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James Id here.  I’m the programmer, modeler and animator for The Legend of Bum-bo, and I want to talk about cardboard.

Why Cardboard?

Edmund and I grew up in households where cardboard and office materials were more plentiful than toys and games.  After playing a video game for the 500th time sparked our imaginations, we would take to making our own fun using paper, glue, tape and cardboard.

Instead of creating the vehicles and weapons from the video games I’d play, I tended to work on making my own games and toys.  For example, instead of making a race car modeled off of the ones I’d play as in Pole Position, I would create a race car arcade game.  The track, complete with racers, was drawn on a coffee can.   A dollar store toy car would glide over the track, suspended by a Popsicle stick.

Besides mimicking video games, I would often make my own board games.  They were usually modeled off of something from my brother’s Advanced Dungeons & Dragons books, or the incredibly expensive and involved board games I’d see on television such a Volcano Island and the Grape Escape.

How Cardboard…?

I’m unsure of exactly how we decided on using these kinds of memories to inform the design of Bum-bo.  I do know that, once we had decided on using Bum-bo as our central character, Edmund and I would talk at great lengths about our childhoods; the lack of hesitation we had in regards to building our imaginary worlds, and ever present drama of our home lives serving as this ever-present backdrop to our childish art.  This seemed to fit without the world of Bum-bo and Isaac, and we agreed unanimously to create the game entirely of Popsicle sticks, tape, paper and cardboard.

When the aesthetic was chosen, it just seemed natural that it would take place in various cardboard boxes.  While the scope and quality of all the elements in the game are more exaggerated than what one child would be able to do, we still wanted to limit it within the realm of possibility.  Would an eight year old James be able to craft an intricately detailed sewer?  Not exactly, but I’d compromise by painting a box to have the details of a sewer, and add additional cardboard shapes where it felt lacking.

We had decided that all the pieces would then resemble the board game pieces I used to make.  Enemies would be flat, but stand up on their own, like doorways in Hero’s Quest. Items and puzzle pieces would resemble tokens from something like Dungeon!. Essential environment pieces like platforms and NPCs would be arranged and animated like the house in 1313 Dead End Drive.

A design like this establishes clear rules for creating the 3D models.  First, all models would have to appear to have been created from sheets of cardboard.  All 3D details would have to be created by either layering cardboard, bending it, wrapping it, or crushing it. Second, animation would have some real world explanation.  Cardboard elements with large frames of animation would make the characters seem to have a life of their own, making the real-world aesthetic redundant.  Fewer frames of animation, each a new cardboard object, more closely resembles how I would “animate” characters I created as a child.  My dopey barbarian got injured?  I’ll just switch his bad-ass paper figurine with one of his guts dripping out.

Edmund designs all the characters, items and the HUD using Adobe Animate, and I then use those illustrations to model a cardboard cut out.  Depending on the character’s size, I will create extra layers of cardboard or build it out more like a paper craft model.  I then create textures to put the illustrations on to appear like the character was drawn on cardboard, instead of the cardboard being made for the drawing.

To truly sell the aesthetic, I’ve relied heavily on scanning real elements, and creating textures for physically-based rendering. Using real scans and software like Allegorithmic’s Substance Designer, I can create cardboard that has the subtle wear and ribbing, along with illustrations that don’t quite cover the surface, as permanent markers tended to not do.

It is my hope that the focus we’ve had on the aesthetics of the game does more than break the fourth wall: We hope to capture the feeling of playing as a child who is playing with characters he has created.

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Question: Law is dressing up for their first date but where do you think should he take Luffy? 

A. Disneyland - A couple on a Ferris Wheel, yes?
B. Cat Cafe - Coz Luffy is cute and cats are cute. Put two cute things together. Let’s see how Law handles it.
C. Cinema - Horror movies. Because why not?
D. North Pole - Two things: Adventure and Aurora Borealis.

