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We’ve Sinned

Summary: Yoongi is the devil and you are a guardian angel…. and in a twisted fate, you fall in love.

Genre: {Devil!Yoongi & GuardianAngel!Reader} Angst, Slight Smut

Warning: Near death, smutt-ish; heavy makeout, grinding, mentions of sex.

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You knew the name well. The name spoken often in Heaven and feared across the human world. Even now as you listened to a fellow angel speak about his latest havok reeked in the human world, you still felt that small part of your heart jumping and spreading with warmth. How you fell in love with the devil happened slowly and then all together.

Min Yoongi awaited you at the gates of Heaven’s doors. He was so warm, he was glowing. You were so confused by the blinding white that surrounded you and the wings that sprouted the boy’s back. He was eager, pulling you through the gates and skipping mindlessly through the clouds whilst dragging you along. He showed you how to forget your human life and live for what you were destined to be like he was: a guardian angel. It was centuries ago and even more had passed until he became selfish and you fell in love with him. He was tired of living as an immortal, tired of always doing what’s right and following orders from a faceless man. Yoongi wanted more and he begged you to help him achieve more. But you were confused. The life you lived was one so many human’s wished to be in their afterlife. Why wouldn’t you want to be an angel? Why wouldn’t you want to guard someone’s life?

Yoongi didn’t understand you and you didn’t understand him.

That’s when everything fell apart for you.

An angel had escaped. Escaped? Such a word could not be used for someone choosing to leave an actual Heaven. There was nothing to escape from, this life was worth staying for, but Yoongi left anyway. He was deemed a fallen angel, a lost soul in which couldn’t be brought back to the light. Yoongi chose to run into the dark, but here you were; centuries later and you still couldn’t comprehend that Min Yoongi, your Min Yoongi… was the devil himself.

“Jimin.” You spoke softly, but abruptly to stop the angel in front of you from speaking. You felt your wings begin to ache, a signal you knew all to well. “I have to go, I think he’s in trouble.”

Jimin understood quickly and stopped his rambling. He placed a warm and soft hand on your arm, his gorgeous smile spreading his features as he spoke. “Go save his life, Y/N.”

You smiled too, then set off the cloud, flying to the city you had visited numerous times in the past twenty years. As you reached further into the human world, you could see the night sky shining over the lit city.

You landed on your feet smoothly, looking over at where you felt that he might be. You gasped upon seeing a car slowly sinking into the water and your wings began to ache horribly. His life was slipping away.

You wasted no time in diving into the sea, punching the water away as you did so. You were next to the driver’s seat and you could see clearly that he was unconscious. His brown hair floated around him, no bubbles surrounded his mouth or nose. You gripped onto the seatbelt through the open window, yanking it off quickly before gripping the boy’s shoulders through his jean jacket. You lifted him easily and began swimming back to the surface as your wings were piercing an agonzing pain throughout your whole body. You could always rely on your wings to bring you comfort and understanding even towards the human you were to protect, but now all it brought you was pain and discomfort because of the human you guarded. You flew out of the water at a remarkable speed until you hit the pavement with your two feet. You set the boy down, immediately pumping his chest as you fell to your knees.

Panic slowly rose when he gave no response and you pumped harder. This human had to make it, he just had to.

Finally, after long minutes of continuisly pumping his chest, the boy’s head lifted and he coughed an immense amount of water. You could hear sirens begin to wail in the distance, but you kept your focus on the boy who was slowly waking up.

He looked around groggily, and as if noticing the way his clothes and hair stuck to him, his body jolted upright and he turned towards you. The sirens were getting closer now, but it didn’t matter. No one but the boy could see you anyway.

The boy’s chocolate eyes widened when they settled on you, his eyeline directing towards the prominent white wings on your back. His mouth fell open and his mind reeled with questions that came to him a million miles a minute.

You spoke before him, knowing he was confused and that your presence was one out a dream.

“I’m so happy you are alive, Jungkook.” Your arms wrapped around the boy, bringing him towards you in a warm hug. Jungkook’s eyes widened further as he looked over your shoulder and to his car that was half way through the water by now.


“It’s okay, Jungkook.” You smiled down at him as you let him go. You saw flashing lights in the corner of your eyes and you knew it was time for you to go. Jungkook stared up at you, bewildered and unashamedly looking at you from head to toe in complete awe and confusion. “I’m your guardian angel,” you answered the unspoken question. “No, this isn’t a dream and yes, I am very much real and I just saved your life.” Still, even after your reassuring words, the boy seemed shocked by your voice and overall appearance, but he still managed to speak.

