d grant

Perhaps there is something beautiful
In taking her for granted,
I never could bring myself to do so,
But to trust in a foundation enough
To build a house,
A life,
To not think twice about settling home,
Slipping your shoes off in the doorway,
Crawling into bed
With the familiarity of a routine –
Perhaps there is a grace in believing
That though the ground may shake,
It never shall crack
—  a.d.c. // for granted

me: i’d die for genji shimada if we’re being honest here. does he know that i’d die for him? i hope he knows, wherever he is, that i’d literally jump in front of a moving car for him. granted i’d do that no matter what, but still. Does He Know

cashier at target: sir,


It was possibly the most tense dinner Ryleigh had ever experience. Granted she’d never been to an actual full family dinner, but she was fairly certain they were supposed to be loud and fun, not whatever was happening in the Benali house.

Mr Benali was silent for the entire meal and Mrs Benali spent the majority of it reminding everyone to keep their elbows off the table and close their mouths when they ate. Halim and Jalila spoke sparingly and even then they generally only spoke to each other.

To his credit, Salim attempted to engage everyone in conversation but the only ones he could get to say more than a few words was Aaliyah and little Piper. Ryleigh spent most of the meal staring down at her plate uncomfortably and pushing her food around the plate.

Towards the end of the meal Ryleigh was reaching out towards her glass of soft drink when Salim leaned over to her and whispered with a grin; “Bet you wish that was booze now huh?”

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