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a series of unlikely crossovers

Imagine meeting the group on the road and instantly falling for Tara

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You were walking along the road on a hot day, looking for some supplies when suddenly you heard some footsteps coming from ahead.

From the sound, you could tell there were more than a few people. As you heard their voices, you knew you couldn’t escape anywhere nor hide.

With much courage, you simply continued walking and decided that if they were going to try anything, you’ll just shoot them and take off.

Somehow, all your thoughts made you walk at an even faster pace and you finally came into view with the other people.


They were walking all together next to one another and seem rather menacing with all their guns and how dirty they looked.

As you looked at each and everyone of them, someone had caught your eye.

You couldn’t explain it but you just felt your heart thump faster and just couldn’t keep your eyes off of her.

While you were walking towards them, they had notice you and all came to a stop. You, being nervous and just feeling your heart race, hadn’t even notice them stopping and looking at you.

Eventually, they aimed their guns at you and it woke you up from your daydream. Instantly, you put your hands up and stuttering, explained to them.

“I-I don’t want to hurt any of you or take anything! I-I’m simply looking for some supplies!”

As you said that, two of the men, one extremely bearded and the other wielding a cross bow walked over to you and started frisking you. They found your gun and asked you, who you were and you gave them an honest answer.

As they kept checking you, you slowly started to get even more worried. However, luckily for you, the girl you had your eyes on, stepped in and told them, “Guys…I don’t think she’ll hurt us…Maybe we should let her go…She’s alone…”

Hearing her voice and meeting her gaze made you blush and you just couldn’t stop staring at her.

They stared at you and her back and forth for a while and you just couldn’t keep your eyes off of her.

She was particularly pretty and you were glad she was standing up for you. As they discussed for a little while, they agreed with her and let you go.


As they walk passed you, you suddenly just felt the urge to follow them and of course, ask for her name.

“Wait!” you yelled and it made them stop.

You got closer and explained yourself.

“I-I’m alone at this point…I haven’t seen people in months…I have no idea where i am going…”

As they stood there staring at you, they listened closely to what else you had to say. Eventually, you ended up crying a few tears, talking about what had happen to your family and they decided to discuss whether you should be trusted or not, once again.

While doing so, the girl who had vouched for you earlier, approached you.

She smiled at you and grabbed your hand to shake it.

“Hi…My name’s Tara…”

You nodded at her and introduced yourself back.

She looked at the group and back at you and continued, “Look don’t take them wrong…They’re like that with strangers at first…It was like that for me…but i’m sure they’ll agree to let you come along…I’ll be honest I wouldn’t mind you at all!”

Her comment and demeanor eased you and made you smiled. You couldn’t help but like her even more and you just had to thank her.

“Thanks…I hope you’re right…”

She smiled hearing you and eventually the others came back and agreed for you to come along.

As you heard the news, you smiled and agreed to their terms.


You traveled with them and while on the road, you had grown to know all of them and got especially close to Tara.

It was obvious you had feelings for her but you just didn’t know when to tell her. Eventually, you were found by a man named Aaron and were welcome to Alexandria.

Upon arrival, you set up in the houses and everything was rather new. As days passed, you grew accustomed to it and your flirting with Tara got even more intense.

Every morning, you’d compliment her and she’d compliment back, making everyone laugh.


However, it didn’t seemed to sit well with one of the residents there. He had made comments about you and her and clearly he didn’t seem to accept the idea of you wanting to be with a woman.

One day, his comments were too much and you just couldn’t take it. He was degrading you and it made you cry.

You walked away from him but Tara stayed and had a real talk with him.

“Listen, you asshole…Who my friend flirts with is none of your goddamn business…If you have a problem with her wanting to be with a girl or specifically, me! Then you’re very welcome to meet my fist…”

As she said that, she turned around and was about to leave but suddenly he talked back at her. They started arguing and it ended up in them being separated.

As Tara got back home, she instantly walked over to your room and knocked.

You told her to come in and you wiped your tears away. She knew what you were doing and just went in to hug you.

You hugged her back and eventually notice a few bruises on her.

“Tara what happened?”

She chuckled and brushed it off, saying “I just got into a little fight with that asshole…Nothing serious…”

You got even more worried but she shut you up with a kiss. It surprised you but you just couldn’t resist to kiss her back.

As she finally back away she said, “I like you, Y/N…and seeing you being insulted like that over you liking girls it ticked me off…so i did what needed to be done to him…That’s all you need to know…alright…”

You couldn’t help but nod at her and felt relief knowing that she defended you that way. As you smiled at her, she couldn’t resist you to kiss you again leading to a rather long evening.


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BTS reactions:

Having a tall girlfriend

You do aegyo badly

Easter egg hunt

You can’t dance

You rap/sing well

Their s/o’s bottom is uneven

You look cute when sleepy

Seeing your scars *trigger warning: self harm*

They call you cute when you don’t like it

You give them the silent treatment

You have random energy swings

BTS scenarios:

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Tae With Some Sugar (V)

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Discovered (Jungkook)

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Siren’s Song (V)

Pretty Funny (J-Hope)

Healing Harmony (Jin)

BTS fake texts:

Nightmares (J-Hope)

Wings Confusion (V)

EXO Reactions:

You have tattoos

In a horror movie

Finding out you read yaoi

Finding out their boyfriend reads yaoi: EXO K EXO M

You still sleep with a teddy bear

A guy asks you out as a joke/stands you up on a date

Girlfriend performing a sexy concept

Comforting you after a scary movie

You’re a tomboy

EXO as teachers

EXO scenarios:

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Embarrassment and Laughter (Kai)

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Seventeen reactions:

You don’t know who they are (I plan to re-do this reaction)

Seventeen as dog gifs

Seventeen scenarios:

I’ve got it, you’ve got it! (Seungkwan)

Seventeen fake texts:

School Struggles (Vernon)

Big Bang Reactions:

You fall asleep on the floor

Big Bang scenarios:

Turn-about is Fair Play (G-dragon)

Big Bang fake texts:

You made it! (Daesung)

Some how Declan had talked himself into leaving the house.  He’d called into work fro three days in a row now, too tired to get out of bed.  He’d told his boss it as the flu…but because she knew he was Bipolar, she’d quietly asked him not to lie and to text her if he needed anything.  They would get a sub for the room he helped it and the kids would be there when he felt better.  Now he sat in some coffee shop just down the street from his flat.  His tea had gone cold a while ago but he hadn’t noticed.