“What’s your name?”

His voice was one you heard of many times, and you heard it evolve through puberty. Your smile widened and you brought your hand in front of yourself. Jungkook took it, never missing how even as you were wet- your hand was still incredibly warm.

“Y/N,” you answered the boy. His eyes softened on you, and you could tell he had so much more to say but the human saviors were already walking towards you. You hugged Jungkook quickly before he could say anything and then you gave him a kiss on the cheek.

The kiss was a symbol that you had visited him once, but the next time he would sleep and then awaken- he would not remember you. It ensured the safety and secret of angels, and you respected it.

You stepped away from Jungkook, memorizing his face because you hoped you didn’t have to stand this close to him again, at least not for such reasons as saving his life.

“Goodbye, Jungkook.”

You turned, beginning to walk away from the scene and Jungkook wanted to run after you, but paramedics and police officers surrounded him in seconds and you disappeared before he could blink.

You were flying back home when you saw him. Smiling up at you from the rooftop of a building. It was by chance that you looked down and saw his sinister smile, and your flying stopped at once. His appearance was completely different than what you remembered, but you knew by the way your heart fluttered that it was in fact him.

When you landed on the rooftop, you let your eyes wander to the suit he wore. It was different than the all white one you had last seen him in. Under his red embroided blazer was a pure black button-up and dress pants, but that wasn’t what shocked you the most. His once plantinum hair- which every angel had regardless of skin tone or previous life- was black. A dark and menacing black that had your skin crawling at the sight of it.

You both now stood on opposite ends of the roof, but he wasted no time in taking long strides towards you. You hated the way his smirk was so evil and heavy, different than the happy and light smile he wore all those years ago.

“Min Yoongi.” Your breath was rushed, and your words shook as you spoke the devil’s name. Yoongi’s smirk widened, but he didn’t stop his walking until he stood within arms length of you.

“Hello, my little angel. Good job by the way, poor boy would have died if you hadn’t shown up, but like always; Y/N can’t let a sad mortal’s life go to waste.”

Your blood boiled at his words, but you weren’t one to burst. “Did you do that to his car?” Sudden realization hit you and Yoongi nodded in confirtmation.

“I had to get you to come see me somehow, darling.”

His words, as effecting to your heart as they were, sent a cold shiver down your spine. “You are just as sick as they say,” you commented with little remorse in your voice. Yoongi didn’t seem the least effected by your words and instead took your bitter words as an invitation for him to come closer to you. You instinctively took a step back to which he just chuckled.

“Miss me, angel?”

You were quick to shake your head, now glaring at Yoongi openly. “Never.”

“Aww, but I missed you Y/N.”

He was so different than you remembered. He used to be glowing, playful, charming, and sweet. Now he seemed wicked with different tricks up his sleeve. You weren’t sure why you were even still standing in front of him, this conversation might as well should be considered such a sin and angels don’t sin. At least not before Yoongi.

“It’s been 236 years, haven’t you longed for me baby?”

“Do not speak to me as if you were anything to me. Now, why did you want to get my attention?”

Your words made Yoongi’s eyes visibly darken, anger and sadness pooling into his irises. You were startled when Yoongi’s freezing hand collided with your forearm and you were suddenly being tugged towards him. Anyone else would have melted in fear by now, but you stood your ground; showing Yoongi that he was the one who left and it should be you who was angry. Yoongi’s smirk returned, his face now only centimeters from yours.

“But don’t you remember all those sweet memories we shared baby? Surely 301 years together doesn’t go forgotten over night. Did you cry when I left?” Yoongi’s hold on you tightened with each words and you didn’t wince once. “Were you angry like you are now?”

You turned your head away from Yoongi, you were done with this conversation and him, and you just wished to leave now.

“Tell me, Y/N. What does it feel like to get that angry? To feel like you’re about to snap? Are you feeling like that right now?”

You turned your face back to Yoongi, trying to conceal your emotions, but angels always wore them on their sleeves and Yoongi was quick to read you. His eyes were still dark, and his smirk was still as sinister as ever while his hold tightened even more.

