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RuPaul’s Drag Race Math: The Queens’ Performance Quantified

This is the comprehensive guide to the Ru girls’ performance in terms of how well they did in each challenge on their respective seasons- full ranking will be under the cut.

The Points System (by @fanta-no-cokeney):

Win- 5 points

High- 4 points

Safe- 3 points

Low- 2 points

Bottom 2, not eliminated- 1 point

Eliminated- 0 points


-Top 3 queens were awarded an extra 4 points each

-Willam had 1 point subtracted for being disqualified

-Queens on multiple seasons were ranked based on the most recent season they appeared in

-This list is by no means exhaustive/an objective measure of each queen’s success/talent- some seasons had fewer episodes so there were less opportunities for points

-A queen’s talent is not judged solely by the numbers- if any of you use this to claim someone didn’t earn their win or to bully any queens at all I WILL EAT YOU

-My math may be off lol



Miss Congeniality

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