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Ah yes academy rivalry

(Maes falls 2 seconds later)

Modified Cupid is done...

all 17k words of it.  All I have to do is do a read through of it and then I can hand it over to Io for editing.  Yay! 

In the meantime: have a teaser!

Viktor rolled his eyes.  “Of course not.”

Chris’s gaze had slid past him again.  “Yuuri!”

“Yuri?  You didn’t tell me that you’d invited him.  He’s a killjoy.  And angry and–”

“Yuuri?  No, he’s, a lot of fun in the right circumstances.  Hang on, I’ll introduce you.”

“Chris, I know–”

But Chris had already stepped around him and was talking to someone, before leaning forward and pressing kisses to both cheeks of the person.  Who was not Yuri Plisetsky.  Whoever this “Yuri” was had a shock of black hair which was all Viktor could see of him since he was shorter than Chris.  Not that it was hard to be shorter than Chris.  He was one of the tallest skaters Viktor knew.

“Viktor!  Buona sera!”

“Buona sera, Sara.  Mila told me to say hello for her since she heard you were coming with your brother.”

The Italian smiled and leaned up to press a quick kiss to Viktor’s cheek.  “Speaking of… have you seen Mickey?  I told him I would find him when I came down, but I haven’t seen him.”

Viktor paused to think, pressing a finger to his chin.  “Hm.  I don’t recall.  I’ve spent most of the evening so far talking to Chris, but I’m sure that he’s around somewhere.  There are some people socializing on the terrace perhaps he’s there?”

“Because Mickey socializes so well?”  Viktor laughed a little and Sara smiled.  “Well, I’ll go look out there then.  Ciao!”

“Ciao.”  He raised his hand in parting.  

“Needs to check in with her brother, I assume?”

Viktor turned as Chris came back.  “I assume so.  They should have gone into pair skating.  Then at least her brother would have a reason to constantly be hovering over her.”

Chris waved his hand in dismissal.  As one of the grooms, he was making it his personal dictate that he got to determine what the conversation would be about, and apparently, the Crispiato?  – Viktor was terrible with names, really – twins were not on the list.

“I thought you were going to introduce me to this Yuri.”

“Ah.  He hadn’t even checked in yet, just wanted to say hello first and introduce me to the friend that he brought along.  Very cute.  And if he wasn’t nineteen and I wasn’t getting married this weekend, I’d definitely try to hit that.”

“Didn’t realize you were friends with the younger skaters.”

Io is editing, so bysoti(d) will be up tomorrow eveningish (CET).  We have a birthday to attend in the afternoon, so we’ll be busy most of the day until we get back.

While io is editing, I got bit with a little fic idea.  Let’s just say it’s an alternate meeting that involves a wedding in the Swiss Alps and apparently a lot of pole dancing.

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Question: Law is dressing up for their first date but where do you think should he take Luffy? 

A. Disneyland - A couple on a Ferris Wheel, yes?
B. Cat Cafe - Coz Luffy is cute and cats are cute. Put two cute things together. Let’s see how Law handles it.
C. Cinema - Horror movies. Because why not?
D. North Pole - Two things: Adventure and Aurora Borealis.

Facebook memories just brought this back up, I had no idea it existed! 
This is me from 2 years ago, doing a mini-routine to Melody Gardot’s “So we meet again.” Kind of surprised by how clean it is even it’s super short. (God, I can’t believe it’s been that long already since I’ve done pole x_x)

Sassy Update

Just a heads up on what’s going on over in the Sassy Household.

I’ll be getting some minor surgery done on Monday.  I don’t know how out of it I’ll be after.  Io will be taking care of the demon goat for the most part (his parents will have the demon goat for a couple of days too) while I recuperate.  I’ll be in the hospital for a couple of days after.

On the writing front, I’m hoping to get both Modified Cupid (the pole dancing fic) and 10 Yuuris done before the surgery.

I expect the next chapter of bysoti(d) to be rather…. large.  So it might take a bit more time to write.  I’m hoping that I’ll be able to spend some of my recovery time writing, but I’m going to see how out of it I am.   We’re starting to get to the meat of the story (she says after almost 150k words).

I’ve spent the last couple of days working on Modified Cupid which is why there hasn’t been 10 Yuuris being posted.  Modified Cupid is at 14k words and is almost done.  I have another pole dance to write.  The ending.  And then maybe an epilogue (that came to me while I was cooking) which is really just an excuse to write about Yuuri pole dancing some more.  (I swear they’re still skaters in this fic…)

I have a couple more manifestations of Viktor and Yuuri for 10 Yuuris and then I can start the wrap up.  No idea how that’s going to go, but you’ll see it as it happens!  Live streaming writing, yo!

