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Planet Citizens/Inhabitants!

As I mentioned before in each of the Planet Protectors’ bios, they all rule a planet! But…since it will be hard to create many citizens and inhabitants for each planet…I decided that I will allow OCs from others to become a citizen/inhabitant/creature on a planet!

Here what is expected:

Human-like OCs and space creatures are what is required for each planet! Reminder that each OC who decides to live on a planet will be canon.

Mercury- inhabitants who could resemble rock, travel, or dirt

Venus- inhabitants who could resemble love, beautiful things, or pink

Mars- inhabitants who could resemble fighters, fire, or warm colors

Jupiter- inhabitants who could resemble magic or heat

Saturn- inhabitants who could resemble rings, cool colors, or magic

Uranus- inhabitants who could resemble sky, darkness, or blue

Neptune- inhabitants who could resemble water, underwater beings, and cool colors

Pluto- inhabitants who could resemble darkness or black/blue

Here you go! Thank you for listening everyone UwU


Ooh if this wasn’t a custom, I’d keep it for myself #youknowhowifeel

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Sometimes it just hits me that there are decent people on this planet, I went to lush today and bought a few bits, only spent about £9 just refreshing a few things I’d run out of, and i was talking to one of the girls who worked there about a lip balm I’d like to try but I’d decided that I’d treated myself enough for one day and I’d try it the next time I was in. But when I got home there was a little card in my bag along with the lip balm I’d been looking at. The card said “enjoy a treat from us.” i doubt any of the employees follow me on here but I wanted to say thank you anyway, bc that made my day and I just wish I’d noticed soon enough that I could say thank you in person.

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So I understand that you don't want people copy/tracing/stealing your art and it makes perfect sense. Your art is quite an inspiration to me and I'd love to try imitating your art. That being said I wouldn't post any of the drawing that I did based off off your art nor would I assume any credit for them. I'd just be for myself personally. Would that be alright?

That’s fine! Honestly, copying is a viable way to learn, and I don’t think anyone would have a problem with it as long as you don’t post it anywhere. If you do ever post something though, definitely ask permission prior. Thank you for your consideration, I appreciate the thought!

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Why hello there, Hanzo. How're you feeling today? Good? I should hope so, Murderer. I find it absolutely atrocious that you would do such a thing. To your own kin, no less! Has he forgiven you? Ha! Like he would ever. His words were empty, couldn't you tell? He still hates you for what you did. He always will. Don't ever forget that.

Sharp breathing.

I am aware. I have never forgiven myself, and I never will. *breathe, glares* What I did was horrible, and if I were able to, I’d have killed myself rather than him.

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Hello! Just wanted to say thank you for your notice on AnaChromystic--I don't have a tumblr so I was very confused and rather unhappy when her works suddenly disappeared. I loved reading her chaptered stories, and was very much looking forward to more of Schooling Pride (it's the long epic I'd found myself revisiting time and time again for rereads). To you and everyone else in the community--let it be known that there are many of us quiet readers who stand by you and will remain standing. <3 <3

Your welcome; it all happened so fast I’m not surprised there was some confusion around it.

Schooling Pride is still likely to be completed at least :) 

[omphaloskeptic gender slurry, with emphasis on the skeptic; internalized cissexism probably]

i feel like if i were anyone else i’d tell myself, if you don’t wanna be a girl (whatever that means), or have a girl name or use girl pronouns, you don’t have to! there’s no cutoff for yr gender feelings being significant enough to count!

