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I’d never purchase boutique DLC myself, but I’m just tickled by the idea of it.

I mean, one the one hand, it’s utterly ridiculous to be charging $250 a pop for a DLC package that adds a single obscure model of engine to a train operator simulator.

On the other hand, the economics behind it are perfectly sensible - somebody probably poured a couple hundred hours of their life into that model, and it has a global audience of maybe a dozen people, so you pretty much have to charge that just to break even.

I can think of no truer sign that video games have come into their own as an art form than the fact that DLC can successfully cater to rich weirdos with strange hobbies.

Tyler Seguin #8

Requested by Anon:  Okay okay so I know your writing a lot and probably have a lot of requests but I was wondering when you have time if you could do one with either Matthews or Seguin where they go somewhere and there are girls there who are like supermodels and y/n gets really insecure about herself and when they get home he tries to cheer up y/n? could it also be really cute and fluffy?

*Hiiii! Thank you so so much! I didn’t realize this was the next one on queue when I answered your ask the other day. Anyway, I chose Seggy because I feel like if I were his girlfriend, I’d compare myself more to other girls when we’re together just because of his track record than if I were Auston’s girlfriend. Anyway, I hope you like this. :) Enjoy!*

Word count: 1, 196

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You felt his cold hand envelop your smaller one, “all right?” Tyler asked, his thumb stroking your wrist.

You nodded, turning your head the other way, looking outside, “fine,” you muttered.

You glanced at your blurry reflection in the mirror. You hair hung limp on your shoulders. Even if you washed it today, it still has the uncanny ability to look boring and flat. You have now accepted that no amount of product can change that. Your eyeliner is starting to bleed which makes you curse the brand for saying that it’s waterproof. You look at your lips and stopped yourself from banging your head on the window. You forgot about the burgundy shade you were wearing so it’s now smudged around your lips because you ate so carelessly tonight. You’ve never been the biggest fan of makeup and, well, after tonight you realized that maybe it’s not your biggest fan too.

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What a fun Weekend

dedicated to @bsd-secret-santa …Thank you for letting me join for this event :D as a thanks for your hard work :)

You sat  in the couch while watching Tv as you wait for Dazai. You felt  tired after working yourself up these past weeks, Your eyes started to close when the door opened. Dazai saw you and warmly smiled. “ You’re still up huh? “  you sighed and said,” Yeah, After a long day who wouldn’t want a comfortable,soft,and a relaxing Pillow fort? You suggested Dazai this Idea of yours and both of you went for it.  After finishing the fort. You decided to bake some cookies so you both can chill in the fort and watch Tv together.  As cookies started to cool.

 “ Ouch “ You saw Dazai in the corner of the counter dropping a freshly baked cookie in the counter top. You gave him a look of a disappointed woman. And he just laugh it off.  You are serious though, “C’mon Y/n. I’m sorry “  You sighed in relief and just let it off. “ I hope you stop that.” You bake some more  and Dazai just kept on stealing them and you always had to slap his hand away  from it so it can cool down. Finally, The cookies cooled and ready to be stuffed in your boyfriend’s mouth. You laugh and started to prepare your hot choco’s.   You were stirring  your cup when you felt muscular arms around your waist..

“ you smell banana.. Is it your Shampoo?” You turned to him and gave him his  cup and sweetly smiled. “ How about you take a guess?”  He had a grin on his face and started to guess “ Your…. lipstick?”  You shook your head and gave him a peck on his cheek. With that, His eyes went wide” Unfair! Why only on the cheek?” you evilly grinned at him. “ Its punishment ahaha! I know how you hate  that  “ You stick your tongue out as you mock him. If anyone who doesn’t know you two would probably assume you both are like children in the bodies of adults. 