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YEEEESSSS, YES YES YES YES YES YAYAYAYAYAYAYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY. I'M SO HAPPY MAN I LOVE YOU AND UR FIC EVEN MORE NOW. i've never liked the idea that yuuri is pure and untouched before victor either. i mean, its ACTUAL CANON that yuri knows/LEARNT HOW TO POLE DANCE and knows he gets rekt whilst drunk. there's no way he's innocent. and the way he dipped and led the dance with victor, i'm sure the boys also knows how to take the lead ;))))

See… I have it all plotted out… I even know when and how Yuuri learns to pole dance in BYSOTI. :D  And yeah, obviously he knows that he goes off the wall when he gets drunk then it’s happened before.  And he probably drank quite a bit since he is no lightweight.  I mean SIXTEEN GLASSES of champagne!  That’s ridiculous! 

I personally headcanon that Yuuri started drinking socially in order to loosen up around people because people are hard and make no sense.  A few benders in he probably realised that his plan was not a good one and should re-evaluate, but at that point he sort of had the reputation of “if he gets plastered, he will take off most of his clothes and pole dance.  And if there isn’t a pole, he will get on a table and dance.  It doesn’t matter, either way it is hot.  Boy likes bubbles.  Go to Trader Joes and stock up on the prosecco!” (Because lets face it, even the straight boys would want to make sure that Yuuri enjoys himself because I’m sure the girls enjoy the strips show too. ;)

“Think You’re Gonna Come?” (Mino) [Club Promoter AU]

Requested by @tempratre

Originally posted by kimbbuyo

    You pulled your phone out of your pocket to snap a photo of the poster on the telephone pole. You’d just been walking to the bus stop from work when it caught your eye. Apparently there was a new club opening and they were offering free drinks for everyone the first night. You’d been looking for something fun to do the coming weekend, and this seemed to fit the bill quite nicely. You took the picture and were just putting away your phone when a deep voice behind you asked, “Think you’re gonna come?”

    You turned, slightly startled, to see a young man standing behind you. “…Sorry?” you asked, confused.

    “I’m promoting for them; I was just going around to make sure all the posters are still up,” he said. “And I wondered if you’re coming.”

    “Oh,” you said, chuckling awkwardly. You shrugged. “I mean, probably. Gotta see if I can get any friends to come.”

    “Ahh, okay, gotcha,” he said.

    “So, um…” you trailed off awkwardly, unsure of why he was still standing there.
    “Sorry, I won’t keep you,” he said. “But if you come, ask for me? I’m Minho. Song Minho.”

    You looked at him skeptically. “You probably say that to every girl, right?”

    “No, no!” he said quickly. “I just think you’re, well-” he scratched the back of his head awkwardly. “- you’re really cute and since we’re already talking… I was gonna ask you if I could buy you coffee or something, but I thought that might be too forward, so…”

    You were quite surprised by his sudden proposal and it took you a moment to respond. “…Well, we could go get coffee now if you want.”

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Hello <3 Firstly, I love your blog! And then: Omg, pole dancing Tony! I love this headcanon (partly because I also do pole dance :D I just started about a year ago, so I'm not very good yet...), amd omg, I would love you forever if you wrote a story about it :)

Hi and welcome, my fellow pole dancer! Hey, a year is already a long time and I’m sure you’ve already come very far! It gets easy to become so fixated on all the new moves you’re just learning or still can’t do, but remember when you first started and all you really did was walk around the pole? Even that felt so awkward! Or maybe that was just me xD 

Anyways, there is more to come (eventually) since pole dancer!Tony is not something I can see losing interest in any time soon, but for now I’ll hope this little titbit will satisfy! It’s basically a ‘how it all started’ ficlet. Enjoy :)

It was all Rhodey’s fault. Well, and maybe sort of Tony’s, in a tiny, utterly negligible way, but that isn’t important. The point is, Tony’s lost a stupid bet and his best friend is an asshole, and that’s the only reason he’s even here, attending a first time pole dancing lesson. Really. It’s not like he’s been whining to Rhodey about wanting to try it for the past two years, absolutely not. 

It’s… weird.

It’s weird because he’s very aware that in a class of eleven people, he’s the only guy–though their trainer, a tall woman with wild, black curls and a strict, no non-sense attitude has assured him that there are a couple of other men training at their studio, all in different classes–and it’s just odd. 

