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Chapter 13 - Rules

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“If we’re having a family meeting then why is Y/N here?” Jongdae looks over at you “No offence.”

Junmyeon stood in front of everyone. He had spent the past 25 minutes trying to get everyone in the room to sit, be quiet and listen. A task that proved to be more difficult than you thought. Christ, no wonder he wanted to be selfish, this is like being a mother. “Guys, seriously. This is to do with our last teacher leaving. Y/N, please go wait in the kitchen while I talk to the guys. I’ll call you back out when we are done.” You nodded and got up, much to Yixing’s discomfort since he’d been sleeping with his head in your lap.

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To the three men who I had a wonderful conversation with tonight,
I’ll admit, I was a bit intimidated by the seating arrangment tonight, even though I was sitting with my family I was placed closer to you. Even though the boat got canceled due to lightening, I will never forget out conversation. I heard about your travels and your experience teaching. I heard about adventures and problems within your lives and I just took it all in. It fascinated me. Thank you for opening my mind and giving me more knowledge, even if to you it was just talking about your lives, it widened my knowledge and inspired me. I have made it my mission as a teenage girl to continue to learn and be inspired by older people that I meet along the way. So far I have heard stories from the elderly group of volunteers at the food bank I volunteer at, the older woman at the dog park, and now you, two retired teachers and one practicing. Thank you for your knowledge, and advice on a little aspect of life.

All the best,