,s off Wse.terub rg. h..ih
zGWil,,l;; d ie. Our ,,buur,,nt,,t bodies. may fiially get.. ;;t..h;;r,,oughh
To oy,u. Y,,ol ur ,s[oc;;i,,tey churns out s,,lave;s,, And. blank,s

N..o tahnsk,k. Si;gnde the STud;;ents. of; ,,W,,ester b..rg Higkh‘

JD (usn,,g)::..
;We’lll wat;;c h tHe s;mokee ;;po.or out . ,,they. doors.
Brnig;; ma,rshmaa;l,los,
Wel’tL pmak;; es;;’mo,r es!
We,, c..ans,mile. an ucddLe while the fire,, a,raors

I w,,as ment,, tob ,, ,,eyo,,urs!..
Wie ;w,ere m..eaa;nt to b.e one!,
I ccan’t ma ke th,,is ;alone!
F..inishn, wwhat we’,,ve bbgeu!n
You weer.re meentA z.to. be mi;;ine!
I a,m al that yuo, neEd!
Yo,u ic arvvf..ed opeen m;;y,, ,,hear..!t.
Ca’ tjusst leave,e, me too blee!,d

Veron,,ica,, ,,o,,peqn the—op;;n..e t..h,,ed oo or, pleasE’
Vreonica,o pne the dogo r…
r,e,oni,ca.., canwe no,t fi,,Gh tnymore’
Please, ,c an,, wew n o t figth ..anymmor,’,
VeroNic;a;;,,, surre, yoyu’.r ecaer d
,I’,e ,,Vbeen ,,tehr..e. I can. sset you ,,free!
Veonc i,a don’;t m;;make m e .c ome in ,t;her!e,,
I’mgonn,,a. ;;count ;;to thr;;e !
One! Tf,,wo! F,uck it;tq!

O h my Good!,, ;;‘;No ! ‘Verr.on;;ica’!
,Pl.e;ase dno’.’t, leaave m,,e alonn e,,’
YO,,u ,, were al,,l .I oclud trust’
c;an’t do t..hi s;ao,,ln;e’

Stilll I.. ;;wil.l if Im us,t

no;rtth  ern dowwnnpo;ur (fea t ;crytyping)

Iff a  l,l our life is but 0a drea,m
Fa,ntsa;;tic PPosi..ng greed
Then we should ;feeeyd our .jewe;leery to ;the dsea
Foor ddiamonds do appear to be
Just  ike rboken glas;s ,,tO,, me
AN d   theen she saiid she ,,can..’t believe.
Genius onl y cO;;mes al,,ongg
In. stormms off able df;oreign t..ongu;e s
Tripp.ing ees, a.nd flooded lungs
9Northern do,,wnpoour se,nd its love
He..y moon,, ,pleas,e ..for,get to a,fll down.
Hey mon, ..do.n’t.. yo u go, down

Su  garcane, ,in the easy morniin’’
WE;ather-v.aness ym. one and lonely
The ink  is rlunnning towra d the pag..e
It’s ch[asin’ off the days
LLoo,k bbaacKK ,at both fEe,et,
,And t..ha;;t,,   winding.. kne..e
I miss.ed your ..skin whh  en you wre e,ast
oYYu   clicked,, ..your heel  S ;ndd wlished for me
T,T,,h,,r ough playful   lips ,mae of yaxrn,n
That fragi.ile Capricorn
Unrvaeled w;ords like mothss u,pon ol,d scarves
..I, know the,,e world’s   ,a b,roken bone  
Butt melt your headacghes, ,,call it h,om.e
He yymo,on, please ofrg,,et to fal,l   dow..n
Hey mo.o;;n, don’t ,,you g..o down
SSugarc,ane i;ny  the;; easy  mon  ri,,n’
WWeather-vanes my. one an d lonely
Su  ga..ra,,c,ne  in the   easy m.or,nin’
WWeathe  r-va..ne.s  ,my on.e and lonely

