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A short supercat fic. First one I’ve written in a while. I’m trying to get back into it. Please, excuse any and all mistakes, and possible terribleness. I’m out of practice. (1000~ words). Takes place when Cat says she’s leaving.

“I’m leaving.”

Cat’s words immobilized Kara. Blood thrummed in her ears, drowning out Cat’s next words. Panic snaked its way down her spine, striking quickly and lashing out with an intensity that rivaled a physical blow. What did she mean ‘leaving’?

No, no, no. Kara’s chaotic and unsettled life couldn’t take another upheaval, especially if it meant one of the few stabilizing forces in her life was leaving. Leaving her. Leaving her when she’d just come to terms with not being able to be with Cat. It was impossible, she knew. The nature of their relationship wouldn’t allow for it. However, she had convinced herself that it was enough to just see Cat each day, to work with her.

Regardless of whether Cat returned her affections, it would have been enough. But now? Now, even that was impossible. She was losing Cat twice, and the thought gutted Kara.

“I really can’t imagine being here without you,” Kara confessed. Cat walk closer. Tears glistened in her eyes, or was that just Kara’s imagination?

“Oh, Kara.”

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The Box- Scandal Review 6x13

Before we begin let us say our Olitz pledge.

I pledge allegiance to United States of Olitz and to the republic for which it stands. One nation under Shonda indivisible with jam and love for all. Amen.

Wow. Scandal. Woah.These past episodes have been stellar and they honestly just get better and better every episode.

 Like I said in my last review for the last week’s episode this is a continuous of events currently unfolding. Because Mellie elected Luna as her running mate, peus has now launched nine bombs over major cities across the nation and to prove his point about wanting his president and real Bitch back he drops a bomb using the drones on national television.

Peus and his annoying voice has gotten not only Olivia’s attention but mine as well. Yeah. It’s about to get good.

With the bomb having exploded Olivia goes to the bunker to see ’dad’ and it’s there that Rowan finds it appropriate to share a last drink with his daughter. But this part was highly telling. Rowan is disapproving and dissatisfied with the wine choices. “It’s no Dubellay. Not even a 94 chateau D'yquem. Revolting. Their selection.” Which goes back to the many discussions of wine and scotch and beer and how they all connect to these characters. Olivia garnered the taste of wine from her dad, but we have seen her drink scotch many many times (Fitz) and shiver at the taste of beer. (Jake). Rowan’s disdain at the wine in the White House is him referring to Fitz, and his displeasure to see him acquiring the taste only due to his daughters influence. But with the national tragedy Olivia shuns the wine away, thereby refusing Rowan, to get to the heart of this situation, which is Rowan wanting to run away. Seems like the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree at all. Olivia tells Rowan he’s not going anywhere and he begins to mock Olivia, asking her who will stop him? Her? The President? All of which Olivia nods her head in confirmation. Last episode Rowan humiliated Olivia in front of everyone for getting back together with Fitz, but Olivia did not refute Fitz but the comfort he wished to give her. Olivia by no means ended whatever is going on between her and Fitz but if anything it seems to have only brought them closer.

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I’m so tired of Rowan. He just shamed and humiliated Olivia and called her a stripper and worthless and now he wants her to run away with him. As if running equates to freedom. But at last we are seeing Olivia’s shell crack as she argues with Rowan (herself) about how running accomplishes nothing.

Olivia: what about everything that you built? all that you’ve sacrificed? Everything you believe in? What about me?
Rowan: you are free….to join me.
Olivia: I’m not!
Rowan: why not?
Olivia: because I’m not done fighting!  I haven’t even begun to make my peace! Not yet !”

This scene is loaded. Olivia, a person who once believed in running from everything and everyone she couldn’t control is now questioning the purpose of running especially in the eyes of her father.  This moment is almost like a soliloquy as Olivia is asking her father the same questions she ask herself every day. How can she let go everything she has built- making Mellie a candidate and unchosenly the president. How can she move on after all that she had sacrificed for this? Olivia has given so much of herself for what? Olivia has sacrificed her love and happiness and her moral values to have this illusion of power. And when Rowan said she was free; Olivia was quick to say she’s not free because the chains that enslaved  her are still bounding her hands. But in this dialogue there is a slight change in Olivia; something palpable and true. Realization. Olivia is finally seeing that she is not okay, that she has yet to truly fight her demons. That she has yet to make peace with herself.

