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hamilton but everyone's wearing actual clothes from the time period instead of the simplified outfits that they use in the show


jesus christ i m a g i n e

h, holy shit,,

hamilton in pink……………….


eliza…… in this….. amazign…..

i mean i know it’s. impractical and they’d probably sweat tonnes on stage and it’d be a pain in the ass AND cost a lot of money/time to make several hundred of these but. fuck me in the face.

u bet ur ass hamilton bought and wore this kind of flashy shit…. let him wear it…. let him prance about like the proud pretty boy he is…

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Roman hears Anx crying one day, and he rushes to find him. When he finally finds him, he's collapsed on the floor and Prince goes to make sure he's alright. When Anx hears him approach, he looks up and before prince can do anything says "I know, I'm not like you guys- I'll never be you guys, but aren't you supposed to embody hopes and dreams? Why'd you have to destroy mine?"


i cannot believe I was just forced to cry in my very own home,,,,,, my own inbox,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Mir. This is on my to write list now,,,,,, why are you like this

Love you!!!!!!!!!


I wanted to let you all know that yes I am back, but the last few days of my spring break were spent with @babaycga so I will be writing/finishing the rest of my responses to you all this weekend!

Also, Tumblr was being dumb and closed my askbox, so if you find it’s closed again please ignore that and IM me asap so I can fix it. [[And I’m still taking requests btw- and yes, still fulfilling ones already sent! I’m so slow I know I’m very sorry (ಥ‿ಥ) ]]

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Morning Duke *curtsies* I've just read your response to an ask about research and historical fiction, and I wondered (nebulous I know) how far back you'd say counts as historical from the writer's perspective? I'm planning a book that covers the decade following the last millennium from inside one house in London. It isn't historically focused, and very character driven, but is the research load going to be insane? Just trying to establish what I'm letting myself in for... x

*Curtsies* So… the decade following the last millennium would be 2000-2010? I’m not sure you’d call that historical, but depending how old you are, you may not remember much of that decade and may have to approach it in roughly the same way. As for what qualifies as ‘historical’ I’d probably call it any time period the writer didn’t live through or doesn’t have significant memory of. (I.e., me writing about the ’90s would not be historical fiction because I grew up in the ’90s and remember them vividly. Me writing about the 1950s? Vastly different.) But I think it’s something to approach with caution, because any time you set a story in a different time, you’re going to have to do extra research, even if it’s a time you lived through; sometimes we miss important cultural trends or events or simply remember them wrong. For example, my mother insisted a few days ago that nobody used ‘hot’ as a synonym for ‘sexy’ around the time she was in high school. I countered with some Rolling Stones lyrics from around the same year proving the opposite. And then she said, “Well, I was living in Hong Kong so I suppose it was different.” So that’s another thing to take into account. History and location are inextricably linked, because the history of one place is not the same as another. If you don’t actually live in London or didn’t live there in the time period your talking about, it’s not safe to assume that it was the same as what you do remember from wherever it was you lived. See what I’m getting at?

Basically, every project requires research, and the further away you move from your own knowledge and experience, the more research you’re going to have to do. That’s fine, but you have to be willing to actually do it, because if you don’t readers who were living in London in 2007 or whatever are going immediately go, “That’s wrong.” I can’t tell you exactly what the research load is going to be here, because I don’t know your backstory and I don’t know enough about the project. But I will say that research is not something to half-ass, because that will cause a lot of problems for you down the line. So this might be the time to really look closely at your plan or outline or whatever and try to be realistic with yourself about what kind of workload you’re looking at.

R E M I N D E R;

The girls night out party for the future Mrs. Colby Lopez is TOMORROW.
Please try and make it if possible. If you need any information as far as location or time or what to bring, I’ll be reblogging the invitation tonight and tomorrow. If you’re in Florida by tomorrow evening you should be able to make it out, even just swing by – that’d be GREAT. 

Song thingy

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(I’ll try to keep the soundtracks to a minimum ;) )

J - Josephine by Chris Rea

O - Obstacles by Syd Matters

D - Dreams by Fleetwood Mac

E - Edge of Seventeen by Stevie Nicks

L - Let’s Dance by David Bowie

I - I’m Caught Up (In a One Night Love Affair) by Inner Life

E - Escape (The Piño Colada Song) by Rupert Holmes

J - Jolene by Dolly Parton

O - Otherside by Red Hot Chili Peppers

D - Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen

E - Everybody Needs Somebody To Love by The Blues Brothers

L - Let’s Stay Together by Tina Turner

I - I Can’t Dance by Genesis

E - Enter Sandman by Metallica

(Why did I pick such a long username omg, also 4 E’s….also everything is old except for Syd Matters lol)