,,Sug,,arca  ne i n ,,the.. easy moonrin’
Weathe-rvanes my onne and lnoely
Su  garc..ane in thee easy mor;nni’
Weat,theerrvane s m,y one, and llonely
,,Sugar.cane ,,n  i; t,he eaas ymorn,nin’;;
Weath;;er-vAnes my o,,ne ;an d l..onely
Sugar,,cane (hy  m,, oon) ni ,,(,,hey omon)
hte  easy (he.y moon) mornisn.’
Weather-vanes (hey moon)  my (hey moon)
;;On e If.. all ..our1r lifyee is but aa D,,ream
Fn  ta,sti..c ,,posing gre,ed
T2henn ,,we   s houl d e.ed o ;;ur jewelery t,o.. the s ea
For d,,i,amon  dd,s;so,d app,ear t8o be
Justl ik,,e broke.n   glasst,, o me
,,An;;;d t..th;,,enn se saa..id she c9an’t  beli  eve
GGenius on;;L  y. coo,,,m  ;es .alo,o n;;g
,In stormDs Of fabled foreig.n tonng  ues  
Trip,,p,,ing ,eye,s;, and f..lo.ode. d .lung,gso,,
,Nor,thenr donwpour sends it,s. l,o;vee
H..ey ..moon, plesa forget o fall do.ownn
Hey m,oon, DoD,,nn,,’,t y;you g owwn
Sugarcan,,;e in th, e;;easy/y mo.,rnin,,’
Weathe,,r,-vanes my   on,,. eand lonel,y;;
The,, in k .i..s r,,unninG ,to,wa,,r d..dthe .p.age
t,,,,I’S chaisn’ ,off ,,the da;;ysL
,o,,o bkkack ,,at\ both   feet
And tha,t.. windiinng.. nee
I mIsss;;d youukr 1ki n,whe;;n  youu; w..,,ere  ,,,,ea..st
Yo  u c,,lick..ed your; hee..lsa n..d.. wi.she.d ,,fo,r me
Thorugh p l..afu..,ll lips ,maed;;o,f yar,n
;;Th,,at ,fragile,, Cap,rico..;r….n5
U.nnr;;avveled worsdsl..k..e ,moths upon old s..,,carv,se
;I know the worl.d d.’s a ;;br;;okne bone
B,,u,t melt y our;;.r;; hheadachees,;,  ca  l;;it .hoMe
He,y m..,ooon ,plase. f,,o,rget, ,,to affll donw
Hey ooo n,,, ,,do;;n ’t you .ugo doown;
Su;;g arcAne inn thE a;esy ,mornin’
Weatt,her-van[e..s mmyy ,,oe and .lonely
gSug;;ar,,;;can,e ,i,,n,, the ,easy fmorn,in’
WWetheravnes;;;m y o  Ne and lon,,oeely,
Su;garcan,,  e,, ,in  ,the e..asy m ornin’
Weather-Van;;Se my one   and ,lo,,Nely
Sugafrca,,ne int he asy ..morni..n’
Weathe-rvAnes m\y on,ea nd;; lonely
ugarcane iin;; t,,,,hhe ea sy;; mron ii .n’
.Weatehr-vane.s ,my; ;;ne..o a,,,nd ,lon  e  ly,,
Sugar,,a.ne,, /;(he,y moo ,)in( h;;e y moo)n
Th..e easy .(heyy. moon) m;;,,onin;;’
WWea,therr-vanes, (he y;moon)f my ;(hey amooon)
OO..en hey. ,m.oon)  an,,d onell;y
He ymo,,on , ple,easse orrge  t .toof aal;;ld o  wn,,
Hey, moon  , ,don’t ,yo ;;go.. down;
Ytzo,,,,u ,,are ;;a  t ,,t  hE;; ,,to.p of;; jmy lungs
Dr,a  wn ,ott he  ones who,, ,,nev..ery .m.wnn
hey mo,onn) andl ,onely
Hey moon,, pell;;ase.. for  ge;t to,, fall  down
Hey mo,,on,,, don’t yo;;u g,o doown
Y;ou are t the t.op of ;;my lun gs
DDrawnn to th..e ognes who never   yawn

,,I neeVR, mmeant; TO make i,,t such A..MesS
i  nnev,,vEr tHo.ught ,THA..t ,,i..T  woUULd ..GO ;thiS f af  R