…i want to say ‘100% cis ppl aren’t usually alienated by gender’ except like, honestly i think they are sometimes, i think femininity and masculinity are both kinda artificial coercive constructions (even though they’re constructions that work to varying degrees for a bunch of ppl and i don’t mean to shit on that, i’m so fucking uninterested in implying that e.g. trans women are reifying the gender binary or whatever that terf argument is) and cis ppl see that too sometimes, so it isn’t really evidence i can quite believe in. so i’m careful not to make too-strong claims about my gender.

but even so, i feel like if i want ppl not to gender me i get to ask for that, probably? like, it doesn’t have to be about feeling ~unable to abide yr assigned gender another second~, it can be about feeling better when you position yrself at an offset from the thing—can be an exploratory enthusiastic reaching-for, as much as a miserable trapped fleeing-from (though there’s some of the latter too).

ugh i dunno. i think i have this idea that if i feel like a person who’s intimately familiar with the strictures of the girl box and has navigated said structures with success ever, i can’t possibly have a case of the genders “"bad enough”“ to justify trying to get myself out of the box?

but like, in my ideal world you’d get to position yourself wherever felt good to you, without having to earn/validate that positioning by tugging so hard at yr gender assignment that the rubber band finally snaps entirely. like, say i feel in certain senses adjacent to/experienced with girlhood, but also hella alienated by it: i want it to be totally neutral whether i define that position as, like, ~girl sharp~ or else the synonymous ~boy flat~ (or something not limited by those two end points), like, in a truly neutral world it wouldn’t be a question of judging whether i’m pushing hard enough against the sides of the box to break it, it’d be whether i wanna be in it or out of it or (auto)straddle it, and screw having to justify my desire to redraw the lines—

basically philosophically i do think we gotta say ppl can draw whatever lines they want, their position doesn’t have to be legible or coherent to others, because otherwise where do you stop? what feelings are serious enough to count? and if i gotta defend my tender pastel position with my tiny adorable rapier like reepicheep so more valid folks have a margin of safety, then i guess that at least is a praxis i can get behind—

sorry, this is an unintelligible slurry of feelings about the thing, i tried to explain what i was getting at a bunch of ways and i don’t think any of them worked! but anyway ugh how do i stop telling myself i’m full of shit all the time, is the question! (if i manage to answer that one it’ll sort out a lot of other arenas too, tbh.)


hi everyone,

I’ve had this studyblr for a little while but never did much with it. Now I’m finally posting things and becoming more active in the community, so I thought I’d introduce myself!

I’m Lea. I’m 17 and Chinese Canadian - I’m a high school senior in Vancity. I wanted to motivate myself to do better and be healthier this coming school year.

Honestly, the positivity and mutual support in this community is amazing and what drew me to it in the first place. Everyone’s striving to do better and help others. Special shout out to @studysapphic @studypetals  @little-tealeafs-nook and @milkteastudies for being great and inspiring me to make this.

Campus Pride releases new Shame List with “The Absolute Worst Campuses for LGBTQ Youth” in the nation

All right… so I want to share this and just make a comment about this. You see…my college is on this list… and though I won’t actually say which one it is, I do want to share some information for any fellow LGBTQ+ students who might be going off to one of these schools and feeling as scared and helpless as I used to.

When I first was trying to decide where I was going to go to college I was utterly homophobic, so there was no fear at first. No real realization of what I’d signed up for. It wasn’t until my freshman year of college that I figured out that I wasn’t straight and began to realize that I actually really liked women.

The journey was rough. I went through periods of depression and self-loathing. Times I was certain that I’d just fooled myself into believing this, or that if I only prayed enough I’d be “cured”. I faced bouts of considered suicide and a lot of times feeling very isolated in my circumstances.

I loved my school. I had come there and known it was a place that I would love. And in spite of the rampant homophobia, I was largely happy with my choice. Besides, my parents were also very happy with my decision, and I didn’t know where else to go. So I was largely stuck where I was, knowing only that I probably would never be able to fully be myself while I was enrolled. That I’d have to lie every time someone asked if I was interested in someone. That I’d have to remain silent when gay marriage was brought up in conversations. That I’d never be able to date.

And then Junior year rolled around.

I enrolled in a gender studies class that year. Even in a conservative and sometimes bigoted college, the women’s studies department still maintained a more liberal view. And thanks to being in a class that openly discussed sexuality and gender, I was able to come to terms with myself. I officially came out to myself and decided to label myself as bisexual. I also managed to share with a friend from home about this decision. But I feared that I’d have to be closeted and remain single all throughout college.

