d po

Quando sarai grande
tutto ti sembrerà così stupido.

quel ragazzo che ti aveva fatto piangere
e quel brutto voto preso a scuola
quell'insegnante che eri sicuro ce l'avesse con te.

le mille notti passate piangendo.

quel ragazzo che ti ha fatto provare amore.

di quanto sei stata ingiusta con i tuoi genitori
e quando lo sei stata con le amiche
e con quel ragazzo che ti moriva dietro e tu lo trattavi male.

le piccole cose
e quelle un po più grandi.

Ti accorgerai
che quel ragazzo non era poi così bello
però a te sembrava fantastico,
che i tuoi genitori sono le uniche persone che ti staranno accanto qualsiasi cosa accada,
che le tue amiche meritavano più attenzioni,
e che quel povero ragazzo desiderava solo un po d'amore.

Non sai di cosa hai davvero bisogno finché non te lo ritrovi davanti. Vaghi senza una meta per le strade. Ti hanno detto di studiare e tu hai studiato, ti hanno detto “trovati un lavoro” ed hai fatto del tuo meglio. Non è proprio quello che sognavi, ma ce l'hai fatta. Poi una casa, la tua indipendenza, qualche piccola storia da conservare tra le cose che non ti cambiano la vita, però te la migliorano. Vaghi senza una meta, ma piena di obiettivi da raggiungere. Sei in gamba e sei infelice. Sei infelice, ma tutti pensano che tu stia da dieci, che tu sia sempre contenta. Pensa come hai imparato a fingere, pensa che brava. Non capisci quale sia il problema finché non ti si presenta la soluzione. Il problema è che stai cercando qualcosa, ma non sai cosa. La soluzione è un po’ d'amore, sempre.
—  Susanna Casciani

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Per questo Natale non voglio regali, ma soltanto presenze. Voglio persone che entrino per caso nella mia vita e decidano di restare. Per questo Natale vorrei solo un po’ d'amore.
—  Cit.

how andreil got together aka an excuse for another hc of my icos au:

  • andrew and neil have to do an undercover mission for a like a year
    • in like russia maybe bc they both speak russian canonically
  • they have to change their appearances so no one can trace them back to the Agency
    • andrew now has black hair and green eyes and neil has brown eyes and blond hair and no this is totally not based off hsin and boyd shhh
  • for the first few months they don’t really see each other bc they’re out trying to find jobs according to the bio of the profiles they were given
    • andrew works as a bartender and neil works at a nearby uni’s bookstore
  • then they start finding leads on their target
  • some low level drug dealer who’s been scamming a mafia boss who’s getting po’d or something and got the help of the Agency in return for some files about a janus op
  • one day they get the chance to track the guy down and send andrew after him
  • he follows the guy into some building and manages to take an employee’s key card
  • he’s in the middle of downloading some files to send to neil when an alarm goes off and he’s stuck in the room
  • of course he could just kill everyone and get out but they’re trying to be discreet
  • so he’s kinda just waiting in the room furiously whispering at neil to shut the security down
  • and then a bomb goes off
  • fortunately andrew was only like 3 or 4 floors up so he books it tf outta there
  • his comm busts bc he was thrown back and it fell out so there’s no way he can reach neil
  • there’s another explosion before he reaches the front doors and the entrance is blocked
  • at this point neil kinda realizes that andrew is either unconscious or unable to reach his comm so he runs to the building
  • he gets there about 10 minutes after the second explosion and there are a bunch of people scattering and ambulances coming
  • and he doesn’t see andrew at all
  • and he’s thinking fuck what if andrew didn’t make what if i was too late to get him out
  • all he can think is that andrew lived through so much just to die like this and it’s so unfair
  • and then a hand grabs his shoulder and turns him
  • and neil’s first thought is to punch whoever it is but then he sees andrew’s face and he’s just so relieved
  • andrew’s body is littered with bruises and scratches and neil’s pretty sure a piece of glass cut his side pretty deep but they decide to go back to the shared apartment they’re staying in
  • and neil is helping andrew with his injuries and at the same time he’s also confused as to why he always feels so weird around andrew when it’s never happened around anyone else before
  • and he finally figures out that he’d been scared that andrew might have been dead
  • which ?? didn’t make sense to neil because he never really seemed to care about andrew’s near death experiences on their previous missions
  • anyways flash forward to a few months later when the mission is winding down and they’ve gathered all they can even with the loss of the files bc of the explosions
  • but they’re just sitting in their apartment one day watching tv or something an exy game probably
  • and andrew shifts so he’s turned towards neil
  • and he reaches out and lets a hand hover over neil’s cheek and asks “yes or no”
  • neil of course says yes even though he doesn’t know exactly what he’s saying yes to
  • and andrew starts leaning in slowly
  • and neil finally gets it and his eyes go wide at first before he closes them and bridges the gap between them
  • they just sit there for a few moments with their eyes closed and lips touching
  • then andrew pulls back and continues watching the tv
  • they don’t speak about the kiss until after they get back to the Agency but for the time being both are content with just leaning against each other

Dopiero zaczynam zabawę na Tumblr, ale już mi się podoba :D Chciałbym po prostu kogoś poznać, popisać, być może się zaprzyjaźnić, bo tego nie wykluczam. Mam na imię Damian, 17 lat i dosyć ciężki charakter. Jeśli chciałabyś/chciałbyś się z nim zmierzyć to zachęcam do zostawienia serduszka, z pewnością się odezwę:)

E se ci baciassimo?
Ma non fraintendermi eh, l'ho buttata lì, tanto per dire; più che altro credo che i nostri sguardi comincerebbero ad avere un senso e quel che provo prenderebbe una direzione.
Poi magari, chissà, ne esce una cosa positiva anche per te, dando un po’ d'ordine ai troppi problemi che ti poni.

Davvero ti piace nascondere la nostra alchimia?

—  Il mare d'inverno