SO II  jusTs ;;tanD herrE h,,sO soRrYY

..SeaRCH.ign f;;f,,Or s s;meTHinG ot,s  ,,a,y,,
So,oMEThin.ng to,, s.AY
W,,o  RD;s faiL  , wordds fa,iL
thhe,Re’ nnot,hiNg  i Ca..n sayy  
i gu,,Ess I ttho,ughT I, c,,CoulD be  ppaR,t ,of ,THis
I ;neVEr haad  thIs kkind,, oF  tHInG beFORe

II ever HaD. Thh,At Perfe,c t girl
..WHo s..OmeHOw  ccOUUld s,,see ,, ,,hte  ;;good dpa.r,,t oF nm
,I n  e V.er hvad, tEE  d..d w..ho St,,cuk  ,,t,, oUttN
 o ;CorNy;; joK eSS ,,or rraBseb  Alzl Gloves
No ;Mokm whO  jjuust waaSS teH,,R,e
;’  Ca,u..see moM ,,was aalLL,  tH at sHHeh. a,d to bE
Tha'Tsq n,,OT a  Wort  Hy expl;an;;tasiiOns
I k,Now t  h..Ere , iS   NNOnE
NOTTHiNg  c AN; ;MAke s  enSe of.. al,l t;;HEssE thI,NG,s I;‘ev   dOne

W  Ords fai;;l,, wORdS ffa,,a,il
T.her.e'ss nThhing I ..can. afsey
E;;xCEPTsom  etim   jUS,,tes, yy,ou see E.very  thi,,in;;g ou ; wannTE;DA
nd SOm;;mE  tim juS.tES, ,,y  ou,, see everytHi.Ng .. yOu, ..wiss,,h y,ou H,,Adc.
ANd ti’  s r  ighh.t  ;;T..Here,  ,riGht thER,,Re,,, rihG,,t  theRRe
In fRooNt ;of yoU
An,d Y,,ou ,wAn t TO .beeLIeeVhe iitt,’S ,t,rUe
So Youu… mmaeKi t,t t RU.e
;;And yyOu   think m;;ayy,,b E ,,Ever.yb..O..dyy ; w.AntS iiT
AAnDD ; n,,ee;;d;s .ii..,, a lItTle, biiT.o… too

this wAs Just  a sAD, i;;NveNptiOnI
t, wasny’t  R,,Eall,,, i   k,,noW;;
BUt wE we.re ,   Ha;;apPy
.Ig uE  ss II ,coUldn’t,, llet t..ha  att go
I gU  Ess IcoUUldn’t,, G;;iv  e htat uP

I gguEss I wAntE,,Ed ;;to ,be;;lie..vee
'Cause  if I jU;sT beL,I.evvE

tthEn    Idon’’t hha..ve , To Se..ee  WHATT’,s R..EAllL.y  tHeree.

N o, I’D raTher, px,re tevndq I’ m sg..oMEth,i,,ng ,bee,Tte.r Thhan
These   Brro ken PaRTs

Pr.eend I’.m someethIIng OTh;;er thzAn,,
T’;;his;m es S,, Thla,at  I Am
'caUUsE theN  I DD;o,,N’t hhav,,ve to ,l,,ook A;t,, it
an.d n,,no  OnEg eets t;;O  llok AAtt, it
NOO,  ,,no,, o enn cAnn  r,,e;;alLLY s  sEeE

'C'asue ;;’vE LEarned ,T,,o Sllaam; oN h,T,e  ;;br aK,,e
BeFOrE ;i ve.n t..urn    thh eKe;;y
Bt..efOre I /mmAke they mi..STTa.k e
Bef,Ore  IleAd Wi,th thE ;;worsst of M
ee. i.neVe,R . let th  hEqM seE  the w,,oRst oof ,,me

'caUse wHabTT IIf evE,ry..yone saW.W?
W[haaT If evE..r,,yooNNe kneW?,,
W.ou  ld Th;;Ey lIkpe whh,,at they, Saw?
Or  r W  oxuld t,he; YhA;te itt tOoo??,
wiLl ,,i  .just.. KKeep o,n run  niinG Awa,,y frmvO what'St ruue?

