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hydraballista  asked:

You are blessed/cursed with my asks these days. Well how about Kurtis and his language skills? He's not much of a talky but he's a smart guy :D

I am blessed, I am blessed!!!! :D Thank you so much for this insightful, well-thought asks!! :D In this fandom we need to talk more about meaningful stuff and less about fuckeries like Lara’s bra size or how relatable is Laraboot, right? ;D So, let’s go for some food for thought!

Aaaah, Kurt, my soft spot :’) Well Murti Schofield would be surely your man again, but as you ask me, I’ll tell you my humblest opinion.

Certainly Kurtis is not as talented as Lara in learning languages, but we can excuse him - he wasn’t raised in a wealthy, full-of-choices athmosphere, he was always on the run, fighting for his life, so he had no time to educate himself as Lara did.

But that doesn’t mean he’s a dumbass - in fact he’s a resourceful guy, isn’t he? ;) Despite he might look like a rascal, I love to think Kurtis is a rough diamond, as Lara is the polished diamond goddammit this is so cheesy so he learnt his way. He certainly doesn’t master or control as many languages as Lara, he just knows what he needs for his job/way of life at a certain point.

My guess is he’s fluent, apart from American English of course, in German - because of his father, in fact, his real surname, Heissturm, is a German one - Diné bizaad - the Navajo language, because of his mother - French - because of the years he served in the Foreign Legion and the fact he also has the French citizenship - aaaaaand Latin :D because he’s Lux Veritatis and still uses this dead language to invoke his powers. We never got to heard him chanting in Latin at TRAOD but we know Eric Loren recorded some pieces to be used in game:

Luceat eais in materia virentis

volare incipit ab initio ad scopus

maxima vires ad incrementum.

And this is not an easy language at all so no, he’s not a dumbass at all. He just takes what he needs and nothing more, I guess being so busy at the basic survival and demon hunting thing, he had not time to learn for pleasure, as I’m sure Lara does from time to time.

Finally, I admit he might know the basics of some minor languages and dialects from the countries he’s been at war during the Legion service or while during his missions as merc - maybe some African languages or Arab? Murti mentioned in his notes some squirmishes with a djinn in the Arabian desert during his Legionnaire times - but he will probably drop them as soon as he’s done with that part of the job.

Thanks again for this fantastic asks! :D They give life to me and are so much fun to answer!! :D :D