Excuse me

This was overlooked by many but Olivia taking ownership that she has somethings to work on is key.  Olivia is really like everyone else in this world trying to find themselves and be a person who can look themselves in the mirror and see their worth. We are all fighting, and we are struggling to remain afloat. Olivia has many issues to work on but acceptance is the first step. And I’m proud of her. The lose of self is worse than death so Olivia bids her dad farewell but promises to give him better wine. Ha!


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Look at Jake being useful! And can we take the moment to savor his lack of whining and sulking about Fitz’s penis being bigger and how Olivia could have saved him! Yes. I’m telling you this is the first episode where I liked Jake. He’s tolerable when he’s not whining and has a actual job.

When peus called Olivia to tell her that she was bothering him, and Olivia told him she doesn’t have authorization to unfree Mellie and real bitch since she isn’t the president and he responds ’aren’t you?’

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Real talk I giggled when Olivia told Peus “That the United States isn’t going to bend to the will of a terrorist. ”Just so you know that’s the same speech Fitz gave to Mellie and the group earlier. It is safe to say that Fitz has been a positive influence on Olivia the same way he has been to her. Which brings us to them in the oval talking about the casualties that has just increased in numbers.

Can we just relish at the fact that Olivia and Fitz are alone in the oval working together to fix this massive problem.  *dont cry* I’m feeling all sorts of nostalgic but as they talk Fitz is right about one thing Rowan has to talk, he has to know something but Olivia is quick to defend Rowan by saying that all he wants to do is run away because those people controlled and beat him.

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Olivia isn’t that what your father did to you? Controlled you? Beat you into submission? Matter of fact didn’t this man just refer to you as a stripper selling yourself to the highest bidder less than 24hrs ago and you still try to defend him! Girl I outta

This is still a problem. Olivia is still protecting Rowan as if he is some victim or innocent man when he has a body count that can circle the world three times.  Olivia, he’s been a prisoner for 6 months but you have been a prisoner all your life! Fix yo self, baby.

Like the good man he is; Fitz is able to get through to Olivia something not many have been able to accomplish and not for long. Abby, Quinn, Jake all of these people have at one time tried to influence Olivia to see their point of view but Olivia would turn around and do just what she wanted to do. This says something. 24 hrs ago Jake was crying about Olivia sleeping with Fitz and how he isn’t the answer for Olivia but Olivia told Jake about himself and kept it moving. The reason why Olivia is able to listen and take Fitz’s advice is because she trust Fitz completely. Olivia values Fitz’s opinion and knows that he is more than capable of setting feelings aside for the greater good. So when Fitz reminds Olivia about the Master Manipulator she calls ‘dad’ it hits home to her and she sees that Fitz is right and tells him “let’s go”.

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Olivia could have easily said she will handle her father or she will go down and talk to him, but the fact that she told Fitz ’let’s go’ is highly symbolic of her efforts to be a team once in for all. Rowan just shamed Olivia for sleeping with Fitz yet still Olivia is bringing Fitz down to the bunker as also a giant FU to Rowan and very much sending a clear and direct message to dad that’s she’s with him (for now). And they are in this together. Last time Fitz was at the bunker he came uninvited but this team Olivia wants him and more importantly needs him to be by her side. Olivia and Fitz are a team and they are United and Rowan thinking he stopped them by shaming them clearly underestimated just how powerful and how well they work together. Rowan is the one of greatest obstacles for Olivia, and he is still someone that has a hold on her, but  I will say that I saw progress as Rowan appeased to Olivia’s sense of fleeing. Rowan told Fitz that he wishes to run away with his daughter but Olivia said she isn’t going much to Rowan’s distress. It seems that Olivia is finally over running but ready to stay and deal with the outcome. Growth people. And Fitz jacking up Rowan.

After Fitz and Rowan going at it last episode you knew Fitz was going to come back for Rowan after that stunt he pulled off. Lawd the mutual animosity between these two. Rowan is the biggest hypocrite and coward around, he talks a good talk about being powerful and almighty but when they remove the fur all he is, is bone without the meat. Pathetic in every way and Olivia is so shocked by this revelation that she ask Rowan ’what did they do to him?’ To make him coward away with his tail between his legs.

