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For the one-word prompt meme: Laven + acceptance and warmth? Thanks! <3

Laven + Acceptance

  Lavi flinched as Allen’s fingers brushed against his cheeks, half-expecting to be struck, but when he looked up he was met with warm, silver eyes and a soft, understanding smile as Allen met his gaze.

“It’s okay,” there was only the faintest of wavers in Allen’s voice to belie his words, but his fingers were steady as he cupped Lavi’s cheeks. “I know you can’t say it, that you might never be able to say it… and it’s okay, I’ll wait, even if it can never happen.” Lavi didn’t want that promise, didn’t want to tie Allen to a Bookman who might never be free to return his affections, but he couldn’t bring himself to protest as the words and Allen’s touch filled him warmth and a strange feeling that it took him a few minutes to name. Acceptance, in a few simple words and with a gentle touch he had given Lavi something he had never had before, and he felt his eyes beginning to burn as he leant into Allen’s touch.

“T-thank you.”

Laven + Warmth

   Lavi let out an exasperated sigh as he slipped into Allen’s room to find his boyfriend sprawled across the bed, half in and half out of the covers. Allen never seemed to feel the cold when he slept like this, which was most nights but as soon as Lavi joined him under the covers he would latch onto the new source of warmth as though his life depended on it. Lavi didn’t mind the cuddling, hell it made up for Allen’s skittishness during the day when they were surrounded by people. What he didn’t appreciate was the cold limbs that would wrap around him, the cold toes that would nudge against his legs, sucking up his warmth and leaving him shivering. Still it wasn’t enough to stop him from stripping down and padding across to the bed, gently nudging Allen across so that he could slip into bed, holding his breath as Allen grumbled and promptly rolled over and reached for him.

Dgm ch 226 in a nutshell

I love how Tikky is rejected so coldly by the fourteenth then whines to ~~his boyfriend~~ allen like

He was ruuude and didn’t wanna eat with meee, you’ll join me though?

And allen just sends him home

Then ~art of~ Kanda pops up like no he’s coming with me meet my father and ride a carriage to ~~wherever the hell they are taking him~~ preferably a large mansion into the sunset

All the while allen just clings to jonny and is like ‘what the hell is going onn?? goodd timmm where are you come help meeee’


the losers club and pennywise + text posts