“ AHAHAHAA” You cling to your stomach laughing as you saw Dazai accidentally  slipped on a wet floor. You were both like idiots to be honest. “ Who even spilled this  water?? “ You heard him say and pulled you  to the floor with him. You playfully punched him in his arm after you fell in his side. Because of this you had a pretty bad to walk on your own. “Want a ride on my back?” Knowing Dazai for years, it became a habit to hesitate on these kinds of occasions where he would probably drop you again after you climb on his back. “ You’ll just drop me!!You cheater!” He laughed and offered his back.”c’mon, why would I make my princess fall for the second time?” You blushed and had you speechless.  As you start to climb, Dazai would tease you that he’d drop you halfway. Of course, he a smack on his head if he do that. You two made it into your Pillow fort that Dazai would playfully refer “ Pillow Fort Mafia”  You both lay there inside watching movies as you eat the homemade cookies you baked. The night went on, and in a matter of time you both fell asleep. Feeling contented with each other’s presence and love . 

dedicated to @umbrella-kun :D

Maggie B Submission - Symposium

Dearest Anna,

Yonks ago I posted about how I loaned a posh hat to a friend whose husband received an Honour from The Queen, and how I made sure that the special hat didn’t get ideas above its station when it retuned to my home and the rest of its hat friends.

Anyway, I’ve since been lucky enough to attend Buckingham Palace myself, so if you would allow me to be so bold,  I'd like to nominate myself to run a short half-hour session at our Symposium, titled ’‘How to Behave at Posh Occasions’’.

It will cover basic issues, such as one's posture and facial expressions, appropriate clothing and attire for individual occasions, and how to be polite and look interested when engaging in small talk with complete strangers, most of whom will be significantly more well known and successful than oneself.

May I suggest a small number of specialist break out groups within the session, to individually concentrate on important issues such as :

- how to sit correctly on a chair, at a table, without sprawling yourself all over one’s partner and looking bored out of one’s tiny mind

- how to ensure one doesn't put one’s hands in one’s pockets, or slouch when meeting Royalty

- how to depart a red carpet with grace (role play will include demonstrating why options such as ‘the stomp off’ and 'remaining longer than acceptable simply to ensure more photographs taken’, are unacceptable choices

- and finally, how not to extend one’s neck to ridiculous lengths simply to ensure one makes it onto a photograph being taken of someone far more important.

Due to the fun I firmly believe will be experienced at the Symposium, I will waive my fee, pay for my own travel requirements, and bring my own G&T.

Cheers, Maggie B


Maggie B, I hope you don’t mind the fact that I included some visual aids to your submission.  It’s Weirdo Wednesday after all and I’m sure everyone wants to know what NOT to do when it comes to good manners.

I’ll put you down for a two-part lecture.  It seems like you’ve got a lot of ground to cover  ;o)

Got tagged in a question meme by @nitewrighter and am very confused because the meme description is “answer ten questions, tag ten people” yet every iteration of it I’ve seen on people’s blogs only contains eight questions???

Anyway, here goes

Last movie you watched: “Grabbers”

Last song you listened to: “Sour Sigh” by Myrath

Last show you watched: “People of Earth”

Last book you read: The Three-Body Problem (there’s a bit of a Theme™ happening here …)

The last thing you ate: green beans

If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be?

Not sure

Where would you time travel to?

Don’t know that either.

Maybe back to an earlier stage in my life so that I could run into myself and whisper “I’m you but stronger” into her ear when she asks who I am, LOL.

She wouldn’t get it, but I’d crack myself up.

Fictional character you would hang out with for a day:

Brienne of Tarth. We could take a canoe trip down the Kansas River!

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I think the fact that they're both workaholics does affect relationships, but if anyone was to understand the lifestyle it would be fellow people in showbiz. Taylor spent a good portion of her relationship with CH on tour. When that was done she was willing to go all in to solidify it, but he clearly stopped wanting that so she moved on. For TnT if they want it enough they will make it work. Tom might be willing to relocate and Tay has always said she would love to live in London so who knows?

