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im gonna delete this later for sure but this is very difficult for me to post. i talked earlier about how ive left the house without makeup 7 times in the past 6 years and that i despise my appearance and body especially but i want to post this bc i feel like it will help? like this took me a lot of courage which ik is dumb it’s just me in pajamas and no makeup but im really trying to love myself and want to stop being afraid! and i want to show people that i am very flawed lol and have acne and am not thin by any means and stuff

the op of that “wlw make everything about themselves” post keeps linking people to their apology but then they answer asks that say shit like “u dont deserve this hate tumblr lesbians are evil!!!!” w/ stuff like “thanks for the positivity i appreciate it!” like. if u were really sorry youd listen to us and own up to what you did wrong instead of crying abt how ur totes not a lesbophobe!!!!1 and acting like the victim. men exhaust me

loeily  asked:

Omg I just finished your fic for the RBB HOW DARE YOU LEAVE IT AT THAT AHHHH ! I need moAr. I loved it and lucii did an amazing job too (gotta tell her asap). Srsly you rocked this Vip


Believe me it pained me to leave it there too! I wanted to start posting the 2nd part right away, but for the following days I had to deal with a lot of uni paperwork (and people being incompetent as per usual in my uni), and then I traveled home and @misspaperjoker came to visit for 2 weeks, so writing hasn’t been an option (i AM SO SORRY!!)

BUT the next part is coming super super soon (I already started it and I’m super excited to start sharing it), and askdghaljfkh I’m so fucking happy you’re liking it so far *^* you’re wonderful, aaaaaaaaa <3333