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Since a decent amount of people wanted pocket Prompto (and the rest of the boyband roadtrip squad) on shirts and such, I made em! Due to the shadow on the pocket, I’d suggest getting them on lighter colors.


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wylan and kaz parallels

okay consider….both these boys literally escaped death, dragging their exhausted, frail, blue tinged and sopping wet bodies from the murky canals and navigated their way into the barrel. the boy who had become a monster, the boy who had become a runaway. ultimately, two boys who went into the water and came out as someone else.

and later when kaz asked wylan if he’d ever had his pocket picked, been mugged in an alley, hung over the side of a bridge, or beaten until he couldn’t walk….

every single one of these things we’ve know kaz has done to others, but it also sounds like things he’s experienced? the chances of him being pick pocketed in the beginning are high. we know he’s definitely been jumped in an alley. and beaten until he couldn’t walk? kaz, crippled on a job, who can never properly walk again, sounds like he’s literally assessing his own damage and comparing it to wylan here

kaz identified with the naivete he saw in wylan. the innocence that he held inside of him…was much like who kaz was before he was exposed to the true ways of the barrel…and i feel like kaz wanted to preserve that

“the barrel was a far rougher teacher than kaz could ever be. at least this explained why kaz had been coddling wylan and sending jobs his way.”

he could’ve easily had him jumped and indebted to him like he did with jesper. kaz worked a lot of angles to manipulate someone—but he left wylan unharmed? he compared himself to wylan again in six of crows with, “you think like a lockpick.” wylan refuted this, “i’m nothing like him.” but he was in so many ways and kaz knew it. he would’ve seen beneath all of those layers of fear wylan wore and known his potential, especially the potential to become something much worse—another him if he wasn’t careful. i think kaz just really really didn’t want wylan to turn into him

also kaz and wylan both had members of their family taken from them. they’d both been manipulated by men they’d never thought would cross them, figures they put all of their trust in. wylan’s immediate thought was to earn enough money to get out of ketterdam, while kaz thought someone has to pay

and he said it later in crooked kingdom in different words when he was telling colm about how “wylan and jesper” tried to take a shortcut to get money. he said, “the only way to get justice is to take it yourself.”

during my jesper/jordie parallels i mentioned when kaz was talking about this he was probably thinking about himself and jordie, but maybe….he was thinking about himself and wylan. they’d both been swindled by men they believed would take care of them. i don’t think he just said that for colm. he said it for wylan, who at this point was still too virtuous, would rather run before getting revenge on his father, and that was probably the only part of him kaz wanted to change. because jan couldn’t get away like pekka managed to

but even after wylan found out his mother was still alive, which kaz hoped would make him more righteous, he was indignant but still good??? it’s like by the end of crooked kingdom, they grew even more similar, with wylan scheming and toughening up, but it was wylan who showed kaz that he could be something more.


This whole photoset literally just exists cause I got a hella jacket from the charity shop for Christmas and I wanna show it off lmaoooo

Little Miss Pocket Healer

Gency week, day 4 - Mission!

Previous and next of the week!

I’ve had this idea for a long time, and I decided to use it for gency week! I’m quite happy with this one! (See? My things are improving in quality here :D)

Appropiate tags: Crack, light hearted, fluff, mentions of nakedness (but not nsfw)

Please enjoy!

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Post Pocket Mortys Series: Morticia

I drew this in hopes of cheering me up and it sorta worked but you know, I still lost it after finishing this drawing. <:I I like how it came out tho, that’s a plus. 

A little thing I’ve thought of is that when Morticia is upset about something and she wants to talk, she’ll go to Rick to see if he has the time to listen, and if he does they sit down and she talks while Rick messes with her hair. Morticia likes it when her hair is styled so Rick TRIES. lol but usually they turn out okay to her.


Ziam night in.

More teacups


When Jay spots a condom on stage.


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“You” a voice said making you turn your attention towards the direction of it. As you turned your mouth was open slightly surprised. “You!” you muttered, remembering the guys face from before. You’d pick pocketed him in the street one day and now he was here. “You two know each other?” Merritt asking pointing between you both. “Uh, kind of” you chuckled nodding lightly.

<< Page 49 >>
The way he casually explained everything with his hands in his pockets… you’d think he’d forgotten all about setting the laboratory up to explode.