That was until my two female roommates informed me that they had begun dating. After their coming out became public, I managed to share with a few close friends too. And instead of facing the judgement I’d expected, I found support and encouragement. Friends who went to church regularly and who I had worried might choose to try to discourage me, would talk with me about my love-life with a girl. People who I assumed would pretend my coming out had never happened actually would ask me if I preferred women when discussing who I might potentially date.

I was blown away by the people who wanted to help me. By the therapists at my school who helped me feel that I could overcome my insecurities without erasing who I was. By my professors who praised my honesty when I mentioned my sexuality in papers. By the friends who somehow laid aside all their past beliefs just to continue to love me as the person I was.

And though I will admit I was never secure enough to become public on my campus, I was better loved by my friends, by professors, by the LGBT group on campus, than by any of my family. I know that no matter what happens in the future that I have people who still love me no matter what.

So to people who are going to schools on this list because it was affordable, or because their parents forced them to, or because they only just figured it out, or for any number of other reasons…I want to offer you encouragement to understand that you will still find support. Even in the most homophobic of places, you will still encounter other people dealing with the same things, or at the very least allies. No matter how alone you might feel, you aren’t. And though it might be scary right now, better things are coming.

One day I want to be out to the world. And though I don’t anticipate that being soon, I am relieved to know that I still found people I could be myself with even on a list like this.

So please don’t be discouraged. There will always be hatred and fear and discrimination in the world, as unfortunate as that is. But even in the midst of that you can still find love and courage and acceptance with a little searching. Don’t despair. Please. You’re going to be all right. You’ll get through this. And in the end you’ll be even stronger.

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the episode ali was attacked, she said to emily afterwards, "elliott knew i'd push you away. make myself vulnerable" alison knows that she's safe and protected with emily

Exactly! Which makes the scene of them cuddling even better. She must’ve felt perfectly content and happy that Emily was right there with her and her arms protectively around her

D___ are pretty awesome. I just turn into mush at the sight of em. I love it when people send me pictures of their d___. They all come in all shapes and sizes! Small d___ and big d___ and fat d___ and muscular d___. I want to bury myself in them and play with them and pet them forever!!

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Boys? Do you think it'd be worth being myself if I lose all the friends I have? I just want to be myself this last year of high school but I've never been myself, I've always hidden some part of me. I want to be my punk rocker self for once, ya know?

“Ah hell, if your friends can’t take you for you, they’re not your friends,  ya know?” Paul said. “You always gotta be you. No sense in being miserable all the time. Am I right?”

“Paul’s right Nonnie,” Marko answered. “You can’t be you around them, ditch em! Bet you get even better friends that way.”

“You’re talking to four guys who don’t know how to be any other way than what we are. How do you manage?” Dwayne asked.

“They give you shit about it, send them to me. I’ll deal with them,” David grinned.

Swimming! (redux)

Here goes! Lemme give you guys a PROPER swimming scenario, haha!


When swimming with Rem, you two usually just kept to the shallows and relaxed. And today was no different. The two of you sat in the water, both leaning against a large rock behind you. You had your resting over his, though, granted, they were submerged, so they were floating slightly. It’s the sentiment that counts!

Rem was enjoying the sensation of your head on his shoulder, and looking out onto the sandy dunes when you started speaking.

“You know, when I was a kid, I always dreamed I’d find a merman for myself,” you swirled your hands through the water as you spoke, leaving small ripples.

“Really now?” A grin spread on his lips. The idea amused him.

“Yeah,” you laughed a little. “I wanted him to be strong and kind, and whisk me away with him into the ocean one day.” You paused, and Rem was going to speak, but you continued before he could.

“But I’m glad he never did.”

“So am I,” you laughed, hearing the playful relief in Rem’s voice. It seemed you two had been thinking the same thing.

