d is for dangerous d is for delightful

How BTS would react to their s/o stealing their snacks

Seokjin: In all honesty, Seokjin’s had the other members steal his snacks before, so he’s not the kind of person to hold a grudge or make a fuss. Instead, he’d probably joke about it before encouraging you to eat more, reassuring you that the calories didn’t matter as long as the food tasted good. On a side note, you probably should prepare yourself for a sudden onslaught of old man jokes of relevance to theft and food.

Yoongi: Having dealt with dangerous diets in the past, Yoongi would watch you help yourself, smiling contentedly at the sight of you eating well. Eventually, the quantity of snacks in his stash would mysteriously increase and it’d be a while before you’d realize that it was his way of encouraging you to help yourself to more.

Hoseok: Initially, Hoseok would pretend as though he didn’t know, silently taking delight in watching you eat so happily. But if there were to come a day where he’d catch you in the act, he’d probably burst into a fit of infectious laughter, soon moving closer to hug you in glee because “ah, you’re so cute!”

Namjoon: Similar to Seokjin, Namjoon wouldn’t mind you stealing his snacks. On the contrary, simply watching you eat would be enough to keep him going for the rest of the day. After some time, he’d probably start buying extra, just to make sure that the two of you had enough to survive on. But don’t think that this wouldn’t be followed by shy smiles whenever he catches you in the act. 

Jimin: Having noticed a shortage in his stash of snacks, Jimin would assume that either the boys or yourself were to blame. Nevertheless, he didn’t complain. Instead, he’d make sure to buy extra, eventually attaching little notes with messages like “I hope you eat well” onto the packaging when he realizes that you’re the one to blame. 

Taehyung: Initially attributing the loss of snacks to the maknae and his hyungs, Taehyung would probably perform a little dance of victory at having found you out. Pouting for the rest of the day, he’d eventually confess that he really didn’t mind. Then, he’d settle beside you with more snacks, asking that you feed him to compensate for the loss of food. 

Jeongguk: Still a child at heart, the maknae would proceed to chase you around the room, erupting into a fit of soft giggles and cackles when he succeeds in cornering you. Once he makes you promise to buy him some in return, he’ll tease you for the rest of the day, randomly meeting your gaze with a knowing smile etched on his face. 

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A letter?

Yeah! Here yall go!

I wonder who it could be from…?

[They open the letter. It reads as follows:]

“To the colorful group of digimon visiting Kiwimon’s hut,
We know who you are, and are delighted that fate has brought you together. However, you now are all in great danger and must get to Cogs City as fast as possible! We’d love to stay and chat but we are in a rush as well. Stay anonymous and stay safe! I hope we can meet soon

PS. Pengimon, this includes you as well!”

Me too!?

Er… So it seems.
[seems annoyed by something, but keeps their beak shut.]

What d-did they mean… We’re in d-danger…?

I don’t know. And I don’t like it.

[Tiredly] Yeah, well you don’t like a lot of things, fluffy…


Flamon! If I go with you, I can help you cool down when you get too hot!

I dunno, Pen. I’m always too hot.
[Weak laugh, realizing wow that joke sucked all things considering, jeez.]

So… What’s the plan then…?

Well… We were going in that direction anyway. Though, Lamnimon, I imagine thou had planned on heading home after this.

[shrugs] It’s um… It’s fine…
If this person says we’re in danger then like… Don’t wanna bring that home with me, or deal with it alone at that. I’ll just write to MarineAngemon about it.
[Glances at Flitmon awkwardly.]
I um. Don’t ‘fink traveling with you guys will be all that bad anyway…


So that’s it then. We go on a stranger’s notice…? What if it’s a trap?

Then we take it head on! If someone is after us they’ll find us anyway. Better we be in a situation where we expect it!

… I suppose no matter what we do there could be a problem. Guess it’s better if we’re together to watch each others backs.

So it’s settled then! We leave tomorrow?

… We l-leave tomorrow.


the struggle to survive.

are generation D.

D is for dead-eyed,

D is for doll-faced,

welcome to the new age,
the prozac trial period.

we are the blackened corpses of burned-up nebulas,
we have made our death,

we flirt with death,
offer it wine and roses,
cheese and soft beds to lay in,
our polyamorous lover.

are generation D.

D is for delightful,

D is for desecrated,

we drop ourselves off of poetic cliff-faces,
hoping for an unattainable beauty,
fault of our own creation.

we are the poets,
the survivors.

we are the catalysts,
the end-all, be-all.

we are the writers,
we are the atheists,
we are the religious,
we are the artists.

we shape mountains out of molehills,
on talent alone.

we are the freedom-fighters,
the mildly-misguided vigilantes.

are generation D.

D is for dangerous.

are generation D,
and we are the future.

—  generation D; l.m.