First, thank you to those of you who are sending good thoughts my way.  I’m not too anxious (yet) about the surgery, so fingers crossed.  It helps that I can prepare for it since it’s a scheduled surgery.

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As for what I’ve been up to the last couple of days…. I’ve been working on Modified Cupid (the pole dancing fic).  The story is done, I’m just working on the epilogue (which… yeah, this epilogue is going to make the whole fic have an E rating….) which I’m hoping to finish tonight, and then it’s in Io’s hands. :D  All 15k+ words of it…

It’s been super hot lately and I’m melting, so I don’t really get much done during the day… I’ve been hiding out inside and trying to find ways around having to cook because omg it’s so hot.

Next on the to-do list will be 10 Yuuris… which I will continue doing livestream style. 

And I have a rec list that will be coming out soon.  I’ve been collecting fics for a while.  Lots of stuff coming from Sassy, hopefully.  

(And don’t worry about bysoti(d)… I’m still plugging away on it, it’s just going to be a long chapter)

hazelestelle  asked:

Hello <3 Firstly, I love your blog! And then: Omg, pole dancing Tony! I love this headcanon (partly because I also do pole dance :D I just started about a year ago, so I'm not very good yet...), amd omg, I would love you forever if you wrote a story about it :)

Hi and welcome, my fellow pole dancer! Hey, a year is already a long time and I’m sure you’ve already come very far! It gets easy to become so fixated on all the new moves you’re just learning or still can’t do, but remember when you first started and all you really did was walk around the pole? Even that felt so awkward! Or maybe that was just me xD 

Anyways, there is more to come (eventually) since pole dancer!Tony is not something I can see losing interest in any time soon, but for now I’ll hope this little titbit will satisfy! It’s basically a ‘how it all started’ ficlet. Enjoy :)

It was all Rhodey’s fault. Well, and maybe sort of Tony’s, in a tiny, utterly negligible way, but that isn’t important. The point is, Tony’s lost a stupid bet and his best friend is an asshole, and that’s the only reason he’s even here, attending a first time pole dancing lesson. Really. It’s not like he’s been whining to Rhodey about wanting to try it for the past two years, absolutely not. 

It’s… weird.

It’s weird because he’s very aware that in a class of eleven people, he’s the only guy–though their trainer, a tall woman with wild, black curls and a strict, no non-sense attitude has assured him that there are a couple of other men training at their studio, all in different classes–and it’s just odd. 

Nobody is being rude though and Tony ruthlessly squashes the urge to fiddle with the hem of his top. He really needs to get a hold of himself. There’s no reason to be weird about this. Also, the fact that he’s about to learn how to pole dance

And nope, that not excitement, that’s apprehension, thank you very much.

They start with a simple introduction, names, dance experiences, reasons for showing up here. Their trainer–Eve–explains some of the basics around pole dance, the studio and a couple of things for their own security. (Like, you know, don’t climb up that pole and do one of those upside down turns you’ve seen on TV without a mat, instructions or prior experience.) Then the actual lesson starts.

“Alright!” Eve calls out eventually, turning up the volume of the hi-fi equipment as she goes. “Everybody grab a yoga mat please!”

They start with a warm-up routine, a mixture of stretch and Kraft-exercises, that dearly reminds Tony how out-of-shape he really is–and it’s only been the first twenty minutes. Still, he builds an instant kinship with the strawberry blonde girl on the pole right next to his, who starts cursing softly under her breath after the third push-up, and they both exchange breathless grins over Eve’s sharp counting.

By the time they are told to put the mats away, Tony can’t deny that he’s genuinely looking forward to trying some real stuff out–and to the water that Eve regularly reminds them to drink.

And really, it’s a lot more fun than Tony expected. They don’t do anything really impressive, rationally he knows that. Which makes total sense because it becomes obvious immediately that none of them where lying–they all don’t have a clue what they’re doing. But that makes the moves Eve shows them all the more fun, the secure knowledge that you aren’t the only one who keeps stumbling and grips the pole with the wrong hand.

It’s mostly dance steps around the pole with little twirls at this point, as well as a crash course in climbing a pole the right way. It’s a lot harder than it sounds. You have to use not just your hands but also your underarms to keep a stable hold, and- 

“Don’t forget to stretch your feet!” Eve reminds them for the up-tenth time. “Remember it looks much more elegant this way!”

