d hunter

ivorylily  asked:

How would D act if he got really drunk? Would he loosen up at all?

Although I don’t think he’d ever allow himself to get completely shitfaced…I’d imagine with a good buzz, there’d be a few more dad jokes than usual and slightly more swearing and telling people off.

(The notion of D being absolutely smashed, however, got my pervy writer’s imagination going and I ran with it… Considering it’s all adulty, though, I’m not going to push it on people except on my own blog)

Straw Hats Pirates in a nutshell
  • Luffy: Pretty much the most lovable character of all.
  • Zoro: Your left is my right.
  • Nami: You can call me hot for a hundred beri.
  • Usopp: Puberty hit me so hard I went from Liar to God.
  • Sanji: The blonde with pretty eyebrows.
  • Robin: Probably queen of the underworld on my past life.
  • Franky: Pants are for the weak.
  • Brook: Professional loner for 50 years.