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Pink Roses: convey gentle emotions such as admiration, love and gratitude ♡

a small preview of the sheith print i just finished that i’ll be selling at astl next weekend (hmu if u want one (ゝ。∂)~ ♥ )

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If you do the cooking by the book then you'll have a-


Dean Ambrose teaching your 3 year old daughter about rock music

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“Now this is a classic.” Dean said, turning the radio up. Dean, our three year old daughter and myself were heading to the arena for SummerSlam and he was teaching her all about rock music. Dean started shaking his head to the beat of the music. Y|D|N started copying his moves. 
I started recording the two. “Is she dancing?” Dean asked. He couldn’t look back since he was driving. I smiled and nodded. 
“I like it, daddy.” Y|D|N said, shaking her legs back and forth. I laughed as Dean grinned.
“You are my daughter for sure.”

We were in the arena for Summerslam. Dean was sitting at one of the tables in catering with Y|D|N sitting in his lap. Dean was showing her music videos. 
“They are so cute together!”  Bayley exclaimed. I smiled, watching them. I nodded in agreement. 
“They act identical. She’s his mini me for sure.” I spoke. 
Soon, it was time for Dean and Seth’s match against Cesaro and Sheamus. Y|D|N sat in my lap playing on my phone as we were in catering watching the match.  I looked down to see what Y|D|N was doing on my phone and she was watching Chris Jericho singing Judas. 
“Someone’s a fan.” I looked up to see Chris standing there with a smile on his face. 
“Y|D|N, look.” I got her attention. She looked up to see Chris. She then looked back on the video. “It’s you!” She said. We laughed. 

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also it would be hella if there were like “official” looking nasa like shirts that said like “Hephaestus Mission” (or just fancy patches/stickers) or whatever and also shirts that just say how could dare you in large letters

Dance Recital - Seth Rollins

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Summary:  Seth Rollins,  where your daughter is a dancer and she has a recital or competition or something like that and Seth surprises her by being there to watch

“Is daddy going to be there?” Y|D|N, our six year old daughter asked as I helped her get into her dance outfit. Y|D|N has been in this dancing company since she was four and she loves it! Tonight was her first official dance show. Seth was across the world wrestling in another state. 
As I put her hair in a bun, I frowned. “He might not, baby. But I will.” I answered. Y|D|N sighed. It hurts me seeing her missing her dad. Seth was actually coming home and he was going to surprise her at the recital. Hopefully she doesn’t see him sitting next to me while she dances. 
“He will be home soon though.” I tried to cheer her up. 

The recital starts in thirty minutes and Seth hasn’t gotten here yet. Y|D|N was in the back with her teacher and other friends.
“Has it started yet?” I turned to see Seth sitting down next to me. I smiled. “You are right on time.” I answered, leaning in and giving him a kiss. Seth had a dozen of flowers and a teddy bear for her when the show was over. Soon, the show started.

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dan singin the beatles

listen listen listen listen okay i’ve been rewatching the sonic boom series and i don’t remember this part at ALL but LISTEN TO HIM he sings so GENTLY and i’m CRYING

Kid's First Day Of School (REQUESTED)


Michael- “Michael stop! You are making her nervous!” You scolded as you swatted Michael’s arm, making his iPhone tumble out of his hands. You hear a deep, throaty laugh, “It’s (y/d/n) first day of school, babe! I have to record this!” You roll your eyes, stifling a smile as you zip up your daughter’s pink flowery dress. “Daddy, please don’t make me go!” (Y/d/n) pleas as she starts turning and moving as you are try to put on her small shoes. “Boys have cooties in school!” (Y/d/n) sticks her small tongue out, her little face ridden in disgust. “But Daddy’s a boy? Wouldn’t he have cooties too?” Michael asks as he sets down his phone long enough to pick up (Y/d/n), hoisting her up in the air, blowing kisses into her neck. (Y/d/n) erupts in loud giggles, you stare at them, a goofy smile plastered on your face. “Don’t think you are being left out! Come here!” Michael says as he runs over to you with (Y/d/n) in his arms, wrapping both of you in a big bear hug. He spins you both around, laughter erupting out of both of you, before Michael sets both of you down. “Daddy!” (Y/d/n) laughs as she bounces up and down on the king sized bed. “If Daddy doesn’t stop playing you are going to be late,” You looked over your shoulder, shooting playful daggers at Michael. You hear a small groan come from underneath you as a pouty looking (Y/d/n) stares at you sadly. “Do I really have to go, Mommy?” She asks you, you scoops her in your arms, planting a big kiss on her forehead. “Yes, baby you do,” You tell her making your way into the kitchen. Michael trailing behind both of you, a princess backpack and a pink lunch bag in hand. “I mean, you can always stay and spend the day with Daddy,” Michael says. “YAY!” (Y/d/n) erupts as she starts wiggling in your arms. “MICHAEL!” You scream, Michael erupts in laughter. “I’ll meet you both in the car,” He leaves through the front door. You get (Y/d/n)’s hair in two perfect ponytails on the either sides of her head, and before you know it you are already heading out the door. Once you make it through a pain-staking ride, filled with ‘Wheels-on-the-bus’ music and Michael’s child-like behavior (Which is why you think that (Y/d/n) is a Daddy girl. They basically have the same mentality level.) The elementary school appeared in the peripheral. “Mommy, Daddy I’m nervous,” (Y/d/n) says as she looks down, twiddling her thumbs. She was strapped onto her car seat, her pink backpack on her lap. Michael parks the car close to the school entrance. “Baby, don’t be,” Michael starts as he goes over to her side of the car. “Think of it like this. When you get home, I’ll give you lots and lots of sweets. Deal?” Michael offers as he unbuckles her, you watch as (Y/d/n) once sad eyes turn into shiny ones. “YES!” She giggles. Michael sets her down next to the car, you bend to her level, kissing her forehead. “Go have a good day!” You tell her. “Bye Mommy! Bye Daddy!” (Y/d/n) waves as she straps on her small princess backpack and her hand-held lunchbox. Michael wraps his arms around you, kissing your neck. “There she goes,” He whispers. “That’s our little girl,”

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