“Feel the anger, Y/N. Let it out. Let it control you-”

You grunted as you released yourself from Yoongi and pushed him with all your might. Yoongi stumbled, but he wasn’t shocked by your actions, he was instead; amused.

“I’m leaving.” You spun as you said those words and faced the edge of the rooftop. Your wings heightened and you were ready to fly away when the harsh grip on your arm returned and you were being spun to face Yoongi again. His smirk was erased and he held an angry frown towards you.

“I didn’t say you could leave me.”

Yoongi spun at once and dragged you behind him. His hand waved in front of him in a movement you weren’t familiar with. A swirling source of wind erupted just ahead and you squinted at the sight. A dark portal stood where Yoongi previously was minutes ago, and you already knew Yoongi’s plan. You began fighting against the man, but it was no use. You were being thrown into the portal before you could escape and the dark magic closed behind Yoongi.

You had landed harshly on your knees while Yoongi stared down at you from where he stood. You quickly rose and took in your surroundings. A dark room that was large in width. It looked like a luxurious penthouse, and by the view from a large glass window behind the king sized bed, you knew it was. You were no longer in the city you had saved Jungkook in. The city was brighter and busier, but the night sky was just as dark as the previous one. You turned back towards Yoongi, who was now smiling at you.

The smile you had remembered from so long ago. The one you fell in love with centuries ago, was now spread across his face as if it hadn’t disappeared with your love.

“Sit down.”

You looked at Yoongi as you slowly walked towards the bed. You sat yourself at the edge, hating how submissive you were under his spell.

Yoongi came to stand in front of you, his eyes lingering on your large wings. “You’re so pure, Y/N. You always have been.” Yoongi’s hand came towards your cheek and you turned your face away. It didn’t stop Yoongi from finding and caressing the side of your face with his fingers. “I really have missed you, angel.”

You cringed, and Yoongi noticed. An angry hiss escaped his lips and he gripped harshly onto your shoulders. He brought you down, making you lay on the bed with your legs hanging over the edge. His knees were resting on either side of you and you looked up at him with startled eyes.

“So pure, my love,” Yoongi cooed. His eyes weren’t the same dark they were before. The anger and saddness was replaced by lust and want. Lust and want for you. You began to struggle against Yoongi, but it came to no avail and only made the man grip your shoulders harder. “Look at me, Y/N.”

You willed yourself to look at him in the face, but your eyes didn’t connect with his until Yoongi snarled at you. Your glowing irsises immediately matched his dark ones and he smiled in triumph. You opened your mouth to say something, anything, but you were cut off when dark black wings sprouted from behind Yoongi’s back and englufed around both of your forms.

They were incredibly black, but they were the same wings you remembered. You had mesmerized the details in Yoongi’s used to be white wings from the time you spent together, and despite the different color; they didn’t look much different.

“Like what you see, baby?”

Your eyes snapped back to Yoongi who had been in the midst of staring at your agape mouth. You wanted to respond to Yoongi, you wanted to tell him how ugly he let himself and his wings turn into, but you couldn’t find the words.

No matter how dark Yoongi’s hair, eyes, wings, or personality was; he was still so beautiful. He reeled you in with so much force, you forced yourself to remember all the bad things Yoongi has done and fear slowly began to replace whatever little lust you felt for the man.

Yoongi, again, noticed the change in your demeanor and the grip on your shoulders loosened slightly. “Don’t fear me, Y/N.”

“I don’t fear heartless people,” you responded. Your voice was quiet, and upon hearing it; Yoongi’s eyes closed briefly. He took in your words, the sound of your angelic voice and he smiled fondly.

“Kiss me, Y/N.” Yoongi’s eyes opened to see your reaction, but he was only met with a blank stare. You weren’t able to comprehend his demand before Yoongi brought his lips onto yours, an action that only happened once before, on the night before Yoongi left Heaven. You felt his lips part over your unmoving ones and his tongue was slowly pressed on your bottom lip. You shut your eyes, a poor choice on your part as your lips parted slightly, giving Yoongi the space he needed to shove his tongue into your mouth.

A low moan vibrated from the back of Yoongi’s throat as he explored your mouth greedily. The sound coming from Yoongi made you put your rational thoughts aside and you began wrapping yourself around Yoongi as you slowly responded to his movements.

