d masi


October 13: @AllRiseSilver: 고마워요 내 요정들 덕분에 항상 행복해요💙 #ELF instagram.com/p/8vxti7ib2X/ 

[Trans] @AllRiseSilver: Thank you my ELF, thanks to you guys, I was always happy #ELF instagram.com/p/8vxti7ib2X/ 

October 14: [copy boyfran] @donghae861015: ELF !!! 동해가 1년9개월동안 외롭게해서 미안해요!! 생일에 입대라서 더 의미가 깊은 시간이 될꺼 같아요. 멋진 모습으로 잘 다녀오겟습니다. ELF사랑해요!! 은혁이랑 잘 다녀와서 만나요 ^^ #DNE #마시instagram.com/p/80A_ejF8C_/ 

[Trans] @donghae861015: ELF !!! Donghae is sorry that he will make you feel lonely for 1 year and 9 months!! Enlisting on my birthday seems like it will make it an even more meaningful time. I will go and come back well with a handsome image. ELF I love you!! We will meet when I will go and come back well with Eunhyukkie ^^ #DNE #Masi instagram.com/p/80A_ejF8C_/