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“Maybe it’s impossible to live life without any regrets. Even when you know the future… you’ll still mess up.“ 

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Major events in the Maygic Gauntlet 2k17, a summary:

  • Henry the birb loses (So does the Alteans and Sanaki)
  • Leo wins for a good reason (Fowl play would have happened otherwise)
  • Robin goes all Grima on Leo (Julia made a valiant effort)
  • Tharja is a beast? Robin throws the game?? (Plegia wins anyway)
  • Robin has a tea shop??? (Nohrian Fear, Altean Smear, Naga’s Tears, etc)
  • Robin slips and Tharja scores a date
  • Everyone needs more orbs

The end

Thank you for reading this! :’)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 are here! 


Daesung deserved this Dome Tour so much T.T

Utautai no Ballad - D-Lite Japan Dome Tour - Day 2

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soma either 1 or 3 (i can't decide!!)

1. I have you shoved against the wall but now I can’t stop looking at your mouth 

 3. I just told you I liked you but now I’m shy and say “never mind, forget it” and why are you looking at me like that?

why not both? ;D

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soul x maka week 2017, day 3: clothes

At first, Maka doesn’t seem to hear you. “What?” she asks, tilting her head up to inspect you with green, green eyes that remind you exactly why you haven’t yet confessed your utter infatuation to her. Dark, stringy locks of wet hair frame her face, like seaweed wrapping around a drowned sailor, like a mermaid caught and captured and pulled from the water, but that makes no sense because you are the drowning sailor, the captured mermaid, the weapon who was stupid enough to fall for his meister.

“Nothing,” you lie, your brief muster of courage deserting you. “Forget it.”

She narrows her eyes at you, which should be warning enough, but somehow you still lose the next half-second of your life. Before you can blink, she’s swung you around like the weapon you are, and your back is slamming against the wall beside the bathroom door with a dull boom.

“Ow,” you try to say, but you’re out of breath, and your meister is yanking on the front of your pajama shirt with one small, strong hand, and her green, green eyes are staring up at you.

But they flicker, and you swear that they spend more time on your mouth than on your eyes, and really, a guy can only take so many accidental passes before he starts getting his hopes up. Your meister is Maka Albarn, you remind yourself— Maka Albarn, daughter of an unfaithful Death Scythe— Maka Albarn, who has all but sworn off romance with men— Maka Albarn, the subject of your unrequited and yet undying crush— Maka Albarn, who currently has you shoved up against the hallway of your shared apartment in only a towel and may or may not be staring at your mouth right now.

“Ow,” you say belatedly, stupidly. Uncool.

If she asked a question while you were struggling with your hopeless attraction, she isn’t repeating it, and now her free hand is sliding along your jaw, and her thumb is stroking your cheekbone, and her breath is hot as it puffs against your lips, and you are so in love with this girl who will never love you back. You know this, you’ve accepted it, but sometimes the harsh truth of it strikes like lightning and leaves you helpless.

“You’re not gonna kiss me, are you?” you ask weakly, thoughtlessly, and now she’s pulling away, her cheeks red, and you can’t help but panic for a second at how she won’t look at you.

You grab for her hand, your fingers tightening around hers in desperation, in some selfish, selfish desire to cling to this moment. She’s not yours, though— not yours to catch, not yours to keep. Let her go, Soul, you think, and you do, your fingers loosening just so. You are the one in Maka’s grasp, not the other way around, and that is how it should stay, because if you ever caught Maka the way she’s caught you, you’re not sure if you could ever let go.

She doesn’t pull away. Her green, green eyes have dropped to your mouth again, definitely for sure this time, and you blurt, “Because, I mean, I wouldn’t mind. If you kissed me. If you wanted to.”

Her shampoo tickles your nose, and you are drawn in, drowning, and she doesn’t pull away, even as you lean forward, just a little. The brush of her lips against yours electrifies you, though, and your heart fails under the shock, because you are absolutely convinced that you’re misreading something, because there is no possible way Maka Albarn would want any man, least of all you.

So you jerk back, and stuttered sorrys fall from your lips like they make their own language, and then Maka Albarn leans up and kisses you back.

I do.

