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The secret is to never lose sight of the simple, everyday miracles in life. Good food, literature, laughter, music, compelling conversation, nature, and art. Look for them in every day, and even when it feels like your whole world is unravelling, you will never be too far from a needle and thread.
—  Beau TaplinN e e d l e  &  T h r e a d 

Grace Jones’ dialogue in Charger was taken from 4 hours of adlibbed improvisation.

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“Grace Jones’ ghostly turn on “Charger” was the result of her singing over the track for four hours, ad-libbing and vibing to it. At a later point, Albarn had the studio floor covered in cut up pieces of paper with everything she’d said, finding the fragments that worked and eventually crafting the song from there.”

I remember sharing this photo of Twilite Tone in Studio 13 a few months ago. I was trying to figure out what he was up to.
I think Stereogum just gave me the answer:
“Grace Jones’ ghostly turn on Charger was the result of her singing over the track for hours, ad-libbing and vibing to it. At a later point, Albarn had the studio floor covered in cut up pieces of paper with everything she’d said, finding the fragments that worked and eventually crafting the song from there.”

Anonymous said: soldier 76 with a reader who was captured by talon? pls i love pain

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Warning: Torture scene and coarse language ahead

((Anon I love pain too. I’m very extreme with these so i’ll have to put a warning up. I’ll have a small torture scene and there will definitely be some coarse language. considering how i saw a movie today in school about war i got this -Mod Tez))

It has only been four hours since the soldier had found your watch and weapon on the ground, but the watch had stopped eight hours ago. Eight hours since the enemy, Talon, had caught you and they have been attempting to pry information from you. Such things as where Overwatch agents resided and where they could get information themselves was definitely what they wanted.

But you always kept quiet, your lips would’ve remained sealed and the lions craved for their prey to scream. Jack knew that. He knew they’d try to break you, make you scream in pain and Talon doesn’t mess around. If you didn’t budge, Jack would lose you, and he has lost too many friends to Talon.

Jack Morrison would’ve waited for back up, but Jack Morrison was dead. The soldier gunning down the enemy with no back up and leaving no Talon member alive is nothing resembling the farmer boy from Indiana, or the young man in that soldier enhancement program. All this soldier had in mind was to save his partner. The one who held him close every night when he dreamed that he burned to hell with Gabriel, that neither of them arose from ashes as old dogs and monsters. The one who told him he still has a heart of gold and that he mattered. Now he finally had to pay back for all the times you saved him from harms way.

You ended up waking up sprawled on the cold floor, feeling numb and at most, forgetful. You didn’t know where you were until you felt the grip on your hair tighten and the static in your ears buzzing out to yelling and sirens wailing, “I said. Where is the fucking soldier you stupid cunt?!” the man looming over you roared, wincing at his voice, you groaned and finally felt how numb your body was. But you wouldn’t give up any moment soon. You snarled and spat blood on the Talon mercenary, “Go suck on your mama’s tit you fucking ba-” your insult was cut short by the Talon soldier, who punched your face hard, opening your already busted lip further. His grip on your hair was iron tight as he dragged you over to a wet patch on the floor.

You suddenly felt dread as the mercenary cackled above you, “Enjoy your bath shit stain…” he sneered and slammed your head underwater in a small tub. Your head hit the bottom of the tub harshly and suddenly your vision was growing blurry and the ringing came back as you felt your body growing limp. In a weak attempt as your head was pulled up you screamed, “76!” and your head was once dipped in the tub again, the cold water making you panic as you started losing your breath. Everything went black.

You awoke to something hot falling on your face, “…e…se, d….. ne” you heard fragments of a broken sob and you groaned. Opening your eyes you came face to face with beautiful, but bloodshot, azure eyes. You felt a warm hand gently grace your cheek and travel to your head, lingering over something that made you wince, and finally move to the back of your head, “J-Jack… You came… You came for me…” you sleepily said as you saw a small smile grace his aged face as he closed in and rested his forehead against yours. You felt him rub small circles on the back of your head, “You’re the strongest soldier there is (Y/N)… And I never want to lose you again. I love you so much…” he whispered as he pressed feather light kisses around your face before pressing a lingering and loving one on your lips.

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I didn't say anything directly about you. If I wanted to, you would've been tagged. I would've called you out. I said "big fanfic writers". I didn't say you. Cause I don't know you like that. But I have noticed from personal experience that the larger the follower count, the bigger the ego. There's a group of "big writers" that seem to gravitate towards each other and each other only. They only reblog from, talk to, and show love to each other. My post was about those people in general. Not you

But you see fit to post screen shots of my posts on your blog and make fun of me with your friends right, senselesssamii? When I’d done nothing at all to you? I didn’t even know you aside from the super nice comments you’d left on Fragments. I’ve done literally nothing to any of you and yet you’re dragging my name around for fun. Have fun with that. This is the last I’ll comment on it. Just remember there are actual people with actual feelings behind these blogs.