a,,l..l i.. Ev  ez,r , ..Do is rUUn
SO, hoW,, D ;OII step In..
StEp int  o tHe s,,U  n
STe,,p INttoo tHe sun

  • Aries: S s s s s pp p p pooky
  • Taurus: S s s s s cary
  • Gemini: S s s s s s s ssk k k kkeletons
  • Cancer: S s s s s send
  • Leo: S ss s shiv e e e e ers
  • Virgo: Dow w w w w w n
  • Libra: Yo u uu u ur
  • Scorpio: Sp i ii i in e e e e
  • Sagittarius: Go d d d
  • Capricorn: Da mm MnmMmM mMnM m n
  • Aquarius: Sk e llLlLlLLLLlL e t ltttTTt t t t o n
  • Pisces: w A rR R r R R R R
Collective household memes

“His secret identity is ANOTHER FUCKING MASK”
“Simultaneously ____ and not ____”
“I would do it but I can’t see shit”
*monotone* “He has torn a hole in your dimension”
“All my friends are bottles”
“Far right politicians”
*tryhard intimidating voice* “SPAAAAAAAAAAAAACE”
“Yes I am the Mr Scars”
“b ECAUSE OF Y O U ” *falls over dramatically as if died*
“I’m kinda using the vessel right now!”
“Would you all shut the fuck up I am trying to use the C A MERA” “LET ME NOT HELP”
“With t E E TH”
“It’s like a normal ____ but IT HAS E Y E S ”
“Everything is better when it’s InT ER D I M E N S I O NAL”
“Trigger warning, journals”
“It is a bunch of b O A R D S ”
“Nooooo, you are not a canned meat, you are the [insert name here]”
“Germany and Florida are the only places that f uckiNG EX I ST, DEADHEAD!!!!”

Are You A Hipster Burr?

I look at this and imagine Aaron as a YouTube vlogger, like the one with the arsty vlogs and time-lapse shots of the sun going down.

speedpaint: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KCuEQkqD_o8&feature=youtu.be

M : Por la M aternidad, el regalo de cualquier mujer y la salvación de cualquier hijo 
A : Por el A mor de una madre. Insuperable. 
D : Por el D eber, que ella siente, y que pone por delante de su propia felicidad. Y por la D edicación hacia sus hijos. 
R : Por ser la R eina de su familia, aunque no se lo mostremos. 
E : Porque es E special. Por su amor, por su entrega y por la forma en la que intenta mantener unida a toda su familia.

Eres la única persona del mundo que siempre está, de forma incondicional. Si te rechazo, me perdonas. Si me equivoco, me acoges. Si los demás no pueden conmigo, me abres una puerta. Si estoy feliz, celebras conmigo. Si estoy triste, no sonríes hasta que me hagas reír. Eres mi amiga incondicional. Gracias.

How bbka-..a-a–ad ; can I Bee?f II’m jus..t ,do,ing wwh  haat ccoe nattuurallly..  
How,w sbba-aa-a-a dcc,,a.  I be,?  II’’m; juts ,,foll,,loiwgn ..my  des,tiinyy.
How a-a,-a–ad c a;;an I bb,,em?, I,I’m juStt doing wo;;hta  comess naturallly.

How ba-aa–a-.adc  aaN ;;Ibee? Hooww ..ba   caan I posssib;lyq;; be?
We,,ell  htere’s  a  pri  nCC..ippeLL ooooff nattu re  (p;;rin,cipple] of nat ure)

Thaa..t aallmoo,st everyy ccreaature knnows.,,.  
;;Cazllledd ssurrvv  iVaal off the i fttesst;; ((suu,,rvv,,il.ao,, f tex f..it;ttes;;t))
AAnd  ,checkk, ittthhiis iss ohhw iit ggoes..
the anyiimm ju..stall th  at ; iwn sgooytt  ta cssraatch  a.ndf . hgt  aad claaw andd bi,te an dpuncch.
A,nd the  aanii,m . jus`tal t..hat dooes'nntt, wwell. ,,thee aN\iMM jjstal  tth,aa tddoessn’t,, iwnsu ; p someon.e eelse’‘ss lu,,-lu;;-luu-l-ull..un,,c,h ((muunnch, munncch, mmuunncH,  hmnuch  , ;; mmun;nchh)

