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Enemies to the north.  Daughter of the North.

White Roses Chapter One: Iced Cinnamon Mocha

Chapter Summary: On the six month anniversary of being left at the altar, you have some flashbacks. One of the regulars at your job asks you out on a date.

A/N: I hope you all enjoy this! This is my first ever Jared series and I’m super excited! Flashbacks are in italics.

Pairing: Jared x Reader

Warnings: language, suggested smut (both in flashbacks)

Word Count: 2.8k


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This was finally it. The moment you’d been waiting for, for years. The moment you’d dreamt of since you were a little girl. The moment you’d planned for, for over six months. Your wedding. You couldn’t have been more excited. You were getting ready to marry the man of your dreams.

Your dress was fluffed, your flower girl had been sent down the aisle – sprinkling handfuls of rose petals as she walked ahead; and as you stepped forward and everyone rose to their feet, you noticed the look of worry on everyone’s faces.

Chris wasn’t there at the end of the aisle waiting for you. Your heart sank down to your stomach as you looked around for him, as you looked behind you, as you looked at his family’s faces, as you looked at your family’s faces.

Here Comes The Bride played on as planned and you continued walking forward, eyes glued to the floor, and your hands fidgeting with your bouquet of white roses.

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Here’s my follow up question…

How does Emily equate “terminating the pregnancy” with “A.D. winning”?

I mean…?

A.D. Went to great lengths to make this pregnancy happen. As Ali said, they must’ve been planning this for a while.

They went through the trouble of stealing Em’s eggs, threatening her that that they’d use them… inseminating Ali, and then… the day that she had decided to terminate the pregnancy… they decided to make her to a baby registry and dropped the news that Emily was the mother…

I may be severely misunderstanding A.D.’s master plan here… but those sound like the actions of someone who 100% wants that baby to be born, in my opinion.

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35 & R76

Gabriel doesn’t have time for this. He has been waiting to see Jack all week, but amidst Overwatch buisiness and Blackwatch operation planning, they’d both been booked solid. Now, the one time where he was able to be penciled into the Strike Commander’s busy schedule, he gets stuck in a goddamn elevator.

What else did he expect?

It ends up taking an hour of stress, mild claustrophobia, mobile games, and slow-stripping of his layered clothing before a technician gets the elevator working again. The poor man probably expects a reprimanding, judging by the look on his face when Gabe breezes past him whilst exiting the metal death-box, but there’s no time. He can still get to Jack’s room with a bit of time if he hurries, although he’s not sure if Jack’s stuck around waiting for him because the man hadn’t picked up his phone.

After rapping gently on the door to Morrison’s room, Gabe begins to tap his foot anxiously against the ground. He doesn’t even get through an entire one-two beat before the door hisses open and a muscled arm tugs him inside.

Gabriel gains the upper hand quickly as the two grapple for control, pushing slowly towards the bed. They end up on their sides, together, hands intertwined, one facing the other like a cheesy romance film.

A series of small kisses take place before Gabriel speaks. “Take off your shirt.”

The blonde regards him quizically. “Gabi, we don’t have time for-”

“You heard me. Take. It. Off. I went through hell to get here, and damn if I’m not going to appreciate that body, Morrison. Fuck your schedule.”

Summary 27

Summary of:  May 25th, 2017(The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Battlegrounds)


Beard Wars.

lapidermis:    @theadambomb90 He plays other games! Tonight, he might also do Mario Kart.

Me:  @lapidermis  I’m not sure you can call what Ryan does in Mario Kart “playing”.

Ryan is making anniversary plans. : D

Me:  What is that rustling noise?

gatertot:  @SyberiaWinx Well, ya know what they say…if the grass is a rustlin’…

Me:  @gatertot There might be a Pokemon inside? D :

Michael and Lindsay had their baby! : D

When Ryan proposed to his wife, he knew she suspected it and would look for a ring, so he planned to have her into finding a really hideous ring.


Ryan swears he is gonna get Ganon tonight.  There is absolutely no way he is not gonna get Ganon tonight.

“I’m stealth incarnate.” -Ryan Haywood, 2017, lying shamelessly. 

“And if that mockingbird won’t sing, Mama’s gonna put it in a sling.” -Ryan Haywood, 2017


It’s dangerous to go alone.  Take…well, anyone but Ryan, really.

“No, we’re gonna kill Ganon right now…right after I cook some food.” -Ryan Haywood, 2017

Ryan’s stalling so much, the stream keeps buffering.

He’s still cooking…

Me:  Wow, killing Ganon sure has changed since I was a kid.

thafallofreach:  @SyberiaWinx This.

“So, does it help if I hold two bananas?” -Ryan Haywood, 2017

When did The Legend of Zelda become Cooking Mama?!

Ryan:  Take it easy.  We’re gonna go to Ganon!  This is part of it!  You gotta prep.

Me:  What, are you gonna beat him on Top Chef?

"Back.  Did we kill Ganon yet?” -sorcererinslytherin, 2017

"I just ran out of cereal!  What do I do? ;-;” -MathiasOfTheWinds, 2017

“Ryan!  Be careful!  Bad guys!” -ks_puppyshy, 2017

Chat is unanimous in that Ryan is definitely still stalling.

Thank goodness Ryan has Septiceye Sam to help him out.

"So, he’s gonna get in the door and realize it’s the wrong castle, right?” - KatPad, 2017

“No, Ryan!  C. Gannon is the good guy in this Zelda!  Don’t do it!  It’s a trick!  Zelda is after the Triforce for her own gain!“ -untouchedgamer, 2017

That really needs to be the case one of these days.  It would make an awesome twist. 

Ryan beat Ganon, like, ONCE and was, like, “Yeah, it’s totally over.”.  That’s how you can tell he’s new to this series.XD

“SWITCH BOWS!” -The Chat, 2017, telling Ryan he needs to equip the bow he just got.

”[GLASS HIM]“ -FerlynnGoldbeard, 2017 



Today’s Mission……………………………………………….Succeeded(But seriously, what was with that final boss fight?  Ganon was a total pushover!)


here’s our best and most adorable birthday boy, jackson wang 🎂🎈🎉🎉🎉😚💓


more doodles from today’s chapter  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


Some early design work for my klance Swan Princess AU. I’ve got about 30 pages of notes on the plot along with some script and storyboard stuff already. Aside from this thread on twitter I haven’t reeeally yelled about it publicly, but I’m excited about it :D I have Plans. 


Hotel Books - Changes Consume me

Happy birthday, @stilesandderek, thank you for being the most incredible friend anyone could wish for 🎈💕


Obamas announce $2-million personal donation to support summer jobs in Chicago

  • On Wednesday, during a visit to Chicago, former President Barack Obama and former first lady Michelle Obama announced they are personally donating $2 million to support the development of summer jobs for young people this year.
  • “We don’t want to wait for a building,” Obama said in a video shared by ABC News. “One of the things that we will be starting this year is Michelle and I personally are going to donate $2 million to our summer jobs programs here in the community, so that right away, young people can get to work and we can start providing opportunities to all of them.”
  • The Obamas made the announcement while presenting a 3-D proposed plan for his presidential center that will be developed over the next four years in Chicago’s Jackson Park neighborhood. In his announcement, Obama noted that he hopes his center will combat Chicago’s public image as a violent city. Read more (5/3/17)

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