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There was a time before the Pocket Mortys craze when C-382 and D-416 actually got along pretty well. 


Finally got to draw Miami Morty, which is like my most favorite Morty design in pocket mortys! I’m going to draw more of Miami Morty in the future with the other mortys too. Also Bonus:


some of my favourite pocket mortys :3c

trying to think of a story for all of them… the fact that Shell-Shocked Morty’s entry talks about a “Grand Inter-Dimensional Morty War” makes me wonder if there’s an enormous faction of Mortys that have rebelled against all Ricks (and Citadel Ricks, naturally, send trained Mortys to fight back). Could the One True Morty be behind that uprising?

What do the Mortys think of it, if it were the case? Some are undoubtedly die-hard loyal to their Ricks, but others, I harken, dream of a day when they’ll be free of the tyranny of Ricks…

(I want my Evil Morty to explore all of it, but I think that’d be biting off more than I can chew.)

What’s your favourite Pocket Morty? :D

so i’m gonna need like 9000 more pictures of this buff nerd in a floral pink waist/tailcoat combo kthxbai

Imagine Pocket-Sized Daesung...

Helping you with your homework. He says he’s the best at all the subjects, but gets all the questions wrong. His reactions to failing make you laugh. He says that was his plan all along.

~ Admin Apple 🍏


Back to the good ‘ol boys and bonding times with ‘em :D

Post Pocket Mortys Series: Morticia

I drew this in hopes of cheering me up and it sorta worked but you know, I still lost it after finishing this drawing. <:I I like how it came out tho, that’s a plus. 

A little thing I’ve thought of is that when Morticia is upset about something and she wants to talk, she’ll go to Rick to see if he has the time to listen, and if he does they sit down and she talks while Rick messes with her hair. Morticia likes it when her hair is styled so Rick TRIES. lol but usually they turn out okay to her.