Nobody is being rude though and Tony ruthlessly squashes the urge to fiddle with the hem of his top. He really needs to get a hold of himself. There’s no reason to be weird about this. Also, the fact that he’s about to learn how to pole dance

And nope, that not excitement, that’s apprehension, thank you very much.

They start with a simple introduction, names, dance experiences, reasons for showing up here. Their trainer–Eve–explains some of the basics around pole dance, the studio and a couple of things for their own security. (Like, you know, don’t climb up that pole and do one of those upside down turns you’ve seen on TV without a mat, instructions or prior experience.) Then the actual lesson starts.

“Alright!” Eve calls out eventually, turning up the volume of the hi-fi equipment as she goes. “Everybody grab a yoga mat please!”

They start with a warm-up routine, a mixture of stretch and Kraft-exercises, that dearly reminds Tony how out-of-shape he really is–and it’s only been the first twenty minutes. Still, he builds an instant kinship with the strawberry blonde girl on the pole right next to his, who starts cursing softly under her breath after the third push-up, and they both exchange breathless grins over Eve’s sharp counting.

By the time they are told to put the mats away, Tony can’t deny that he’s genuinely looking forward to trying some real stuff out–and to the water that Eve regularly reminds them to drink.

And really, it’s a lot more fun than Tony expected. They don’t do anything really impressive, rationally he knows that. Which makes total sense because it becomes obvious immediately that none of them where lying–they all don’t have a clue what they’re doing. But that makes the moves Eve shows them all the more fun, the secure knowledge that you aren’t the only one who keeps stumbling and grips the pole with the wrong hand.

It’s mostly dance steps around the pole with little twirls at this point, as well as a crash course in climbing a pole the right way. It’s a lot harder than it sounds. You have to use not just your hands but also your underarms to keep a stable hold, and- 

“Don’t forget to stretch your feet!” Eve reminds them for the up-tenth time. “Remember it looks much more elegant this way!”

The session ends with a few stretching exercises and a last round of Q&A–

“What clothes are the most practical?”

“How long does a lesson typically last?”

“Is it possible to have more than one lesson a week?”

–before Eve asks them to please sign up for the course if they are interested in continuing. Swallowing, Tony stares at the piece of paper being passed around, flashes of What will Rhodey say and Am I really doing this passing through his mind.

But when Strawberry-Blonde hands him a pen, Tony doesn’t even hesitate to sign his name, a little shakily perhaps, but readable all the same.

He’s had a fun time and he’s gonna give this a shot, damn everyone else’s opinions. And if the thought of telling Howard about his newest hobby brings a brilliant smile on Tony’s face, well. That’s nobody’s business but his own.

Please let me know if you liked this little dose of pole dancer!Tony, especially if you have any headcanons or ideas for future drabbles with this concept! And, as always, have a wonderful day! <3

Btw, @hazelestelle I’m gonna cash in on that eternal love you’ve promised me at some point *cackles manically* ;)

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Hey! I've really liked your pat two fics about j2 daughters:) I was wondering if I could request one where you're jensens daughter and you come to one of the cons and go on stage, if that's ok?

Word Count: 420

Warnings: none

A/N: thank you! I was a little unsure about those two, but I’m glad you liked them. I wasn’t sure how old you wanted her to be, so I mad her about 4ish. Thanks for sending this in:) hope you like it

“… I didn’t even notice it, but she’d ran into a pole without realizing it!” Jensen laughed, telling the audience about how Y/N had smacked her head into some piece of playground equipment at the park the other day. “She was running around, laughing, and it was only when she ran over to me when I saw that she had a growing lump on her forehead. I told her about it and took a picture with my phone, and when I showed her she started crying! I felt bad, but she was pretty cute.”

“I am very cute,” a small voice sounded from backstage. Jensen whipped his head around, searching for the source of it.

“Y/N?” he asked, surprised. “That you, Bug?”

“Hi daddy,” she mumbled through the mic. Jared walked out from behind stage, carrying her in his arms.

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Typical of Mark :)

IGOT7s and Mark stans out there!!!

Jealous of lucky fans who got to hold hands with Mark? So last year!

Jealous of security guards or saleswomen at the airport? So last month!

Jealous of a bunch of stuffed toys Mark received? So yesterday!

Now let’s add airport’s pole, wall and glass door to the list!


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