When David uncovers a gift Rowan was receiving from Peus, Olivia is walking beside Fitz discussing everything she has uncovered and she isn’t scared or frightened but Olivia seems to be at ease though this is a unprecedented time for her. Olivia isn’t dying but thriving, it has brought a sense of purpose and meaning back to her life. When Olivia tells Fitz about the bricks, Fitz freezes and he is clearly bothered by what he has heard. I am curious about the symbolism of the brick. Perhaps it’s metaphorical that Rowan was creating a house that he would never reside in. A slave. Which is what Peus referred to him when he told Rowan he was 'emancipated’.

Olivia found out what that box contains she immediately walks with Fitz around the corridor of the White House  not worried about what others may say about them being close again, or why she is back at the White House. Olivia and Fitz are walking around as if it’s the most normal thing and I can’t help but see how just connected they are to one another. They even walk in sync.

Fitz asked Olivia if he could see her father after the news he just heard. Olivia doesn’t appear to say anything but her reaching down to hold Fitz’s hand is all the answer we need.

Olivia really does love Fitz. It’s these little nuances that add the comfort familiarity that is their love. Olivia of the past would have never walked side by side with Fitz (208) nor would she have openly touched him in front of other people. Olivia is initiating contact with Fitz, she is making the first step with Fitz following her lead.

Fitz enter the bunker with scotch in hopes of talking to Rowan about what Olivia has uncovered. Rowan is not up for talking or creating a bond as Rowan and Fitz are two completely different people, from different parts of the world. Fitz is a white rich man born of privilege whereas Rowan is a self made African American man who had to work twice as hard for half  and still  it was never good enough. Fitz begins to tell Rowan that he admires him despite all of the pain he brought upon him. But Rowan brings up a true and still valued point about suppression. Rowan has been systematically suppressed for being black whereas Fitz has had everything in life given to him. And it is this about Fitz  that leaves Rowan flabbergasted as to how Olivia can love him. Actually love him

Here is the thing; Rowan doesn’t actually know why Olivia loves Fitz and that bothers him because all he sees when he looks at Fitz is Big Jerry’s spoiled son. Olivia loves Fits because she knows Fitz and know his love for her is real not some trivial fetish. Rowan was accepting of Jake dating Olivia because 1) he created him and 2) Pete was a normal kid with a abusive father. Nothing of privilege. While Fitz is certainly privilege it doesn’t define him and he doesn’t try to disown his privilege. Like Fitz told Mellie this season he never desired power because he was born with it. Rowan’s acknowledgment of Olivia’s love for Fitz is noteworthy because for the first time he is not trying to demean their love or mock Olivia but it’s as if he has finally accepted that Olivia loves Fitz in spite of everything that has happened and despite of what he thinks of Fitz; Olivia loves him. She is in love with him. Rowan has caused them so much pain and hardship. Time and time and time again Rowan has made it his mission to ruin Olivia and Fitz’s relationship but despite all of his efforts Olivia always finds her way back to Fitz. Rowan can’t stop fate from happening just like he can’t stop Olivia from loving Fitz.

Rowan made a clear point that Shonda wanted to address about being a minority and living in a white mans world. And for that much I agree.  Fitz and Rowan come from polar worlds but one thing they do have in common is Olivia. Fitz tells Rowan to fight if not for himself then for Olivia. For his ’republic’, his legacy is Olivia and it will be up to him as to how he wants history to remember her. Olivia is Rowan’s greatest accomplishment, such sentiment has been voiced before in previous episodes (5x03, 3x10, 5x07), Rowan has acknowledged that he made Olivia into what she is today, and Jake has also commented on Olivia being Rowan’s greatest achievement which is true. Like Big Jerry, Rowan has placed all of his hopes and dreams and aspiration onto Olivia like Jerry did to Fitz. It’s wasn’t Fitz’s life that he was living but Big Jerry’s the same way Olivia isn’t living her life but Rowan’s. But make no bones about it Olivia is still very much trying to find herself, the fact that Olivia went and sought Fitz tells everyone and most certainly confirms what we always knew to be true. Olivia loves Fitz. Fitz has always been Olivia’s choice. Olivia going off the map and getting back with Fitz is not something Rowan approved of and definitely did not condone but Olivia made that decision. Fitz gives Olivia the freedom to make her own decisions. Men have come and go in Olivia’s life but throughout all of this, Fitz has been the constant. Despite all of Rowan’s efforts to stop Olivia from loving Fitz, even he has fallen short.