Your arms wrapped around Yoongi’s neck as your legs rose and you encircled them around Yoongi’s waist. Another moan came from Yoongi when you began kissing him back effortlessly. Your hands moved from the back of his neck to entangle in his hair and you felt yourself being slid towards the top of the bed. Yoongi lifted your shoulders and then dropped your head on the pillows on the top of the bed. You sighed into the kiss, letting yourself finally miss Yoongi after denying it for the last half hour. Your grip around Yoongi’s waist instincitvely tightened and Yoongi’s hard member was being pushed onto you.

You both moaned, enjoying the feeling you both gave each other. Yoongi released himself from you and a whine escaped your lips before you could stop the embarrassing act. Yoongi loved it though, and he pushed himself further onto you. You moaned at the applied pressure, already feeling yourself becoming wet for him.

“Yoongi, I love you.” You couldn’t help the words and you didn’t regret them one bit. You have loved Yoongi for so long, you had to say it now before he left you once again. Yoongi pushed himself further away from you, but you made no move to bring him back. He took a couple seconds to look into your eyes, to see the sincerity behind your words before he pushed himself back onto you and your lips reconnected hastily.

It wasn’t until minutes later, after both your clothes were torn off and Yoongi had been comfortably thrusting in and out of you that he finally said those three words you waited so long for. After that, the night was filled with whispered lustful words and chanted names, needy touches and repeated ’I love you’s’ or ’I miss you’s’.

You shifted comfortably in your sleep the next morning and moved yourself closer into the touch of Yoongi. You smiled in delight, ignoring the sun that shined brightly through the glass window as you took in every second you were with Yoongi. You were happy to wake up and find out that the night before was definitely not a dream, and you had in fact made passionate love to Yoongi that lasted for hours.

“Good morning, my love.”

You opened your eyes, and looked up at Yoongi. He looked down at you with warmth, and took in your more than angelic face. He let his eyes loom over your figure before he looked at your wings, and then he was jumping at the sight of them. You shifted off of your hold on Yoongi’s waist and looked at him in confusion as you sat up. His eyes weren’t on you though, but trained harshly on something behind you. You turned, looking instincitvely at your wings when a gasp left your wings.

Your once all white wings were painted red at the tips of every feather.

You looked back at Yoongi who looked just as shocked as you were when your eyes roamed towards his own wings. “Yoongi,” you breathed.

Yoongi’s head snapped towards his wings, a gold color was now clear on the tips of his wings. “We’ve sinned,” Yoongi declared. He looked back at you, afraid of your reaction. He knew how happy you were of being an angel, this meant you were an outcast; like him.

Yoongi,” you repeated his name barely above a whisper. Yoongi reached out to you quickly, clasping his arms around your neck and bringing you towards him. The impact of what you had done last night suddenly hit you, but that wasn’t what surprised you. What surprised you was how you felt about sleeping with the devil; nothing.

“I love you, Min Yoongi.” You let your heart carry out your words as your head rested on Yoongi’s exposed chest. Yoongi smiled above you, bringing his lips to connect to your forehead briefly. “Please don’t leave me again,” you voiced your worries.

Yoongi chuckled, and you felt the vibrations from his chest.

“I will never leave you, my angel.”

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Take me to the sky.”

words: 2.2k

genre: angst, fluff, sprinkle of smut

warnings: prepare some tissues

But more importantly, did you see me grab that fish bare handed because that was fucking hot.” Jungkook bragged, revealing his bunny smile as he gazed down at you.
I think you’re fucking hot.” You retorted with a goofy grin on your face.

Running along the shore, Jungkook grabbed your waist and plunged you into the cold water. Upon breaking surface tension, you spat water in Jungkook’s face and dunked your head under the waves, nearly escaping from his revenge. Popping your head out of the waters, you scanned the area but could not find Jungkook. Chills slithered down your spine as you doggy paddled to the shore where you hoped he would be. Instead, you were being pulled down by the waves that had unknowingly become harsher by the second. You were underneath the water, therefore, able to escape its wrath. Now, you can’t leave, even if you wanted to. You sucked in a breath as you were pulled back under again, trying to remain as calm as possible to prevent any further dangers. However, you were losing oxygen and you were losing it fast. It was becoming harder to get a gasp of air and soon enough, you were inhaling water instead of air.

Jungkook was coming. You know he would. 