Yeah who knows. I don’t pay that much attention to it to be honest or i’d drive myself crazy. i just stay positive.

this may be weird but i feel very intensely that i’m going to be the subject of some random senseless act of violence all the time, like if i’m walking somewhere secluded at night with a handful of people around i get extremely paranoid and continually think about how i’d defend myself in that specific situation if someone pulled a gun or knife on me and every time i regret the fact that if i were confronted by a criminal or an armed petty thief i wouldn’t have the faculties necessary for proper defense; that is, i don’t carry weapons on me.

and if i don’t end up being the subject of a university shooting i in addition have similar feelings often about buildings caving in when i’m inside of them, bridges failing while driving over them or cars deciding that the road is not enough and taking to the sidewalk where i unfortunately happen to be at the time, caught in the crossfire. i’m not sure why i increasingly keep getting more paranoid about being killed in a freak accident or mass murder but i feel it would be an appropriate ending, going out as unfortunately and anticlimactically as i tended to live

studyblr intro (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

waves !

so, i’ve never formally introduced myself to the rest of the studyblr community. hi.

my name is nicole and i am 15 years old. i’m sort of new-ish in the community, so i’d like to introduce myself. also, this blog is just mainly kind of a motivator for me so that’s why i made it.

here are some brief facts about me:

~ i would like to go into forensic science in the future.

~ i’m a sophmore in highschool currently. this year i’m kind of struggling.

~ i procrastinate sometimes so ??? i’m human

~ my favourite subject that i’ve ever taken is chemistry.

~ i’ll probably post a bit sporadically because i’m busy with school and life.

~ i follow/enjoy/like the blogs of @tbhstudying @hermionegoals @studyign @focusign @brbgottarevise @briellestudies

send a message or an ask or anything and i’ll try to get back as soon as possible.

just some personal nonsense <3

This really isn’t even that important, but i find it interesting thinking back on the things that made me feel most dysphoric when i was a teenager. I’d say one of the biggest ones was music.

I fell in love with music at a young age, but didn’t fall in love with writing and playing until I was about 15 or 16. (Because of Van Halen, let’s be real here) But I couldn’t get over the fact that, no matter what, I was seen as a GIRL playing and listening to music.

Men were guitarists, girls were GIRLS PLAYING GUITAR.

And I know it’s this way with a lot of stuff, but it got to me.

The fact that I couldn’t perform music without being A GIRL was really upsetting to me. I would break down in tears about it a lot, I’d try to convince myself there were ways I could hide it and fool people into “thinking I was a guy” (this was before I knew I was trans).

I think this is one thing that made me fall off of playing music, which is a shame, because I had potential to do something with it if I’d had the drive to get there.

Since I started transitioning, the idea of playing has just sounded better and better to me, and I finally tuned up my guitar tonight to jam a little. It feels really good, and it feels better than it ever has before, honestly.

I’m probably never going to do much with music (I’m too into my art right now to think about much else) but it’s just one of those little important pieces of my life that was so heavily effected by dysphoria. 

anonymous asked:

thought i'd jump in and describe myself!! i'm an incarnate archangel. i used to be in charge of a massive library when i was still in heaven, but it was the akashic records. i was very silent and definitely the "scholarly" type i guess aha, and i believe i wasn't very human looking + rather featureless. other angelkin remember me only really venturing outside in the winter and the snow. also heavily associated with silver jewelry and white robes

you sound like a beautiful being!! it’s so interesting that you were in charge of the records.

i saw Torche tonight for the 6th time and I realized that my life literally revolves around music and it’s really pathetic because I don’t even really play music or put out music but going to shows/buying records is mostly what I think about and it’s how I make plans and I revolve my life around it and it’s one of the few things that can really make me forget just how miserable and stagnant my life is

idk what the point of this post is

but if I didn’t go to shows and I didn’t have my records i’d almost definitely had killed myself long ago.

that’s really, really pathetic i think.