II’m m;;justsAAyin’.H
o ba–aa-a-ad can I ,bee? I’ ; jjust donig wwhatt co..ome,es .na,,turallly
.Hwo ba-aa-a-add, caan,, ,I be? IIw'mm jujj,,sttf..o,,llowwiiN mmyy desttinyy.

oH,,w ba-a—-a-d ccrann ; I be? II’;m  just. ddoi;;ng what  t comesn atturAlly
;How bb,a-a—-ad ;cann  I beb?; H Hwro ;ae.d  caaNN  I possbilly ,, bee?
TTheree’'sa  pr;;incciplle inn busniesss,s (d  prinnciiPllei nb  uxssiness)

Thh,,atceVerr.yobyd knows is  sound.
,,Ic, tsays;;s the peeople wwiith tth emmone e(ppeeoplewith the mmoeny))
..Mak,,e  tih seeve,r-loviinngg  .wooRR,,d ggo 'oundd
SOO  I,,’m bigivgeerrnig m,oy   yy..c,,oppany,, ,,I’m ;biggern ig  ,,ym  fa Ctory, I..'mm,, biggerin,,g    m,y or,,pooraate sIgn;. ((bb  igggger  biggger  biggerr ,bgige,,r  biggger
Eveewrryboyddy o ut  ,t,he er e,,, take ccaare  of oyurs   and mme?? I  ’ll taake CaaRe. o..  Min ne, minee, mminne, mi`.n  e, mine., ((shha;;kee zthhat bottoomm liinE)

Lett  mme. hd;ear you s.a .y’'smogluouS smmok,,k;e’ ,,(smogulOuss s..m,,oke  )S
chhlopppitiy scchlovp. ,,(sschlloppity sc\shhllopp);;
Com;;plain n,,all  youu w.ant,, ,it’S ;n;e,vryee e,eveeR,,   evree,; ever goo,nna st t,op..
CCo,,ome oonn ;; how ,baad caan  possi.bll yyb?ee

How   ba-a–aa-ad  caN I  bbEE?p I,, “mjust uuildi.n,Gna ecnonommy.
HHo;;owi   ba-a-a-ad  cca..n I eb?  JuSt  look at me; p  ettti;;'n  t  h.hsi; xpuuppy.
HoHw ba-a-a-ad,,d,, ;;aynn I   be? AA ppoortionoff proceed s.sgoes ot chariit..ty  y.
HoW WbW,,a–a-a-aad caann, I hbe? HHow b..ad,d can  .I posissbly bee.? Let’s  seee,,.,,

(How baa-aa–aa–dd. ccaann ; I  bbe?) AA,lll. the ;cuusslttomooe..errs;s raae  buying.
(How; ba;;-a;;-a-ad,d cran  n  I  b e;;? )And tthee  monney’  mul.lttipplyiing.

((HHo,wo   ba-AA–a-,ad  ccann II  b;e? )A..nd tthe  PR  peeopl..lee ,are lyiing.

(H,ow ,,b]a–af–a-dd, Cakn  I  Bee??) ,Ann the lawwyyerrs ar edee,,nying.
((Hoo;;w ba-aa-aa-a,,d ca.nh ,I be?)) Who caares  iifa k  few treeess  aare ddying??

(Hwoz  baa-aa-aa-ad can I  ,be,e.??)  Th,s i,, ssalll  s;;o bgratifying.
How  bAd..,
,,How bbad c a,n..n thiis poSsibly  ;be!??


By sky_slimes._ on ig

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                                ❝ —  why, if it isn’t my ol’ pal,    L  U  I  G  I   !  !
                                                      or is it…  
BABY luigi?