I think Duncan fears getting told off by Kim and Rythian more than the fact they are all about to die in a few seconds if they don’t get out of there. Oh boy, well at least Rythian is safe in that force field, it’s got it’s own little generator so it’ll likely last a few minutes after the initial detonation of the lab. Lucky him, I guess?

This page was easy! I forgot how much fun Lalna was to draw. He’s just so pudgy and cartoonish, I can forgive and hide a lot of his anatomy and he still looks fine. Also It’s nice to have Duncan’s radioactive greens push away Lalnable’s blood reds as the balance of control shifts.  :) Script wise this went through quite a few changes. Originally Duncan was freaking out a lot more, but I kind of like the idea of him being strangely calm with the situation, all because he’s in control… for now. 

SO, just had a thought here, since it’s pretty much alluded that Hagrid and Professor Longbottom were both staff at the same time:

  • Can you imagine Hagrid asking Neville for help with his yearly gigantic pumpkins?
  • Neville suggesting the best potion to make them grow larger, not just a charm.
  • Hagrid and Neville discussing dangerous plants and Neville getting excited and flustered
  • Hagrid and Neville discussing dangerous beasts and Hagrid getting excited and worked up over the newest beast he’s found to show to his class
  • Hagrid surprising Neville during the holidays with a long-vined plant that hides your stuff if you’re not watching it
  • Neville wondering where he’d left his pocket watch, or quill, or anything really and then one day he sees a vine sliding across his desk with his rubber stamp in it’s grasp and he laughs and follows it back to the pot and digs to find three weeks worth of lost things in the soil

I dunno, it’s not much but I have happy thoughts about Professor Longbottom.

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Peter would love you sticking your hand in his back pocket,
you’d walk up while he was talking with the squad and just slide your hand into his pocket making him freeze and look at you, who had a very cheeky grin on your face "What? all that running gives you a really nice ass" and give him a squeeze noting the extremely bright blush it got out of him.
it soon became a regular thing, instead of holding hands you’d slide your hand in his pocket with a grin and usually a comment on his firm butt

credit to @quiskcilver <3 for the idea!

corruisset  asked:

Fun Fact about Creed Bratton! He says in the show that "Nobody steals from Creed Bratton and gets away with it. The last person to do this disappeared. His name: Creed Bratton." Really, the man that plays Creed is called William Charles Schneider, and used to be in the band The Grass Roots. One morning after partying a little too hard, he woke up in an alley with another person's I.D. in his pocket. The name on it was Creed Bratton, so he changed his name that day and went with it!


How would mercs react if someone gave them a flower?

Prompt: How would the mercs react if someone (probably a stranger or at least a casual acquaintance, gave them a flower? (Note: This particular post, I’ll be experimenting with GIFs. Hope you guys don’t mind! -Undercover)


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He’d stutter and shove his hands deep into his pockets. He’d protest at first, wondering why someone he vaguely knows would give him a flower. After a simple explanation, Engie’ll accept the random gift; probably saying thanks for the fifth time. He can’t wipe that gosh-darned sheepish smile off his face! Keeps the flower in a proper vase with water and everything. Would be the most sensible handling the situation (even if he gets too easily flustered hahahaha)


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He’d frown at the person - afterall, they’d stop him in the middle of his experiment for this? A kind and simple gesture, but Medic has better use of his time and would prefer for somebody to give him a free organ. Now that’d be touching! Nevertheless, Medic takes the flower, and places it somewhere in his office. He forgets to put it in water, and it’ll end up dying quickly.


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Upon being given the flower, Pyro would give a muffled gasp. Getting over themself, they’ll wrap up the person in a huge rubbery hug. They’d be in a flurry of muffled ‘thank-yous’ and pouring any compliment they can think of off the top of their head. Why anyone would give them anything is a mystery. They try to keep the flower alive - really they do - but they can’t help but set it on fire.


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I mean, being the drunk mess he is 75% of the time, Demo would sob immediately. In his drunken state he’s used to being the party animal, one-liner, and guy full of dirty jokes up his sleeve. People treat him as a drunken jokester or a go to drinking buddy - he doesn’t mind that! But someone treating him nicely even when he’s a mess-up? He’d be a bit too emotional about the random gift - in his emotional state, he’d end up snapping the flower’s stem in half. Only ends up with a blubbering Demo. Ah, it’s the thought that counts.


