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There was a note on the kitchen counter. The Dad’s were doing dinner and movies with Tso and Nora, they wouldn’t be home till late. She didn’t see it.

Toby found her a half hour later on the bathroom floor soaked with sweat, her face red and puffy. She saw him and started crying again, choking, retching dry heaves. He wet a washcloth and cleaned her face, speaking in dulcet tones he calmed her. 

She wanted to sit on the porch for fresh air. He gave her all the room she needed. She didn’t talk at first, just sniffled. He handed her a tissue he’d stuffed in his pocket. A frail smile wavered. Finally she told him what happened. Not speaking he allowed his hand to be close enough if she needed it.

Kadie told him what she’d endured since she’d met Ali. She had pushed her emotionally, tried several times physically. Manipulated her using guilt, feigning hurt. Ali sent her graphic texts at first, then pictures and videos of herself. Kadie avoided her. After her Dad caught them at the house, she told them, and followed their advice. Told her she just wanted to be friends, left it at that. Thought it would be ok. She stopped talking completely until classes started.

He’d been suspicious of their friendship, but never pushed. She’d unwittingly placed herself in danger. Neither were experienced much with emotions or people, he was more aware of manipulative behaviors in his life experiences than Kadie. He had learned to shut everything off. Until he met her. 

He made them soup while she took a shower. She came out wearing a hoodie and sweatpants not looking at him. She didn’t look up from what little soup she ate. Taking her bowl to the counter, she apologized for him having wasted his time fixing it. She said she didn’t feel well and was going to bed. 

When he stood, she leaned against him, hooked her index finger around his. He put his arm around her gently, kissed her on the forehead. She sniffled, wiped away a tear and shuffled off to her room.  She made no attempt to kiss him goodnight. She didn’t say I love you. 

He didn’t know what to do. Innocence lost.

Tomorrow he’d have a talk with Dwight. He did his best not to be possessive. But he would protect her and do whatever it took to help her heal. 

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I love Pocket Mirror so much!!! I think it's truly revolutionary. If someone made me chose between having TV for the rest of my life or Pocket Mirror I'd choose pocket mirror! Do you ever plan on selling merch online? And currently from this moment, how long do you think it will take for LGTS to be completed? Also, as a Wiccan witch, it is an honor to have Rozenmarine described as one! I'm very excited to learn more about her. Do you plan on showing a gif of her soon like you did with Elise?

Thank you so much for your support, we’re glad to know you enjoyed it! ( ^ 0 ^ )/ We’ve been planning on selling merch online, but it’s been difficult to set up a shop and even fund the merch, so while it’s still in our plans it’ll still take a long while until we get one going. As for LGTS, we’re optimistic we’ll be able to release it in around 2 years time, so perhaps in 2019 if everything goes well, although it’s still way too early to know exactly.

We’ll be showing a bit more of the game’s assets when they’re completed, so please bear with us until then! ( ^ 0 ^ )/

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Okay this is a stupid ask but has been on my mind all day but, I've seriously been wondering since we almost never see Goth without his cloak on, he is part animal somehow like a neko or something? Okay I'ma leave now because this was a stupid and random ask-





There was a time before the Pocket Mortys craze when C-382 and D-416 actually got along pretty well. 

Random Loot Table

I consistently have players looting conquered foes, random strangers, ruined villages, etc.. And the truth is I almost NEVER know what they’re going to find. Usually I just spout some nonsense at the top of my head and it often ends up being dull, leaving my players less likely to look for items while adventuring in the future. I created this table to help give me a guideline for random loot, and it lets players feel lucky when they roll high and find something unexpected.

(Click Keep Reading below the image for more specific information and a text version of the chart at the bottom)

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some of my favourite pocket mortys :3c

trying to think of a story for all of them… the fact that Shell-Shocked Morty’s entry talks about a “Grand Inter-Dimensional Morty War” makes me wonder if there’s an enormous faction of Mortys that have rebelled against all Ricks (and Citadel Ricks, naturally, send trained Mortys to fight back). Could the One True Morty be behind that uprising?

What do the Mortys think of it, if it were the case? Some are undoubtedly die-hard loyal to their Ricks, but others, I harken, dream of a day when they’ll be free of the tyranny of Ricks…

(I want my Evil Morty to explore all of it, but I think that’d be biting off more than I can chew.)

What’s your favourite Pocket Morty? :D


Ziam night in.

More teacups

My (Natsu) and @totomochi BNHA OC Youmu! He’s too great of an OC for me to not draw ( ɵ̥̥ ˑ̫ ɵ̥̥) I wanted to draw the in fashion pieces… I don’t know what happened… blarghhh