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  • me: just because overwatch is free this weekend doesn't mean I'm going to pull all nighters playing it while I can I'm finally doing well with my sleep schedule
  • also me: why is it so hard to find a capture the flag group it's only 5:15 am on a Monday

attack-on-onepiece  asked:

For the fluff starters can you do “Here, let’s share the blanket.” with Lavi, please ^^.

“Here, let’s share the blanket,” offered Lavi, smiling as he held up a portion of the blanket in the air, patting the empty spot next to him in the bed.

You stared at him for quite a long time, wondering what his ulterior motives may be.

“You aren’t planning anything, are you?” You asked with suspicion, wanting to be able to arrive to your mission without your body sore from the waist down the next morning.

“Of course not, when have I ever plotted against you, (y/n)?” Lavi answered with a smile as he patted the empty spot again.

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Bts without the t is bs which stands for bullshit and that t is jung hoseok. That’s right bangtan is bullshit without hobi. Ya’ll better respect his ass for the work he does.
—  Min Yoongi, a very patriotic jhope stan.