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  Headcanon:  It really is heartbreaking that it takes Alex a while to register someone genuinely cares for her, she is so use to giving that when it comes to receiving she doesn’t know how to respond.  Her nature has always been the one to be nurturing, providing, and ensuring the safety of those close to her. Whenever it is reverse, she inwardly freezes and does not know what to do other than express her gratitude as much as she can, even then she feels it is not good enough.

   Often believing, she has nothing of quality to give in return but she hardly ever realizes her love and kindness is plenty enough. Having lived in a blur and daze for so long, she still feels that having her own happiness is being selfish when it isn’t, sometimes greed is a good thing. Alex is someone just trying to adjust again, she is striving and it is so exhausting to her because she feels like in the end she is never making progress. 

  She is a very dual edged person, one that is fearless and deeply unconditional in her love but yet fearful to let anyone care for her. Slowly, she is trying to let people come into her life and learn, she does not need to carry everything on her own there are others that are more than happy to help.

lbr, there are some days she probably yells at herself like-- god you idiot, let someone take care of you!!! you’re a nightmare, wait, you’re me.

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Apparently there was just an interview with Nazi Spencer talking about how Nat building an army of child soldiers is so in line with her backstory where she was an exploited child soldier I'm gonna throw up.

that’s so fucking gross. like. of course it’s not surprising though, because literally everything he’s done has been gross and inappropriate and inexcusable (lookin’ at wanda and magneto here especially)

what a fucking nazi edgelord shitstain 

Nygmobblepot shippers fighting Gobblepot shippers again, meanwhile I’m here shipping both of them like

Y'all need to chill.

[fic] but i could stay for longer if you wanted me to

SEUNGCHUCHU WEEK Day 3/8 → communication

the first letter came with a promise to make seunggil fall for its writer.

(on ao3)

I like you. Don’t be too shocked (even though I was too at first).

The letters sit steadily on the pale blue lines of the paper, slanted, like middle-school children sitting back-to-back with each other on a bench. Seunggil can practically hear the high-pitched singing in the excited sweeps of their l’s and f’s.

“What’s that?”

He shoves the letter into his pocket as Seungmin hooks her chin over his shoulder. “Nothing,” he mutters.

“I came all the way to pick you up,” she says, “I’m going to cry if it’s an eviction notice.”

“It’s illegal to evict someone without prior notice,” he says as he gathers his things.

“It should be illegal to have a personality as bad as yours,” she says over her shoulder.

He sprawls out on the backseat of her tiny Honda the moment the door slams shut behind him. The letter seems to burn in his pocket. Non-skaters aren’t easily allowed into the rink locker room, and in general his fans respect his privacy (though that’s more out of fear than anything).

What’s with that kind of opening anyway? “Don’t be too shocked”? Are they implying Seunggil thinks that lowly of himself? It’s that fact, more than anything, that gnaws at him for a full ten minutes, until he gives in and yanks the letter out.

Right now, I bet you’re thinking, what a wimp this person is, not having the courage to straight-up confess to my face, if they’re not even that confident in themself, they can’t be a worthwhile person to consider.

What. Is he that easy to read?

But I’ll have you know, it’s not at all because I’m not confident!! The opposite actually. I’m pretty confident that even without revealing my name or my face, I can make you fall for me through my words alone (lol).

Prepare yourself, Lee Seunggil!

“What are you smiling at?” Seungmin says, with a glance at the mirror.

“I’m not smiling,” he says. He folds the letter up along the writer’s pre-creased lines and puts it back into the envelope.

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an unpaid intern named Kate is working in hell, and a demon is giving her a tour of the place. they get to Satan’s office and she notices a bottle of pills on the desk that seem to be arguing with each other–contradicting everything that they hear no matter how ridiculous they sound. 

so the intern asks, “what are those?” and the demon is like “well, as you can imagine this is a very difficult job and sometimes mr. satan needs to take some painkillers for headaches.” still uncertain, the intern gives the demon a questioning look. 

he sighs. “that’s the devil’s advil, kate”