Imagine your OTPs
  • Person A: I'm kind of tired of walking.
  • Person B : well if you tried you can always get on my back and I'll give you a piggy back ride.
  • Person A: Okay! * gets on person B' back*
  • Person B: * starts running with person A on their back*
  • Person C: quick person D, let me get on your back!<p/>
  • Person D: Why?
  • Person C: so we can race those idiots, so come on we can't let them win!
  • Person D: .... Okay! *Let's person C on their back and starts chancing Person A and B and all four start racing*

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I like to think Munakata deliberately let Mikoto pin him at every opportunity every meeting they did (like being invited to tea at the office? or a clan meet w Shiro & co like at Ashinaka high?) & poor Mikoto is walked in on by accident every single time. Say testing new hand cuffs, key fumbling? Mikoto is oblivious to his many advances. xD

Isn’t Munakata the one we usually see pinning Mikoto in canon though XD Though imagine Munakata very carefully calibrating things every time they meet so that Mikoto will end up pinning him, like either he ‘accidentally’ trips or he makes sure there are obstacles in Mikoto’s way so that he’ll lose his footing and end up pinning Munakata. Mikoto has a general idea that this is probably Munakata’s fault somehow, like he suspects that Munakata’s trying to end up pinned though he’s not really sure why, like he figures Munakata’s trying to make him look like the bad guy or something and that’s why he keeps doing it, that Munakata’s deliberately trying to get pinned because he quite enjoys being pinned by Mikoto does not cross his mind. And of course if Munakata can have a little extra fun with it that’s always a bonus, like Munakata every so often tries to find a good excuse to arrest the Red King (or to at least threaten to) and then oh dear Suoh I seem to have dropped the key to the handcuffs and of course that’s when he accidentally drags Mikoto down with him when he bends down to look for it.

They also tend to get walked in on more often and not, reactions vary from people worrying that the two of them are attacking each other to ‘Captain, don’t do that at work’ (the latter being Fushimi’s response, having walked in a few times too often when the two of them are having a nice meeting for tea. Mikoto doesn’t get why Munakata keeps inviting him for tea though he’s always raising an eyebrow at the disgusted glare Fushimi gives him every time Fushimi walks in on Mikoto pinning Munakata down). The Red clan has similar feelings, Yata walks in on them one time during a fight and starts cheering because all right Mikoto-san show that prissy bastard who’s boss, Munakata finds it rather amusing how energetic all of Suoh’s clansmen are. Kusanagi on the other hand is in the 'facepalm and sigh’ department, like if Mikoto has to pin Munakata at least don’t do it in public. (Also Munakata occasionally likes to flip things and be the one to pin Mikoto, the truth is he really does know what personal space is he just pretends not to because it gives him an excuse to get super close to Mikoto without anyone finding anything odd).

  • Konan: *Descends from the sky on paper wings to beat Sasori into the Akatsuki*
  • Sasori: Oh no, she's hot.
  • Konan: Oh no, he's hot.
  • Pein: ...
  • Pein: Oh no.

souma kanzaki wallpapers requested by @kkenma ~! ♡

Valentines: high school AU

*in the hallway between classes*
Person A: (a stuttering/blushing mess, trying to ask B to accept his/her sweets and be their Valentine).

Person B: (smiling at how cute their little dork is, and gives them a kiss on the cheek).


*Person C, D and E are watching from a distance*  

Person D: *thinking* okay, now that is just too fucking cute. 

Person C: *thinking* Should I smile or should I slap both of them because there are single people like me who don’t have a fucking Valentine

Person E: *thinking* I know B isn’t really a sweets fan, I hope he/she rejects the chocolates so I can eat them all.

Another reason I like Saagar...

… is that when Rhett and Link say his name, it’s like they’re talking in Hindi. Cuz “Saagar” is a Hindi word, after all. And saying a Hindi word in a sexy American accent, I just go 😍😍😍 *Swooning so hard* 




I never even managed to get out of bed today. I told my parents I was “sick,” but in actuality I just feel like something dark and unseen is trying to get into my head and eat me up alive. It’s not anyone’s fault or anything. Just a weird Ben thing, I guess…

Hopefully tomorrow will be better.