Originally posted by psychopass

(I couldn’t find an appropriate GIF reaction…so the hand is supposed to represent Heavy rubbing someone’s head.) Heavy would frown first, but take the flower. But, seeing the person means well, he would nod in approval. He isn’t much for giving out free smiles, so he’ll awkwardly pat the person’s head. He presses the flower into one of his favorite books (the super thick and heavy kind), to preserve it to the best of his ability.


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(These gifs are getting progressively harder to find as each merc goes on…THEY DONT CAPTURE THE ESSENCE. or im just a bad searcher lol) Soldier would be rude at first: “DON’T GIVE ME NO PANSY FLOWER, SON!” When it’s properly explained to him the person’s intentions behind the gesture, Soldier grabs the flower and stuffs it into his pocket. (he won’t be the best at preserving the gift…) He’ll then proceed to give an aggressive high five or slap on the back.


Originally posted by shawnasgonnagif

Scout would be taken aback at first, actually lost for words. His face would light up and he’ll smile the most kid-like smile ever. (if that sentence made any sense) Then he’ll talk at the speed of light. “Woah a flower, that’s pretty weird, and by pretty weird I mean really sweet and I mean wow thanks I don’t mean to sound awkward but I really appreciate it you know so ahahahahaha!” Once he has to stop to catch his breath, he’d revert back to egotistical full of himself Scout. He’d say, “You know, it’s a bit weird for ya to be giving a flower to a dude.” He’s bound to rub somebody the wrong way in the end. He runs back to his room in a blur to find somewhere to put the flower.


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Spy would be (understandably) suspicious. He’d scrutinize both the giver and flower. He’d analyze any hidden codes/meanings behind the flower, he doesn’t specialize in spying for nothing. He’d wrack his brain for any ulterior motive behind a senseless gesture - he stares the person down, maybe trying to make them uncomfortable. Trying to exploit weakness. This goes down all in a minute of uncomfortable silence and judgment. Finally, if he deems the person and flower harmless, he’ll accept it with a professional and cool ‘thank you’, and strides away. From such an interaction, any outsider would think Spy didn’t appreciate the random gift. However, in his smoking room, a flower sits in a crystal vase above the fireplace.


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(IF ONLY IF I CAN FIND A GIF WHERE SOMEONE IS BLUSHING AND HIDING BEHIND A HAT) Sniper blushes deeply at his ears. (I totally headcanon him blushing at the ears. It’s a ridiculously fun image to think of) He’ll bow his head, muttering a quick thank you behind the brim of his hat. He’ll shoot his hand out to grasp the gift - too rough and too jerky, but it’s clear he accepts and appreciates the thing. He speed-walks away, thankful and embarrassed to leave the person behind. From that point forward, if anyone walks into his van, they’ll see a single flower planted in a pot, placed where sunshine pours in the most…

It was hard finding gifs that fit the context of this prompt and it hurt my eyes looking at the flashing images (le sob), but altogether, I had so much fun experimenting with this post! I hope you guys appreciate this! ((The ask box is always open for questions like this!))


A Proposal by Any Other Name, Chapter 25: Takeout


TW: Discussions of past / child abuse. Please tread carefully, read the chapter notes before continuing.

Chapter summary: Rey gets a little drunk and Kylo starts peeling back the layers.

Chapter Preview:

She licks her lips unconsciously and Kylo’s eyes follow, his line of sight falling from her eyes to her mouth between a hesitant heartbeat and the next as he inhales. Then there’s a buzz. Kylo frowns, his full brows stitching together as he tilts his head down and to the side, towards his pocket. It gives Rey enough time to pull away, though for a moment she feels Kylo’s unwillingness to let go in the slight tensing of his muscles, the reflexive pressure against her shoulder blades attempting to pull her back in before he quickly steps back and gives her a once over.

“Answer it,” Rey says, tilting her chin towards his pocket. She’d held her end of their deal. Kylo only frowns.

“What if it’s F—“

She shakes her head, cutting him off. “I doubt he’d be calling me now,” she murmurs, trying and failing to keep the bitter edge out of her voice. She’d just been dumped, after all. Told to go home, as if it were so easy or so commonplace for Rey to hop on a plane and cross the Atlantic.

Author’s note: Welp. Happy saturday? bit of a heavy chapter so please do mind the TW/CW included in the notes. Thanks for all the support as always <3