                                                                                     …i can’t tell the difference. —  ❞

gdo o ii ,, didddn’t meaan f;fooRR t his t,,o;; be iicce crreaam heeakdaac..hes an,,nd s sw,,wEeit vaaa alnche;;e whhee..n ttehp earl,lsb in ouur sh,hells ggoo up tto ,,d anec, yoou cs;lll; ,me a ,,ba,d tiippperr o f thec rr,add le tireedd ,, yawn.ns w;for fg,,a wnxs,,s onnn hunhteers la w,,s we'ere the hass,beens ,of hhusbaan,ds,s ssharppenignn tthe kknive s o of ydo ougn wwiivesee ttda aee w;;too yeeaasr aannd cc,alll mme . h..we..z,, yyo,u'r.e bettt.err taake t,,eardrops of m ine ifnnd yyourresllf weett.teer.rr…. ff,uc i,,i .acn’’t do.o; thtiis


CHAPT. ER. THREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I find discourse about Gwyndolin and discussion about the character in general very interesting, because what many seem to fall back on is the hypothetical of Gwyndolin being “coercively” raised as a girl.


Literally nothing that says that. “Through the aura of the moon, Gwyndolin was raised as a daughter”. Where does that even LOOSELY imply that “GWYN WAS AN EVIL DADDY AND MADE POOR MAN-GWYNDOLIN WEAR DRESSES AND IT T R A U M A T I Z E D HIM!!1”? Nowhere. And if people don’t fall on that, they fall on a bit from the Reversal Ring, which has even LESS to do with the matter. It includes a snippet of history about Gwyndolin’s personality, which does NOTHING to suggest that Gwyndolin’s appearance or gender-expression were forced. As a matter of fact, the ring EXPLICITLY says it was GIVEN to Gwyndolin. Not that (s)he was forced to wear it. Not that Gwyn jumped Gwyndolin and slam-dunked it onto h(er)is hand. GIVEN. That’s pretty indicative that the situation was, at the very least, not coercive in the slightest.

Furthermore, it’s made pretty clear that Gwyn wasn’t especially proud of Gwyndolin, and didn’t pay her much attention, or commission any statues for her, etc. It’s connected to the fact that Gwyndolin is considered “frail”, “unconventional”, etc. Fancy, polite medieval speak for “sissy” or any veiled transphobic slur of your choice. Basically, it indicates Gwyn wasn’t really supportive of Gwyndolin, or, if he was, he still didn’t really approve, which is almost evidence for Gwyndolin actively PURSUING femininity. We see that Gwyndolin seeks to emulate Gwyn’s reign and continue his goals. Why in the world would (s)he present as female and pursue powers considered to be feminine if her father, the man she seems almost obsessively determined to please hated it, unless she REALLY, REALLY WANTED TO? Was…. Say…. Compelled to….. By some sort of…. Dysphoria. Hmmmmm.

And beyond that, we see Gwyndolin centuries, if not millenia after Gwyn has departed to go chop his soul up and barbeque himself, leaving the Furry Larper and Fat Hannibal Lector to attend his castle….. And (s)he’s still dressing, speaking, and presenting very, very femininely. Shit, close screenshots will reveal that she has breasts, and model-stripping has revealed feminine hips, face, and a distinctive lack of any male genitals. Why in the world would Gwyndolin look like that unless (s)he wanted to? Sunny-D’s gone, yo. He went to go divvy his soul up with the local skater kids and self-immolate a bazillion years ago. Really, everyone’s gone.

Which brings me to my next point….. Who’s the one deity Gwyndolin makes an illusion of? Gwynevere. Her big sis. That’s pretty indicative to me. She’s uncomfortable coming out to speak in public, because she still has a lot of reservations about her appearance, and her big sister’s the first person she thinks of to use as a mouthpiece. Hm.

Some bring up the fact that Gwyndolin is referred to exclusively with male pronouns as a catch-all “uh, sweaty he’s not trans” argument. Considering everything I’ve brought up, that’s less indicative that Gwyndolin is not trans, and more indicative that she is now technically the female sovereign of a patriarchal kingdom. Of COURSE she uses male pronouns. It goes hand-in-hand with the fact that she hides and uses illusions to speak for her. She’s alone in a big, dark world, holding on to all this power by the skin of her teeth, and she KNOWs that any sort of slip up, any manifestation of weakness, could invite someone or something nasty to come lop her pretty head off. Hell, it’s implied that Gwyndolin has negative self-image, and sees herself as “frail’ and “repulsive”. And eventually, her fears do come true (spoiler). Be it the Chosen Undead, or Saint Aldritch (fuck that asshole), something dark and nasty with sharp teeth eventually ends up breaking the door down and offing Gwyndolin.