The session ends with a few stretching exercises and a last round of Q&A–

“What clothes are the most practical?”

“How long does a lesson typically last?”

“Is it possible to have more than one lesson a week?”

–before Eve asks them to please sign up for the course if they are interested in continuing. Swallowing, Tony stares at the piece of paper being passed around, flashes of What will Rhodey say and Am I really doing this passing through his mind.

But when Strawberry-Blonde hands him a pen, Tony doesn’t even hesitate to sign his name, a little shakily perhaps, but readable all the same.

He’s had a fun time and he’s gonna give this a shot, damn everyone else’s opinions. And if the thought of telling Howard about his newest hobby brings a brilliant smile on Tony’s face, well. That’s nobody’s business but his own.

Please let me know if you liked this little dose of pole dancer!Tony, especially if you have any headcanons or ideas for future drabbles with this concept! And, as always, have a wonderful day! <3

Btw, @hazelestelle I’m gonna cash in on that eternal love you’ve promised me at some point *cackles manically* ;)

anonymous asked:

A scenario xanxus reborn tsuna have a tattoos nipple and tongue piercing and. Knows how to pole dance ( I love all my piercings;) and giving them a show sorry about my English

“What the hell’s that doing in here?”

You looked up from your laptop, following his line of vision to the pole that you’d set up in the corner of the room just that day. A wide grin broke out on your face, and you jumped to your feet and walked over to it. You grabbed hold of it, one foot at the base as you leaned out. “This is for me.”

You had learned how to pole dance ages ago. It had been just a fun way to stay in shape, and you and your friends had gone to a class on a whim one day. It had been a few months since you’d had a pole to use though, and you’d really come to miss using it every morning.

“Would you like a show?”

Xanxus smirked, walking up to you and grabbing your chin. “Just for me? Why wouldn’t I?”

You batted his hand aside, pressing a hand to his chest and pushing him away. “No touching.”

“I can’t promise anything,” he said, taking a step back, “but fine. Go ahead.”

You began to go through some of your old routines, spinning and twirling on the pole. You didn’t pay any mind to the way your nightshirt flipped up, collecting around your waist. Xanxus found himself captivated by the way you moved, not able to take his eyes off you. His gaze gravitated to your arms and legs, watching as the muscles moved beneath your brightly colored skin. The way the patterns tattooed on your arms shifted with every spin was breathtaking.

He wasn’t able to keep himself from touching you. As soon as he came back to himself, finally broken from his hypnosis watching you dance, he took a large step forward. You were idle enough for a heartbeat he was able to grab a hold of your hips, and he quickly silenced your protest by kissing you. He shoved his tongue into your mouth, circling the cold metal of your tongue piercing.

“You better not be dancing like that for anyone else; that’s for my eyes only.”

You’d surprised him when he got home. You’d ordered a sexy outfit for this specific occasion, and he still hadn’t seen the new tattoo you’d gotten across your ribs last Tuesday. It had hurt more than most of your others, being right on your bones, but you were used to it by now. And besides, it was worth it.

His face didn’t change in the slightest when he walked in the door. His eyes traveled over your body, lingering on your exposed midsection before coming back to your face. “So what have you been up to today, _______,” he asked almost innocently, reaching down to take his shoes off.

You walked up to him, stopping right before him and grabbing onto his hand. “Noooothing,” you said, elongating the o. “Now come on.”

You dragged him away from the front door, pulling him through the house and to the side room. You pushed him down into the chair you’d set up right in front of your pole, grabbing hold of it and spinning around it a few times before stopping and smiling down at him as seductively as you could manage. “I know how hard that last mission was, so I decided to give you a little treat today. So sit back and enjoy.”

Reborn did just as you said, watching as you began your dance. His eyes followed your every movement, face shadowed beneath the hat he still wore so you couldn’t read his features. You didn’t know if he was enjoying it or not, but you had to just trust in yourself. He didn’t make any move to touch you, his hands folded neatly in his lap.

As you came to the end of your routine, breathing heavily, you looked at him for any reaction. Reborn slowly rose to his feet, taking the extra step up to you. Finally you caught sight of that little smile, and he cupped your face in his hand. “How long have you been working on that?”

“A week,” you admitted somewhat sheepishly.

“It was absolutely beautiful,” he purred, lips finding yours in a soft kiss.