Your vision was getting darker, taste buds were overwhelmed with salt and god knows what. Your body began to become too weak to even fight the urge to die. Right before you lost consciousness, you were being pulled and this time, it wasn’t by the waves. You opened your eyes and locked gazes with a pair of doe-like ones. Before you knew it, you were on the shore, coughing violently as you squeezed your eyes shut.

“You fucking scared me, Y/N. I thought you came back to shore after hearing the alarm go off.” Jungkook exasperated before continuing. “I didn’t see you near our stuff and that’s when I knew that you never made it back.”

“Thank you for saving me. I knew you would.” You croaked out to him.

“Thank you for staying alive long enough.” He rolled his eyes as his lips mingled with yours. 

Washing off after soaking in the sun and salty blue water, Jungkook grabbed a towel and chucked it at your face, causing you to release a slight yelp. Playfully glaring at him, your fake frown turned into a smile as you ran into his arms, giggling as he laid kisses all over your face, his hands cupping your cheek as yours wrap around his built frame. In one swift motion, Jungkook began to carry you bridal style, almost as if he was practicing for the real deal. 

“I’m showering first.” You claimed, earning a groan from him.

“We should save water and shower together, it would be good for the environment.” Jungkook nearly choked on his own words, trying to conceal the grin that seeped onto his face. 

Smacking his chest, your cheeks turned into a rosy shade as you buried your face into his chest, not wanting to see his teasing gaze. 

“You pervert.”

“I’ve seen you naked before!”

Plopping on the couch, you snuggled next to Jungkook who pulled the duvet higher enough to cover the both of you. The rain was pouring outside, but neither of you could care less. In fact, you two were lovers of the rain     well, the sound of it. You fiddled with Jungkook’s hand, waiting for him to a pick a movie, preferably, a romantic comedy or typical horror which was his normal go-to’s. 

“How about this one?”

You looked at the screen with big eyes which then began to squint as you read the description.

Transfer student moves to the big city and is met with many obstacles. One being her undeniable love for her English professor.

“Jungkook, that sounds like a porno.” 

“Even better!”

“I didn’t know you were that eager for me to see another guy’s dick which may be bigger than yours.” 

You watched as his happy expression twisted into a scowl. “Nevermind.

You leaned forwards, kissing his baby soft lips before smothering him in pecks all over his face. “I was joking, baby. I don’t care if any guy is larger, I only want you.”


Your words clearly weren’t enough. Instead of vocalizing your love for him, you decided to show him instead. Straddling his waist, you leaned in for a passionate kiss, your hands getting lost in his hair while he found his way home on your waist. Within mere seconds, the kiss became significantly heated, sexual tension rising rapidly as you painfully slowly grinded against his hips. 

Needless to say, that night became more than just binging on junk food and watching dumb movies together.


“Why does she keep hanging out around you?”

You didn’t like it. It angered you to see the way she would giggle as she ran her fingers down his toned chest, stopping midway before going back up. It made your blood boil. Jungkook was taken and she knew that. She fucking knew it. She would purposely drop a pen in front of hem then meticulously lean down to pick it up, her lace pink underwear and cleavage showing in the process. Whenever you came to drop food off for Jungkook, she would always be there, twisting her hair while laughing obnoxiously loud. Eventually, you got sick of it and would just drop his food off at his secretary who would look at you with pitiful eyes, completely understanding how you feel.

“Babe, she’s my co-worker.”

Same excuse every damn time. 

“Then why does she keep flirting with you?”
“What are you talking about?”

“Don’t be stupid, Jungkook. You don’t think I see the way she touches you? You don’t think I know about those fucking rumors; the one where you two fucked in your office?”

“You actually believed that?”

“No, but that’s not the point. The point is that it’s even being mentioned to me of all people. Rumors don’t just happen unless there’s a cause, Jungkook.”

“I can promise you that there is nothing going on between us. I’m a taken man and she knows that.”

You fisted your hair in frustration, anger penting up as you slammed your hand down on the dinner table. “If you’re taken, then can you fucking act like it?”

With that, you walked out the door, not caring what he had to say. In the dead of the night, most folks were indoors, yet here you were, barely past your hotel as you briskly jogged away from the heated discussion. Cold winds blasted in your face causing you to clutch your thin cardigan harder. You didn’t want to hear what he had to say. It hurt. It hurt so much to see him with her. She made sure you saw, but him? He didn’t even know you were in the room until you shut the door and he would come running after you. Every fucking day, it was the same thing over and over again. Watching her touch him like you did isn’t what hurt you. It was the fact that he sat there and did nothing, allowing her to do as she pleases with him. He could have easily told her off, but yet he decided not to. Did her touch feel better than yours? Did he prefer her figure over yours? Was your love not enough? The level of insecurity would rise every time you saw them together, unable to do anything but watch from the shadows.