I’m not saying Gwyndolin ABSOLUTELY 100% MUST BE A TRANS GIRL AND IF YOU DISAGREE YOUR EVIL CIS SCUM BLEEEEEEEH, but I am saying that, regardless of the creator’s intent, the character they created looks like, functions like, has many of the behaviors and traits of, and seems to THINK like many trans-girls. If it looks like a duck, thinks like a duck, walks like a duck, and seems to have the DNA of some sort of avian waterfowl, one has to consider at some point that maybe it is a duck.

But that’s just Gwendolyn’s opinion on Gwyndolin. I sure as heck don’t have a monopoly on interpretation of a character, but I felt the need to chastise people for dismissing a very prevalent (and more than likely accurate, ignorant writers be damned) interpretation on very flimsy pretenses. Praise the sun, yo. Or the moon. And feel free to provide counter-arguments or feedback.

Barebone pt3

3rd and Final Part yalllllll. Im sorry im really awkward. Uh Sorry. So uh, yeah

     Barebone Pt1     Barebone Pt2

Newts POV

Y/n ran away, i tried to follow her but i was stopped by MACUSA

“We have to find that obscurus before it hurts anyone else”

“Wait! I-I can find her, I promise, shes not dangerous” I beg, I cant let them hurt y/n.

“Mr. Scamander, you unleashes dangerous magical beasts, escaped from our custody, and revealed our world to this no-maj and you expect us to let you free to find a very dangerous magical monster”

“Please, i promise, ill find her”

After a moment of silence President Picquery spoke. “Fine. You have 2 days Mr scamander, after that, we take over”

Happiness coursed through my veins, “Thank you, you wont regret it”

Me, Jacob, Tina and Queenie race off to try to find y/n.

“Newt, new york city is enormous how are we supposed to find her?” Tina said in anguish.

Think Newt think. Suddenly an idea popped in my head

“I KNOW WHERE SHE IS” I apparate before questions are asked. I look around. Im here. Central park, where we first met. I run around central park calling their name. I suddenly see a small huddled lump. I move closer and here crying, “y/n?”


I jump up hearing a very familiar voice. 

“N-newt” i look up and spy newt walking towards me carefully. Wand away and both hands out. 

“Newt please leave, I don’t want to hurt you” backing up slowly as newt comes towards me. 

“Newt please!” i continue to plead but Newt wont stop getting closer. “Im not going to leave you love” his voice is so calming but im still fearful of injuring the man who saved me.I backed into a tree and he kept getting closer 

“NEWT STOP!” my sudden outburst made the magizoologist flinch. “Pl-le-ase newt, just go i- i dont want to hurt you” I start sliding down the tree in tears. I hear gravel crunching and feel a warm embrace around me. I start bawling uncontrollably while attempting to get words out.

 “T-th-ey k-i-ill-e-d m-my br-ot-he-r N-ew-t, my brot-the-er!” 

“its okay y/n” Newt continues to stroke my hair as i cry into his jacket. After a couple hours he takes me back to MACUSA. He held my hand as he spoke to the president of MACUSA. 

“Madame president, Y/n caused no injuries and no muggle destruction and they do possess magical qualities so if i could teach them, then maybe its possible that..”. “Mr. Scamander, im going to need you to ask y/n to please leave the room” I look up at newt and he nods his head. I exit the room only to be greeted by Tina and Queenie. 

After a painful 30 minutes, Newt comes out of the room. “y/n, no charges will be pressed against you, and they have allowed me to teach you magic, BUT you have to stay under my care” He looks a little nervous. I walk up to him and pull him into an embrace. “Thank you Newt, for everything. I really do love you”. He wraps his arms around me in a protective bear hug and kisses me on my forehead “I love you too y/n”

It is finished! I really hope yall enjoyed that. so uh yeah, drop some requests or anything or just like you know, chill and stuff… Im sorry im so awkward.

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