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Honestly this week has been so great, gaga smashed the superbowl and announced her Joanne tour, I got closer to people, I finished my work, I find out gags is performing at the grammys, I come home to a teaser for OITNB & then this bitch went an decided to just drop the John Wayne video on me lookin like she did back in 2009 with those bullets flying out those heels an shit????

2017 is already better.


So over the writers hiding Catarina’s pregnancy w making Amelia act like a immature TWAT! It’s not like we could make it nice and just give two deserving people a baby who happened to also be married and in love. No that makes zero sense. Let’s just have Amelia locked away in Stephanie’s apartment and have her character growth revert back to private practice Amelia! Yep good great yep. Thxs shondaland


[x] Vanoss: I knew he couldn’t resist that booty

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“Cause God knows I’d rather die than be dying 
It’s not a cliche ,no sir it is a logical preference 
Because the way things were this year 
Makes me think how good it all could be 
and how well it could end 

Maybe it’s just my luck 
But I got a spotless record 
Maybe it’s harder to stay 
And we got it all wrong from the start 
Maybe it’s all in the cards 
Or just an excuse for playing 
Maybe it’s all in our hearts 
Maybe I don’t know what I’m saying
But I’m saying it anyway."