You were pushed into the brick wall, hands blocking both exits as you slightly screamed from the sudden contact. The moment your eyes met with a pair of another, you felt your blood boil once more. 

“What did I tell you about walking at night like this, huh?” Jungkook yelled, not caring who would hear.

“Leave me alone.” You said, trying to escape from his hold but getting nowhere. “Look, if you want to break up, then I understand.”

Is that what you want? To break up?” His voice raised once more. 

“No, you dumb fuck.” You yelled back, unable to restrain yourself. “But you fucking make it seem like I’m not important, so why the fuck not?” 

His expression softened at your words.You’ve never really yelled at him before, so hearing this from you made his heart ache. 

“How do you think I felt, Jungkook? How do you think I felt when I saw her touching you the way I do, huh? Tell me, since you’re so fucking perfect and never do anything wrong.” You let out a sinister laugh after being met with silence. “Exactly.”


“You what?” You said sternly, wanting to get as far away from him as possible. All you wanted to do was cry, but you couldn’t. At least … not in front of him. 

You continued. “Picture me with another guy, doing the exact same thing you had done. How would you feel?” You wanted him to understand that you were hurt by his actions whether it was intentional or not, not that he was an asshole. 

You watched as his fists clenched until his knuckles turned white, his eyes sharpening while he clenched his jaw. “Furious. Fucking furious.” 

You didn’t respond.

I’m a bad boyfriend. I’m stupid. I’m fucking pathetic. I’m a piece of shit and I don’t deserve you.“ Jungkook responded all in one breath.

“You’re right about at least one thing in there.” You scoffed, averting your gaze which ended up landing on his biceps that you oh so adore. 

“Can we go home?” Jungkook squeaked, twiddling his thumbs, awaiting your response. “On a second thought…”

You looked at him, eyebrows furrowing in confusion.

“I’m not taking ‘no’ for an answer.” 

“My hands are shaking.” You lifted them up. “ˆWhy are they shaking?”

Your mother laughed before saying, “It’s because you’re nervous. Don’t be! You’re about to get married to the love of your life.”

“I think I’m just nervous that I’ll drop the ring during the exchange” 

“It’s sad that I can really see that happening.” 

You smiled at the thought of Jungkook in a tuxedo. You loved the way it hugged his frame in all the right ways. You, on the other hand, looked equally astounding. Turning to face the mirror, you gasped at the person staring back at you. Your white off the shoulder dress sunk to the ground, shaping your body perfectly while your sheer veil sat nicely on the top of your head.  You couldn’t help but giggle. Skin like porcelain, cheek bones highly defined, eyes as beautifully sharp as your jawline. You nearly screamed at the thought of Jungkook seeing you like this. God, even if he didn’t see you, you would still be overwhelmingly happy with how your appearance came out.

Momentarily after you had walked down the aisle and exchanged vows, you noticed a tear slip from Jungkook’s eye. Instinctively, you reached over, gently wiping his face which earned a chorus of ‘aw’s from the crowd that proudly sat before you. Blushing at the sudden reaction, you looked down at your feet then back up at Jungkook who only smiled in return. 

“You may now kiss the b-” 

Jungkook wasted no time in interlocking your lips, hands cupping your cheek as he went deeper. You had to gain all of your senses before gently biting on his lip, indicating that they had more than enough time to do all of this later. Slowly pulling away, you saw his eyes twinkle with joy. His innocent smile turned into a smirk but before you could question his actions, you were being carried down the aisle by your now pronounced husband. Instead of refuting against him, you looked at him with a soft smile, admiring his features while thinking about how damn lucky you are to be married to such a man like him. Noticing your strong gaze, Jungkook looked down at you and winked before gently placing you inside the car with the typical banner ‘Just Hitched!’ on the back. Sparing one last glance to everyone that came, you smiled through the tears as you said goodbye to your past life as a normal girl and hello to your future as a married woman. 