“Devils are cooler, anyway,” you joked, nuzzling against his shoulder. He wrapped an arm around you, one hand in your hair, pulling you closer and kissing your temple.

“Personally, humans have a special place in my heart.”


You liked collecting the little shells and such you found while swimming in the ocean. It was a habit Urie noticed, and found cute. He had asked you once what you intended to do with them.

“I dunno,” you shrugged with a smile. “I keep them because they remind me of memories where I found them.” You smile gained a mischievous tint, and Urie raised a brow at you.

“What are you planning?” He took one of your hands.

“Nothing,~” you had made your move to kiss him before he could ask any more questions. He kissed back happily, pulling away slowly.

“That was-” he opened his eyes to see you on your knees in the water. He sighed, shaking his head a little.

“I was going to say amazing, but clearly you’ve found something more intriguing already.”

“Got it!” You shot up out of the water, holding a small shell in your hand. You smiled wildly at Urie.

“You got what?”

“A shell to remember that kiss by!” The knowing expression he wore turned to one of pure love, and he wrapped his arms around you.

“And this one,” he leaned in.


You were on Mage’s shoulders, playing a game of chicken with Urie and his partner.

“Careful with Y/N!” He had warned them.

“We’re in water,” Urie’s lover had pointed out. “They’ll be fine when I kick both of your butts.”

“Oh, it’s on!” You let out a declaration of war, and held out a hand to Mage for a high five. He gladly obliged, and the match began.

A minute or so later…

“Ha! So much for kicking our asses, huh?” Mage proudly boasted your victory. Of course, in doing so, he accidentally knocked you off of him.

“Good job,” Urie rolled his eyes, he and his lover taking their leave as Mage spun around to see you resurfacing.

“Mage!” You scolded him, but were laughing.

“Sorry,” he rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly. “But…we won!”

“Hell yeah we did!” You jumped up onto him, and he lifted you by your waist, spinning you around. The two of you laughed as you spun, water droplets flying off your toes with the motion. When he stopped, and just held you, the two of you shared a silent look.

“…I feel like we should kiss now,” you smirked.

“Yeah,” Mage agreed swiftly, and lowered you to him so your lips could meet in just that; a sweet kiss.


“I don’t know, Shiki,” you hesitantly took a step towards the end of the dock. “I’m not sure about this…” Shiki, of course, was already in the water. He was getting a little impatient.

“Y/N, just get in,” he paused his pattern of swimming in circles, standing on the sandy bottom. 

“I’ll catch you and hold you,” he winked, but wore a suspicious grin. “How about that?~”

“I know that look,” you narrowed your eyes at him. You wanted him to know you could see the scheme lying behind that shit-eating grin on his face.

“What do you mean?~ I would never!” He jokingly acted insulted, before giving you an annoyed look. “But hurry up.”

“…Fine,” you stepped to the edge of the dock. “But you have to catch me!” Shiki perked up and opened his arms eagerly, nodding. You sighed, closing your eyes and jumping off the wooden boards. And Shiki indeed caught you.

“Sh-” You wore a huge smile, and were about to kiss his cheek, but almost as soon as you were in his arms, he had pulled you underwater. You squirmed, but stopped as you felt his lips on yours. You surrendered to his kiss…but it was lasting a while. You finally pushed him off and surfaced, coughing as you caught your breath.

“Shiki!” You glared at him, using a scolding tone. He smirked, a blush adorning his cheeks.

“But you know I love it when you struggle.~”

“Shut up,” you rolled your eyes, but settled back into his arms. “Just hold me to make up for it.”


“Did you just-?” 

“Maybe.~” Lindo was sitting on the shore, his feet in the water. Only now he was wet all over, thanks to a sudden splash from you. He looked up at you, flashing a knowing smile.

“Are you sure you want to start this?” You responded to him with another splash. He sighed, smiling and standing.

