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Marble could produce the most meandering plot hole filled piece of shit movie imaginable, and people would be gushing all over it. The acting could be beyond bad, and the script an absolute mess, and the critics reviews would be "terrible movie BUT I LOVED IT AND WE GIVE IT A 95% on r-tted fruit"

did u mean: d.octor st.range

so i was watching d.octor w.ho. and bill was like “You sound Scottish.” and the doctor was like “I’m not Scottish. I’m angry.”

and i just ??? … do we sound angry ? i feel like we might sound angry, like can someone tell me if they had a genuine conversation with me and heard my voice and talking about something. DO I SOUND ANGRY ?

like i always hold off swearing when i’m talking to people. but like irl _ i swear way too much for my own good, that i actually don’t realize i do it. then i get people coming up like “can you not swear so much?” and i’m just “fuck off.” 

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7-10 for the salt meme?

7. Is there anything you used to like but can’t stand now?

B/ones, I loved the first 2 seasons and was in the fandom back when it aired, but I hated how the show went. I was in the LJ fandom back then and that was wild, I think we ended up creating a side community called daysofourbones to complain about how awful it was. But that was the nice thing about LJ, it was easier to keep opinions in certain places. 

Also to some extent D/octor W/ho, I thought when Moffat took over it took a lot of what I enjoyed about the show (the heart, the low budgetness of it, the characters) and then made it really sexist and a mess. And the fandom was SO over the top about it, I never liked his episodes even when RTD was running the show, but for a while he could do no wrong, and everyone who disliked it was just too dumb to see the brilliance of his plot twists or whatever. I hate Moffat and his fandoms. 

8. Have you received anon hate? What about?

Not on this account, nope. I did get a weird ask once about how i have nice skin and they can’t wait to wear it (which ???) but that’s about it. 

9. Most disliked character(s)? Why?

This is a bit of a misleading answer because I LIKE him but his fans make it hard, but I’m struggling with K/ylo right now. I think he’s an interesting character and I like Adam and I think Adam did a great job playing him. I even have a tsum tsum and 2 funkos for him lol. 

But, I am so tired of the discourse on all sides that I just don’t really want to even see his face right now. 

People oversimplify him, try too hard to excuse his actions, and just latch on to him too much. And ngl, some of the anti K/ylo stuff exhausts me too so I just don’t want anything to do with it. 

10. Most disliked arc? Why?

I can’t really think of anything for this, except that I’m still not thrilled with some of the way they did the OT storylines in the sequel series so far. But we’ll see how that turns out since it’s not finished. 

Salty Asks

i like bill, but I find i’m not willing to trust you know who/mr. writer man one more time. Bill might be one of the most complex companions they’ve ever had, but I just don’t seem to have another season of D/octor Antics in me. trying to sit through the spinoff, class. I like the angry blond teacher bodyguard prisoner lady, but all the other characters seem so generic, forced and broadly sketched that i’m just not engaging with it. it’s like a formulaic YA novel came to life.

conclusion: i seem to have unwillingly moved on from the longest fandom run i’ve ever had. bad times :/