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Mafia AU junk because i cannot help myself

Ok so like imma just spit ball some ideas i was thinking of post of youd like my dude!

Ok so i love the idea that sidon was a pretty sweet kid, but had a big old change in attitude when his older sister, Mipha, was killed by a rival gang. Definitely did not do anything good for him mentally.

Fast forward years later?? Sidons just broken up with his most recent (and ofc shitty) boyfriend so hes just lettin off some steam, going to his favorite bars and junk. Not looking to get drunk just Pissed and maybe hoping he will find a fight or something. Which he does. Maybe Link was about to get mugged or something and of course sidons like “yes god please finally let me punch”

And they knock these guys to the curb and their hands are a little bloodied but hey its Good. Sidon turns to look at link and does himself a little swoon on the inside. Boy is cute as a button and just took down like two guys almost twice his weight and size. Before he can say anything, link thanks him really quick and books it from there.

Fastforward a few weeks and sidons being a grump at his fav bar again. Hes had eyes peeled for that cute blond boy all over the city and not so much as a golden hair could be found. Until link plops himself right next to sidon at the bar and gives him a smile.

“I didnt thank you for your help properly abfew weeks back. Care for another drink?”

And of course sidons like “uuuuuhhhhhh” cause 1)whered he come from whered he go? And 2) hes usually the one initiating the flirting, not the other way around

But from their i think their relationship would slowly build and, maybe for the Drama of it all, Link can be a defective from the rival gang? Like had no where to go, did what he had to to survive and then realized that the Life would kill him from the inside out. The night sidon helped him would have been maybe marking his first week after defecting? And there are strict Mob Rules in regards to a truce set up between the gangs after Miphas death: no active member is allowed on the others turf. So wives and kids can go whereever they need to without bother.

Link is technically not breaking the truce cause hes not active anymore. And has been hiding out from the hired hands and guns that his ex mob boss has sent to retrieve him

Annnndddddddd thats what i got so far

Ho preso il tuo biglietto, sono entrato nel mare e l’ho depositato sulla superficie dell’acqua. L’onda l’ha avvolto, ed è scomparso dalla vista.
Oddìo, ho pensato per un momento con quel batticuore di quando si assiste ad una partenza (le partenze causano sempre un po’ d’ansia, e tu sai che in me è sempre eccessiva), finirà contro le rocce. E invece no. Ha preso la direzione giusta, galleggiando gagliardamente sulla corrente che rinfresca il piccolo golfo. Ed è scomparso in un attimo. Ho cercato di sventolare l’asciugamano per dirti ciao, ma tu eri già troppo lontana. Magari non te ne sei neppure accorta.
—  Antonio Tabucchi, Si sta facendo sempre piu tardi

Finally drew Pö with his piebald plumage. Is the eyepatch look a little stereotypical for anthro characters with coloring like this? Absolutely, but Pö is a mutt, and I always think mutty dogs when I see an animal with a patch over one eye. He’s probably singing about being victorious in some battle he’s never had.

I’m taking flat-rate commissions in this style for $35 USD! If you’re interested, check out my commissions page here for more information: https://halforcnationalist.tumblr.com/commissions 

Tita (in the PI): How are you doing?
Me (FilAm, not fluent in Tagalog): Heto buhay pa. Trying to practice my Tagalog a little. Not so great with grammar yet d: Kumusta po kayo, Tita?
Tita: wow thats great! live and love your roots. okay naman po, hope to see you again.

“Live and love your roots”

I’m so used to being ostracized by other Filipinx folks for not knowing Tagalog or not being “Filipinx enough” because I was born in the states and here my Tita is, validating my “Filipinx-ness” making me feel loved and supported while she’s on the other side of the world, thousands of miles away ~

Mini Tagalog Lesson:

Heto buhay pa = Here, alive
Kumusta po kayo = How are you? (with po, signifies sense of respect)

Save him

Los días habían pasado y el incidente con su hermano menor aún estaba pendiente, lo habría guardado para ella sola, pero dadas las circunstancias Elijah sabía lo ocurrido después de haberle salvado la vida aquel día. Habían pactado no decirle nada a Klaus, pues sabían la manera impulsiva con la que actuaría, pero ahora analizando la situación y los actos de Kol, la bruja había llegado a una determinación, la cual debía conocer Elijah. Sentada a la mesa envolvió sus manos alrededor de la bola de papel, para hacerle llegar de esa forma el mensaje que citaba a su hermano en su refugio de la catedral de Saint Louis. @noblemxn