“You asked for it,” and you were running through the foam on the tips of the breaking waves. The wet sand sliding beneath your feet made that a little challenging, though.

“Why are you so good at this?!” You yelled back at him. You got a chuckle in response, one surprisingly close to you. You let out a startled yelp as arms encircled you from behind and a kiss was planted on your ear.

“I have a little sister,” Lindo spoke. “Splash fighting is a skill siblings develop.” 


“Yes,” he donned a grin you couldn’t see, and picked you up bridal style. “Which is why I’m about to do this.”

“Wha-” before you could finish, he had ran into the water, you drug along. 

“All is fair in love and war,” he smirked at the, now soaking wet, lover he held in his arms. He gave you a soft peck on the forehead. 

“But I prefer love.”


“Come on, Roen!” You called for him from the water. He sat in a chair on the dry land, as he didn’t really prefer swimming himself.

“Y/N, I’ve already told you that I don’t swim.” He sighed. While it was sweet that you wanted him to join you, your persistence on the matter was a little tiring.

“You don’t want to, but I know you can,” you stuck you tongue out, floating towards him on your back. “So why not?”

“What makes you think you know that?” You were right, of course; he knew how to swim. It was a basic skill! Why wouldn’t a demon know that?

“Cause. You have to know the doggy paddle,” you snickered, proud of yourself. Roen, on the other hand, was really not.

“You are such a fool sometimes,” he shook his head.

“Sometimes?-” He interrupted you by stepping into the water. “Yay! What made you change your mind?”

“Two things,” he said, swimming over to you. “One was to get you to stop asking…” He was amused by the pout that prompted from you.

“And the other was to scold you for that foolish comment of yours.” 

“Hey, I thought it was clever!” You defended yourself, but you knew just as well as he did that it was extremely dumb. He rolled his eyes and pulled you against him, placing a feather-light kiss on your neck. He pulled away, enjoying the blush it left on your cheeks.

“You’re a fool, but a fool I somehow love, nonetheless.”

  • 8:How would you describe yourself to a stranger?

((REally depends on the stranger. 

If it’s an employer my description would be VERY different compared to if it was just some person I was talking to at a bar or something. 

But to that stranger in the bar, I’d probably describe myself as a very creative individual who doesn’t enjoy talking to strangers face to face lmao :’D 

Introverted and easily spooked Emi is introverted and easily spooked.))

  • 16:Have you ever been to convention?

(( …. maaaaaybe. )) 

The Best and the Worst: Winter of Rebirth

A few nights ago, I got around to watching the final entry in the Persona 3 film series. As you no doubt know from reading my previous review, I found Spring of Birth and Midsummer Knight’s Dream to be rushed, poorly focused, and lacking in character despite stunning visuals. I’ll be skipping over my thoughts on Falling Down, as they’re pretty much the same as my thoughts on the other two. All the same problems are present, and I’d just be largely repeating myself.

But Winter of Rebirth surprised me. It’s certainly the most…polarizing in the series. It somehow manages to give us both the best and the worst content. What it does right blows the previous three out of the water, and what it does wrong makes their problems look completely inoffensive by comparison. Under cut for spoilers and length.

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You ever heard of the Kinsey Scale? It’s not complete given the variety of sexuality out there, but if you fall on the axis between heterosexual and homosexual, it works really well! You sound like a “1″. (The Wikipedia article on it is really good.)

Omg I haven’t until now! Thank you for this! Looking at the scale, I would probably associate with 1 or X! 

However, after taking a Kinsley test, I received this twice:

Hmmm….it’s hard to say for me ! But thank you for this! :D It helped me understand myself a little better.

because I babble when I’m freaking out

Every time I called someone today I had to correct myself from saying:

“I might be retiring…”

I’d hear myself say “I might” and changed it to “I am”

I guess that says a lot about me. Everything softened, everything a question, everything could change if someone gets too angry. I had to make sure I didn’t do that because there really is no question, but … 

wow. that’s messed up.