Rowan seems flabbergasted as though he can’t understand as to how Olivia could love this man sitting in front of him. But the more Fitz talks and bridges a connection between them, you can see Rowan slowly thawing at Fitz’s encouraging words. This is a man. Rowan has made it his mission to ruin FItz’s life yet Fitz is able to set aside their differences for the sake of the country. Fitz gave Rowan the pep talk that he has been delivering throughout this season to multiple characters. Fitz is light in a hopeless place, and it is that will to live and be better that is inspiring to others, so much so that It appears that Rowan now understands why Olivia loves Fitz. Because he is truly a good man.

When all hope seems lost. Olivia and Fitz are alone in the oval sharing a glass of scotch. Once again reiterating their connection by their drink of choice. Rowan was disgusted by Fitz’s wine choices yet Olivia denied Rowan that drink he wanted. Alone in the oval, Fitz and Olivia go over the rising death count and Fitz begins to question aloud whether he will bend and give in to the terrorist once again as he did when they had taken Olivia.  Olivia turns to Fitz and they share a moment without a word. Both of them have come to peace with that moment in their lives, Fitz acknowledges that because they had Olivia he went to war and now he’s afraid he will have to do it again to save Mellie, but Olivia tells Fitz that they won’t give Mellie up and he won’t make the same mistake. Fitz drops his hand to the couch waiting for Olivia to place her hand in his and she does quickly. The world is burning but still as long as Olivia has Fitz, and Fitz has her then that’s really all they need.

After a second of silence, Fitz whispers to Olivia “this isn’t the way I envisioned  our last two weeks together.” and faintly with all the pain etched in her voice Olivia whispers “me either”. Olivia stares at Fitz and you can feel her yearning to be with Fitz, completely and fully. It is sad honestly that with his time running out, all they want is to spend their time with each other and they can’t even do that. I am looking forward to them talking about the meaning of their relationship and where it goes from here but their subliminal messages they are conveying without a word leaves me breathless at the possibility of what the future may bring to them. I have never seen two more deserving worthy of love. With all of the hardships and pain they have suffered and caused one another, it is fitting that they receive this momentary antidote.

But the moment is interrupted as Charlotte brings Rowan into the room, but interestingly enough Olivia and Fitz did not jump away from one another but rather very slowly moved their hands away. It seems with two weeks left in office what exactly does Fitz have to lose.

Rowan walks in and apologizes for intruding on their moment, but he request to speak to the president alone and Olivia’s face.

Olivia looks over at Fitz with a soft giggle like Rowan was playing a joke on them, but when she saw Fitz’s cute nod/ wink of assurance Olivia says ‘of course’ but you know she was high key curious/ worried about them being in the room. With Olivia gone, Rowan tells Fitz he came to apologize to him and to help. Wow. Fitz has earned Rowan’s respect, which many have been able to do considering the people Rowan associates with he controls,  but rest assure Rowan, Fitz and Olivia will not be one big happy family, but for the moment this will certainly suffice. This is a step in the right direction. The two most important men in Olivia’s life working together to take down a bigger threat was spectacular and I am sure Olivia for a second once it was all over felt a sense of relief at them putting aside their differences to find a solution. Team work is the dream work. But did anyone love that as Olivia and Rowan are walking into the bunker to confront Real Bitch, Olivia is telling Rowan that Fitz will protect her that we will protect you. Oh Olitz. Oh Olivia.

While I loved the monologue Olivia gave to Mellie about being a ‘nasty women’ clear homage to Hillary Clinton, that seen was beautiful and inspiring but it doesn’t convey Mellie to me. Because for starters Cyrus was wrongfully convicted of murdering Frankie, something Olivia chose to ignore. Secondly, Olivia is still claiming this White House which just so happens to be ninth circle of hell is telling that Olivia is still dealing with her command issues. And finally, Mellie is the most privileged person on this show, she didn’t have to work or sacrifice to get to where she is at, if we had seen Mellie working and struggling to fight then I would be empathic to her cause but this isn’t Mellie’s speech. This is Olivia’s speech.

This episode was amazing but the promo for next week!

Y’all pray for my soul and my spirit because with the war “supposedly” over, Olivia will be spending much of her time at the White House to make up for all the lost time away from Fitz. And to be honest, Olivia deserves to be happy and relish in that feeling of being with the one she loves.  Olivia has been doing for others, isn’t it time she does something for herself?

                           *treat yo self, gurl*