You were waiting for Tsuna to return home, lounging on the couch in your shared bedroom. You were playing with a hair band you had had around your wrist, twisting it around and around before letting it snap back into shape. You sighed, flinging the little thing across the room. You were about to get up and pace, anything to occupy your time, when you heard footsteps coming down the hall.

You rose quickly to your feet, facing the door with a large smile, hands behind your back so you could push your chest out. Tsuna was very quick to close that door, turning back to you with a smirk. “Well, well, well, _______. This is unexpected.”

His eyes devoured you, raking over your bare skin. Your chest and stomach were covered in ink, beautiful and colorful sceneries that made you look prettier than any painting. Your nipple rings glinted in the lamplight, and you pushed your chest out a little more when you noticed his eyes on them.

“Wanna show?” you asked bluntly.

“Sure. Let’s see you put all that practice into work.”

You practically pranced over to the pole you’d had set up, twirling once around it before pouting at him, saying, “No touching, though.”

You began your routine, which wasn’t particularly a routine at all. You kind of just spun and twirled, putting together all the moves you’d come to know and letting them all flow together naturally. You liked those more difficult ones, where you had to pull your entire body weight off the ground. It was definitely more straining on your already tired muscles, but they were much more beautiful looking. And more fun.

Tsuna wasn’t one for listening, though, and you could feel his hands brushing against your skin every chance he got. They were soft caresses, careful not to press or grab too hard and throw you off balance while you were hanging upside down or anything. But he was making it quite clear that he was losing his patience.

The next time you righted yourself, both feet solid on the ground, he grabbed your hips and pulled you close. “I think you need a bit more practice,” he teased.

This is a cover for the comic of the premiere series of MNAF For now, the comic is canceled Which is making it very difficult for me to do the scripts, draw, covers, storyboard and pilot. . So sorry, they will have to wait for the pilot of the series to be released this year.
Sorry me english

D.s: Pole bear

#PoleAsPresident pt. 3

Ang pinakamagandang master post sa balat ng lupa! Kasi naman jusko ang saya siguro sa Pilipinas kung si Pole ang naging presidente? Inalok naman ni Miong eh bago niya tinanggap yung role ano. Willing si Miong ibigay sa kanya ang presidency tas magiging Captain General chuva lang si Miong, like tanggap talaga ni Miong. Ba’t mo tinanggihan badang!

Sanhi ng pag-uusap namin ni @d-artist-freude​ sa twitter :))

[ part 1, part 2, part 3 ]

What if Mabini became the first Philippine President?

Miong: so commanding general pa din ako?
Pole as president: mhmm
Miong: ice yan sakin
Pole as president: let_the_love_begin.mp3

Cabinet: so yun po yung plan
Cabinet: may peace talks negotiations ganyan
Pole as president: teka consult ko sarili ko
Pole as president:
Pole as president:
no daw

Cabinet meeting
Pole as president: shet
Pole as president: di ako maka-walk out

Pole as president: may extra kawals ka ba dyan
Miong: bakit beh
Pole as president: in case kelangan kong magwalk out

Cabinet meeting
Pole as president: jusko

Cabinet meeting
Pole as president: -pindot ng buzzer-
Cabinet: ????
Pole as president: -binuhat ng kawals ang upuan-
Pole as president: bye

Pole as president:
Pole as president:
gusto ko nga ng kabayo
Miong: hindi nga pwede pano ka sasakay
Pole as president: :(

Pole as president: kawal bilhan mo ako ng kabayo
Kawal: um
Pole as president: pati na karwahe, yung pang gladiator
Kawal: cool

Goyong: gusto ko rin ng ganun!
Miong: sya lang daw pwedeng may ganyan may kabayo ka naman na
Goyong: :(

Pole as president: pinaiyak mo daw yung bata
Miong: wala akong ginagawa!

Pole as president: punta kang Bagbag
Miong: ano meron
Pole as president: tawagin mo si Paco may ipapagawa ako
Miong: ano yun
Pole as president: Román Coliseum

Luna: napadaan ka ata
Miong: kakausapin ko si Román
Paco: bakit po! :)
Manuel B:
Jose B:
…kakausapin ko si Román

Pole as president: ano balita
Pole as president: natagalan ka ata
Miong: si Luna kasi tinago si Román
Miong: sya na lang daw para may star sya

Toñito: kuya
Juan: ano na naman yan
Toñito: kuya kaya mo ba magdesign ng
Juan: ng
Toñito: ng coliseum