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St. Vincent on BBC 6 Music // 3 Wise Women

Here’s the archived program and the full playlist (BBC’s is missing a few):

“Yaylalar” - Selda Bağcan
“March Of The Pigs” - Nine Inch Nails
“Inspiration Information” - Shuggie Otis
“River Of Orchids” - XTC
“Christmas In Hollis” - Run D.M.C.
“Hejira” - Joni Mitchell
“I Can’t Help You” - Cate Le Bon
“Basmati” - Chilly Gonzales
“The Morning Fog” - Kate Bush
“Master Blaster (Jammin’)” - Stevie Wonder
“Born Under Punches” - Talking Heads
“Pick Up” - Solex
“On Your Own Again” - Scott Walker
“Nightclubbing” - Iggy Pop
“Black Coffee” - Peggy Lee
“Great Expectation” - Miles Davis
“Queen” - Perfume Genius
“Cannibal Hymn” - Nick Cave
“Zombie” - Fela Kuti
“Workinonit” - J Dilla
“Barok-Plastik” - Stereolab
“All For Myself” - Sufjan Stevens
“The Piano Drop” - Tim Hecker
“Territorial Pissings” - Nirvana
“Amarillo By Morning” - George Strait
“She Is Beyond Good And Evil” - The Pop Group
“A Love Supreme II: Resolution” - John Coltrane