Now, you are standing in the same chapel you got married in 10 years ago. Your throat tightened as the haunting feeling came to once more. Balling your fists, tears began streaming down your face as you recalled past memories, despite locking that part of you away for your own good. You wanted to scream and break everything in sight, but you knew better than to act recklessly. The raw evocative feelings emitted from the ring on your finger never stopped flowing. You looked once more, before turning your back and walking out the doors that you were once carried out of.

In loving memory of Jeon Jungkook.

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2D "When did you get so beautiful?" Thank youuuuuuuuuu


As the last notes of 5/4 echoes throughout the studio, you stand up and clap for your best friends.

“Haven’t played this song in a while eh?” Russel says with a smile, he walks to you and puts his hand in the air for a high five which you reciprocate.

“It was great! All of you were amazing, I’m sure the fans will really appreciate this blast to the past, I know I definitely did.” You encourage the band who all stare at you with large grins.

“Thanks, love!” 2D says with a look that makes you melt. He brings you in for a tight hug. He gives the best hugs. With the looks he gives you and his hugs, the way he’d lean against you during your movie nights and lean his head against your shoulder or on your lap… he drives you crazy sometimes, and he doesn’t even know it. 

You met the band while touring with another band as their assistant manager. After partying with the Gorillaz on several occasions, you grew attached to them, and them to you. Being a long time fan of theirs, when they asked you to leave the other band and work for them, you enthusiastically agreed. Since then, you grew close to everybody, surprisingly including Murdoc. But the person you were the closest with was 2D. You wanted to be more than friends though, throughout your years of knowing Stuart, you started to slowly fall for him.

“Anyone hungry?” Noodle asks everyone.

“Famished.” Russel responds.

Murdoc just grunts as he grabs his keys and heads for the door.

“I’m fine, thanks! I’ll just hang around.” You reply.

“No thanks! Bu’ bring me back a peppermint tea if ya can?”

With that, the rest of the band leaves you two alone together. He looks at you and smiles: “Wan’ta watch a movie?”

That’s always his go-to activity, luckily, it’s yours too. You secretly love cuddling up to him and watching scary movies. It’s an excuse to get close to him, he wouldn’t question you hugging him close and hiding your face in his chest during a horror flick.

Halfway into the movie you’re cuddled up to his side as his arm rests on your back, after being absorbed in an especially gory scene, you look up to see if he’s as creeped out as you are, instead, catch him staring at you.

“Um…” you blush looking down. He still hasn’t taken his eyes off of you. It seems like his obsidian eyes  are studying you closely.

“Didja um, see that part?” You ask him, shyly.

“No.” He responds swiftly.

“Oh.. well um.. it was pretty fu-”

Interrupting you, he shifts himself so that he’s facing you. Removing his arm from around you, he caresses your cheek. “When did ya get so beautiful?” He whispers.

You feel the urge to kiss him, to wrap your arms around his neck and smash your lips against his, but you restrain yourself. You want nothing more than to proclaim your feelings to him and get it over with but anxiety prevents you from doing so. Suddenly, you’re flushed and stuttering.

“I don’t really know how to respond to that…” you finally manage to get out.

He tilts his head, quiet, waiting for you to elaborate. When you stay silent he leans in and softly presses his lips against yours. You respond by unconsciously leaning into the kiss and placing your hands in his hair, intensifying it, you part your lips allowing for his tongue to join the equation and he leans you backwards into the couch as both of you lose yourselves in the feeling of holding and kissing each other.

When he pulls away you finally speak up, experiencing a sudden surge of confidence.

“I love you. I’ve loved you for so long and I’ve been afraid to say it.”

He responds simply with a toothy grin, attacking your lips with his own once more.

Bts without the t is bs which stands for bullshit and that t is jung hoseok. That’s right bangtan is bullshit without hobi. Ya’ll better respect his ass for the work he does.
—  Min Yoongi, a very patriotic jhope stan.
BTS as cats pt. 4


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—bf!yoongi | daily texts with the #1 min in your life

A/N: happy birthday @bisbatman 🗣🗣💙💙
  • Seokjin: *to Yoongi* You know, you stay indoors too often. You should go out and get some sun.
  • Yoongi: *stares at Seokjin*
  • Seokjin: Don't you dare.
  • Yoongi: *walks up to Hoseok*
  • Seokjin: Louis William Suga Adams The Third, I am warning you.
  • Yoongi: *hugs Hoseok*
  • Yoongi: Is that enough sun for you?